Year:  2020

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Enypnion is a surreal third person adventure set within the dreams of a boy by the name of Jonathan. You are guided by your dream bearer through a puzzle adventure in your own mind. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Entrance Gate

Pick up the ladybug and use it on the strange bug to the left to lure it down. Now pick up the strange bug and use it on the crystals to the right. Next use the charged bug on the glass bowl to the right of the mechanical horse ride. Press the button beneath the bowl, then pick up the coin that falls out. Look at the slot in the middle of the gate. Insert the coin into the slot, then go through the opened gate.


Take the crank from the side of the well, then head to the right.


Use your crank on the screw at the top of the scarecrow's arm, then pick up the arm and the scythe. Also take the carrot from the scarecrow's face. Look in the window and take the recipe book to see the message "The smarter the mushroom, the more poisonous it can be". Also take a plate, then back out again. Return to the left.


Look into the well and use the scarecrow's arm to get the tablecloth. Now use your scythe on the thorns to the left Go your own way!, so you can continue left.

Tree Stump

Look under the corner of the doormat and take the key. Look at the tree stump to see it is reserved. Use your tablecloth on the tree stump, then add the plate and finally the carrot. After the owl leaves, look at the small door in the tree to the left. Use your key on the door and you will receive a mushroom knife. Head right twice.


Use your mushroom knife on the "special" mushroom, then return left twice.

Tree Stump

Approach the small door and you will be allowed to pass.


The Moon

Take the jar from the ground, and the screwdriver from the top of the TV. Use the screwdriver on the bug compartment of the TV, and the moon will turn to face the right. Insert your charged bug into the machinery at the bottom right, then press the button. Once the moon falls asleep, take the horn from the TV and use it on the moon to wake it up. Press the button again. Once the moon starts laughing, turn off the floor lamp. Press the button again. Once the moon starts crying, collect the cry drop with your jar. Use the filled jar on the small vine, then you will automatically climb up.

Inner Yard

Knock on the large door. Take the hammer that is leaning against the left wall. Use the hammer on the far candy tree, then pick up the candy that falls. Give the candy to the door, and it will open. Use your screwdriver on the suspicious looking stone, then use your hammer on the screwdriver. Now examine the hole and answer the 3 questions:

  • The letter "g"
  • Your tongue
  • A deck of cards

The door will open and you will receive some white paint In we go!.

Bad Castle


Pull the lever and go over the bridge to the right. Pull the lever here, then go through the blue doorway. Up the top pull the first lever, cross the bridge to the left, and pull the next lever. Continue through the next blue doorway. On the far left, just cross the bridge and go through the blue doorway. In the middle now, cross the last bridge and go through the pink doorway.


Move in front of the pawn, then to the right of the pawn. Use your white paint on the tower Grandmaster!. Keep moving forward to leave this room.


Touch the piano keys to the left, and play the G key. Quickly use your hammer on the ape's feet to sustain the sound, and the glass will break. After a short conversation you will be taken away to see the Dark Queen, then placed in jail.

Jail Cell

Pick up the spoon and use it on the small stone in the wall.



Pick up one of the candles from where you are standing, then head right twice.

Two Wheels

Grab the lantern from the right, and the stone from the ground on the left. Return left.

Huge Head

Use your stone on the sharp rock and you will break off a piece. Return right.

Two Wheels

Use the sharp rock to cut the rope between the wheels, then take the rope. Go back to the left.

Huge Head

Tie your rope around the left pillar, then pick up the tied rope and use it on the lever. Now you can take the orb from the huge head before returning left.


Place the lantern on the post to the right, then put the candle inside - the ferryman will come closer. Look at the ferryman, who is missing an eye. Give him the orb.


Examine the door. If you label the buttons 1-6 from left to right, press buttons 3, 5 and 6 Boat Ride.



Enter the cave to the right.


Pick up the fly and the hanky from two of the jars of honey. Leave the cave again.


Look into the hole on the left. Put the fly in the web so the spider moves, then take the clothespin. Use your hanky on the beehive to get it covered in fluid. Now use the hanky on the guard's sword. After the guard disappears, take the sword. Return into the cave.


Use your sword on the large piece of wood so that you can take the cloth. Go back outside and north along the path.


Use your cloth on the smaller cliff below Fearless.


Jack in the Box

Use the box to reach the ground below you. Turn the handle on the box. Insert your sword into the gap beneath the lid, then push the sword and climb down the staircase.


Take the vine from the left, and also grab some thick leaves from the nearby plant. Talk to the man in the boat before heading down to the left.

Rock Face

Use your thick leaves on the mud to collect some. Use the mud on the damaged section of the pipe, then use the vines on the same section. Pick up the branch and lean it on the rock, then break it in half and you will pick up the pieces. Head right twice.

Theme Park

Take the poster from the left. Take the golden ticket from the ticket stand, and search the garbage bin next to it to find a matchbox. Also take the wheel from the side of the trailer on the right. Return left.


Put the wheel beneath the big hand. Try to turn it, but nothing will happen. Put the broken branch in the stove, then put the poster inside and use the matches on the stove. Turn the wheel and water will fill the pool. Give the golden ticket to the man in the boat, then use the washing powder on the water in the pool. Use the bubble Don't burst my bubble.

Good Castle

Entry Gate

Talk to the guard, then collect the planks that say "No", "Only" and "Invitation". Return the planks to the nails on the gate so they read "No Invitation Entry". Talk to the guard again and you will be allowed inside.

Two Queens

After the conversation, save your game. Now you can choose to do one of the following:

  • Select the Dark Queen I am sorry!
  • Throw your plank at the lever in front of the Dark Queen I regret nothing!