A Game of Eroticism

Game Details:  Adult, 1989

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/28/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Emmanuelle is an adult adventure game loosely based on the autobiography of Maryat Rollet-Andriane. You must collect a series of 3 statuettes in the first half of the game as you visit various glamorous destinations, before attempting to track down the mysterious Emmanuelle.

Getting Statuettes


Go to the beach, then click on the yacht; tell the man you are looking for adventure to get a bottle of aphrodisiac. Next click on the tall building near the mountain to go to the casino. Buy a cigar from the woman on the right (talk to her then click on the champagne glasses) and give it to the man at the roulette table; he will give you the first statuette and take you to your hotel.

Talk to the doorman and say you want to go into town, then go to Favelas, over on the left in the mountains. Buy the toucan by clicking on it twice, then click on the cab to return to the main map and go to your hotel in the buildings on the right. Talk to your doorman again and have him take you to the airport, then talk to the woman to buy a ticket to Iguacu.


Click on the cliffs and you will dive into the water and get the second statuette. Go back to the hotel and chat up the woman in blue to get some action (if you fail or she is not here, go to the waterfalls, come back and try again). Return to your hotel. Talk to the doorman and head to the airport. Talk to the woman here and buy a ticket to Manaus.


Talk to the doorman and ask to go to the opera house. Accept his offer to get in for a price. Once inside click on the right side of the curtain to get the third statuette.

Using Statuettes


In your hotel, click on the lift button and it should be opened by a girl (if not, go back to the opera house and try again). Ask her if she can read between the floors, and you will end up at a party. Talk to the girl you have already spent time with in Iguacu; give her the object when prompted, then tell her she looks sensual and the other men have been staring at her, and you will get more action. After this, talk to your doorman and go to the airport, then buy a ticket to Salvador.


Talk to the doorman and have him take you to the lower town (if there is no yacht here then go back to the hotel and try again). Click on the yacht and you will get a free ride to Rio.


Once you arrive on the beach, click on the left girl and talk about art, music or instruments when given the option, and you will get some more action. Go to your hotel and go to the airport, then fly back to Salvador again.


Talk to the girl at the bar (if she isn't here, leave and come back again). If you are lucky she will give you a room number to visit. Use the lift to go there and you will get a mask. Now talk to the doorman and go to the town on the top of the hill. Talk to the nearest girl to get more action.


Once you have over 75 eroticism (which you should have if you have used all 3 statuettes), talk to the barmen to find out where to find Emmanuelle, then go to the airport to meet her.