Emerald City ConfidentialEmerald City Confidential

Year:  2009

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Emerald City Confidential is a third-person adventure game set in a noir version of the universe of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. You play as Peta, a private detective, and must investigate the disappearance of Anzel, fiance to your client Dee Gale.

Emerald City

Pick up the crowbar and use it on the small wooden door. Try each option to escape from the rope, then call for help when you get the option. Talk to Lion and you will eventually end up back at your office.

Petra's Office

Pick up the key from the table, then use this on the file cabinet and you will get your journal and a new client. Go outside and click on the Gump stand to travel.

North Gate

Talk to Tik Tok, then show him the picture of Anzel. Look at the map of Oz, then leave this area.

Grinetta Lane

Talk to Hank the donkey, then return to your office. Talk to the odd-looking man hanging around outside. Enter Scraps' store and wait for Lion to leave, then talk to Scraps. Buy some red and blue flowers, then go back to Grinetta Lane. Show these to Hank, then head inside to talk to Betsy. When you are done, go to the north gate and ask Tik Tok about General Jinjur.


Go and pick up the shiny cufflink from the end of the dock, then show this to Jinjur. Now talk to her about everything else before leaving.


Head inside and talk to Wogglebug, then talk to Cutter, and finally to Wogglebug again (if you say everything possible, you will be given permission to use the knowledge pill machine. Go back outside and leave.

Pumpkin Patch

Talk to Jack about everything, then leave again. Return to your office and head inside to talk to Trot, who will be here if you have done everything else available. Head outside and go to the Gump stand.

Ruggedo's Bar

Head inside and take some candy from the bowl on the bar, and the umbrella from near the door. Talk to Ruggedo and Bill, then head outside and talk to Jinjur again. Return to the dock and use your umbrella to retrieve the orange object from the water. Make sure you talk to Trot while you are here.

Go to the university again and talk to Toto, who will help you if you get him a knowledge pill. Walk inside and use the machine to get a pill, asking about Bill's trial - swallow this pill now. Use the machine to get another pill, but this time don't swallow it. Swallow a candy instead, then walk outside and give the pill to Toto. Next give him the pumpkin, and you will get some information and a silver whistle.

Go to Ruggedo's and head inside to confront Bill. Leave here and go to the pumpkin patch, where you should talk to Jack about everything again. Now go back to your office and talk to the scarecrow to learn Anzel went to Ruggedo's. Go there now and talk to Ruggedo inside - he will transform you into a coat rack, then he will be taken away by Jinjur.

Talk to Anzel (the green decanter on the bar). Talk to the mirror high up in the bar, then talk to Anzel about the mirror. Finally talk to the mirror and talk about her eyes. After she tilts down, look at the mirror to learn the Ornamentov spell. Use this spell on yourself. Walk outside and you will be taken to see Dee.


Go inside to talk to Dee, then leave again after the conversation and head to the pumpkin patch. Talk to Jack about the transformation potion, then head into Scraps' store next to your office. Talk to her to receive the potion, then go back to Ruggedo's and use it on Anzel. Talk to him until he goes outside, and you will end up chasing him. Give some candy to your Gump so you get close, then talk to Cutter and you will end up with the spirit rod.

You will end up in jail. After Scarecrow leaves, pick up the piece of paper from the ground to learn the Escapum spell. Use this on yourself to get out of your cell.

Take the pills from the cupboard, then pick up your belongings from the evidence bin on the ground. Read the prisoners' right poster on the wall, then use Escapum on yourself to get back into the cell. Talk to the window and ask for food, which you will end up throwing against the wall. Use your green potion on the food, then call for Tik Tok again. Tell him there is a health hazard in your cell, then while he is distracted use Escapum one more time.

Climb up the stairs and go left to the throne room. Use the picture to find out where Dee is, and you will realize Toto is there too. Use the whistle on yourself to call Toto, then you will follow him to Dee. After your conversation with her you will be silenced. Back in the throne room again, head out to the courtyard, then walk straight past Jinjur to the right. After a long cutscene you will return to the map and have access to two new areas, which you can visit in either order.

Winkie Country

Go to the far right and talk to Tin Man and Sawhorse. Enter Shaggy's garage to see that Frogman is blackmailing Shaggy. Go back outside and across into Cayke's diner to see that Frogman is blackmailing Cayke. Return outside once more and talk to Tin Man about Frogman, then talk to Sawhorse and get him to take you to Frogman's villa. Head inside and make a deal with Frogman, then return to town via Sawhorse. Use the Gump stand to get back to the map screen.

Emerald City

Go to your office, and enter Scraps' store. Talk to Scraps about Frogman and you will receive a magic paintbrush. Return outside again.

Winkie Country

Use Sawhorse to get back to Frogman's villa - talk to him and Nimee will give you a locket as you leave. Go back to town and try to give the locket to Tin Man. Enter the diner and talk to Miss Cayke, then enter the garage and talk to Shaggy - you will learn that Shaggy has a crush on Miss Cayke.

Emerald City

Go to the University and head inside. Use the pill machine, asking for a pill about vocabulary. Take it with you, then swallow some candy before leaving.

Winkie Country

Visit Shaggy in the garage and give him the elocution pill; talk to him and you will learn the Woodsia spell. Go over to the diner to see what happens, then return to the garage and talk to Shaggy again. Give him an oblivion pill, talk to him again, then go over to the diner again. After Shaggy leaves, talk to Miss Cayke to learn the Biguuf spell, as well as half of a spell Frogman uses in his study.

Talk to Sawhorse and go to Frogman's villa again. When you get there, use the Woodsia spell on Sawhorse. You will end up levitating up outside the study and learning the rest of the Teleportrait spell. Head inside, talking to Nimee on the way in. Talk to Frogman until he leaves, then try to use Teleportrait on the painting. Use your magic paintbrush on the painting, then use the Teleportrait spell on it again. Open the drawer, then Teleportrait out of the painting and you will automatically return it to normal.

Leave the villa and return to town. Give the files to Tin Man, then use Sawhorse to go to Winkie Ravine. Use your spirit rod on the keystone, then talk to the Wicked Witch of the West. Talk to Sawhorse, who refuses to come back to get you, then when Frogman and the witch start fighting, use Woodsia on Sawhorse again. Talk to Sawhorse, who will now take you away.

Quadling Country

Pick up a copper rod from the ground on the right, then walk to the tower. Try to open the door, then pick up the tonk rock from the ground. Go back to the stadium and head inside. Talk to Woot here, then enter the cafe. Talk to the Barista and buy the food special (2 items). Head upstairs and talk to the rope, then to Mombi. Leave the cafe and head through the other doors to the ring.

Examine the broken post on the edge of the ring and replace it with your copper rod. Talk to the Wizard in the ring, then go back and talk to Woot and then to Mombi, and finally Woot again - now you need a coach. Enter the ring and talk to the Wizard, who will give you a trial. Once in the ring, use your Escapum spell on the box, and you will get a coach and learn the Sap spell. Talk to the Wizard about everything, including the rock you found earlier.

Go back to the cafe and use the rock on the rope to free it. Talk to Woot once more and the fight will begin. There are four rounds to survive:

  1. Use Sap on the magic shield
  2. Eat the heavy cake, then use Sap on the magic shield
  3. Use your rope on the hole, then use Sap on the magic shield
  4. Use Sap on Mombi to win

At the top of Glinda's tower, use your spirit rod on the keystone. Talk to Glinda, then use the light cake on the Wizard to save him.

You will automatically end up in the throne room. After your conversation, head out to the courtyard and talk to Lion. Continue to the entrance hall and talk to Tik Tok, then return through the courtyard to the throne room. Talk to Scarecrow about becoming the ambassador, then go and talk to Lion to get his help; give him the money when you get the option, and Lion will escort you back inside and help you become ambassador. Talk to Scarecrow and you will receive a teleport potion. Use this potion on yourself to travel.

Phanfasm Island

You will automatically end up in a cell with Queen Ozma. After the conversation, use Sap on Ozma, then use Escapum on yourself to get out of the cell. Talk to Ozma and you will learn the Reversia spell. Head left to find a chasm. Use Biguuf on the sapling to make it grow, then use Reversia on yourself, followed by Aisdoow on the tree. Now you can cross over to reach the fortress.

Use Mupacse on yourself to get into jail with Anzel. Talk to him and he will escape by drinking your transportation vial. Head out through the door and use your dog whistle yourself to disable the Phanfasm smithy. Now you can head up the stairs to the hall. After Ozma is escorted past, go through the curtain to the right into the library. Talk to William about everything and you will end up seeing Ozma on a plank. Use Aisrever on yourself, then use Woodsia on the plank.

Go back through the door to the throne room. Use Reversia on yourself, then Fuugib on the spiked vines, then continue down the stairs to the hall. Use Aisrever on yourself, then use Teleportrait on the Phanfasm, then take a torch from the wall and use it on the portrait.

You will end up visiting William in prison. Use Teleportrait on William to save him.