Game Details:  Mystery, 2013

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/15/2018

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Eleusis is a first person horror adventure. On your way to a family reunion, your car is struck for a landslide and you are stranded in the countryside at night. You must abandon your vehicle and explore your surroundings, initially just to find your way but eventually to explore a greater mystery. There is the option of adding enemies/threats to the game from within the launcher, but the walkthrough below remains the same.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Getting Your Bearings

Open the boot of your car and take the backpack from inside. Now go forward from the car and follow a path off to the left until you find a small village. Check all the doors here, but they are locked. Continue further into the village and you will see a pool of blood on the ground and hear a cry for help. Go back towards the village entrance and you will briefly talk to a woman who has been locked in one of the houses here.

Continue further into the village to find the village square; the general store and coffee house are here. Take the passage to the right of the fountain (not up the stairs). Open the gate around the corner, then follow this path. Go down the small set of steps and crouch down, then open the door and go forward into the wine cellar - there is a generator here, but when you examine it you find that it has no gas. Climb back out of the cellar and go straight ahead to find some more stairs going down. Stop halfway and look to the right, then take the green hose. Keep going down the stairs, then follow a long winding path all the way down to find a river - notice the large boulder to the left here, and remember this as a landmark to find the path back up to the village.

Walk along within the river and find an orange container caught in some branches in the water. Go back to the boulder and start heading up the path to the village, but turn right immediately after the boulder and follow a smaller path to some cut tree stumps. Pick up the axe here (some logs will roll down the hill towards you after you pick up the axe). Return to the main path up and follow it to the base of the stairs. Look just to the left of the stairs to see an old Vespa. Examine it, then use your hose and container on it to end up with a full container.

Climb up the stairs and go back to the wine cellar. Use your full container on the generator, and the room will be lit up. Examine the barrels and you will notice that one is empty. Hit this with your axe and you will take the key from inside. After the man appears to have left, go to the doorway.

Chapter 2: The Search


Pick up the lantern from the ground. Look around at the graves until you find one with a lit candle in a small cupboard; open the cupboard and take the box of matches, then close the cupboard again. Take the path out of the cemetery and turn right at the intersection to return to the village. Take the first path you find heading right into the village, then turn right again and you should see the house where the woman was trapped earlier. Go there now, but she is gone.

Go back out of the village the way you just came in and head back to the intersection. Take the right path and run along it. You will pass between two high rock walls. After this, you will see a man running ahead of you, but will lose him just after he crosses over a bridge. Examine the end of this main path to reach a dead end with a spiral symbol on the rock face ahead. Go back a bit and you will discover a relatively hidden path between some bushes heading off to the left. Follow this carefully to the end and you will find a rope ladder that you cannot quite reach.

Turn around and head back towards the intersection leading to the village/cemetery. Before you get there, you will see a path off to the right, and then a path off to the left; take the one to the left. When this branches, go right, and you will find a house with a horseshoe on the door. Go around the back of this building and pick up a blue screwdriver next to a broken generator.

Follow the paths back to the village (just keep turning left). When you reach the village, ignore the buildings on the right, and take a path to the left that leads to a house higher up on the hill. Slide the doormat, then pick up the key from beneath it. Use this key to unlock the door here, then open the door. Examine the radio on the table, then use your screwdriver on it and you will end up getting a magnet. Climb up the stairs (you need to crouch), then search the chest of drawers; read the note and take the key from the second drawer.

Go back into town and enter the village square. Find the general store and use your new key to unlock and open the door. Take the batteries from the shelves (you can now use your flashlight again if you want, although the lantern is typically better). Crouch down behind the counter; read the note and take the key from the shelves here.

Leave town again and go back to the Blacksmith's house (the one with the horseshoe on the door). Use your new key to unlock and open the door. Go inside and take the rake from against the wall. Return to the path and head right, going through the relatively hidden path between the bushes near the end, to reach the rope ladder. Use the rake on the ladder and you will climb up to the top. Look to the left and move the log - this is how you will get up and down here in the future.

Head along the path to the house up here, but the door is locked. Go to the outhouse, open the door and move the cover. You will see something shiny in the toilet; use your magnet to retrieve a key. Now use this key to unlock and open the door to the house. Take the shovel from the corner of the room. Open the chest by the bed and read the journal inside. Go to the stove and take the ashes.

Leave the house and climb down the log you pushed earlier. Head back to the cemetery. Instead of going through the gate into the cemetery, turn left and go around the outside of the fence. You should find a small patch of light-colored dirt next to a dead tree. Use your shovel here, then search the body to get a key. Go back along the path towards the village, but keep going past the village and you will eventually reach some gates in a large brick wall. Use your new key on these gates, then go through towards the mayor's house. The doors to the house are locked, so enter the storage shed to the left. Pick up the blue pliers/wire cutters. Now go around to the back of the storage shed and jump up the barrels to reach the roof. Push the narrow plank, then walk over it and climb through the bathroom window. Exit the bathroom and enter the room next to the top of the stairs. Take some lighter fluid from the bedside table. Now go downstairs and try to open the door left of the fireplace - you need to find a lock pick. Go out through the front doors.

Go to the left and find a bicycle around the side of the house; use your wire cutters on this to get two pieces of wire. Leave here and go to the blacksmith's house. Put the wires in the vice on his table, then use your pliers on them to make a lock pick. Go to the mayor's house and use this lock pick on the door next to the fireplace. Inside, read the book on the desk, then take the map. Search the drawers in the desk to find a letter to read and a key. Also look in the bookshelves and read the green book to see an important recipe, and a brown book to read about a temple door mechanism. Leave this room and enter the kitchen, which is next to the dining table. Take an empty bottle from the sink here.

Head back outside and go towards the blacksmith's house again - at the final branch where you turn right to approach the house, turn left instead and follow the path to another locked gate. Use your new key here, then continue up the stone steps. Go along a path and up some rough stairs to reach a temple, but it appears sealed shut. Examine the stone pillar out the front, which has a hole in the top. Go back down the rough stairs and follow a path to the right to find a small shack. Take some barley from a sack in the corner.

Leave the shack and make your way back down the stone steps and into the village. Go to the village square and use your empty bottle on the fountain to get some clear water. Next go back to the mayor's house. Walk around the back and take the mint plant from in the garden. Head inside and take the pestle from over the fireplace. Go to the kitchen and put your barley in the wooden bowl, then use your pestle to grind it. Add the ashes, then the water and finally the mint. Now that your senses are heightened, go back to the temple - there will be a glowing symbol of a theatre on the ground just in front of the sealed doors.

Go back down to the main path and turn right, then take the left path you haven't explored yet. Go up some more steps here and you will reach an open amphitheatre. After you see the robed man hide something beneath a stone, go and move that stone and take the plate from beneath it - your vision will then return to normal. Go up to the temple once more and place your plate on the pillar. Use the lighter fluid and matches on the plate, then enter the temple. Look at the top of the large metal box to see that something is missing. Pick up the pentacle from the ground behind the chest, and then open your map to see it with the pentacle in position - click on it to see a description of the 5 marked sites. You need to go to each of these places now.

5 Stone Pieces

  1. Go to the "hidden house" which was where you climbed up the rope ladder earlier. Go around the left side of the house, then over to the rock wall to the rear right. Find a small light patch of dirt and use your shovel here. Take the first stone piece.
  2. Go to the theatre. Look at the bases of the trees above the top steps. Find a small light patch of dirt and use your shovel here. Take the second stone piece.
  3. Head to the mayor's house. Go left around the outside of the fence. There is a huge boulder at the back left corner. Next to this and the fence itself, find a small light patch of dirt and use your shovel here. Take the third stone piece.
  4. Go down through the village to the river. Turn right and head to the waterfall at the end, then turn right again and search behind a tall pine tree. Find a small light patch of dirt and use your shovel here. Take the fourth stone piece.
  5. Go back through the village and all the way out to your car. Leave the road again as if to return along the path to the village. Turn right after the 4th large tree along the path, and head straight for a large boulder. Look on the ground here to find a small light patch of dirt and use your shovel here. Take the fifth stone piece.

Go back to the temple and place all 5 stone pieces in the top of the large metal box, then open it. Take the strange metal item from inside. Go to leave the temple. After the cutscene, search the man to find another key. Go back to the village and into the village square. Go up the stairs next to the fountain and use your new key on the locked doors, then enter the church. Slide the altar to the side, then use your screwdriver on the trapdoor and climb down.

Chapter 3: The Awakening


Go straight ahead to a brick wall, and notice a pentacle on the ground here. Click on the wall to realize the stones seem loose. Turn away from the wall and take the first side passage to the right. Open the sarcophagus and take the wooden staff. Go back and use it on the brick wall, then go through the hole you create. Follow this passage, then some black smoke will appear behind you. Keep running along the passage, being careful to jump over 3 holes, and you will eventually escape by sliding under a narrow opening at the end.

Go forward in the large cavern, then turn left to approach an altar with a lantern on it. Click on the robes on the altar to wear them. Go back to the main cavern and go left until you see another cutscene. There are 2 possible ways to complete the game from here.

Bad Ending

Jump into the pit.

Good Ending

Use your strange metal item on the pit. Run around to the left. Jump on the fallen column, then crouch to get through the opening. Run up the path to escape this area.