Egypt 3Egypt 3

The Fate of Ramses

AKA Egyptian Prophecy

Year:  2004

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Egypt 3: The Fate of Ramses is the third in a series of first-person games set in ancient Egypt. This comes after the previous game, Egypt 2: The Heliopolis Prophecy, but has an unrelated story. In this game you play as Maya, an Egyptian priestess and magician, who can transcend to another plane, the world of the ancient gods. You are sent on a mission to investigate a series of accidents and illnesses besieging the city, while the current Pharaoh is dying.

Chapter 1


Head forward and then around to the left and talk to Djer, the supervisor of construction. Show him the Pharaoh's Seal and he will tell you to find the only residence with a decorated lintel. Turn right and head outside to the courtyard, then go right and left to a series of doorways. Find the doorway with the water jug and the decorated lintel, and head inside. Go through the next doorway and talk to Paser, then continue to the next room and approach the bench on the far wall. Look at the statuette to see that it can slide, then pick up the torch to the right.

Go back outside, through the first archway, and turn left to see two men next to a pile of bricks. Talk to the man who is standing upright, and show him the Pharaoh's Seal to learn about his dreams. Go through the archway just next to the brickmakers, then through another archway to the right to get back inside.

Turn left and go forward, then pick up the piece of cartouche from next to the lit torch. Continue forward, then right, then left and forward to find a wooden door with symbols on either side. Click on the missing symbol to note that a cartouche is missing. Make sure you also look at the other cartouches here. Turn left and look at the wall here to sense a secret passage. Head back out towards the entrance and talk to Djer, who will give you another piece of the cartouche. Visit the brickmaker again and give him the two pieces so that he will stick them together. Return to the wooden door and put the completed cartouche in the empty slot. Now turn to the left again and try to enter the revealed passage, but it is too dark and dangerous. Light your torch on the nearby flame, then go down the passage into a crypt and you will be locked inside.

Pick up the cartouche on the floor, then lift the nearby broken tile and grab the foundation deposits (you will see a vision). Look at the wall to see a hieroglyph and your first puzzle. Start by using the Pharaoh's Seal on the oval at the bottom to activate the puzzle. Now you must slide the pieces around to match the Ramses II cartouche (look in the documentary database in your inventory to see what this should look like). You can move the pieces using hotspots at the four corners of the hieroglyph. Once you complete the pattern, climb back up the stairs.

Go outside and visit Paser again, then show him the foundation deposits. He will ask you to seal the crypt, and give you a purification vase. Return to the Naos and use the vase on the mysterious cartouche to make it disappear. Put the Amun-Re cartouche in its place to seal the crypt. Now return to Paser and talk to him again - he will give you a black stone. Go into his workroom and look at the small statuette on the bench again. Put the stone in the base of the statuette and take the quarry documents that are revealed. Head outside and turn right in the courtyard. Find the crouching man and the end and talk to him to be taken to your next destination.

Chapter 2


Go forward until there is a pile of balls at your feet. Pick up one of these dolerite balls, then proceed towards the man and donkey. Talk to Ouni, and give him the plans. Go back to where you found the dolerite ball and smash it on the rock, then pick up the pieces. Go back towards Ouni, then head one more screen away from him and pick up the dried donkey droppings. Now talk to Ouni again and he will let you into his house. Open the door and go inside.

Go into the second room and look at the paper on the table to learn about 3 different remedies. Go into the back room and talk to Tuya the healer. She will teach you a spell to prove you are a healer. Go back out to Ouni and use the spell on him, then on the donkey. Visit Tuya again and she will teach you another spell and allow you to search for the papyrus you need. Go through the last doorway in the corner of this area to find a storeroom. Open the basket and you will be bitten by a snake - you need to heal yourself and you have limited time.

Take the papyrus from the basket while you are here, then return to Tuya's room. On the wall is a hanging basket containing some dried leaves that you need. Look at where Tuya was sitting and take the gum and knife. Look to the left of here and you will see a cracked jar. Break it some more with your dolerite and take a piece. Go into the middle room with all the parchments and take the ochre from the small side chest. Go into the first room and you will see a bitter apple on the table. Cut it open with your knife and take the seeds. Now go back to Tuya's room and look at the mortar and pestle. Place all of the ingredients in the mortar. Pick up the pestle and use it on the mortar - you will automatically drink the cure. Go back outside and talk to Ouni, then return to your boatman. Talk to him and he will take you to Memphis.

Chapter 3


Approach the guard on the left, but he will not let you pass. Enter the pool area opposite and pick up the pebbles as you walk around to the right. Talk to the weaver in the far corner, but he will not help you. Try to take something from his basket, and he will stop you. Throw the pebbles into the water, and while the man is distracted, take his sketch. Offer it back to him to learn the guard's name. Now return to the guard and hypnotise him with your spell. Show him the papyrus and he will let you pass.

Enter the temple and talk to Khaemouaset. Give him the papyrus and talk to him again. Now open the small doors on your right and use your eye of clairvoyance spell to detect a scorpion in the wall. Use your knife to pry the brick free and take the scorpion. Talk to Khaemouaset again, and he will give you another task. Take the key from the central dais, then use it on the small chest. Solve the lock puzzle (which takes some persistance) and pick up the small jar inside. Give this to Khaemouaset, but the perfume is incomplete.

Go back to the weaver and ask him for some fragrant rush - first he needs you to retrieve his gouge from the water. Go to the opposite corner of the courtyard and pick up some more stones, then throw them at the bird up above you. Pick up the hook that the bird drops. Continue around this side of the pool and you will see a staircase descending below ground. Just next to the entrance is a coil of rope. Pick this up and you will automatically combine it with the hook. Go back to the weaver and use your grappling hook on the nearest lilypad. Pick up the gouge and give it to the weaver in exchange for some fragrant rush and a gift. Give the rush to Khaemouaset.

Chapter 4

World of Ptah

Look over to your left and pick up the pincers from the ground. Now go through the tunnel into a room with a statue. Use the pincers on the jar at the base of the statue, then turn it. Go back through any of the tunnels here to return to a new section of the main cavern. Talk to the dwarf here to learn you need to make a sistrum to communicate with Ptah.

Return to the statue and turn the jar, then go through the tunnel to a new area. Pick up the handle and bronze strip. Go back to the statue, turn the jar, and go through another tunnel. In the next part of the cavern, pick up the mallet. Look at the rope, but you are not able to climb it safely. Use your knife to cut the rope and take the piece of rope. At the statue, turn the jar once more and go through the tunnel to return to the first part of the cavern. Go over towards the anvil and dip the bronze strip in the lava. Put the strip on the anvil and bend it with your mallet. Now attach the handle to create an incomplete sistrum.

Go back to the statue, turn the jar and return to the cavern with the dwarf. Use your length of rope to repair the short rope behind him. Talk to the dwarf again, and he will reward you by completing your sistrum. Go and turn the jar 3 times so the head is facing you, then go through the tunnel. Approach the anvil and you will summon Ptah. After talking to him, visit the dwarf and talk to him to receive an empty mold. Go back to the anvil and put the mold in the lava. Now put it on the anvil and wait for it to cool. Pick up the lava object you have created, and head into the statue room. Place the lava object in the statue's hand, then turn around and look at the wall. Pull the golden lever that is now present, then go through a tunnel to find a new statue room. Look at the base of the statue, and place your dolerite ball on the slab. Look in your documentary database for some important information, then pick up the 4 balls. You must place these in the 4 alcoves around the room:

  • Seated feline goddess: Bastet ball
  • Standing feline goddess: Sakhmet ball
  • Cobra: Wadjet ball
  • Scorpion: Sechemtet ball

Go through any tunnel into yet another statue room. This time, talk to the statue and answer its questions with the phrases "He created..." and "... the world". Now use your purification vase on the bowl at the base of the statue, then pick it up. You now need to reproduce the sounds created by the statue. To do this, start with the first alcove to your left and place the lily seeds in the water. Go around the room to the right and place the sistrum in the next alcove, and the bowl in the third alcove. You should now have opened the final room, so head through any tunnel.

In this final room, you must use your banner of wind to move the floating items around the room. You need to move the square and triangle objects so they are above their respective symbols, and finally move the magical dolerite ball above the circle symbol. Go over and take the ball, then go through any tunnel to return to the anvil room. Walk over to the anvil to talk to Ptah again. After you learn a new spell, drop the magical ball into the lava.


Leave the temple and return to your boatman.

Chapter 5


After talking to Ouni, go to his house and talk to Tuya. Give her the scorpion, then she tells you to copy the recipe. Look at the table behind you and pick up a blank papyrus. Look at the far section of the table and pick up the calamus (quill), and dip it in the red ink. Place your papyrus on the table and write on it with the calamus. Now pick up the recipe and give it to Tuya - she will give you a figurine of Paser and tell you to fire it. Pick up the lighter from next to her, then go into the back room. Pick up the sticks from the base of the tree, and put them in the front of the fireplace. Use the lighter on them, then place the figurine on top of the fireplace. Pick it up again after a few seconds and it is ready.

Go outside and Ouni will tell you about a magical fire. Head off towards the quarry (away from the house, and not towards your boatman). After the cutscene, go forward a few times and pick up the water jug on the right. Go to the fire and pour the water on it, but it does not work, and you suggest smothering the fire. Go back to Ouni's house. In the room where you just talked to Tuya, open the door on the left. Inside this small room, pick up the large mat from the floor. Go back to the fire and use the mat to smother it. Move the mat to see a knife buried in the ground. Turn around and walk along the quarry site, and you will find a stick to pick up. Go back to the ashes and move the knife with the stick, then pick it up. Go and talk to Ouni, then walk back to the boatman and talk to him again.

Chapter 6


Talk to the guard, who says that Khaemouaset is not in the temple. Enter the opposite courtyard and pick up the stick and plate from the ground along the right side. Talk to the weaver, who is no use to you, then talk to the girl at the steps leading down. Go around the back of this building and look at the drawing on one of the bricks. Place your papyrus on the drawing, then use the charred stick on it and pick it up again. Give this papyrus to the weaver, who says he needs an egg. Go back towards the temple and you will see a nest on the wall in this courtyard. Place the plate on the ground beneath the nest, then hit it with the stick. Pick up the egg in the plate and give this to the weaver, then finally give him your calamus.

Go and use this completed papyrus on the brick of the Nilometer. Click on the shimmering point in the papyrus and take the goblet that appears. Give this to the girl and you will be transported to the World of Isis.

World of Isis

After talking to Isis and receiving a magical net, turn around and go to the opposite end of this small island. Use your lilypad seeds on the water to cross. On the next isle, look at the altar and Isis will explain the rules of this challenge. To complete it, perform these steps:

  • Take Nut to the 2nd altar
  • Take Shu to the 2nd altar
  • Bring Nut back to the 1st altar
  • Take Geb to the 2nd altar
  • Take Nut to the 2nd altar

Now a bridge will appear. Before crossing it, go and pick up some stones from the pile on this island. Now go over the bridge and talk to Isis again. Keep approaching the turtle until it is in front of the middle isle. Now keep approaching the bird until it is above the turtle. Finally, step over the turtle to reach the final island. Place the stones in the basket and lift the urn from the water.

Chapter 7

Book of the Dead

Walk forward to face the first challenge, where you must determine the name of the guardian. Use your bee's wax spell on the altar, then try invoking each glyph to see it create three different parts of the guardian. Work out the three correct parts to copy the image of the guardian, and you will automatically say the correct name. Head through the gateway to the second challenge. Now you must traverse the maze, and have your "ka" get through a slightly different maze. Take this path: forward, right, forward 3 times, right, back, left, forward, right, forward 2 times, left and forward.

Go through another gateway and you will find another riddle. You can either decipher the riddle, or just select the left guard, which is always the correct answer. Continue through the next gateway. When you reach the next puzzle, look up the stars and use your eye of clairvoyance to reveal a symbol. Step on the appropriate place, then look up again to see the next place to step. Keep following the pattern and you will get across safely. After your conversation, give Osiris the mysterious knife. Place the dried snake on the papyrus to your left, then walk up the stairs that appear.


Walk towards the temple and hypnotise the guard again, then go through and talk to Khaemouaset - he will ask for a bowl and some salt. Go back to the courtyard and talk to the weaver, then to the man next to him. Transfer the other man's stutter to the weaver, and you will receive some salt. Talk to the girl and you will receive a bowl. Give both of these items to Khaemouaset and he will perform his ritual. Go and visit your boatman again.

Chapter 8


Go forward and talk to Djer, then go through into Paser's room. Use the figurine on him, and you will find out you have been betrayed. Talk to the guard and to Tuya, then walk over towards the fire and pour the Kyphi (soporific powder) onto it. Leave this room and talk to Djer, then go to the courtyard around to the right and talk to Khaemouaset. Learn a new spell from him, and then practice how to defend yourself against various spells in a duel. Leave this courtyard and talk to the brickmaker. He will let you inside if you interpret his dream correctly:

  • The beginning of your dream indicates that in 3 summers, the harvest will be particularly good
  • You will lose your parents
  • You will have the support of the gods; and because of that, you will rise above common folk
  • You will live an honest life
  • You will gain authority over people

He will give you a coffer, then allow you inside. Look at the 3 guards ahead - wait until one is asleep, one has walked away and the other has turned his back, then quickly go forward several times to avoid being seen. Walk around to the left into the Naos to find Tuya.

Chapter 9


In the first duel with Tuya, you must listen to each of her spells and then use the appropriate counter-spell. You have learnt some of these from Khaemouaset already, but here is the complete list:

  • Burn: Rain Spell
  • Lotus: Wedjat-Eye of Clairvoyance
  • Magical Net: Banner for Controlling the Wind
  • Dead Souls: Cobra of Hypnosis
  • Shadow of Ka: Magical Net
  • Stay and Turn to Stone: Purification Vase

Tuya will turn into a snake and slither away. Follow her and win the next game, and you will automatically trap her in the coffer. Go back and talk to Djer, then enter Paser's house. Use the evil knife on the figurine next to Paser to cure him.