The Eerie InnThe Eerie Inn

Year:  2018

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Eerie Inn is a short horror adventure where 2 girls check in to an inn for the night, only to discover it houses a dark secret. You play as Jen, and along with your friend Kendra you must survive the night and get out alive. There are 4 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Motel Chores

After the introduction, you will find yourself in the motel reception. Talk to the man behind the counter and you will end up in your room.

Once Kendra leaves to have a shower, leave the room and find her in the next room to the left. Look up at the ceiling to see the darkness there, then head back out and downstairs to reception. Talk to the host again, then head into the store room to the right. Search the drawers and take the large square shower head, the 2:1 transformer, some sellotape and a screwdriver.

Go back up to Kendra in the bathroom and talk to her twice to fix the shower (the first time you will provide the shower head, the second time the sellotape).

Return downstairs and find the laundry, which is opposite the store room. Use the coin vending machine and take the coins. Go to the machine in the far corner. Open the door and put in the clothes, then close it again. Insert a coin, then press the start button Survived Motel Chores.

First Motel Revelation

Leave your room and go downstairs. Use the computer at the reception and browse all the files and folders, importantly seeing "Misc/access.txt" which will give you the code for the study door: 3782. Go to the door opposite and enter the code 3782. After your brief conversation with Kendra, enter the study and open the second drawer to find some keys. Also look at Thomas Kinsey's ID here.

Exit the study and go down into the basement. Head to the far corner to see a small boy who disappears into darkness.

Go to the far door on the left and open it using the keys you just found. Open the closet in here, then open the small box in the bottom using your screwdriver. Press the panel inside this. Leave this room and go to the next one to the right, again getting inside using the keys you got earlier. Open the closet and take another single key from the small box inside here.

Go back out to the corridor and turn left, then go to the far door on the right, opening it with your newest key. Read all 3 diary entries on the floor, then leave the room again First Motel Revelation.

Master Code Breaker

Enter the study again, using the code 3782. Open the middle drawer of the desk and take the ID - you will automatically take a photograph of it. Head down to the basement and go to the large control panel in the corner. Enter code 6444, then turn the power off.

Head back up to reception and open the 3rd drawer to find another key. Go to the study and use this key to open the safe on the floor, then read the note inside and take 3 more keys. Open both large closets in here, then open the large silver safe in the right closet using trial and error: the combination is L6-R2-L2-R4-L1-R1 Master Code Breaker.

Secret Revealed

Take the laboratory key from inside the safe. Go down to the basement and turn the power back on. Go back to reception and head out through the front doors. Open the large wooden trapdoor out the front, then climb down the stairs. Find a group of 4 levers down here - pull them in the order 3-4-2-1. The painting to the right will move and you can go along a secret passage that is revealed.

Open the transformer box and replace the transformer with the one you picked up earlier. Close the transformer box again. Now open the door to the elevator and get inside. Close the elevator door and press the button to head up to the attic.

Open the elevator door to get out again. Pick up the crowbar and use this to open the wooden crate. Get back in the elevator and close the door, then press the button to return to the laboratory. Open the elevator door and get out.

Go back through the passage to the laboratory, then open the small door next to the levers and crawl through to return to the basement. Head up to the reception for the final showdown Secret Revealed.