Edna and Harvey: The BreakoutEdna and Harvey: The Breakout

Game Details:  Comedy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/3/2023

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Edna and Harvey: The Breakout is a surreal 3rd person adventure. You play as Edna, who wakes up to find she has been committed to a mental institution, and Harvey, a projection of Edna's consciousness. Harvey must help Edna to remember her past and how she ended up in this situation. There are 18 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. There is an updated version of this game with new graphics and interface, Edna and Harvey: The Breakout Anniversary Edition. The series continues with the sequel, Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes.

Escaping the Cell

Look in your inventory and talk to Harvey. Look at the table, chair and wall, then talk to the door. Use the grate above the door and talk to the guard about the air-conditioning and his father the mini-golfer. Take the chair leg, and use it on the table to break it. Now use the broken chair leg on the padded wall - destroy every pad that you can (there are 19 of them). Talk to the guard about the air-conditioning again, and when he turns it on you will see some padding fall down from one of the pads. Use your broken chair leg with the "airy gap", then look at the grate. Look at the screws, then use Harvey on a screw twice.

Tempomorph 1

As Harvey, go up the stairs and look at the screws and handle, then collect the screws topic in your inventory. Go back downstairs and look at the window and rake, and collect the rake topic in your inventory. Use the screws and rake on Edna, then switch to Edna. Pick up the rake, then use it on the window. Switch back to Harvey and climb out the window.

Walk to the back of the house and look at Mattis and Alfred. Look at the newspaper and collect the Article 2 topic in your inventory. Head to the back door and go back down through the basement window. Use Article 2 on Edna, and she will chew off her toenail. Switch to Edna and go up the stairs, then use your toenail on the screws.

Look at the fan and use "Harvey 1: Toenails" in your inventory to get a toenail. Use this toenail on each of the 4 screws on the air-conditioning vent, and you will remove the panel. Go back to your cell and talk to the guard through the grate again, but this time be mean and he will turn off the air-conditioning. Go back to the fan and remove it, then go through the opening.

Crawl left and you will overhear a conversation. Continue left through the pipe, but you are blocked by a grate. Go back to the right and look through the grate to see Dr Marcel has left. Use your toenail with the grate and go through. Pick up the encyclopedia, polo mallet and ballpoint pen. In your inventory, talk to the ballpoint pen (worker 1/3). Look at the 3 photos, diploma and newspaper clipping over the fireplace. Open the door, then after talking to Hulgor, hit him with the polo mallet. Open the cabinet, put Hulgor inside, then close the cabinet again. Go through the door.

Open the door opposite and go inside the utility room, then flip the light switch on the left wall. Pick up a comic book from the shelves on the left, and use it on the light switch (comic 1/23). Open the window and go outside. Walk left around the roof edge. Use your comic book on the antenna (comic 2/23), then turn it (you will see a guard now turn his attention to the security monitors). Keep walking around the roof, and use your comic book on the area down below (comic 3/23). Examine the grate, then get another toenail using "Harvey 1: Toenails". Use this on the grate, then go inside. This takes you back to the end of the chute that was blocked before.

Go through Dr Marcel's office and walk along the hallway. When Babbitt starts to chase you, enter the utility room, then go straight out through the window. Babbitt will talk to you from the window, but won't come outside. Head around the roof, in through the grate, and back to the door to the utility room. Use the plant here and it will break. Move the column under the door handle, then use your encyclopedia on the column to trap Babbitt Cellfree.

Exploring the Asylum

Use the comic book on the plant (comic 4/23). Go out to the hallway and down the stairs once.

3rd Floor

Enter the room here and say "I'm nobody. Just ignore me." Talk to the trashcan Copyrighthurtress. Take a water cup from the trashcan, then put the water cup back into the trashcan (water 1/7). Take another water cup. Leave this room and go downstairs 3 times to reach the ground floor.

Ground Floor

Use your comic book on the painting on the right wall (comic 5/23). Go through the doors in the far left (next to the message board) to find a cafeteria. Use the bulletin on the door you came through (worker 2/3). Take the mustard and ketchup from the table, then go through the doors in the back into a kitchen. Take the potholder from the back wall. Open the cutlery cupboard, and take out the knife and fork. Also pick up the smaller pot from the left. Head out to the right, then go down the stairs behind you.


Use your comic book on the message board on the back wall (comic 6/23). Continue down the stairs and go through the green door on the right. Use your comic book on the yellow note on the wall (comic 7/23), and on the folder cabinet (comic 8/23). Take the form from on top of the folder cabinet, then open the cabinet and look at the files inside. Read all 5 files (you need to come back and like in the cabinet each time). Go back out of this room, up both sets of stairs, then down to the main area. Head upstairs 3 times.

3rd Floor

Follow the hallway to the left, then go through the wooden door on the right into a break room. Use your comic book on the dartboard (comic 9/23). Use ketchup on the faucet (ketchup 1/10, litter 1/23), and also use mustard on the faucet (litter 2/23). Open the top cabinet and take the cornflakes. Eat the cornflakes to find a police badge inside. Leave the break room, then go back around the corridor and head upstairs.

4th Floor

Put your water cup next to the green chair (water 2/7). Head back downstairs and get another water cup, then come back upstairs.

Go around the hallway and left into Dr Marcel's office. Climb up into the chute and go right, then use your comic book on the ventilator (comic 10/23). Climb down into your cell. Use ketchup on the table (ketchup 2/20, litter 3/23). Also use mustard on the table (litter 4/23) and the ballpoint pen on the table (litter 5/23). Also use your comic book on one of the pads on the wall (comic 11/23).

Return through the chute and out to the roof. Go around so you can give the water cup to Babbitt (water 3/7). Go around and through the chute to get back inside. Head back downstairs and get another water cup, then come back upstairs.

Go around the hallway and left into Dr Marcel's office again. Put the water cup in the chimney (water 4/7). Return down to the security office to get another water cup, then come back up to Dr Marcel's office. Use ketchup on the desk (ketchup 3/10, litter 6/23), on the diploma (ketchup 4/10, litter 7/23), and on the trophies (ketchup 5/10, litter 8/23). Next use your ballpoint pen on the desk (litter 9/23), on the chair (litter 10/23), and on the cabinet (litter 11/23). Now use your mustard on the diploma (litter 12/23), and on the trophies (litter 13/23). Use your comic book on the chair (comic 12/23), and on the window (comic 13/23). Use your knife on the drawer, then take an old key from the drawer. Put your water cup in the drawer (water 5/7). Leave the office and head back to the stairs.

Go and get another cup from security on your way down to the ground floor.

Ground Floor

Go through the double doors on the left, and you will end up back in captivity.

1st Floor

Talk to Drogglejug and Aluman in the recreation room. Put your water cup on the green sofa (water 6/7). Go to the pay phone in the back right corner and look at it to see the receiver is missing. Return to the recreation room and head through the double doors on the left, then take the top left door to find the laundry room. Try to enter the laundry lift. Talk to the Ticket Inspector about everything, and you will find our Professor Nock has the next laundry lift ticket.

Return to the recreation room and go through the double doors on the right. Talk to Bruce Broker about everything, then go through the door on the right. Talk to Professor Nock, then change the TV channel to see a program about stocks. Go back out and talk to Bruce Broker again. Keep telling him to buy until you can select "Look Brucey! It's a boy" - you will end up with the phone receiver.

Go back to the recreation room again and head to the pay phone area. Use the phone receiver on the pay phone's fork, then take the coin from the coin chute. In your inventory, use the potholder on the fork, then on the coin Polisheress. While you are here, use your comic book on the phone sign (comic 14/23), and on the telephone dial (comic 15/23). Return left and use your comic back on the lamp to the left (comic 16/23).

Go through the double doors in the left of the recreation room, and use your comic book on the poster (comic 17/23). Continue through the bottom left door. Turn on the light switch and talk to Petra, then use your comic book on her (comic 18/23). Take the chips from behind Petra, and the dip from the table on the left.

Leave this room, then go through the door on the right. Use your comic book on the shelf (comic 19/23). Talk to Beeman, then give him your potholder for a different one Exchangeress. Pick up the pinking shears from the table. Go through the back door into a bar. Use your comic book with the bartender (comic 20/23). Talk to the Bartender and Peter, then give the bean dip to Peter. Take the cocktail menu from the bar and read it in your inventory. Talk to the Bartender and ask for a "Stinkydrink". Combine your straw and drink in your inventory to find a fly.

Continue through the back door into a coffee room. Pick up the fallen coffee cup and place it in the coffee machine's chute. Insert your coin in the machine and take the cup of coffee. Go back to Beeman and give him the coffee in exchange for a cup of earwax. Put your fly in the earwax.

Go to the television room and give the fly in earwax to Professor Nock, in exchange for his coat hanger 3. Go to the recreation room and trade this for Aluman's coat hanger 2. Return through the double doors on the left, then through the top left door. Talk to the Ticket Inspector, then give him your coat hanger 2 and enter the lift. Talk until you automatically exit the lift.

2nd Floor

Use your ballpoint pen on the poster (litter 14/23). Look at the electricity meter, and you will notice that someone is leaving a light on. Turn the light back off here, then go left. In this corridor behind the locked gate, head through the bottom right door.

Turn on the light switch, then look at the hose. Use ketchup on the left sink (ketchup 6/10, litter 15/23), on the middle sink (ketchup 7/10, litter 16/23), and on the right sink (ketchup 8/10, litter 17/23). Also use mustard on the left sink (litter 18/23), on the middle sink (litter 19/23), and on the right sink (litter 20/23).

Leave here and go through the bottom left door. Turn on the light switch. Press the alarm button, then look at the window and talk to the Key Master about everything. Go back out and through the doors at the end of the hallway. Talk to Hoti and Moti, then use the pinking shears to separate them. Talk to them again, then leave the room for a while and come back - they should be gone. Try to pick up the blanket, but it is too heavy for you. Use your potato chips on the blanket, then return to the laundry room. Get in the lift again.

Talk to Mr Frock, and this time you will reach the basement level. Keep riding the lift around Liftgirl. When you return to the basement level, quickly click on the dirty bed linen on the floor to jump down.


Use your comic book on the washing machines (comic 21/23). Climb the ladder and go through the double doors. Climb up the stairs on the right, then return to the main area and head upstairs.

3rd Floor

Enter the security office and get one more cup from the trashcan. Head downstairs.

2nd Floor

Use your old key with the locked wooden door on the left, then head inside. Use Harvey on the homework notebook in the glass case.

Tempomorph 2

As Harvey, collect the note topic and use it on Edna. Collect the Hornbush topic in your inventory. Look out the window. Collect the circus topic, playground topic and Ferris wheel topic, then use each of these on Edna, and she will get locked in the cupboard.

Look through the hole in the cupboard and collect the letter topic from Mr Hornbush's coat pocket, then use this on Edna. Collect the hole topic, then use this on Edna as well. Now use Mr Hornbush on Edna to get her back out of the cupboard. Use the note on Edna again.

Go back to the bar (the fastest way is to go downstairs to the ground floor, through the main double doors to get caught and put back in the patient area, then go left, right and through the back door).

1st Floor

Try to take the spoon from the barrel, but the Bartender stops you. Turn the light on here (the security guard should now leave his station, as the monitors with lights spell out WC). Use "Harvey 2: Counterfeit Signature" on your cocktail menu, then use the Bartender's signature on the cocktail menu to add a new drink. Ask the Bartender for the drink that you added to the menu. Now take the spoon (which turns out to be a shovel).

Go to the laundry lift and get inside. Use your ketchup on Mr Frock. Use the lift again, and jump down onto the dirty bed linen.


Take coat hanger 1 from the rack on the left, then climb up the ladder and go through the doors. Go down the stairs and through the large metal door to the left. Use your water cup on the grate in the furnace (water 7/7) Waterplacer.

Use your comic book on the manometer on the side of the furnace (comic 22/23). Climb down the ladder and use your comic book on the hole in the floor (comic 23/23) Comic Nerd.

Use your shovel with the hole. Climb up the ladder, then climb back down and pick up the pile of dirt. Make your way back to the main area, then go upstairs.

3rd Floor

Go along the corridor and into the WC. Try to take the key. Use your pile of dirt on the sink. While you are here, use your ketchup on the sink (ketchup 9/10, litter 21/23), then use your mustard on the sink (litter 22/23).

Use your clay mass on the key to get an imprint. Go back down to the ground floor and through the double doors on the left to get caught again.

1st Floor

Try to enter the residence. Show your police badge to Drogglejug, then enter the residence and select these options:

  • I am ready.
  • Heads.
  • I want to try once more.
  • Tails.
  • Why must I always lose?
  • Well, I'll be going then.

Talk to Aluman about everything, then give him coat hanger 1. Head left, and through the laundry lift twice, dropping down to the bed linen in the basement.


Climb up the ladder and go through the doors. Make your way out to the main area and go all the way upstairs.

4th Floor

Go around the hallway and back into Dr Marcel's office. Now use "Harvey 2: Counterfeit Signature" on the diploma Forger. In your inventory, use Dr Marcel's signature on the form. Return to the stairs and go down twice.

2nd Floor

Go through the wooden door on the right to get some electroshock therapy. Go through the same door again and use your pot on the lever on the right (worker 3/3) Workeress. Leave the room and head downstairs twice.

Ground Floor

Go through the rear left doors to the cafeteria, then continue through the next doors to the left. Use your ketchup on the Ugly Man portrait (ketchup 10/10, litter 23/23) Little Mucky Pup and Big Litterbug. Go through the doors on the left into group therapy and select these options (if they aren't available, go back and read the patient files in the basement):

  • I have a signed registration.
  • Yes. I'm ready.
  • I am Adrian, King of the Recreation Room.
  • I was always picked second during gym class.
  • Green.

Leave here and return to the main area, then go through the double doors on the left to get caught again.

1st Floor

Enter the residence again to see Adrian and select these options:

  • I want to try once more.
  • Heads.
  • Which place were you picked for a team during physical education class?
  • Red.
  • I want to try once more.
  • Heads.

You will now get a gold medal Queen of the recreation room. Head to the lift and drop down to the basement.


Climb the ladder and go through the doors. Head down the stairs and through the left door. Use your imprint in the furnace, then take out the mold using your potholder. Now use your gold medal in your pot, and put this in the furnace. Take it out with the potholder, then combine the steaming pot with the mold. Return up the stairs and go left into the kitchen.

Ground Floor

Put your steaming mold in the sink. Use the cooled-off mold in your inventory to get a master key. Head out through the doors on the right. Use your key on the lock here, then go outside.

Outside the Asylum

Pick up the trashcan lid and look at all the master keys, then go to the garage. Take the wrench and jumper cable from the floor. Try to open the car door, then use coat hanger 2 on it, and open the door. Go back out and around to the limousine. Use your wrench to get the spare tire from the side of the limousine. Walk around the front of the house, then to the back of the house, and try to pick up the bird bath Handicapress. Go back to the limousine and hit it with your polo mallet. While the driver is outside, head inside, out to the main area and upstairs.

2nd Floor

Use your master key on the lock here, then go through the bottom right door in the corridor. Now use the following 4 items on the hose in this order:

  1. "Harvey 2: Counterfeit Signature"
  2. Spare tire
  3. Police badge
  4. Wrench

This will lead to an achievement Tubeslasher. Leave the bathroom, and head through the bottom left door. Talk to the key master through the viewing window. Use your master key on his door, then talk to him again. Go down the stairs, but the driver is blocking your way. Head up to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor

Go around to the break room and use the bubble gum dispenser. Open the window and use it again - the driver will be distracted. Go downstairs, over to the right, and out through the back door.


Go to the garage and talk to the key master. Return inside.

Ground Floor

Continue left into the kitchen, then use the trolley to reach the dining table. Talk to Hoti and Moti about everything. Use your knife on Beeman's foot to see his foot fly up into the air. Get back into the trolley to return to the kitchen. Now look at the menu on the left wall. Change it so Beeman gets potatoes and Professor Nock gets roast chicken. Now return to the trolley and stab Beeman's foot again. After the food fight starts, head outside again.


Go to the garage and give your spare tire to Hoti and Moti. Hit the limousine with your polo mallet again, then go inside and up the stairs to the first floor.

1st Floor

Unlock the gate with your master key, and enter the TV room. Talk to Aluman and he agrees to help you. When he leaves, look at the television and note the position of the fingerprints. Go up to the third floor and use the bubblegum dispenser so you can go downstairs and outside.


Go to the garage - Aluman came and left again. Go around the back of the house and talk to Aluman. Go right to the garden and get the rake. Return to Aluman and look at the Zen garden. Move the stones to match the fingerprints from the TV:

Now use the rake. Talk to Aluman again, who will meet you at the garage. Go there and use the jumper cable on him. Go towards the main gate and enter the watchtower. Go up to the landing and open the locker. Go up the next stairs, then quickly get in the locker. Once the guard has gone downstairs head up to the control room. Press the green button, then cut the cable with your pinking shears Escapress.

Final Escape


Open the trunk and take the towing rope. Enter the limousine and talk to Hoti and Moti. Play the card game and win to get zapped by the car (after you click a card the first time, Hoti will roll his eyes if you are correct). Now head up the bank and then up the stairs. Touch Aluman to zap him, then talk to him and take his rust remover. Climb down and go right along the road, then continue forward. Enter the van and then enter the driver's cab. Release the parking brake, press the clutch (left pedal) and change gear to neutral. Use the towing rope on the bridge railing, then go back to the crash site and walk right. Use the rope to cross the river.

Go right and try to open the gate. Use your rust remover on the gate, then open it and go through. Head left and into the church.


Go through the door on the right and talk to the reverend. Look at the music book on the stand to see the notes EADBG. Pick up the headphones and guitar amplifier - you will take this out to the church automatically. Turn on the guitar amp, then go to the back of the church, up the steps and up the ladder.

After the key master talks to you, climb up the next ladder. Look at the distance, then use your polo mallet on the bell. Go down twice and look at the organ. Turn on the red switch. Press the E on the keyboard and you will notice the guitar also plays the same note. Open the hatch left of the organ and place the headphones inside. Look at the tape deck, then pick up the headphones and you will plug them into the tape deck. Look at the organ again and play the first B key on the left. Now press these keys: EADBG (as read from the music book in the reverend's room). Climb up twice and hit the bell with the mallet again, then climb all the way down to see the key master has fallen. You will automatically take the key and leave.


Look at one of the gnomes, then smash them all with the mallet and pick up the shards of the "Order Gnome" on the pedestal. Use the house key on the locked door, but it breaks off inside. Go around the back of the house and then down to the shed. Enter the shed and take the pliers and spade, then return to the front door. Use the pliers on the door to get the broken house key. Head around back twice to reach the back door. Look at the thistles, then use the spade on them and use your polo mallet on the basement window. Head inside through the basement window.

Go upstairs to the kitchen, then to the passageway and up the main stairs. Go though the left door into the study, and take the lighter from the table. Leave here and enter the classroom. Look at the chalkboard and the cupboard, then leave and go up to the attic. Look out the window, then try to open your bedroom door on the right, which is locked. Go back down and into the bathroom.

Use the clay shards in the tub, then combine the broken house key with the damp clay. Head down through the kitchen to the basement. Open the furnace and use your lighter on it. Put the clay imprint in the furnace, then get it out with your potholder. Now put the master key in the pot and put this in the furnace. Get this out with your potholder and use the steaming pot on the mold. Go outside through the window and use the lighter on the moon Moonlighter.

Go back inside through the basement window, then head up to the bathroom and put the steaming mold in the tub. Break the cooled-off mold with your mallet Lady of Keys. Head up to the attic and use the repaired key on your bedroom door, then go inside.

Tempomorph 3

Look at the diary, then open the window and switch to Harvey. Go out the window to the ledge, and collect the woodpecker topic, then look through the other window. Go back to Edna's room and use the woodpecker with Edna. Switch back to Edna. Open the cabinet door. Knock on the bedroom door and quickly use the cabinet - you will automatically escape and lock Alfred in your room.

As Harvey, go into the kitchen, then down to the basement, then out through the basement window, each time seeing a vision of Mattis as a killer. Save your game. Go around to the back of the house. Choose to listen to either Dr Marcel or Harvey to see one of the two possible endings.

Start Again

From the main menu, start a new game, and take the chair leg Deja-vu.