Edgar: Bokbok in BoulzacEdgar: Bokbok in Boulzac

Game Details:  Comedy, 2020

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Walkthrough Updated:  6/27/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Edgar: Bokbok in Boulzac is a 3rd person adventure starring the titular Edgar, an outcast living on an island near the town of Boulzac. After a sudden disaster threatens your farm, you must venture into the town where you will uncover an ancient mystery. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Pick up the carrot from the plate, and the egg from the hanging basket. Look at pot of squash soup on the stove to the left. Now head outside First time out. Grab another carrot from the tree stump on the right, and pick up 4 squashes. There will now be 6 empty patches of dirt in the ground here. Go and hang a carrot in the vaporizer. Head to one of the dirt patches and dig, then plant seeds, and finally water it Bronze Gardener.

Repeat the gardening process with another patch of dirt, then lightning will strike and the vaporizer will stop. Head over and examine it to see that you need some wood. Grab wood from next to the shed in the background and use it on the vaporizer, then you realize you need some oil. Go back inside and get some sardines in oil from the kitchen. Return outside and use the oil in the machine. Hang another carrot it in and continue gardening. Do not go and check the machine again until you want to continue the game. You can keep planting seeds and harvesting squashes to get a series of achievements here:

  • Harvest a total of 10 squashes Silver Gardener
  • Harvest a total of 50 squashes Gold Gardener
  • Harvest a total of 100 squashes Platinum Gardener
  • Harvest a total of 500 squashes Crazy Gardener

When you are ready, examine the machine to discover that the razidium cube is melted. A swarm of lionflies will now arrive and start eating any squashes you have planted. Go inside once more. After a discussion with Precious, look at the photographs in the shelves on the right and choose either one Off to Boulzac. Head outside and use the boat to the right.


Talk to Leon the fisherman on the beach here, then head up the path towards the town. Approach the first house, where a cat has the key to let you inside - you cannot catch it for now, so back out and enter the town itself. Look at the flyer in the mailbox on the left, then talk to the old man and the kids. Knock on the door until you get a sock thrown at you, then pick it up. Now knock a total of 100 times Maximum Obstination.

Enter the Town Hall in the background here. Talk to the man at the desk, then head through the curtains to reach the shop. Read the story of Boulzac on the displays here, then talk to the girl with the notebook. Now talk to the man at the counter about everything. Head back outside and go up the stairs to the right. Talk to the people in the street, then to the antiques seller, before continuing right. Talk to the woman on the left and give her your egg - she will give you a grocery ticket in return. Next talk to the jeweler just to the right. Look at the man sleeping on the bench, then talk to the 2 people outside the grocery store. Enter the grocery store and talk to the lady here - after giving her the card you can take the cheese from the top of the glass case.

Back outside, talk to the man to the right, who mentions Mr Bon is on one of the benches nearby. Return just to the left, where the sleeping man from earlier is now awake. Talk to him about how to catch the cat. Continue right and enter the bar. Talk to the customers and grab the empty glass from the table. Now talk to Nestor the bartender, who agrees to make you a cocktail, but you don't have enough ingredients. Buy water from him (this will cost you 1 squash). Leave the bar and head right again.

Talk to everyone in the park, then continue right to see a fenced off area that you can't enter. Return all the way back to the beach and give the water to Leon, who will accompany you up to the bar. Talk to him again and to Nestor. Now talk to the left man playing cards and agree to help him. Look at the other man's cards, then return to the left man and tell him to fold - you will be rewarded with a glass of red wine. Go and pick it up, then trade it with Leon for a fish head. Talk to Nestor again, who will make your cocktail using the sock, cheese and fish head. Pick up the cocktail from the bar Cocktail Master.

Go out to the house at the entrance to the town and give the cocktail to the cat. Now head inside and talk to Marguerite. Once her eyes start glowing and she leaves, follow her outside and all the way through the town, then through the opened gate. Try to go through the glowing doorway ahead, but Precious is not allowed. Walk back out towards the entrance and Precious will hide in your inventory. Try to go inside again, but the man will notice your eyes look normal. Go out to the generator room and pick up the goggles. Back outside, collect a lampfly from the bushes here, and find another one back on the path outside the gate. Now that you are wearing the glowing goggles, try to head inside again - unfortunately the goggles are flashing. Go back out to the path and pick up 2 more lampflies to fix your goggles. Finally, you can head inside.

The Factory

Talk to everyone along the conveyor belt and look at the painting on the wall. Try to open the door at the end, then start walking back and Precious will end up going through the machine. Talk to everyone again until you can shake Marguerite. Head right through the open door.

The other door here is locked for now. Examine the controls on the large machine. Use the elevator to go down to the basement, and talk to everybody here. Now use the elevator to go up to the top level, and you will see Precious on the conveyor belt here. Go and talk to the guard on the far left, who will leave and give you an access card. Go back down to the main level in the elevator, and head through the locked door (using your access card).

Talk to the man hidden behind the boxes, then get Precious out of his box. Continue right until you see the truck leave Work Inspector.

Back in Boulzac

Go left and talk to everyone in the park. Talk to the people in town here, then enter the bar and talk to everyone. Also enter the grocery store and talk to the lady here. Take the path at the back left and visit the antiques seller, then head down to the fountain where you overhear a conversation. Enter the shop and talk to the man behind the counter as well as the customers, then go through the curtain into the Town Hall. Head upstairs.

Enter the office and talk to the Mayor, then leave the office again. After overhearing his conversation, enter the office to see the Mayor has disappeared. Read the book on his desk, then examine the books in the left bookshelf. Pick the book Lacerta III: Ascent and Reign Goncourt Prize.

Go upstairs and search the room. In particular examine the notebook at the bottom right that mentions Michelle, and the laptop on the desk to the left. Look at the safe on the left wall, but you don't have a combination yet. Examine the door to the left, but it is locked. Go back outside and talk to the man on the bench.

Leave town and go down the path to the beach, then head left to find the mine entrance. Read the sign on the gate. Return to town and enter the grocery store to talk to the lady, but Olaf isn't here. Head to the bar and talk to the newcomer, who turns out to be Olaf. All he can tell you is that Michelle had something on her head. Return to the fountain and try to talk to the porcupine to discover the Mayor has a pet turtle named Michelle. Go back to the bar and talk to Olaf about this, to discover that Michelle had big ears. Talk to the lady to the right of the fountain, who points you in the direction of someone with a swollen nose. Return to the bar and talk to Olaf again, this time finding out about a costume.

Go to the park and talk to the gardener, who turns out to be Sophie. Walk left off the grass, and you will hatch a plan with Precious to steal the key. Quickly walk right when Sophie is distracted, then hide when she turns around. Keep doing this until you get the key Stealth Chicken.

Go back to the locked mine and open the gate using your key.

The Mine

Speak to the hairdresser about everything, then head further into the mine. Talk to both of the workers here. Grab the torch from the wall to the left and try to follow the passage on the left but it is too dark. You can light the torch from the huge fire, but it goes out too quickly to be useful. Use the mine cart on the right to travel further. Cross the bridge and talk to the scientist, then keep going right and you will find yourself back in the basement of the factory.

Talk to both men here - the senior scientist needs some form of identification. Return left and use the mine cart, then talk to Logan (next to the fire) to get his ID card. Go back to the senior scientist and show this to him, then talk to the other man to get a crank. Return left and use the mine cart again. Use your crank on the machine just to the right of the fire. Go and pick up Logan's wig and you will add it to your torch. Light the torch in the fire, then head into the dark passage on the left.

Press the 4 buttons here to reveal the history of the town, then continue to the left. Read the 3 messages on the altar, then head through the doorway behind the waterfall. Use the boat here, then climb the ladder Back Home.

After a sleep, go outside and get in the boat. Talk to Leon, and you will show him the underground river and altar, then end up back on the beach.

Boulzac Again

Head up the path and talk to the people near the fountain. Enter the shop and talk to Archibald, then return outside and go up the stairs. Talk to Basile (the holy man), who requires 3 artichokes. Also talk to the antiques seller and the man in the van, then continue right. Talk to the people in the street, then enter the grocery store and ask for 3 artichokes - you need to find something to trade. Talk to everyone in the bar, then continue out to the park. Speak to everyone here and grab the Merry Lobster magazine from the bench on the right. Return to the grocery store and give this to the lady in exchange for your 3 artichokes Barter Expert. Make sure you take then from the top of the glass case.

Return to Basile and give him the artichokes to get your reading. Talk to the man in the van again, who mentions his best customer always shouts down in the town square. Go back to the fountain and knock on the door again. You will finally get to talk to the person inside, then will be invited upstairs.

Talk to Golibert the knight and answer the questions, then select any of the items on the top of the chest. Go over and take the lobster press from Golibert Knighted.

Go back outside and up the stairs. Talk to both people in the van. Go over and look at the snakeskin boots at the antiques store, then talk to the antiques seller again - she wants you to make a fool out of Basile. Visit the lady in the grocery store again, then head to the park and take the candles from the birthday cake. Use these on Basile, then talk to the antiques seller and take the snakeskin boots Fashion Victim.

Head right and you will find a commotion outside the jeweler's store. Talk to everyone here, and look at the flyers on the ground. Look inside the shop and you will smell the Mayor's cologne. Go back to the Town Hall, where you can now go upstairs again and into the Mayor's office. Go through to the secret room and look at the laptop to see the code, then open the safe Squeak Squeak.

The Altar

Go back outside and down to the beach, then use the boat to return home. Go inside and read the note on the floor, then head back outside and climb down the well. Use the boat here, then go through the doorway and approach the altar. Insert your 3 objects into the 3 niches on the altar Read the Manual.

After Leon arrives, grab Precious and the razidium, then run back to the boat. Back at home, Leon will cover the well while you use the boat to return to Boulzac one last time.


Run past the people chasing you around town to reach the park, then use Precious on the large statue Victory.

After watching the credits, select Continue Game and then view all 4 of the available squash recipes Master Baker.