DYING: RebornDYING: Reborn

Game Details:  Horror, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/16/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

DYING: Reborn is a first-person horror escape room game. You take the role of Mathew, who goes out to look for his missing sister, but wakes up in an old run-down hotel with no memory of how he got there. There are 21 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Section 1: Awakening Time

You get the first achievement for starting the game Welcome to the Town of Harbour.

Get up and try to open the plain wooden door. Turn left and go over to where the poster fell down. Take the head of the screwdriver from the poster, and the scrap of paper that says "minute" from the wall above. Continue around the room and take the umbrella from the hook. Go over to the large blue curtain and move it aside, then pick up a memo (1/24) from the table This was Prepared Especially for You.

Use your screwdriver head to open the drawer of the desk and take the handle from inside. Combine the screwdriver head and handle Mathew, You're Smart. Next pick up the bottle on the desk, turn it over and shake it until a coin falls to the floor. Use the umbrella to pull the coin forward, then pick it up.

Go to the small piano and open the lid. Look at the writing at the top to make out a series of numbers. If you number the keys 1-8 from left to right, play this melody: 1-1-5-5-6-6-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1 Mother's Favorite Melody. Take the bolt cutters that are revealed. Now play any other 14-note melody and take the dart that is revealed.

Next examine the alarm clock. Spin it around and use the screwdriver to remove the back, then take the rusty key from inside. Use this to unlock the plain wooden door. Take the memo (2/24) from the brick wall behind it, then turn on the power switch.

Return to the lamp on the desk and take the scrap of paper that says "hours". Now go over to the gate and use your bolt cutters to break the chain. Insert the coin into the slot and clean the bottom part of the red device that opens. Use your 2 scraps of paper here to see the words "Time is the key to liberation. Minute goes before hours." If you look to the left you will see "Mur" in big writing. Interact with the top part of the red device and change the letters to say "DER".

Look at the TV and you will automatically receive another memo (3/24). Now go through the open door I Want to Play a Game with You.

Section 2: Get Locked Up

Get up and open the fire box on the wall, then pick up the fire extinguisher. Use this to break the padlock on the gate ahead, then go through. Turn immediately right and open the cardboard box on the ground, then take a dry rag from inside. In the next corridor, look at the two tea trolleys to find a crowbar and an "I" disc. Open the next fire box and take an "L" disc from inside. Turn the tap inside the box until water flows out. Now use your dry rag on the water and pick up the soaked rag. Go forward to the area with 3 gates and click on the magnetic card reader to see a man on the TV and receive another memo (4/24) I've Always Been Near You.

Return to the first gate and look at the picture of a family drawn on the wall. Use your soaked rag here to clean off the dirt and reveal "07.04", which is another memo (5/24). Turn around and use your crowbar on the painting, then open the safe with combination 0704. Take the magnetic card and the trophy from inside the safe.

Go down the corridor again and use your magnetic card on the card reader to open the gate on the left. Go through the gate that opens. Pick up a yellow roll of tape on the side of the trash can here, and look at the writing on the wall to see "flo" and "for". Continue to the end of the corridor and try to open the door to room 103. After the box falls behind you, open the box on the top and take an old radio from inside. Place this on the nearby round table. Open the small electrical box on the wall and turn the dials as follows:

  • Top dial: Point to bottom left
  • Left dial: Point to bottom right
  • Right dial: Point to bottom left

You will end up with a cable connector. Look at the wire hanging to the left to see that it is sparking. Turn one of the dials in the box and it will stop sparking. Use your cable connector on it, then connect the two properly with your tape. Set the dials so the circuit is active again. Use the radio and set the band to F using the left knob, and the frequency to 104 using the right knob - you will hear "520345".

Return along the corridor until you see a briefcase on the left. Open this by setting the left combination to 520, and the right combination to 345. Take another magnetic card from inside. Use this on the other card reader to open the opposite gate.

Go through and look to the left to get a ripped piece of paper and look at the closure notice for another memo (6/24), which mentions the password "03.12". Turn around and take the umbrella from the door handle. Look back at the reception desk and use the umbrella on the clipboard, then take the rusty key. Use this on the office door to the left. Head into the office and take the guest book from the desk, which gives you another memo (7/24). Search the wooden cupboard and you will find a piece of tracing paper with some circles on it. Use this on the "Another way" map on the wall to see a circle pattern.

Now focus on the keypad between the lockers. Enter the following 2 codes to open two of the available lockers:


From the opened lockers, take a knife switch and a pyramid-shaped box. Use the knife switch on the electrical device near the door, then move it to turn on the fan. Pick up another ripped piece of paper that falls on to the desk. Remove the painting from the wall and add your two ripped pieces of paper to complete a floor plan. You will see the numbers "3402" and "1233" on here and receive another memo (8/24). Now return to the keypad and open the final locker with this code Like My Little Puzzle?:


Go back to the safe beneath the swinging light. Insert your discs here to spell out "LILY" to get a memo (9/24). Return along the corridor and look through the broken window to see a code (this is different with each game). Go past the office to the door at the end of the hall and input this code But You Have Never Helped Her.

Section 3: Last Harbour

Get up and cross the room. Take the knife from the dart board, then use your dart from Section 1 in the dart board and take the translation machine that you find here. Go up the wooden stairs and use the knife on the sealed cardboard box. Take the battery from inside. Open the fire box at the end of the walkway and take a screwdriver handle. Return down the stairs.

Go to the bar and turn the stool that is facing away from you, then take the head of the screwdriver. Combine this with the handle in your inventory. Turn right and find an alarm clock on the table. Turn this around and remove the back cover with your screwdriver, then take the bottle of green liquid from inside. Go to the round tables opposite and find a bottle of red liquid. Combine this with your green liquid to end up with a bottle of blue liquid. Use this on the big sign near the door to be able to read the first rule; the sign turns into a memo (10/24). Look at the 2 clocks (one above the bar, one above the glowing sign) to see the times are 5:25 and 2:30.

Find a briefcase on a seat near where you got the red liquid. Open this by setting the left combination to 525, and the right combination to 230. Take the key from inside, and use this to unlock the men's bathroom. Use the switch inside to briefly turn on the ceiling fan in the main room. Go and pick up this memo (11/24) from the table and read it. Now you must follow its instructions:

  1. Go and look through the wooden man's head to see 6 old frames on the wall
  2. Look at the bar stool to see there are 4 of them
  3. Look up at the ceiling to see there are 3 fans
  4. Remember that there were 2 hidden rules on the board before you cleaned it
  5. Realize that there are therefore 8 other rules on the board

Go to the refrigerator behind the bar and open it with code 64328 Do Not Hesitate to Eat. Take a yellow battery from inside. Now examine the toy truck on the bar. Insert the red battery, then turn the truck around and insert the yellow battery. Take the TV remote from inside the truck once it opens. Go and use this on the TV. Go through the open door Because This Is Not Mathew's Fault.

Section 4: The Corrupted Land

Get up, then pick up the red book from the table, which is a memo (12/24). Also take the recipe sheet memo (13/24) on the corner of the kitchen bench, and the calorie table memo (14/24) from the fridge. Look in the sink to see the writing "DEGK HLD DTKS". Open the high cupboards to the left of the fridge and take the knife switch from inside. Also pick up a box of matches from the chair with the candle. Use these to light the candles on the cake.

Use the knife switch on the electrical device near the door, then move it to turn off the lights and reveal hidden symbols around the room. You will see "F6" written in red in the cupboards on the left. Go back to where you got the knife switch and look up at the ceiling. Step towards the fan and move around until you see a series of complete circles. Go back and move the switch again.

Examine the safe on the counter near the fridge and open it with the pattern you just saw on the ceiling Very Good, You Opened It:

Take the cleaver from inside the safe. Search the low cupboards here and spin the rack to find a fruit knife. Use the cleaver on the pumpkin and take the bead from inside it. Pick up the cleaver again. Put both the cleaver and fruit knife into the head-shaped knife block on the counter, and take the male doll from inside. Look in the drawers here to find an "E" written in red.

Go and turn the lights off again, then place the male doll on the stove. Following the instructions, rearrange the dolls so the boy is looking to the right, and both the mother and father are looking at him (press the middle button once and the right button twice). After the male doll burns, take the part of a tap from where it used to be. Open the cupboards beneath the sink to see "B", "C3".

Turn the lights back on. Use the part of a tap on the sink, then fill up the sink and look at the letters again to see "BECK HID DIKE". The letters that have changed from earlier are "BCIIE", which if converted to numbers make "23995". Go to the set of valves in the corner of the room and enter this code to drain the water from the floor. Pick up the small shovel from inside the drain.

Use your pyramid-shaped box on the microwave and you will end up with half a key.

Now turn your attention to the fridge. Use the 2 memos about food to add up a total number of calories for the recipe sheet (86 + 540 + 85 = 711), then open the fridge with code 711. Open the bottom freezer component and use the shovel to break the ice. Take the frozen heart from inside and use it on the microwave to cook it. Now use the cooked heart on the plate on the dining table I Will Always Remember This Day.

Section 5: A Champion Liar

Get up and go over to the coffee table and pick up a memo (15/24) and a fishing rod handle. Go to the middle section of the large bookshelf and find a page from Fishing Enthusiasts, which is another memo (16/24). Pick up the broken pieces of debris from the shelf to the left, then turn around and take the ashtray from the desk. Collect a newspaper clipping from the other end of the desk, which is yet another memo (17/24).

Place the bead you collected in Section 4 into the mouth of the fish on the desk. Take the photo from inside the fish mouth, then combine this with your translation machine, to be able to decipher "Please put me into the coin slot very hard." Use your ashtray to smash the glass of the large aquarium, and take the fish head from the bottom right corner.

Go and look at the small case on the coffee table, which requires 5 symbols to be selected. You need to examine the 2 memos about fish and piece together the red lines that would be present on the squares marked A, B, C, D and E. From left to right, these are:

  • Horizontal line
  • Bottom right corner
  • Bottom left corner
  • Top right corner
  • Bottom right corner

Put the fishing rod handle into the small case, and take the fragile key that is revealed. Use this to unlock the top left drawer of the desk and take the fishing line from inside. Put this into the small case and take the numbered black plaque from inside. Go over to the wall with fish heads and add both your fish head and black plaque. Now you need to put the correct plaques with the correct fish, using the information from your fish memos. Once they are correct, take the trophy base from the mouth of the bottom fish head.

Combine the debris with the trophy base to make a complete trophy Maybe I Should Give You a Trophy?. Place this trophy into the bottom left of the bookshelf, and you will see the numbers 3125 written inside. Enter this as the code for the safe in the corner of the room Mathew, A True Detective.

Take the accounts book from inside the safe, which is another memo (18/24). Look through the peephole on the door and you will automatically escape to the ventilation ducts. Turn around and go to the end to find a wrench. Turn around again and go to the other end, where you can take the arm from the mannequin. Climb up the ladder here, then continue until you reach the fan. Stop the fan by blocking it with the mannequin's arm, then remove the fan with your wrench It is Time to Face Your Mistakes.

Section 6: The Dying Man

Get up, then approach the low bureau straight ahead. Take the copper coin from the tray, the pink shoe from the bag, and a delicate necklace from inside the top right drawer. Go around to the next room and take another pink shoe from the torture table. Grab the small bulb from the nightstand to the right. Also pick up a small knob from the trolley on the left.

Go to the dressing table and take the circular powder puff. Insert the small bulb in the empty slot on the right here. Put the photograph from Section 5 into the coin slot and pick up half a key. Combine this with the other half a key you obtained back in Section 4.

Now insert the copper coin, then press the button. Put your knob on the empty slot on the right. Now you need to turn the knobs to the appropriate symbols based on which lights stay on:

  • Knob 1: Bottom
  • Knob 2: Top left
  • Knob 3: Top right

Go and watch the TV, then head to the wardrobe and pick up the pink dress and the pendant. Combine the pendant with your delicate necklace. Open the right wardrobe doors for a memo (19/24). Take the powder container from the bottom right and combine it with your powder puff. Now you need to dress up the mannequin, so put on both shoes and the dress to get another memo (20/24). Also put on the necklace and use the powder, then take a silver coin from the opened box.

Go back to the dressing table and insert the silver coin, then press the button. Turn the knobs to these positions:

  • Knob 1: Bottom right
  • Knob 2: Bottom
  • Knob 3: Bottom

Take the lipstick from the open drawer and use this on the mannequin for another memo (21/24). Take the piece of paper from the opened box, which is another memo (22/24). You need to arrange the symbols at the bottom of the wardrobe so they are the same order as those shown in your last memo (fish, down arrow, woman, Ankh, Yin/Yang, eye). Take the gold coin from the drawer at the bottom.

Go back to the dress table and insert the gold coin, then press the button. Press the new switch that appears below, then go and watch the TV again Remember My Words, Recall Your Fault. Go and pick up the mannequin and drag it to the torture table Mathew, What On Earth Have You Done?.

Look at the glowing symbols on the bottom end of the device for another memo (23/24). Return to the dressing table and set the knobs to these positions:

  • Knob 1: Bottom left
  • Knob 2: Bottom left
  • Knob 3: Bottom left

Go and collect the vase (1/5) from beneath the TV. Return to the dressing table and set the knobs to these positions:

  • Knob 1: Top
  • Knob 2: Bottom right
  • Knob 3: Top right

Save your game if you want to see both of the main endings. Go back to the door in the previous hallway, look down and pick up the final memo (24/24) Do You Know Everything Now?. You have now reached the first ending of the game Let You Suffer as Much as I have Suffered.

Second Ending

Load your game from near the end of Section 6. Use the key you created from the 2 halves in Section 4 and Section 6 to open the other door from the beginning of this section. Go through to find a secret room What's it?. Pick up the TV remote and use it on the group of televisions.

Third Ending

To reach the third ending for this game requires a bit more work. You must have completed the game already and have access to the Select Level option from the main menu. You also must have collected the vase from Section 6 (if not, the other items listed below will not be available).

Section 1

Get up and go over to the rolls of toilet paper on the cardboard boxes. Pick up a toilet roll (2/5) with bloody cat prints on it. Save your game and quit to the main menu.

Section 4

Get up and go over to the 2 pumpkins on the shelf to the left. Pick up the bead (3/5) with bloody cat prints from between them. Save your game and quit to the main menu.

Section 5

Get up and take the ashtray from the desk, then use it to smash the aquarium. Take the fish (4/5) with bloody cat prints from the left of the aquarium. Save your game and quit to the main menu.

Section 2

Get up and open the fire box. Pick up the fire extinguisher and use it to break the padlock on the gate. Take the crowbar from the tea trolley, then turn around and use it to remove the painting from the wall. Open the safe with combination 0704. Take the magnetic card from inside. Go and use this on the card reader in the next area.

Go through the gate and pick up the box (5/5) with bloody cat prints from the ground on the left. Open the briefcase with combination 520-345. Take the second magnetic card from inside and use it on the other card reader. Grab the umbrella from the right and use it to get the key from the clipboard on the left. Use this key to the open the office door and head through.

There will now be 5 opened lockers, each with a number of cat prints inside. Place the items you have found into the lockers based on the number of cat prints you see:

  • 2 Prints: Bead
  • 3 Prints: Toilet roll
  • 4 Prints: Vase
  • 5 Prints: Box
  • 6 Prints: Fish

Leave the office, go down the other end of the hall, and enter room 104, which is now open Everything is a plot!. Pick up the TV remote and use it on the group of televisions.