Dungeon LordsDungeon Lords

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2005

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  4/16/2010

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Dungeon Lords is a 3rd person action RPG in a classic high fantasy setting. It is unique in that the entire campaign can be played in a cooperative multiplayer manner. There is treachery in the circle of mages that protect the villages and surrounding territories, and only you can investigate, solve the mystery and save the land.

Getting Started

Run around the campfire and speak to Messenger Simon, who will give you a Temple Summons letter from Seer Augustus in Fargrove. Behind him you will find a path - turn left and follow this path to reach Fargrove.

The gates will be locked, and the guard behind the gates will not let you in. Turn around and there will be a goblin on the path behind you. Follow Scorch through the bushes to discover a secret way into the town. The goblins will attack you shortly afterwards, so be ready for them. Follow the secret passage and use the lever on the wall on your right to enter the sewers.

Fargrove Sewers

Explore this whole area to get some experience at fighting and opening chests. If you go left from the first room, there is a lever you need to flip at the end of a passage. Return to the start and go right from there, and an extra door will be open that will allow you to continue.

You will come into a room with lots of raised passages while you are down in the water, and goblins are shooting at you. Turn left immediately and go to the end of the room, where you will find a ladder to climb up. Run around the raised passages and kill the goblins. Now follow the passages until you go over a spinning water wheel, then drop down into the water and climb on to the opposite ledge.

Follow this right and climb the stairs and there will be a few more goblins, with one across a bridge that is shooting large arrows at you. Head down the passage to the right and explore the sewers to find a bridge key, then return to the bridge and use the key to raise it. Run across the bridge and kill the goblin ballista, then loot the chests to the left before following the right passage. Go through a whole series of wooden rooms with closed doors, being careful to avoid 2 places where you can fall through the floor (one already present, the other appearing in front of a locked chest). If you do fall through, you need to find a second hole to fall through before being able to climb back up to these wooden rooms.

You will eventually stumble across another group of goblins, including a magic user and another ballista. Continue past them and there is a lift on the right with a missing lever. Explore the following rooms and you will find a spare lever next to another lift that doesn't appear to go anywhere. Pick it up and use it at the first lift, then use the lever to go up.

In this new area there are a whole lot of locked doors requiring a key, but some of them will open for you. Follow the only path available and you will reach a large open amphitheatre containing goblins and a large troll. Kill everything and pick up the dropped loot, including a theatre key. Now you can get through any door in this area, and there are a lot of chests to loot. There is also a loose brick near a dead -end with some loose planks, which opens up a secret room back near the lift that brought you up to the theatre.

The main theatre door that you initially see in the troll area will not open. But if you climb up another level you will find a similar door that exits this area and lets you enter Fargrove itself.


Make sure you talk to everyone about everything, or you may miss important dialogue options at some point.

Fargrove Inn & Tavern

Talk to Old Red Ghar and Gileah about everything - they are a good source of information.

Temple of the Circene

Enter the Monastery area, and you can visit the Apothecary if you want to, before entering the Temple of the Circene. Speak to Seer Paulus and show him your summons from Seer Augustus to receive a key (Seer Paulus Quest).

Return to the town centre and head around to the left to find Seer Augustus' sanctum. Inside, there is a spectre in the middle of the room, and candles floating around him. Dodge the magic spells and collect the candles, then place one on each pedestal around the corners of the room. Once all 4 have been placed, kill the spectre. Now talk to Seer Augustus, and he will give you a life crystal and tell you to return to the temple.

Go back to the temple in the Monastery area and speak to Seer Paulus again. Agree to join the Celestial Order, and you will be asked to place the Candle of Stars upon the altar in the Shrine of Celestial Light (Celestial Order Quest).

Now follow him to meet The Celestine. She will tell you of a Relic hidden in the nearby catacombs, and will give you the cemetery key to let you inside (The Celestine Quest). Leave the Monastery and go immediately right. Using the key you just received, enter the Fargrove Mausoleum.

Circene Catacombs

Head down a few flights of steps and explore side passages for chests and crates, then keep going down. There is an area of floor just after going down a second long flight of steps where you will fall through if you step on it - if you do, you can climb back up elsewhere. On this level, you will come to an area with a cell in the middle, and a large mouth on one wall - it asks for the Magic Word, which you don't know yet. Follow the side passages from this room and you will find a ladder. Climb down and kill the Chamber Beast down there to learn the magic word "Espiritus Caldere". Now you can return to the mouth and say this word. Collect Galdryn's Horn from the middle of the room, but be prepared to fight a group of mummies.

If you head down to the lowest area (fall through the first hole in the floor or another on one of the side passages), you can find a loose brick on the wall that reveals a ghoul protecting some nice chests.

Now head up and out of the catacombs, and return to the Temple.

Temple of the Circene

Wait for Seer Augustus to let you through to see The Celestine again. Talk to her to learn more about the relic and hear of Mage Aleister. You can now leave this area.

Arms of Argus Armory

Head into this shop and talk to Grunmeir, who will let you join the Fighter's Guild. To achieve this, he will give you the Sword of Striking and have you deliver it to the Hall of Weapons in Arindale (Fighters Guild Quest).

Jail House

Go through to the Garrison District and enter the Jail House, which is near the west gate. If you wait long enough, Morgus will eventually walk over and open the door and you can follow him inside. Speak to Derlinger in the last cell on the left, then agree to help him and speak to Morgus to have him freed (Derlinger Quest). Speak to Morgus and pay the money, then follow him to let Derlinger out of his cell. As he leaves, he will tell you the password to enter the slums district - "Lady of Evorgrav".

House of the Dragon

Enter the House of the Dragon and speak to Master Ahn-Po. Agree to take on the challenge and you will be asked to collect a Dragon Egg from the roosting grounds of the Fire Drakes west of Arindale, and deliver it to the House of the Tiger in Arindale (House of Dragon Quest).

Arcane Emporium

Enter the magic shop and Mage Aleister will immediately see you have found Galrdyn's Horn. He will ask you to deliver an urgent letter to Lord Davenmor (Mage Aleister Quest 1), and to take Galdryn's Horn to the wizard Emmindor at Arindale (Mage Aleister Quest 2). He will tell you a lot of other things, and will let you buy a scroll of Dispel Magic to remove a Spirit Barrier, which you will need to do later on - buy one while you are here.

Slum District

Approach the wooden door near the Slum District and you will be asked the password - give it to him and he will let you enter. Run around to the right and you will find Deliah's Curio Shoppe. Go inside and speak to Deliah Irons, who will ask you to search Custard Mansion, which is also in this district, find a treasure map, and return to her (Deliah Irons Quest). She will give you a key so that you can enter the mansion. Go there now and head inside.

Once inside, head up the stairs and jump across the broken floor to discover the cellar key on a table. Now go downstairs and use this key to unlock the gates. Through the gate that is straight ahead, there is a solitary chest on some red carpet. Open it, then defend yourself from Urcula and Esmerelda. Pick up the Custard Treasure Map from the ground somewhere around here, then return to Deliah. Talk to her about the Guild of Mystery, and she will tell you to take the Treasure Map to Vartugg's place in Skuldoon (Guild of Mystery Quest).

Davenmor Manor

Talk to the Manor Gate Guards in the Garrison District, and show them Aleister's letter. They will open the gate so that you can enter the Manor. Once inside, speak to the Throne Room Guards and again show them the letter. You can now enter the throne room and show both the letter and the horn to Lord Davenmor. He will ask you to speak to the Palace Chambermaid about the disappearance of his daughter Ellowyn (Lord Davenmor Quest). Head through the door to the left and climb the stairs to find Sharia. Speak to her about Ellowyn and she will tell you what she knows, and suggest you speak to the tavern girl at the Fargrove Inn (Chambermaid Sharia Quest). Go back and speak to Lord Davenmor, and tell him that Ellowyn has escaped - he will give you some signed orders to proceed to Arindale, which will let you leave town.

Fargrove Inn & Tavern

Talk to Gileah about Ellowyn and you will learn she was travelling to meet Lord Graemore on the northwestern slopes beyond Bolen Fields. Now you can leave town via the West Gate (in the Garrison District).


Follow the main road from the West Gate of Fargrove. Ignore the first branch that leads to Bolen Fields and the second that heads towards Lake Lohr, and you will eventually reach Arindale.

Arindale Inn & Tavern

Speak to Loren Avariel and rent a room - you can then ask him anything else without having to pay for Elven Tea. Ask about Emmindor, and you will learn he is probably in his Great Tower. Ask him about everything else while you are here. Since you have an inn key, go upstairs and search the rooms, but they are all empty except for one - there is a woman who doesn't want to see any visitors.

Temple of the Empyrean

Talk to Orlan Drey about Emmindor and you will learn that you must see that which cannot be seen, and Lord Galebriand has the answers. Ask him everything else, and trade if you want to.

Hall of Lords

The Galebriand Guards will not let you inside at this stage, no matter what you say to them. They will eventually tell you to come back tomorrow, even though you have Galdryn's Horn.

Hall of Weapons

Give the Sword of Striking to Sir Nil-Galand and you will be initiated to the Fighters Guild, choosing new Heraldry. Speak to him about everything else, and you will be given one of two quests. You will either have to find and defeat The Black Knight, Sir Tyran Bruvane, who is in Bolen Fields (Knight Quest) or find and defeat Guire Boarbone, who is on the road between Arindale and Fargrove (Marauder Quest).

Elvithra's Apothecary

Speak to Elvithra about everything you can, including Emmindor, then trade with her if you want to.

House of the Tiger

Yoshi Tamaka will offer to teach you the Way of the Tiger. Your first quest is to help the woman who lives in shame in the Inn of Arindale (House of Tiger Quest).

Arindale Inn & Tavern

Go upstairs to the door of the woman who did not want visitors, and tell her you walk the Path of the Tiger. Now speak to her and she will tell you of her shame, and her relationship to Elvithra and Niviel. She will ask you to speak to the apothecary again (Narako Misume Quest).

Elvithra's Apothecary

Speak to Elvithra again, and she will go into the back room - follow her back there and help her kill Niviel. Now talk to her again to find out about Vetrian, and she will ask you to find her son (Elvithra Malvolin Quest).

Hall of Lords

Once you have completed all of the above, you will be allowed inside the Hall of Lords to meet with Lord Galebriand, assuming you say that you will find the Argalia of Eryldorn. Head down the stairs and speak with Lord Galebriand. No matter what you say, you will end up facing the Trial of Ancient Elders.

Go through the gate to the right and follow the passage to find a room with many tall pillars. Jump up on to progressively higher pillars to reach the Elder who is shooting at you. If you stand on the pillar nearest him, he will stop shooting and draw his sword - for a huge amount of experience, stand there and kill him, because he cannot reach you with his weapon, but you can reach him. In the corridor beyond him, stand on the blue circle, then return to the main room and repeat this pillar jumping procedure twice more. The third blue circle will open a gate directly in front of you and allow you to proceed.

In the next large area, there are constantly spawning Elven spirits, and there is an Elven Banshee that is very difficult to kill. The middle of this area contains a locked cell, and to unlock it requires the placement of 4 stones into 4 rune glyphs on the floor surrounding it. These stones can be found in chests in the nearby small rooms. Once the 4 stones have been correctly placed, enter the cell to stop the spawning process. Run directly away from the yellow rune glyph and you will find a new blue passage to enter.

Follow this passage to reach a blue room with bridges over water. At each of the 3 sections, stand on the blue circles at each end of the bridges to raise a new passage from the water. Reach the final blue circle to open the next gate.

In the final trial room, there is a mage above who keeps firing fireballs at you, while multiple Elven spirits spawn and attack. Just keep attacking them and healing yourself until finally the elevators lower and you can climb on. Run through the final hallway and speak to Lord Galebriand again. He will give you a letter to allow access to Ulm, and will ask you to find the Argalia of Eryldorn and return it to him (Lord Galebriand Quest).


Take the eastern road from Arindale and you will reach Ulm. Show your Fathien Pass to the Fathien Elite guards when you arrive, and you will be allowed inside. Go straight ahead past more Elite, then turn right and enter the throne room. After Elder Demus Fathien speaks to you, he will disappear and you will be ambushed.

Wander around the upper levels of the Fathien Stronghold and you will meet Myrus Fathien - kill him to get the Fathien Keep Key. Elder Demus Fathien can be found on the top level of the stronghold after you have this first key. Once you kill him you can pick up the Fathien Tomb Key. Now head down to the lowest level, which you can reach using a lift that goes down.

From here there are two locked gates, to the left, and straight ahead, both requiring the use of the Fathien Tomb Key. First enter the left gate. Follow these passages and watch the left wall for a loose brick that you can push. Once you have done this, back-track a little and enter the secret blue room that is now open. Grab the skull lever rod from the corner of the room, and open the chest if you can. Now continue along the passage and open another gate with your key to enter the sewer system. Follow this and when it branches off to the left, ignore the branch and go straight. Climb out of the water when you can, then climb the stairs here. At the room with the chest in the small central chamber, turn left to go down some stairs. You will reach a room with a broken floor and a drop down to some water. Carefully jump across the room to the opposite side, and you will find Vetrian Malvolin in a cell at the far end. Pick the lock and set him free, then talk to him about the Argalia.

Return to the first room with two locked gates and now take the one straight ahead. There are 4 levers here - flip the far left and the near right levers down and leave the others up to open the door. The following area is symmetrical to the left and right. It is another sewer system, and underwater you will find a lot of hungry fish. Straight ahead there will be a platform containing two slots for levers, and you have one of the skull lever rods that fit in these slots already. Once used, these rods open the gates to the immediate right and left of the platform, giving quick access to two new areas. You can also reach these same areas by swimming underwater from the initial platform in the area, to the left or right, but it is a long swim and you will lose some health in doing so. The second skull lever rod is in one of the underwater passages, so if you swim around for long enough you will find it, but it is not necessary.

In both the left and right areas off the main central area, there are two treasure rooms, where you climb out of the water and use your key to unlock a room containing chests. The back rooms in each of the left and right halves have secret buttons on the walls that reveal secret areas. In each of these rooms there is a Fathien Wraith that is tough to kill and keeps summoning undead warriors to help in the fight. The left of these 2 symmetrical rooms contains a chest with nice treasure, and the right contains the Argalia of Eryldorn. Once you have claimed this prize, return up to the entrance to Ulm and you can finally leave. Outside, be prepared to fight the two guards who let you in initially. Now you can return to Arindale.


Hall of Lords

Return inside the Hall of Lords and present the Argalia to Lord Galebriand, Vecus Fathien, standing next to him, will now attack. Kill him and then speak to Lord Galebriand again. He will give you some gifts initially, then answer your questions. When you ask about Emmindor, he will give you a magic mirror to allow you access to the Great Tower. You should also ask him to help Lord Davenmor.

Elvithra's Apothecary

Talk to Elvithra, who will thank you for returning her son and give you a gift. Also, the Apothecary will be open for business once more.

Arindale Inn & Tavern

Go upstairs and find Narako Misume. Speak to her for another gift.

House of the Tiger

Yoshi Tamaka will commend you for your work in following the path, and you will be initiated into the House of Tiger, choosing new Heraldry.

Great Tower

Head north over the bridge from the House of the Tiger and you will find the Great Tower. You will use the magic mirror, and a doorway will appear. Use the doorway to enter. Speak to Elderon, and show him Galdryn's Horn, but he won't let you inside further. As you try to leave, he will change his mind, and you can go through to the next room. Stand on the large blue disc to be transported up to see Emmindor. Talk to him and show him the horn. He will give you the Ring of Talendor, and ask you to use Galdryn's Horn in the Chamber of Spirits at the Ruins of Talendor, then return to see him again (Emmindor Quest). When you finish talking, Volgar will appear and attack Emmindor. He will tell you to invoke the power of the horn, so do this using your inventory. Speak to him again, then go down on the large blue disc and leave the tower.

Shrine of Celestial Light

Head south out of Arindale and follow the road until you see a crossroads with a sign to Bolen Fields. Head north towards Bolen Fields. If you have accepted the Marauder Quest, then you will likely be attacked by Guire Boarbone just along here. There will be a sign on the left of the road pointing into the forest, which marks the Shrine of Celestial Light. Follow the sign and you will reach a building with a winding staircase. Climb the stairs and place your candle upon the altar.


Return to the path and keep heading north. Take the left branch when you can, and the road will reach an end. There is a sign pointing towards Talendor to the left. Go directly west from this point and you should find a pass through the mountains (you may need to go a little south when you hit the mountains, and then turn north when you can). In the open area to the north, you will be attacked by a group of undead creatures, and not far from here are the Ruins of Talendor. Go down the stairs to find the Chamber of Spirits, and get inside using the Ring of Talendor. Place Galdryn's Horn on one of the pedestals down at the base of the stairs.


Hall of Weapons

If you have killed Guire Boarbone as part of the Marauder Quest, then visit Sir Nil-Galand to receive your new class specialisation.

Great Tower

Head once more to the Great Tower and use the mirror to get inside. Speak to Elderon when he appears, then go through and stand on the large blue disc to go up to see Emmindor again.

Fire Drakes

Head north and then west from Arindale, and you should find some Fire Drake nests. The Fire Drakes will obviously defend them, so as quickly as you can, run up to a nest, take the egg and run away again. If you are really tough by now you may be able to fight back, but it is much easier just to run.


If you head north from the Fire Drakes, or directly north from Arindale, you will find Lost Lake. Swim northeast from the shore to find a large island with a Shrine of Celestial Power. It is almost entirely surrounded by mountain, with only a small inlet on its north coast. On this island, you will also find some moonbeasts - kill one and pick up the Moonstone. You can now teleport around using the Moon Bridges scattered throughout the land. You need to physically run to each Moon Bridge to activate it now that you have the Moonstone.

House of the Tiger

Once you have obtained a dragon egg, take it to Yoshi Tamaka to become initiated in the House of the Dragon and receive a new heraldry.

Bolen Fields

Once again, head south from Arindale and follow the path east and then north to the sign to Bolen Fields. This time continue heading north from the end of the path and you will eventually find a group of Rothn Tents. Lord Graemare is here, and if you talk to him about Lady Ellowyn, he will tell you about Valdane and the fact that she was supposed to be waiting at the Shrine of Celestial Light. He will ask you to find his son Valdane (Lord Graemare Quest). He will also tell you to speak to the tavern girl at the Fargrove Inn, so that you may meet up with Mara to get further information.


Note: If you came back to Fargrove recently, but before seeing Emmindor a second time, you would have noticed that it was closed, as per Captain Okatta's orders.

Davenmor Manor

As you approach the manor, the guards will tell you that Captain Okatta wants to see you. When you get inside, a whole group of Barrowgrim marauders and an arch-mage will attack. Kill them all, and you can grab the Manor Key. Now use this to explore the rest of the manor. Head upstairs and explore the rooms there to find many chests and eventually Captain Okatta - kill him and get the Dungeon Key.

Now go downstairs and free the palace guards from their cells using the Dungeon Key. Around the corner to the left you will find Lord Davenmor, also imprisoned. Free him and talk to him about Ellowyn and Valdane. Now that he is free again, leave the manor.

Fargrove Inn & Tavern

Talk to Gileah, saying "I seek the Lost Eagle" and she will tell you to search for Mara at the Harrow Ruins (Gileah Quest).

Harrow Ruins

Leave Fargrove via the south gate and follow the road until you reach a fork. Head right at the fork (so you are going south) and you will reach Lake Dread. Go west from here, over a bridge, and then go south slightly to find a path. Follow this path west until it ends, and you should find Harrow Ruins. Mara will be here, and will be attacked by assassins. Help her kill them all, then talk to her. She will give you a letter to give to Vartugg in Skuldoon.


Return east along the path and cross over 2 bridges. Head slightly south to find another path to the east. Follow this and turn south when it forks. If you follow this road, you will reach Skuldoon. Head through the gates and follow the main road.


Not far along the path you will find a ticket vendor. Speak to Ticket Master Yugi and you have the option of fighting against different creatures to earn experience points and a small amount of money.

Vartugg's Fortress

You will see a large fortress off to the left side of the road - enter here and speak to Mundruff, the guy behind the bars. Give him Custard's Map to join the Guild of Mystery and earn a new heraldry. You can now accept one of two different quests - either slay a Brimgulden at the Northern Steppes and return here with its horn (Hunter Quest) or get The Watcher to summon Agula at the Tomb of Souls and find a way to win the contest (Trickster Quest). Also give Mundruff the letter from Mara and you will be allowed to see Vartugg.

Head right and follow the passage to meet Vartugg. Agree to secure the deal, and you will find out the Valdane is headed for the Temple of the Naga. You will also receive a vial in which you must obtain some of Valdane's blood and return it to Vartugg (Vartugg Quest 1).


Feros Duul, the Shaman of Skuldoon, can be found in the northwest corner of the compound. You can trade with him if you need to, and he provides a little information.

Naga Temple

Head out through the west gate from Skuldoon and turn right at the first fork in the road. You will soon reach the Sagathian Moors. Follow this area north, west and finally south and you will find the Temple (also known as the Dungeon of the Moors).

Once inside, you can drink at the fountain to replenish your health. You will meet many Naga Guards in the first few rooms. There is a large pit in one room - you can either fall down through here or take the subsequent stairs, but either way there is a large Colossus of Myrza to kill. After you achieve this and kill the subsequent Pit Guards, you will enter another fountain room. In the next room if you go east, you will find the lever to re-open the pit gate so you can eventually leave the temple.

Back in the fountain room, the room to the west contains some dungeon ghouls and the gates at either end lock you in. There is a button on one of the columns that temporarily opens a small room opposite - this room contains the lever that opens both gates. The passage to the south contains the Eye of the Sigil that you need to get, but you first need to obtain a gas mask. Return again to the fountain room and this time head south to explore the rest of the dungeon. There is a closed gate on the southern wall of a corridor along which you are running east - remember this gate.

When you reach the axe room, there are 2 levers you need to flip on the north and east walls, to open the south door. The safest way is to jump around the edge of the room, on the little ledge above floor level. Keep going and you may find Valdane looking up at you through a floor gate off to the east. Head west instead through a room with Fire Gazers, and keep going to find a room with 4 levers. These levers control the positions of 4 platforms in the middle of the room, and this association seems random for each game. Write down the effect of each lever and use logic to move all platforms down so you can cross the room.

After two more sets of axes, you will see a fire area that you can cross, but you will take damage. East from this area you will find a room containing lots of Naga, 3 jailed thieves, a fountain and a Gold Key. Pull the levers to free the thieves, and quickly speak to them to receive a Demon Key and instructions about accessing the Naga Queen. Return south and east - there is another passage to the south that contains many poison vents and leads to the Naga Queen, but you first need to collect the Eye of the Sigil. Continue east to some more axes. Stop in the middle of this set of axes and move the loose brick to open the doors ahead. This is a treasure room containing many treasure chests and another loose brick to open the exit.

Head south from here and then west and you will come to a room with a flat area followed by some stairs. The floor in this room collapses, so you need to jump from the near edge and climb up using the ledge that remains. If you fall, just head generally east in the maze below and climb up the stairs to return to this area. Once you make it, head west to find Valdane and free him with your Gold Key. Talk to him and make sure you get his blood, and tell him you were sent by Lord Graemare.

Now that Valdane is free, the gate you had to remember from before is open, so head back there. This area contains many levers to temporarily open paths to eventually give you the Gas Mask. Now return to the Eye of the Sigil room, flip the switch on the far wall, and collect it from the white gas area. Finally, go to the poison vents area that leads to the Naga Queen. Place the Eye of the Sigil in the Sigil of the Serpent, then step into the blue glowing area to teleport to the Naga Queen Room. Kill the Naga Queen and take the Eye of the Sigil, as well as her nice weapons. Now you need to explore the platforms with the multiple gaps to jump over. First you must flip a lever to reveal a new passage, then find a chest that contains the Skull Key, then use this to open a gate. In here you will find your second Relic of Power, the Robes of Regeneration.

Forbidden Lands


Leave the Naga temple and return through the Sagathian Moors to find the path once more. Head northeast off the path for a while, and you should find Staroxia in her tower. Speak to her and you will learn of a Crystal Stone to be obtained from the Isle of the Damned in the Sea of Woe. You will need this to reach the Shadow Ruins so you may obtain another Relic of Power (Staroxia Quest 1). You also learn of a secret passage that runs through the mountains west of the Sea of Woe - this passage can be opened by the Totem of the Tree (Staroxia Quest 2). You also find out the words "Altor Vare Rostrum" to speak to Grymlock in his tower in the Northlands (Staroxia Quest 3).

Totem of the Tree

Head far south in the Forbidden Lands and you will find an encampment. Speak to Worglaw, the leader, and ask him for the Totem of the Tree. You will need to pay for it of course - 10000 gold.


Vartugg's Fortress

Go back to Skuldoon and speak to Mundruff inside Vartugg's Fortress. He will let you in to see Vartugg again, so talk to him. He will like the fact that you free Valdane and got his blood, but still wants a letter from Lord Graemare, and now also asks you to use Valdane's Blood at the Unholy Arc to summon the Messenger, then meet Voraatus and reclaim Vartugg's bargain (Vartugg Quest 2).


Head north from Skuldoon, back past Lake Dread and north to Lake Dire.


Continue north from Lake Dire to find Grymlock's Tower. Speak to Grymlock, first saying "Altor Vare Rostrum" so that he recovers his memory. He will then give you the glyphs you need to use the Moon Bridge to reach the Vale of Ruin.

Vale of Ruin

Find the nearest Moon Bridge (which from Grymlock is northwest) and use the glyphs he told you to reach the Vale of Ruin. From the Moon Bridge there, head north, west and south to find the Unholy Arc.

Unholy Arc

The Unholy Arc is a platform upon which you need to place Valdane's Blood. Speak to Valkyra when she arrives, and you will learn the password you need for the Tomb of Souls - "Avat Demonicum".

Temple of Draedoth

Head north in the Vale of Ruin and you will eventually reach the Temple. Once inside, head left initially and go down in a lift. Run down one passage to flip a lever, and in the other hall you will find a chest. The chest contains a nice Dragon's Helm, but unleashes a whole host of new enemies for you to fight, including the demon Kalkydra. Once you kill him, pick up the Skull Key and use it to reopen the gate (the lock is on the back wall). Now return up the lift to the start of this dungeon.

Use your Skull Key to open the main gate in the foyer. After clearing out all the lesser enemies, climb the stairs and kill the Elemental of Evil. Follow the upstairs passages and you will find a solitary chest on a raised platform - open it and take the Gold Key, then defend yourself from incoming monsters. Go back downstairs and now around to the right. Use your gold key in the lock, and this opens a secret passage back along the corridor you are in. Enter there and flip the lever to open the gate. Head through the gate. Flip the lever here to raise a pillar, and drop down to find another lever to flip. Now jump up on to the raised pillars to find one lever that opens the exit gate and another lever that starts a pillar moving from side to side. Jump on to that pillar and finally to the opposite ledge.

In this area you will battle a whole host of Druids, and one will drop a Demon Stone, which you must collect. Place this in the Claw of Khad on the wall to open the gate. Step on the blue disc in the next room to teleport to a new area.

Watch out for falling paths in this large room - if you do fall, head to the south east corner by jumping on the small platforms, so you can climb back up to the starting position. Head west initially and then gradually north, opening up multiple chests and finding some Demon Stones. Now head directly east and find one more chest. In total there are 5 chests and 4 Demon Stones. Once you have them all, go north and battle the Baloroth so you can get the Key of Fire. Climb the stairs behind him and use this key to reach a new room. Khad is on the central platform with the Relic, and there are four platforms around the edge that will raise if you stand on them. Go around to each of these and place the 4 Demon Stones in the Claws of Khad on the walls. Now get to the central platform and take the Relic. Use this Relic, the Shield of Retribution, and it will bounce any attacks back toward the source - now it is easy to kill Khad. Pick up the Demon Stone he drops and head north. After looting any other chests around, use the Demon Stone in the final Claw and step on the blue disc. Now you can leave the Temple.

Use the Moon Bridge to return to the Northlands.


Tree Guardians

Head southeast and then east from the Moon Bridge to find a groups of trees blocking a path through the mountains. Speak to Wuldenfyr, their leader, and give him the Totem of the Tree. The trees will let you pass, and you will receive the Staff o' the Grove as a weapon. If you want lots of experience points, you can now attack the trees.

Isle of the Damned

Head through the pass and when you reach water, swim directly across to the small island in the middle. Grab the Shadow Crystal from the middle of the island. Now swim south. You will head through an area that pushes you to the bottom of the lake - just keep swimming south and up, and you should be fine. Once you surface, head southwest towards land and you will see some ruins. Place the Shadow Crystal on the Shadow Altar here and use the gateway that appears to enter the Shadow Ruins.

Shadow Ruins

Walk through the first room and down the corridor, and it will close in front of you. Turn around and kill the two Athena Statues that have come to life, then go to where they were standing and flip the 2 levers to reopen the walls. Head left (north) down the corridor to start with, and go through the Shadow Gate at the end to teleport to a new room. Kill the 2 knights and pick up the 2 Shadow Stones they drop. Go back through the gate and now head south down that first corridor. Ignore the first Shadow Gate that you see, and head down the path with the colored glyphs on the floor. Note the color order, then jump across the pillars in that order - red, orange, yellow, blue, purple.

Head through the gate on the right to meet Long Kingston, who is being tormented by Shadow Wraiths. In this room, there is an inactive Shadow Gate behind Lord Kingston, and there are 4 runes on the walls around it that are darkened - you need to light each rune to activate the gate, and you do this by finding the same runes as buttons in 4 separate areas of the Shadow Ruins.

Go through the left gate to enter a room with 8 gates. Grab the Shadow Stone from the hands of one of the four statues around the edge of the room. Now look at the four statues to note one has its hand in the air - go through the gate just to the right of this statue to return to Lord Kingston.

Now walk through the right gate to find a room with a platform at your feet, a Shadow Gate opposite, and 4 pillars in between that raise and lower. You need to step on the platform to activate the gate, then jump across the 4 pillars without touching the water below, as this deactivates the gate. Get through the far gate and place the Shadow Stone on the Altar of Shadows here. You now face a chess game against 4 moving statues - step on a glyph to make the shadow with the same colored stone move forward. You lose if a statue moves on to the square in front of you. If this happens, just kill the statue, pick up the Shadow Stone and try again. To win, step on orange, step back off the grid, then go forward on orange, yellow, orange, then right on blue, forward on yellow and through the gates. Pick up Shadowslayer and head through the far gate.

Back with Lord Kingston again, equip Shadowslayer and use it to kill the 3 wraiths. Now speak to Lord Kingston and he will ask you to follow him. Follow him through the gate into the room with 8 gates, then go through each of the gates he indicates.

You will eventually end up on a series of disconnected brown rocks, each of which have 2 Shadow Gates. Go through gates until you reach a rock that is different from the others, in that it has a set of stairs leading up to a different gate. If you go through this, you will end up on top of the central platform in the room with 8 gates. Press the rune glyph on the floor here to make it glow, then return through the gate just right of the statue holding the sword. You will note one of the runes surrounding the final Shadow Gate is now lit. Head through the opposite gate.

Go straight through the nearest gate and you will enter a hall with a mural on each wall. Keep going through the gate on the side of the knight (not the beast) and you will emerge on another series of rocks. Search to find the stairs to climb up and you will enter a room with lots of colored pillars. Jump across them and let yourself be blown around by the winds. Be careful not to get knocked off the pillars by the statues - you can kill them for lots of experience if you have the patience. If you fall, just use the Shadow Gate at the bottom to reappear at the top. Once you are across, activate the rune glyph in the room to the right, then return over the pillars and through the gate.

Jump back over the 5 raised pillars in the previous room, and turn left. Go through the Shadow Gate just left of here to enter a room with fire blasting across it. Time your jumps across the platforms to avoid the fire, then wander on some rocks to find a set of stairs to climb. The next room contains a stone pyramid with loose bricks on each level that reveal steps to allow you to climb higher. Keep climbing and avoiding spells from the Shadow Demon that teleports around the room, and press the rune glyph at the top. Now jump over to the side platforms and kill the demon. Jump around the edge of the room and go through the raised Shadow Gate to leave this area and return to the previous corridor.

Turn right and follow the corridor to find another new room. Place the 2 Shadow Stones on the 2 statues and kill them as they come to life. You can push the loose book in the bookshelves here to open a secret room just back along the corridor. Now go through the gate in the previous room. In the new area you find, there are 2 floating islands and 4 Athena Blocker statues. Carefully kill the statues for some more experience points, and make your way into the left side room to get a Shadow Crystal, and then the right side room to place it on an altar. Now go through the new gate in the previous room.

This next room contains three statues and three gates. Go through each gate in turn to arrive on a disconnected rock. Find the stairs to exit these rocks, but don't go through - instead go through the other gate on the rock with the exit and you will find a chest. Get the Shadow Stone from the chest, then return and go through the exit. Place the stone on a statue and kill the statue. Repeat this 3 times then go through the south gate and press the rune glyph.

Make your way back to the Shadow Gate surrounded by runes and it is now active. Go through to find a room with 3 aligned gates. Head through the one on the right and make your way over the disconnected rocks and up some stairs to another corridor with flame jets. Use the first statue on your right to raise a platform that you cannot see, then run down the corridor and avoid the flames if you can. Use the second statue on the right with the same effect, and jump past some more flames, then go through the Shadow Gate at the end of the hall.

Head right initially and follow the corridor to find a room containing 2 Shadow Demons that constantly attack you, and a central area that blows you around. Do a backflip into this area and try to grab the Shadow Crystal - when you have it, you can more effectively attack those demons. After you kill them, return to where you entered this area and now head down the left corridor. Kill the Athena Giant statue and claim another Shadow Crystal. Once you have both, enter the central room and place them on the altars, then you can head down the stairs and through a new gate.

Search until you find the stairs out of these rocks, and you will enter the room with the Relic. Attack Lord Nauselom until he drops a Shadow Stone, then pick it up and place it on the statue. Repeat this many times, and the Relic will eventually be available for you to collect. Kill Lord Nauselom, then go through the Gate of Ascension to leave this area.

Temple of Souls

Now head south through the Battlefields of the Dead, then go west to Lake Dread, north to Lake Dire, and head west from here to find the Tomb of Souls. Speak to the Watcher (the head above the doorway) and say "Avat Demonicum" then go inside.

Head down into the central area here to find a room with 4 paths branching off. The northeast passage contains a sarcophagus with some treasure. The northwest passage contains a button that opens a secret passage elsewhere in the room, and then some treasure inside there. Press the button on the side of the stairs to re-open the passage and return to the main chamber. The southwest passage holds the gold key in a sarcophagus. The southeast passage just contains enemies. Back in the main room, use the gold key to unlock the gate and continue.

Take the path to the right, and a passage will open up behind you revealing a whole lot of tomb guardians. Once they are dead, go through to the next room which has a pyramid in the middle - the Enkhar of Evil. Go down the south passage and follow the west branches to find the Eye of Evil on a statue that breathes fire when you approach. Note that one of the passages to the east is locked and requires the Demon Key from the Naga Temple to open.

Go back and put this on the Enkhar of Evil and a door in the room will open. Go through this door and you will fall when the bridge collapses. Open the 3 chests at the bottom of the water to discover a Skull Key. Climb out of the water and battle the tomb guardians. Follow the passages back to the Enkhar room.

Now go down the north passage into a room with 2 fire breathing statues. Use your Skull Key in the lock on the right and follow the open passage. Talk to the Watcher in the next room and agree to take his challenges, but make sure you have full health to start with. Survive the next battle without dying, then talk to the Watcher again, who grants you passage into the next area. Go north to find another Watcher who tells you that "Only those who bargain and win may pass beyond". Head south and press the button to raise the bridge that collapsed earlier. Go there now and cross the bridge safely. Approach the sacrophagus directly ahead and open it, then speak to Voraatus. There are several ways to deal with him - you can play his guessing game, which works like "Mastermind", but you will inevitably lose many attribute points in the process. Or you can just kill him and take his eye. Go back to the last Watcher you met, and you will have the choice of prizes - Demon's Steel or Demon's Spell. Follow the path as determined by your choice and claim the treasures. You can now leave the Tomb.


Head back down to the ruins and place your other relics on the pedestals - you should now have 4 out of the 5 total.


Vartugg's Fortress

Go back to Skuldoon and speak to Mundruff inside Vartugg's Fortress. He will let you in to see Vartugg. Give him back his Eye, and he will tell you the password to enter the Black Swamp - "Irynthabl". Leave Skuldoon and head south into the Forbidden Lands.

Forbidden Lands

Black Swamp

Follow the path south from Skuldoon and take the southeast branch towards the Black Swamp. Head into the swamp area and go southeast to find the Council of Stones. Speak the word "Irynthabl" and they will let you pass. Go around to the east then north and you will find the Maze of Irynthabl.

Maze of Irynthabl

There are 3 Sarcophagen Jewels to collect in the first part of the maze, and they are generally located east, south, and west from the entry corridor. Each of these is guarded by a blade gate and a flame burst. Once you have a jewel, you should be able to find a nearby spinning statue. The statue will eventually stop spinning and flame with burst from 3 sides, with the 4th side being open and ready to accept the jewel. Place each of these 3 jewels in their statues, then a new passage will open behind the statue towards the west.

In the next area, minotaurs will keep spawning from a spawn point on either side of a locked door, which requires 2 keys to unlock. Head left and grab the Key of Death from behind the blade gate, and use this on the left lock. Now head right and grab the other Key of Death and use this on the right lock. Now head down the stairs into the Sanctum of Irynthabl.

This area has a central region where enemies continue to spawn, and passages to the east and west containing colored pressure plates. You need to step on the purple, orange and blue plates in that exact order, without stepping on the plates of other colors. Now head down the east path and there will be an open gate to the north - note that the order of the plates could be worked out by the glowing runes behind the gate while it was closed. Through here, step on the red plate, then head back down to the central region and go through the now open gate.

Battle through several Barrowgrim warriors and some Athena statues, then you will enter a large room with Lord Barrowgrim, the witch Ikrella, and an imprisoned Ellowyn Davenmor. Lord Barrowgrim will quickly disappear, leaving you to battle the witch. If you attack her now, she will occasionally teleport away from you, and completely regain her health in the process. You need to run around the edge of this room and into each of the 4 side passages to collect the Soul Spheres. If you are quick, you can get in and out of the rooms without having to deal with the Demon Gazers, as they can't chase you outside. Place all 4 of these spheres in the fire up near Ellowyn. Now you can kill the witch - although she continues to teleport, she does not regain her health. Once she dies, collect the 5th Soul Sphere and place it in the fire to free Ellowyn. She will give you the 5th relic and disappear. Speak to Emmindor and he will send you to Talendor.


After you appear at the Moon Bridge just north of Talendor, you will be greeted by Lord Barrowgrim and his minions. Make sure you are wearing the Ring of Protection from Ellowyn, as it will make this battle much easier. Dispatch of everyone here, then enter the nearby ruins. Place the final relic on its pedestal, and Volgar will appear, stealing them all. Emmindor will send you immediately after him, into the Demon Realm.

Demon Realm

From your starting point, head forward to find a gate with a spawn point on either side. Kill the demons that appear through the spawn points, and the gate will open. Repeat this with a second gate, then step on the teleporter on the other side. Continue through 2 more gates in the same fashion as the previous ones and teleport again. Go through 1 last gate, then explore a large area of the realm with small passages and open areas until you find yet another gate over to the west. Go through this one, which has much more difficult enemies, then find one more simple gate to pass through.

You should now find Volgar and Shaduroth. He will kill Volgar, at which point you must run forward and gather all of the relics. Quickly wear the ring and the robes, and invoke Galdryn's Horn near where he is imprisoned. He will now help you defeat Shaduroth. After this, he will tell you of his plan, and teleport you back to Davenmor for the final sequence.