The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick

Game Details:  Comedy, 1997

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/10/2019

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Duckman is a short comedy adventure based on the animated series of the same name. You take the role of Duckman, finding out that you have been replaced on your TV show by New Duckman. You must deal with him to recover your TV show and your life.


Look at Julio, then talk to him to get the remote control. From the map screen, head straight back to the spa. Press the button, then talk about Julio and the card to get back inside. Take the book of matches from on the towel on the right, then leave.


Talk to the security guard to end up in Louie's office, then talk to him to be kicked out by New Duckman.


Try to go inside and you will end up talking to Ajax. Talk to him about the jacket to get inside. Enter the room on the right to end up with a phone directory. Click on the large crate to be kicked out again by New Duckman.

Fluffy and Uranus' House

Go outside and pick up the garbage can lid. Use your book of matches in the mailbox, and you will end up with some opera lessons. Leave this area to return to the map screen.

Super Store

Take the cardboard cut-out of New Duckman, then head inside. Go down the hallway on the right and place the cardboard cut-out on the footprints to get through the door into the factory. Pick up the small tape recorder from on top of the conveyor belt controls.

Fluffy and Uranus' House

Go to the right and use the tape recorder on the telephone.


Go through to the factory again and put the tape recorder back where you found it. Now press the red button to end up with an altered doll. Go back out to the main part of the store and use this on New Duckman.

Cornfed's Agent

You will automatically meet with the agent and leave. Go straight back to the agent and head inside. Take the fortune cookies from the table, then go back outside. Enter Hung Lo Plumbing next door, and talk to him about Chinese characters, then say "Krang Kase, Ling Shoong, Gocck Heck" (your mother sleeps with infected men). Quickly use the garbage can lid on Hung Lo when he attacks you to end up with a plunger. Go back outside and use your opera lessons on the light globes on the billboard above the plumbing store.

Use the telephone here and a repairman will arrive. Go and use the controls on the side of the truck. Pull the lever down, turn the brake on, and push the lever up again - when the caution sign appears, quickly turn the brake off. After the repairman disappears, open the tool compartment on the side of the truck to get a can of spray paint and a wrench. Take the spark plug from the billboard, then leave.


Use your wrench on the faucet to the left to activate the sprinkler. Now open the toolbox to find a book.

Dante's Pizza

In the first back room, try to use the switch to find that the system is blocked. Use your plunger on the blockage, and you will end up in the second back room. Go through the door on the right into a maintenance room. Take the Elvis poster from the wall. Leave to the map screen, and the Elvis poster will start glowing.

Go straight back to Dante's Pizza and through to the maintenance room. Put the Elvis poster back on the wall, then use the deadbolt to close the door. Use the matches on the pilot light to start the furnace, and you will end up in the third back room. Use your spark plug on the devil here. You will automatically leave.

Cornfed's Agent

After your discussion, return to the map screen.

Super Store

Enter the factory and talk to the salesman about money to get some wacky putty. Give him the book in exchange for his light hat.

Christmas Tree Museum

Walk left and take the ladder. Now walk right to the tanker. Use the light hat, ladder and spray paint on the tanker. Now enter the museum and talk to the woman until she starts a fire.


Use the wacky putty on the trailer steps, then use the pizza card on the telephone. You will end up inside the trailer. Look at the desk and examine the blueprints and book, then you will arrive on set. Use the remote control on New Duckman. Press the power button, then the right button.


Use your can of spray paint on the left to float over towards the right. Pick up the bucket of water and use it on the window. After the conversation, use the control panel. Move up twice and left 3 times. Click on the symbol of the repairman, then pull the lever. Once you have escaped, use the chewing gum on yourself.