Dr Livingstone, I Presume?Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/9/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Dr Livingstone, I Presume? is a first-person escape room game. After receiving a mysterious letter from your friend, you go to the house of Dr Livingstone to find him missing. You must explore the recesses of his house for clues as to what has happened to him. There are 25 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.



Turn around and try to leave through the main door to make your first comment (1/7). Look at the pictures in this entry corridor and step forward into the main room, where you will make another comment (2/7). Look at the pictures here as well, and you will comment (3/7) about the crocodile picture. Examine a small elephant statue for another comment (4/7). Go through to the side room on the left, then look at the bench and pick up the note (1/19), then you will make another comment (5/7). Search the cabinet along the opposite wall to comment (6/7) that the keys are missing. While you are here, try to jump Jumper.

Return out to the front room. Open the double doors and go through to the base of the stairs. Look at the pictures on the wall until you have seen 10 in total Art Connoisseur. Go up to the top of the stairs and look at a wooden carving on the wall to make a comment (7/7). Return downstairs and out to the front room.

Pick up the mask from the floor opposite the double doors, then examine the masks on the wall. Drag down the right mask, then attach your mask to the hook that appears on the left. Grab the spear from inside the mask that opens.

Now look at the warrior statue on a small cabinet in this room. Place the spear in its hand, then pull the spear forward. Crouch down and pull open the hidden drawer beneath the statue, taking out the monkey statuette. Examine this in your inventory. Click on both arms, then lift up the head to find a key with a monkey head Hello...?. Use this key on the locked door to the right; turn the key, then push open the door and head through.



You will automatically make a comment (1/6) as you enter the room. Take the next note (2/19) from the barrel straight ahead, and you will comment (2/6) again. Pick up the pepper from the barrel. Use this in the coffee grinder on the barrel to the right and turn the handle multiple times. Open the drawer and take out the ground pepper. Look at the shelves above to make a comment (3/6).

Examine the hourglass next to the candle on the nearby small bench, and flip it over to see the pattern on the top. Turn the star on the top so the dots match up, and take out the star. Examine this in your inventory, and press the button on the back to turn it into an expanded star.

On the opposite wall, search the shelves to find a paprika vial, and take the corkscrew from on top of the crate. Ignore the large table for now, and go over to the left area. Pick up the bucket from the floor. Search the shelves with the bottles to find a basil vial. Insert the expanded star into the middle of the tall cabinet here, then rotate the star. Open the compartment and take out the massive crank. Look at the work bench to the right, and take the empty kettle. Pick up the recipe for buffalo stew, which is the next note (3/19), and you will comment (4/6) on it. Also examine the spices just to the left for another comment (5/6). Now head downstairs.

Search the shelves to find some rope. Examine the well, then attach your rope and bucket - the bucket will automatically go down and fill with water. Use the massive crank on the side of the well. Slide down the locking pin over the crank, then turn the crank to lift up the bucket. Now fill your kettle from the bucket. Head back upstairs.

Search the drawers in the large table closest to the stairs to find a turmeric vial. Next open the wood container next to the furnace, and take out the tinder and flint. Make sure you smell the pot of stew above The Cook, and you will make a comment (6/6). Use the tinder and flint on the wood in the base of the furnace, then slide the flint several times to start a fire. Place the filled kettle over the fire. When it starts boiling, turn the kettle so the steam goes into the vent. Walk around the top of the stairs and find the empty vial that has fallen on to the flour sack.

Now approach the large table. Insert your 4 vials into the base of the tree-shaped scale - from left to right they should be turmeric, paprika, basil and empty. Use your corkscrew in the empty vial, then rotate it to take out the stopper. Put your ground pepper into the empty vial. Now you need to balance the scales:

  • Leave the turmeric vial in the base
  • Put the paprika vial in the top left branch
  • Put the basil vial on the bottom left branch
  • Put the ground pepper vial on the bottom right branch

The scales will now be balanced Clever. Take the key with an elephant head. Return to the base of the stairs. Use the key on the door in the back of the ground floor; turn the key, then push open the door and head through.



You will automatically make a comment (1/11) as you enter the room. Approach the large desk and look at the mess of notes to make a comment (2/11). Open the top left drawer to see the message "KYK BENEDE". Examine both sides of this drawer and slide the clasps forward and down. Close the drawer again to reveal a hidden compartment. Inside take an unusual block and a shilling Penny pincher. Open the box on the right side of the desk and take out the L-shaped block.

Go around to the left to find a smaller desk. Take the note (4/19) from the table, and you will comment (3/11) about the broken clock. Search the drawer here to find an oblong block. There is a locked box on this table that requires a code and a key. Look at the painting on the wall over the desk to make another comment (4/11). Read the bible just to the right Faith.

Look at the large bookcase covering the next wall. In the open central part of the bookcase, look at the painting to make a comment (5/11) about the Queen. Also examine the book standing up here for a comment (6/11), and the space where a family portrait is missing for yet another comment (7/11). There are five books with Roman numerals on them. Pull them out in order (I, II, III, IV, V). Take the winding key from inside the book that falls down to the floor here. There is also a screwdriver to pick up from an open book in these shelves.

Next go down the small set of stairs to the side. Grab the charcoal from the bench here, and examine the book next to it to make a comment (8/11). Go back up and then up another small set of stairs. Read the note (5/19) on the end of the desk, and listen to your comment (9/11). Search the drawers to find a strange block. Examine the journal on the desk and use your charcoal on it. This will reveal the first 2 digits of a code: 18. Examine the shilling in your inventory to reveal the last 2 digits of a code: 27.

Return to the large desk and look at the puzzle in the middle. Add your 4 blocks, then arrange them as follows:

After the small drawer in the puzzle opens, take out the brass key. Return to the locked box on the small table. Set the code to 1827. Pull back the spears guarding the keyhole, then insert your brass key and turn it. Open the box and take out the cogs.

Return to the raised area and look at the clock on the wall. Use the screwdriver to remove the 2 screws on the top corners of the side panel. Drag the cogs here, then you need to arrange them to connect from left to right. First set the sliders to the positions indicated by small marks. Now insert the cogs, from left to right: large, medium, medium, small, large. Insert the winding key on the right and turn it until the clock starts working Clockmaker. Wait now for 15 minutes, until the clock reaches 9:00 Patient. Now you can take the ostrich statuette.

Go down to the lower section and examine the strange chess board. Place your ostrich statuette on the board. Move the pieces around to attack the black lion statuette until it falls down and you can pick it up. Examine this in your inventory - press the button in the bottom of the statuette, then click on the crown and take the key with a lion head Denial. While you are here, look up at the lion's head on the wall over the chess board for a comment (10/11).

Leave the office to hear another comment (11/11), then go up the stairs. Use the key on the door here; turn the key, then push open the door and head through.

Upper Corridor


Grab the note (6/19) on the table to make a comment (1/2). Try to open the door near the end of the corridor Unwelcome guest, and you will make another comment (2/2). Return to the other door, then push it open and head inside.

Botanical Room


You will automatically make a comment (1/8) as you enter the room. Go over to the corner bench on the left and pick up a note (7/19). Look at the broken cage just to the left to make a comment (2/8). Look at the massive eagle statue in the middle of the room for another comment (3/8). Further around to the left, pick up a small wooden crank from inside a large pot. Go up to the raised platform and take another note (8/19) from the desk. Play any 3 notes on the kalimba (musical instrument) on this desk, and a parrot will appear. Listen to the tune from the parrot, then repeat it on the kalimba. You can turn on note names to help you, then just play the notes in the same order: CFEGDC. Take the necklace that the parrot drops. Examine the necklace and click on it to remove a small key. Play a few more notes on the kalimba Musician.

Collect a traveler figurine from next to some pot plants on the central table. Look at the broken pot on the ground here for a comment (4/8). Turn around and examine the intact terrarium against the wall for another comment (5/8). Go back to the corner bench from earlier and examine the locked box here. Unlock this with your small key, then take out the huntsman figurine and chief statuette.

Return to the raised platform and go to the very end. Look at the broken mirror on the wall for a comment (6/8). Insert the huntsman figurine into the diorama, then turn the crank until it stops. Look to the central table where the huntsman is now pointing to find another diorama. Insert the traveler figurine here, then insert the small wooden crank. Turn the crank until it stops. Turn around to find another diorama. Insert the chief statuette, then turn the crank but nothing will happen. Turn the other figure around, then turn the crank again until it stops.

Look to where the chief now faces and approach the wooden cupboard on the wall. Turn the totem segments on the left side to make a complete pattern, then create a mirrored pattern on the right side. Now open the central doors to reveal a series of concentric rings with a compass rose in the middle. Turn around to see a map on a nearby wall with a similar branching pattern, then recreate this with the concentric rings (remembering that the compass rose indicates the picture should be on its side. Once the alignment is correct, the rings will change slightly. Now you need to rotate them to get a small metal ball to fall out to the bottom left; once this is done, you can take the rose of Jericho.

Look at the lock on the separate caged part of the room. Next look through the telescope. Adjust the focus until the stars appear clear, then pan around to see an entire constellation. Once the whole constellation is in view, it will be connected by straight lines. You need to recreate this constellation on the lock:

Push open the gate. Look at the hammer and nails on the ground here for a comment (7/8). Take the note (9/19) from the bench. Examine the bench now. Try to adjust the mirror on the right for another comment (8/8). Click on the soil on the right, then plant your rose of Jericho in the soil. Add some water from the jug on the left. Now adjust the mirror on the right until it directs light onto the flower and it opens. Take the key with a rhino head Anger. Use the key on the door here; turn the key, but you won't get a chance to open the door.



After standing up, step forward slightly to make a comment (1/14). Turn around and look at the picture on the wall for another comment (2/14). Next turn left and go to a small desk against the wall. Take the note (10/19) from the right part of the desk, and you will comment (3/14) on medical knowledge. Examine the medical degree certificate on the shelf above for another comment (4/14). Look at the puzzle on the left side of the desk and place all the pieces in the cross outline, then take the cross-shaped handle. Look at the 3 small handles in the middle of the desk and look beneath them to see numbers:

  • Circle: 11
  • Square: 71
  • Triangle: 18

Go further into the room and turn right between some curtains to find a small side room. Examine the gas canister on the right for a comment (5/14), and look up at the medicine shelf for another comment (6/14). Look down at the wall to the left to see a small cross-shaped handle on the wall. Insert your other handle here. Turn both handles to open up an interactive machine. You need to adjust the machine to guide the strange ball down to the central platform. Take the strange ball and examine it, pulling apart the front face to reveal a spiked mechanism. Back in the main part of the room, find a boarded window with a round lock beneath it. You need to adjust the ball so that its spikes match the lock. Insert the ball and lift it up. Pull out the drawer and take the magnifying glass, then open the pack of surgical instruments for the next comment (7/14).

Turn around to see a desk with a phrenology head. Look at the group of magnifying glasses nearby, and add the one you just collected. Now if you adjust their positions you should be able to identify a series of numbers on different parts of the head diagrams. You need to press these in order on the phrenology head:

  1. Just above left eye
  2. Above and behind left ear
  3. Just in front of left ear
  4. Just behind right ear
  5. Above and behind right eye
  6. Large section at back/base of head

Take out the key with a fish. Go further into the room again and take another note (11/19) from a table on the left, about which you will comment (8/14). Further ahead, examine a large chest on the right. This contains 3 dials that you need to set base on numbers you saw earlier. If you lift the small covers near the dials you will see that they are combinations of two shapes, so set the dials as follows:

  • Circle + Square: 82
  • Triangle + Circle: 29
  • Square + Triangle: 89

Open the chest and take out the wooden arm. Attach this to the wooden mannequin just to the left, then drag the arm backwards to reveal a pattern on the mannequin's chest. Go back to the door near where you fell, and insert your key, then turn it Go deeper. Push the door open and go through to a second room.

Find another note (12/19) on the desk in here, and you will make a comment (9/14). Also pick up the small valve in the basin here. Look out through the window to comment (10/14) that it is already dark. Go over to the workbench with the autoclave and search the left drawer to find some matches. Look at the left part of the autoclave. Turn the gas supply on by using the small lever, then use a match to light a flame. Adjust the flame until it is large enough to power the device. In the second part of the machine, keep pulling the left 3 levers to move fluid to the right until it can supply the third part of the machine. Raise the valve on the left and twist its top. Insert your other valve on the right and repeat this to seal the lid of the device. Now adjust each of the 3 dials to hit the maximum pressure, and the gauge will crack, allowing you to take the pointer. Turn to the shelves here and examine the plague mask for the next comment (11/14). Go to the locked cabinet at the other end of the room and use the pointer in between the doors, then slide it upwards to open the latch. Open the doors and take the stethoscope.

Return out to the main room and use the stethoscope on the mannequin's chest - it doesn't fit. Examine the stethoscope in your inventory and adjust the end of it so the pattern matches that shown on the mannequin. Now use it and the chest will open - you will comment (12/14) that you need a bone saw. Go back to the surgical instruments. Slide out the bone cutter and pick it up. Now use your bone cutter to open the mannequin's chest further Wearing heart on sleeve. Rotate the connectors to guide red liquid to the central organ:

Now rotate the connectors to guide blue liquid to the other organs:

Open the arm compartment on the mannequin - you will comment (13/14) that you need a scalpel. Go back to the surgical instruments. Slide out the scalpel and pick it up. Use this on the exposed tendons in the mannequin's arm, then take the key with a serpent Depression. Use the key on the nearby door; turn the key, then push open the door and head through. You will make another comment (14/14) as you leave. Go back upstairs to the Botanical Room.

Head to where you fell through the floor. Pull down the large board from the right to cover the hole in the floor Stopgap. Now push open the door and go through.

Memory Room


You will automatically make a comment (1/11) as you enter the room. Look at the first painting on the left for another comment (2/11). Pick up the note (13/19) on the small table on the left, and you will comment (3/11) about wishing you could have arrived sooner. Look in the hand of the statue here to find a miniature telescope. Continue to the desk and take a note (14/19), making a comment (4/11) about champagne. Pick up another note (15/19) to the right, making a comment (5/11) about your friend. Find one more note (16/19) on the end of this desk.

Look at the purple curtain on the wall here, and pull the cord. Clean the picture by rubbing it, then take the golden ring from the bottom right corner. Back out and look to the right to find a large map, and you will make a comment (6/11) about an expedition. Look in the small set of shelves to the right to find a miniature mannequin. A little bit further right, pick up another note (17/19). Look at the cane leaning against the wall to the right for the next comment (7/11). On the next desk to the right, look at a family portrait for a comment (8/11), then read the note (18/19) next to it for another comment (9/11). Look on a vase to the right to collect the final note (19/19) True journalist.

Approach the large pillar in the middle of the room. Look at the purse for a comment (10/11) and the ship in a bottle for another comment (11/11). Pull open every drawer in the pillar Nosy. Now look in the drawers to find a miniature stove and a miniature clock. Examine the wooden board on the side of the pillar. Open the mouth of the lion, then place the golden ring inside. Pull the ring to open a compartment showing the 5 rooms of the house. Position the miniatures in the rooms as follows:

  • Botanical Room (top left): Miniature clock
  • Clinic (bottom left): Miniature stove
  • Office (bottom middle): Miniature telescope
  • Kitchen (bottom right): Miniature mannequin

These are all incorrectly placed Memory problems. Now rearrange them as follows:

  • Botanical Room (top left): Miniature telescope
  • Clinic (bottom left): Miniature mannequin
  • Office (bottom middle): Miniature clock
  • Kitchen (bottom right): Miniature mannequin

Take the miniature pillar and place it in the top right room. Now take the bundle from just beneath the rooms. Examine this in your inventory and unwrap it to find a key with a butterfly Hope. Use the key on the locked door here; turn the key, then push open the door Dr Livingstone, I presume?.

There is an achievement for listening to all comments through all chapters of the game Nostalgic. The final achievement is for using the hint system to reveal the next hint a minimum of 5 times during the game. If you haven't done this yet, start a new game and keep revealing the next hint when available Fortune-teller.