The Dreamlands: Aisling's QuestThe Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/9/2019

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest is a fantasy 3rd person adventure game. You play as Aisling, who is transported into a mysterious realm shaped by her dreams. You must go on a quest to find 3 treasures that will help you to defeat the Mourner and restore peace to the Dreamlands. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Pick up the stuffed doll (1/20), then head right and pick up the diary page (1/12). Continue right again to reach the outside of a house. Pick up the bucket from the left, and another stuffed doll (2/20) from the right. Continue right again and pick up the rock from the ground, then throw it at the key up in the tree. Now pick up the key. Go right again and use your bucket in the water to collect some.

Return left twice and use the key on the front door of the house, then go inside. Look at the statue sitting in the chair several times, then examine the fireplace. Use your bucket of water on the fire, then pick up the glasses that are left behind. Use these glasses on the statue, then talk to the man until you receive a yellow crystal.

Go back outside and head right 3 times (over the bridge). Pick up the stuffed doll (3/20). Examine the statue on the right and place your yellow crystal in its bowl. Back out, then step through the portal.

Portal 1

Head right twice and pick up the partially hidden stuffed doll (4/20) on the left. Continue forward and through the archway, then talk to the woman twice before going through the next portal Enter The Dreamlands.

Portal 2

Go left and pick up the stuffed doll (5/20) and the hammer leaning against the tree. Go through the doorway here to enter a house. Take the photograph fragment from the toolbox, then look over at the table to the left and find the 12 items indicated - you will end up with a statue. Go back outside.

Head right once, then enter the next house. Pick up the diary page (2/12), then click on the barrel to have a conversation with a girl A Younger Self. Look at the table on the left and rotate the circles to complete the picture - you will receive another photograph fragment. Leave the house by heading left.

Outside again, go to the right and find a stuffed doll (6/20) on the roof. Continue right to find another stuffed doll (7/20) and a second statue. Return left twice, then go through the gap in the fence into a playground. Walk over toward the sand pit in the far left and pick up another diary page (3/12) and a third statue. Go back and look at the bench on the right. Place your 3 statues on the 3 pedestals and you will get a third photo fragment.

Leave the playground, then go right again and use the photo fragments on the door, then go inside. Pick up the diary page (4/12). Go forward and collect a stuffed doll (8/20), then go forward and right and pick up a statue. Use your hammer on the loose rock and pick up another statue. Go back once and look at the table. Place both of your statues in the chest, then go through the portal and you will receive a ring Mom's Ring.

Portal 3

Pick up the stuffed doll (9/20), then go through another portal.

Portal 4

Pick up the diary page (5/12) from the edge of the table, then go right. Open both cabinet doors and pick up the stuffed doll (10/20) and crowbar. Go back, then approach the boarded up window and use the crowbar on both boards. Take the key, then back out again. Use the key on the locked door and you will head through.

Go up the stairs and pick up the key from the ground. Continue forward and collect a stuffed doll (11/20). Go right twice, then go in to the distance to the left. Turn to the right so you can pick up another stuffed doll (12/20). Go back, then approach the fire.

Turn to the right. Collect a gear from the ground between the rocks, then use your crowbar on the 3 boards over the door and head inside. There is a statue in this dark room that you cannot interact with yet, so go back outside and back out once more. Approach the door in the background on the right and collect a stuffed doll (13/20).

Go back once more, then turn to the left. Pick up the diary page (6/12) from the rocks on the right, then head through the door. Pick up the notebook, toy car, wheelchair wheel, rose and cross, and you will receive a heart. Go back twice, then look at the angel statue. Place the heart in its hands, then take the purple mist. Back out from the statue, then go forward twice and through the burning door. Look at the vases to the top right, then move them both and take the key. Back out and use your purple mist on the woman in the coffin. After the conversation, take the crank from the coffin and leave the room.

Head back twice, then turn right. Use one of your keys to unlock the door and head inside. Go to the right and pick up the stuffed doll (14/20), then open the chest and take a diary page (7/12). Go to the right again and look at the small chest. Look at its left side and open the small panel, then insert your gear. Look at its right side and insert the crank, then turn it. Look at its front and insert your key, then open the chest. Take the lantern from inside. Leave this house.

Go back, then forward and right, and into the dark house with the statue inside. Use your lantern on the dark statue, then go through the open door. Take the sphere from the other statue, then leave this house. Go back out of the town, up the stairs and across the bridge. Use the sphere on the pedestal. Now when the dark statues start approaching, quickly use your lantern on them. Repeat this 5 times, then you can take the medal from the pedestal A Golden Medal.

Portal 5

After a brief interlude with your father, you are back in the Dreamlands. Head through the next portal.

Portal 6

Pick up the crowbar, then turn right and use this on one of the boards. Turn back to the left and go through the open door. Pick up the lantern from the floor, then continue forward and collect a diary page (8/12) from the wall. Go upstairs to find another stuffed doll (15/20). Examine the statue, then click the top half 3 times and the bottom half 6 times (this makes the silhouette look like an angel).

Back out and head back down the stairs, then through the other door here. Use your lantern on the glowing object held by the statue. Pick up a stuffed doll (16/20), then go forward down the ladder to find a cell block. Head through the door to the far left. Pick up the diary page (9/12), then go through the left door. Click on the 3 nooses here in the following order: middle, right, left. Leave this room and go through the other door, then take the blue gem.

Go back and then left to return to the cell block. Look in the left cell and pick up the burning idol, glass shards, bones, cloth, light and bed - you will receive a red gem. Back out, then look in the middle cell. Use the blue gem on the blue statue, and the red gem on the red statue. Now head through the opening on the right.

Start by going through the left door. Pick up the mirror, then back out again. Go through the door at the end of the hall. Enter the left cell and flip the switch on the wall, then back out again. Now enter the right cell and place your mirror on the small table to get rid of the darkness. Back out and enter the room to the left, picking up the shovel from next to the gravestone. Back out twice, then go through the far door on the right. Pick up the diary page (10/12) and the stuffed doll (17/20). Back out again and now go through the other door on the right. Use your shovel on the dirt, then pick up the key. Try to talk to the being in the corner The Gloom.

Back out and go through the left door again. Use your new key on the chest, then take the candlestick from inside The Guiding Light.


Look at the statue, then use the candlestick in its hand, the ring on its finger, and the medal on its chest - the door will open and you will head through. Collect a stuffed doll (18/20) from the left, then head up the stairs until you reach a door. Go left and forward to find another stuffed doll (19/20), then go back twice and through the door. Head upstairs and through the doorway on the right, then get the final stuffed doll (20/20) A Child's Doll.

Go up the small set of stairs here and collect a sphere. Look left and collect a diary page (11/12). Now head right twice and left, then right into another room. Pick up the final diary page (12/12) Dear Diary. Go back, then up the stairs, left and up some more stairs. Approach the table and use your sphere on the stand. Back out, then approach the ladder on the left and climb up.

Pick up the lantern. After the conversation, use the lantern on the darkness in the doorway. Now when the hands start approaching, quickly use your lantern on them. Repeat this 4 times, then use the lantern on the upper left and upper right statues. Quickly use your lantern on the hands 3 more times, then finally on the face The Source Of The Nightmare. Watch another conversation with your mother Save The Dreamlands.