Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/17/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Draugen is a first-person exploratory adventure set in Norway in the 1920s. You play as Edward Harden, who travels from the USA to Norway in search of his lost sister, uncovering details about the region of Graavik and its mysterious past. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Day 1

After rowing to shore and reading the letter, start heading up the hill towards the farmhouse. Rest whenever you get the opportunity, and talk to Lissie when you reach the farmhouse. Throughout the remainder of the game, talk to Lissie at every opportunity. Knock on the door, then open the door and head inside "Knock, knock". Open the door to the right to find the kitchen. Take a quick look upstairs, then try to go back out through the front door twice. Finally, go through the other door into the sitting room.

Make sure you examine all of these points of interest and discuss all topics with Lissie:

  • Family portrait (daughter, Johan Fretland, Anna Fretland)
  • Wedding portrait (wedding)
  • Window (weather, village)
  • Window, where you must look through first (church)
  • Bookshelf (books)
  • Fireplace, where you can pick up a burned book
  • Letter on the dining room table (Hanover, Betty, SS Bergensfjord)

Continue into the small sewing room and find these points of interest:

  • Photograph (1897, partners)
  • Newspaper clippings (May 1902, July 1902, September 1902)

Continue to the next room and examine the mirror twice. Open the door just to the left, and you will bring a mannequin out from the closet. Inspect the scarf on the mannequin, then sit down on the sofa next to Lissie.

After you wake up, head back through the sitting room and entrance room, then go outside. Check the footprint on the ground, then go forward and open the gate. Following the markers, climb over the wall, then climb over the fallen beam. Chase after an animal until you fall down, then pick up your glasses and keep going. Down at the dock, check the wooden cage, then talk to Lissie about any of the available options. You will walk back towards the farmhouse Blue skies in Norway.

Day 2

Stand up and go outside to talk to Lissie, using any available option. After reviewing your journal, turn around and find the small well to the left of the farmhouse and make your first drawing (1/9). Stand up and repeatedly call out to Lissie to find out where she is Co-dependent.

Head down the path and talk to Lissie in the tree. Knock on the doors of the 2 houses along the south side of the street, then open the door of the one with the writing on the door to the north. Go inside and explore, then come out and talk to Lissie about everything.

Return east past the crossroads and go up the hill further to the east until you find a small rock. Sit here to make another drawing (2/9).

Now go west along the path, past Lissie, to find some closed gates. Open these and keep going up the winding path. Read the notice on the board, then continue forward into the cemetery. Talk to Lissie here, then approach the church and read the sign on the boarded-up entrance. Go back out to the cemetery. After Lissie walks away, find a section of the stone wall near the notice board where you can sit down and make the next drawing (3/9).

Leave the church yard and go back down the path to the crossroads. Turn right and keep heading down towards the dock, stopping at the General Store. Talk to Lissie outside here about everything, and examine these points of interest on the store front and the noticeboard to the left:

  • Store title (Fretland and Son)
  • Photograph in the window (photo, Simon Fretland, Fredrik Fretland)
  • Noticeboard (poster, telegraph, ferry, village, journey)

Try several times to open the door to the store. Next head down to the dock and inspect the rope, selecting any option when talking to Lissie. Sit on the nearby crate to make a drawing (4/9). Walk east along the water's edge and examine the boat, including either the rot or the hole. Continue east and Lissie will mention the old mine. Examine these nearby points of interest:

  • Memorial (read, Arne Fretland, accident)
  • Tipped over mine cart (mine cart, overgrown)
  • Mine cart tracks (tracks)

Walk along the small grassy path behind the house here until you find another rock where you can sit to make a drawing (5/9). Now follow the tracks up the hill and approach the locked gate - choose either option and Lissie will mention the General Store again. Walk over both of the bridges crossing the stream to prompt Lissie talking to you again. Follow the stream back up the hill and you will find a rock near a large patch of pink flowers where you can sit for a drawing (6/9). Now take the lower path west towards the General Store, and stop at a wooden bench for another drawing (7/9).

Go back to the General Store, and scare away the bird, then look through the window. Talk to Lissie, then examine the windows around the side of the building until you find an open one. Talk again before climbing inside. Try to open the door near the front of the store, but it is locked. Talk to Lissie and examine these points of interest:

  • Writing on the wall ("Barnemorder")
  • Torn photograph on the opposite wall to the writing
  • List of traitors in the low shelves near the open window

Open the other door in the back and search this smaller room:

  • Unsent mail in the shelves
  • Telegraph machine on the desk
  • Multiple items within the small cupboard on the wall (note, key hook)

Go back out to the main room and look at the writing on top of the cash register - "Kassa". Open it and look at the cash, then take the key. Use this to be able to get into the front room. Pick up the hat and read the note, then look out through the window. Go out through the front door after unlocking it, then follow Lissie. Climb up the rocks near her, then talk to her at the top. Now examine these points of interest, in this order:

  • Flowers, on the left
  • Damage, to the bushes on the right
  • Fall, looking up to the cliffs above
  • Rock, moving it out of the way

Pick up the doll that was hidden behind the rock. Follow Lissie further up the path and talk to her again, then lean over the edge and review these points of interest:

  • Distance
  • Outcrop

Keep following Lissie further up, and talk to her again. Examine the chair, then the sign and both of the options it turns into. Talk to Lissie again, then try to get the body. Pick up the chair and climb on it, then try to untie the noose twice.

Back in the farmhouse, talk to Lissie. Read the note on the counter, then talk to Lissie again. Leave the kitchen and head upstairs. Enter the large room with the piano. Read all 3 pages of the book on the table, then go and play the piano Piano man. Go back downstairs and into the sitting room. Examine these points of interest:

  • Family portrait (family, Ruth, house)
  • Wedding portrait (wedding)
  • Window (weather, village)
  • Chair near the fire, where you can pick up a burned book

Continue into the small sewing room and find these points of interest:

  • Photograph (Fretlands, photograph, mine)
  • Newspaper clippings (clippings)

Continue to the next room and put the hat on the mannequin. Look in the mirror twice, then sleep on the sofa Home alone.

Day 3

Stand up and call out for Lissie. Go upstairs and enter Ruth's bedroom, then talk again. Look at these objects:

  • 3 pictures on the walls
  • Picture book on the chair, then read it
  • Ruth's bed
  • Drawing on the floor

Pick up the chest and open it. Leave this room and enter the piano room. Sit down on the chair at the table to create another drawing (8/9).

Make your way downstairs and leave the house. Go out through the white picket fence and turn immediately right. Follow this path to the west, and keep an eye on the stone wall until you find a spot to make your final drawing (9/9) The Artist. Keep following this path and go through the gate and back up to the church. Talk to Lissie once you arrive. Approach the entrance and examine the sign and boards again until you remove them and head inside.

There are many points of interest to examine inside the church:

  • Ropes, hanging from the ceiling (bells, pull)
  • Gloves, on one of the pews (pick up)
  • Candles, on the rail near the altar
  • Sermon, up the small staircase (forgiveness, division, curse)
  • People, in the painting of The Last Supper on the wall
  • Mess, on the floor to the side of the altar
  • Bible, on the altar (scripture)
  • Painting, above the altar
  • Church book, on the desk

Pick up the 4 pages on the floor within the church. Rearrange the pages in the church book and turn the pages. Run out of the church and go to the most recent grave, then dig. Leave the church grounds and follow Lissie back to the farmhouse. Watch the following scenes Everything changes.

Day 4

Talk to the Entity and Lissie, then get up and head out to the dining room. Call out for Lissie and talk again, then continue into the kitchen. Talk again, then head upstairs. Take the coat from the rack in the corner, then proceed into Ruth's bedroom and talk again. Go out to the upstairs hallway for your last conversation.

Now head back downstairs and put the coat on the mannequin "I am not alone".

Day 5

When you wake up, call out for Betty. Run upstairs and try to open the locked door where you can hear something. Slam against the door 3 times and you will go inside. Read the note on the desk, then pick up the lighter from the window sill. Now leave the house.

Follow the path to the southwest, where you found the locked gate earlier. Continue slowly up the path. When you reach the ruins, go further to the east and read the 2 gravestones. Now find the locked safe in the middle of the ruins and you will automatically be able to open it using one of the numbers you have learned. Pick up everything from inside the safe.

Next go northeast and follow the mine cart tracks to find a small office. Open the door here and go inside. Read the newspaper clipping on the wall, then climb out the window. Climb down the nearby fallen tree and follow the mine cart tracks again, climbing up two rocky areas, then dropping down another. Read the sign, then pick up the doll's head. Open the door to the mine. Walk inside and follow the tracks. Pick up the brooch and look through the hole, then run back out of the mine.

Follow Betty's voice, climbing and dropping down as necessary. Keep following the voice into the farmhouse to the mannequin. Pin the brooch on the mannequin Awakening.

Day 6

Stand up and call out for Lissie. Go upstairs into Ruth's bedroom, and place the doll on her bed To Ruth, from Edward. Now head downstairs and outside. Talk to Lissie, then follow her and do as she says. Return up to the farmhouse. Grab the brooch from the mannequin and pack your suitcase, then head back outside. If you have exhausted every possible conversation throughout the game, you will now get an achievement for this The Conversationalist.

Go through the gates and you will automatically return to the dock. Climb into the boat and you will leave Goodbye to all things. Keep the game running for another 30 minutes after the credits for the final achievement Life is but a dream.