The Vampire Strikes Back

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1996

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/29/2005

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Drascula is a standard 3rd person point-and-click adventure from Spain. You play as John Hacker, a property agent sent to speak to Count Drascula about some land. You meet a girl who is kidnapped by the Count, and set out on a quest to save her.


Talk to the bartender, the drunkard and the pianist, then head up the stairs. You will meet BJ and end up back downstairs again. Talk to the bartender, the drunkard and the pianist again, then head up the stairs yet again. Open the trunk to get a handbag, then open it to get a $1000 bill and two shiny coins. Go back downstairs and right into the dining room. Use a coin on the machine on the right, then push it to get a packet of cigarettes. Head left twice to leave the bar.

Walk left and look in the bin to get a packet of tissues, then head right to reach a crossroads. Enter the blind alley on the right and talk to the blind man, then give him your $1000 bill in exchange for a sickle. Return left, then go left to the suburbs. Look at the barrel, then push it to get some bubblegum. Go left to an open field.


Walk to the hut on the left. Try to open the door, then keep talking to it until you get inside. After you are kicked out, walk back in, steal the book from in front of the sleeping professor, and leave again. Return to the field.


Now go to the cemetery. Look at the fence on the left and take the loose spike, then look at the plant on the side of the crypt and use your sickle on it to get some leaves. Look at the boarded windows, then use your spike on them to break the boards and climb inside. Open the double doors and go through to reach the inside of the church. Take a candle from the ground, then return back to the open field.


Go back into the bar and give the book to the pianist; he will give you his earplugs. Leave the village again.


Enter the hug and use the earplugs on yourself, then talk to the professor to wake him up. Go back in and talk to him about his brew, then go in and talk to him to tell him you have the ingredients already. He will give you the brew (cigar) and tell you about a secret passage. Leave the hut.


Enter the cemetery again and go through the window and into the church. Continue to the right to find a well, and jump inside. Head right and use your wooden crucifix on the vampire.


Take the rope from the well, then walk to the tree. Throw your coin at the magpie, then take the key. Go back to the garden and use your key on the small door, then head inside. Open the left door and go through, then open the left door and go through again. Talk to Igor here, then try to take the wig, but Igor won't let you. Return through the door to the lower hallway, and go upstairs.

There are a group of 6 doors and a group of 2 doors in the upper hallway. Enter the left of the 2 doors to find a library. Open the closet to get a stake, then walk into the closet. Take some brains and lubricant from the shelves, and take the cloak, then leave the closet and close it. Look at the torch behind it, then push the torch and go through the secret passage. Walk to the far right and read the message, then return all the way to the left and out of the library.

Go through the second of the 6 doors into the kitchen. Open the door on the right and go through. Try to open the green closet, then use your lubricant on it and try again - you will end up with a bag of flour. Leave the pantry and kitchen, and go back downstairs and through the door on the right. Close the right door. Take the bag of draskis, and you will see Igor leave his room. Go left twice and take the wig, then Igor will lock you inside. Use the cloak on yourself and Igor will free you as well as giving you a key.

Go upstairs and use your new keys on the first of 6 doors, then go into the living room. Take an axe from the wall, then leave this room. Go back downstairs and out to the tree with the magpie. Use the axe on the branch to get it, then combine this with your rope. Walk back to the castle and use the rope and branch on the tower to climb up.

Tower 1

Go down the trapdoor and look at Fruskystein, then use the brain on him. Go back up the stairs and outside.

Tower 2

Go down the trapdoor and take the leg bone from the skeleton on the wall. Look at the door to find BJ and she will give you a hairpin. Try using this on the lock, but it just breaks. Head back upstairs and outside.

Tower 3

Talk to the werewolf, then throw your bone out the window. Head out to the right.

Tower 4

Go down the trapdoor and look at the door, then look at the screws to the right of the door before taking them.

Tower 1

Go downstairs and use the screws with Fruskystein. Push the on/off lever on the left, then plug the machine in and push the lever again. You will end up following him through the wall.

Tower 4

Walk to the next room to find Drascula's coffin. Open the coffin and you will be caught. When you finally have control again, take yourself and then use your hands on the pendulum to free yourself. Push the torch next to the door and head through.


Talk to BJ, then go downstairs. Talk to the bartender. Try using your crucifix on Drascula but it has no effect. Play the piano, then talk to the bartender again to get a drink. Give the drink to Drascula, then use your crucifix on him again.