Game Details:  Horror, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/13/2012

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Downfall is a third-person horror point-and-click adventure set in a creepy haunted hotel. You start the game playing as Joe Davis, who has stopped at the Quiet Haven Hotel with his wife Ivy, to get out of a storm. Things take a sinister turn and you end up playing as multiple other characters, exploring the hotel's dark secrets. An updated version of the game, Downfall Redux, was released 7 years later.

Joe Davis

Go inside and pick up the menu from the table. Ring the bell, then talk to her to rent room 101. Use the lift to reach the first floor, then use the key to room 101 and head inside. You will have a fight with Ivy and then fall asleep.

When you wake up, go down to the lobby, then into the dining room. Talk to the receptionist, then go back up to room 101. Read the note from Ivy (in your inventory). Look at the breakfast tray on Ivy's bed to find a knife. Head back to the lobby again and use your room key on the black cat to lure it away, then use your knife to kill the cat and retrieve keys 101 and 102. Go up to level 1 in the lift and use key 102 on the other door. Go inside and talk to Sophie, then head back to room 101 and sleep.

Go down to the lobby, then out to the front of the hotel. Take the rope from the tree (in the garden to the left of the hotel). Head back inside and up to level 2 in the lift. Enter room 201 and talk to Doctor Z, who will give you a cellar key and ask for a favour. Take the syringe from the mannequin on the left, and the glass bowl from on the bookcase on the right. Now head up to level 4 and enter room 401. Take the kitchen key from the table, then head back down to the lobby. Enter the dining room and use the kitchen key to unlock the kitchen door. Take the ice pick from the bench. Open the large freezer door and head inside. Take the mannequin's leg from the wall, then open the strange freezer and use the icepick on the ice. Put the ice in your glass bowl, then leave the kitchen.

Take the stairs just left of the dining room. On the first landing, pick up the rat poison. Now unlock the cellar door with the cellar key. Go inside and take the plank and can of oil. Use you rope with the plank, then put the plank and rope over the hole in the floor. Climb down to the lower level and fill up your syringe with the red chemical. Pull the gas control switch on the wall. Read the file next to the body, then look at the body. Remove the flap of skin, then collect the brain in your bowl of ice. Go back up to room 201 and give the brain to Doctor Z, who will ask you to become his assistant. Head to room 102 and inject Sophie with the syringe. Pick up her necklace from the floor. Head back to room 101 and sleep again.

After your dream, pick up the card from the floor and read it. Head up to level 4 and go to the end of the hall to find a hammer. Take this, then leave the hotel. Head into the town centre, then go left to the studio gate. The door of the guardhouse is locked, so use your hammer to break the window. Reach through the hole in the window to open the door, and go inside. Look at the notice board to see that two people are needed to open the studio gate. Go over to the locker on the left and open it, then you will be attacked.

After talking to the corpses, select the option to wait.


Pick up the blanket and sheet, and combine the two. Tie the combination to the door handle, then climb out the window. Head to the town centre, then to the studio gate. Continue to the left, to find the waxworks museum. Go inside and pick up the shovel. As soon as your ghost companion is killed by the axeman, head back to the guardhouse. Go inside and open the locker, then get inside. Look in the right coffin to find a key and 2 shotgun shells. Unlock the door with the key, then go outside. Head back to the hotel garden and dig up the grave with your shovel.

Joe Davis

Talk to Agnes, then head to the studio gate. Talk to Agnes again, and she will agree to pull the lever. Head inside and use the controls on the desk, and the gate will open. Go outside and talk to Agnes, then go through the open gate. Take the mannequin's head from the chair, then leave and go back to the hotel.

Head up to level 3 (you will see the gas control switch in the lower part of the cellar turn off again). Pick up the saw, then head right into the "room where she died". Pick up the shotgun, then take the torn-out page and read it, and also read the diary on the floor. Look at the body on the right to see it is still alive. Head back out to the hall and use the necklace on the mirror, then enter the "room where she was eating". Inside, take the mannequin's arm, and take a can of beer from the fridge, then leave again.

Go down to the cellar (using the staircase next to the dining room) and climb down the hole. Look at the writing on the wall - the body wants its brain back. Go back up to the kitchen and into the walk-in fridge. Use the saw on the pig and take the pig's brain. Head down to the cellar and put the pig's brain in the body. Flip the gas control switch again before heading up to level 3.

Go into the "room where she died" and turn on the gas valves on the oven. Now cross the hall and enter the "room where she was rejected". Talk to Mr Harris and Sophie, then give Mr Harris your beer. After he leaves, lift up the dish on the table and take the human head. Leave this room in time to see the explosion from the next room. Head back to room 101 and sleep. Get up and leave the room, then head down towards the staircase to end your dream.

Now wake up properly and take the lift to level 3. Go into the "room where she was eating" and take another can of beer from the fridge. Go into the "room where she died". Look at Mr Harris' legs to find a key, then go through the hole in the wall to find a storage room. Pick up the mannequin's leg from the ground. Use the blender to make a smoothie:

  • add human head
  • press red button
  • add beer, oil and rat poison
  • press red button

Go to level 2 and use your new key to unlock the door to room 202. Head inside and give the smoothie to Sophie. Talk to Agnes, then leave the room.

Young Joe

Pick up the crowbar. Pick up a stone from the pile on the left and throw it at the planks on the scaffolding. Repeat this a second time to kill the guard. Now head to the right and use your crowbar on the large concrete block.

Joe Davis

Head up to room 401 and talk to the receptionist, who will run away. Go down to room 201 and talk to Doctor Z, who gives you a walkie-talkie. Go down to the ground floor. Follow the trail of clothes to the dining room, then the kitchen, then into the walk-in fridge. Go through the secret passage and climb the ladder to find a torture chamber. Grab the mannequin's arm, then go through the door on the left. In the next room, select the option to leave her.

Open the door (which leads to the 4th floor hallway) then climb up the stairs to reach the roof. Right-click on the walkie-talkie to use it, then use your crowbar on the strange device - you will fall off the roof and see the doctor being attacked.

Go back into the hotel and follow the trail of clothes again until you find Agnes. Talk to her, then have her follow you back through the kitchen and up to room 201. Take the book and look in it to see a photograph - look at this too. Put the mannequin's arms, legs and head in place on the body, then raise the right arm as in the photograph. Flip the lever on the wall near the door, then go through the secret door and take the chainsaw and shotgun shells.

Leave this room and go up to level 4. Try to open room 403 but it is locked. Put the menu in the gap beneath the door, then use key 101 on the door to push the key through. Get the menu and you will also get key 403. Use this to unlock the door and go inside. Talk to Sophie then kill her with the chainsaw.

Head down to the ground floor and go to the staircase near the dining room. Load your shotgun, then enter the room to the right - the Twilight Lounge. As soon as the axeman stops talking, shoot him with the shotgun. Reload your shotgun again. Continue to the right and enter the broken mirror. In the battle with Sophie, keep shooting the creature on her back and reloading your shotgun. If the gun is knocked out of your hand, pick it up again. Shoot it 4 times to kill the creature.

Pick Ivy up off the ground and carry her back to the lift, and up to level 5. When you reach the doctor's room, put Ivy in the chair and use the control panel.

Billy Hookway

Talk to Darren Black, your detective colleague. Talk to the police officer nearest the door to break the door down, then enter Joe's apartment. Pull down the curtain and talk to Darren. Listen to the message on the phone and talk to Darren. Finally, use the UV light from your inventory on the part of the wall where the wallpaper is torn, and talk to Darren. Pick up the axe and use it on the floorboards in the right part of the room. Head left after you fall down.

Joe Davis

Select one of the 3 options to finish the game.