Dorian Morris AdventureDorian Morris Adventure

Game Details:  Adventure, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/8/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Dorian Morris Adventure is a short third-person adventure with a series of simple puzzles. You play as Dorian Morris, on the trail of his grandfather, who is a famous explorer. After playing through the game and its tests (many of which do not require specific answers), you will receive a report at the end about your personality traits and skills.


Talk to the parrot, who is cold and hungry. Pick up the matches from the table and the logs from next to the fireplace. Use the logs and matches on the fireplace to start a fire. Now go through the door to head upstairs. Pick up the lighter, then open the wooden crate to find a rope and a belt. There is a large chest here that requires a combination to open. Return downstairs for now.

Walk down to the right to find the bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet on the wall to find a first-aid kit. Open the high cabinet on the right and solve the Chess Knight Dilemma Puzzle:


Grab the key from the final square of the puzzle. Use this key on the large cabinet to the left and you will find a pipe wrench. Walk down to the right to find the kitchen. Open the refrigerator, then solve the Feedbag Puzzle:

  • Alcohol-free drinks: Coca Cola, tomato juice, water
  • Meat products and preparations: Sausages, chicken pate, frankfurters
  • Vegetables and fruits: Apple, grapefruit, banana
  • Milk, milk products, eggs: Cheese, eggs, mayonnaise
  • Alcohols: Beer, whisky, red wine
  • Others: Nutella, half-fat curd, attachments

You will receive some cream. Open the top-right cupboard to find some instant coffee. Now open the cupboard beneath the sink. You must then solve a series of 3 Plumber Puzzles. Just insert the pipe segments to connect the left side to the right side, going through any fixed segments that are also present. You have 60 seconds to solve each puzzle. Once you are done, go to the bottom right to return to the living room.

Examine the brown book on the table and solve the Feeding Riddle:

  • Ara: Sprouts
  • Aleksandretta: Peanuts
  • Budgie (Fudge): Hazelnuts
  • Kakadu: Maize
  • Nimfa: Sunflower seeds
  • Grey: Pineapples

Pick up the grains from the table. Go to the bathroom and collect the grains from next to the plant, then go to the kitchen and get the grains from the chair on the right. Return to the living room and give all 3 lots of grains to the parrot. Now solve the Three Sailors Riddle with the answer "Rum cost 27 thalers". Go upstairs and use the pipe wrench on the water heater. Go back to the kitchen again. Pick up the kettle from the stove and fill it with water from the sink. Use your lighter on the stove, then put the kettle on it and wait for it to boil. Pick up the kettle again. Put the instant coffee, boiling water, and cream into the coffee cup on the table, then drink it.

Go upstairs and examine the chest. The first 4 digits will now be set automatically. Just try all possibilities for the final digit to find the code of 11235. Examine the photograph (1/3), then click on the book and select any options you like for the Self-Esteem Scale. Return downstairs and into the kitchen, then go through the doorway to the left.

Grandfather's House

Use the pipe wrench on the street light, then approach the house closest to the taxi. Inside, examine the body and select these options:

  • Calls the ambulance
  • General impression, ABC assessment
  • Immobilizes the leg in the existing position
  • Puts a clamp band above the wound site

Leave by going to the lower right.


Go inside and read the newspaper article on the right, then look at the board and adjust the message to say "DR JULIUS CAESAR 10AM". Talk to the woman and select any options you like for the Attitude Test. Now head to the lower right. Grab the teddy bear from the back of the canoe. Examine the globe and solve the Negotiations Puzzles:

  • First situation
    Chief, huckster, child
    Gifts, modest robe
    Own village

  • Second situation
    Warrior, shaman
    Weapon, gifts

  • Third situation
    Chief, folk healer, child
    Gifts, modest robe
    Opposite village

Walk to the top right to find some more exhibits. Look at the camera between the pot plants on the ground, viewing both pictures - the second will appear in your notebook as a photograph (3/3). Next examine the white masks in the display just to the right and solve the Organization Puzzles:

  • Important, Immediate
    There is no water at home
    There is no food at home
    The village granary was flooded, save the grain

  • Not Important, Immediate
    The hut's roof is leaking

  • Important, Under-Immediate
    There is no wood for the fireplace
    Two huts in the village are destroyed, people have no shelter
    The wind destroyed the palisade, village might be attacked by wild

  • Not Important, Under-Immediate
    The wind broke the fence and the cow ran away

Click on the drums, then solve the Hunting Riddles:

  • Competition: This is my deer and watch where you hunt.
  • Collaboration: We will count steps to the hunt, the one who is closer gets the bigger part.
  • Adaptation: You look hungry, keep it.
  • Avoidance: I do not know, let's take it to the village and let the Chief decide.
  • Compromise: Let's split the deer in half, there is enough meat for both of us.

Now head through the door on the left to meet another friend of your grandfather. Take the keys, then talk to him and solve his puzzles:

  1. Ignite both fuses at the same time, including on on both sides.
  2. 127 (super-primes).

Next look at the tiles in front of him and note their symbols, which will appear in your notebook as a photograph (2/3). Leave the office and read the large book. Return to the first section of exhibits. Examine the large book on the left, and select any options you like for the Professional Interests Test. Now you can leave the museum and get into the taxi that is waiting outside.


Talk to the man here and answer the Education Question any way you want. Use the keys on the gates, then go through. Listen to the two men, and choose any option. Examine the piece of paper and solve the memory puzzle (find pairs of matching symbols). Enter the crypt at the top right. Use your lighter on a torch on the wall. Examine the tiles on the wall and depress those indicated by the tiles on the desk in the museum:

Now look at the purple pyramid to see a Music Puzzle. Press the play button, then try to recreate the tune by dragging notes to the bottom. If the different notes are 1-5 from top to bottom, the correct sequence is 12324. Examine the floating book. Leave the crypt and leave the cemetery, then enter the taxi.

Notary's Office

Talk to the notary and answer her questions:

  1. Shoots
  2. 7
  3. Grandpa with a friend

Grab the box from the left chest of drawers, then examine the photo on the wall above it and select any option before leaving.


Talk to the girl, then give her the teddy bear. Talk to the bank teller and give him the bank account number. Complete the Team Role Questionnaire, selecting any options you like. Try to leave the bank and select any option.


Click on one of the bar patrons, then select 4 from those available to accompany you. Click on the barman.


Talk to the shop owner and select any items from his inventory. Leave by heading to the bottom right.


Click on your companions and assign them to their tasks any way you want, then head down the stairs. Click on the villain in the queue and deal with him any way you want.