Domino HouseDomino House

Year:  2020

Genre:  Puzzle

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Domino House is a first-person puzzle game with black-and-white cartoon visuals. You find yourself trapped in a house filled with puzzles and creatures, and must find a way to escape. There are 9 Broken Achievements, all documented below but unaccessible at the time of writing this walkthrough.

Entry Hall

From the game's menu screen, press the button on the domino several times There's a Snake in my House. Click on the dot on the domino on the start screen to find yourself in the entry hall of the house.

Click on the moose head over the left door Fresh as a Moose. Flip the light switch 3 times so the man in the left window comes up close, then click on him to see a triangle. Move the strange-shaped block on the floor to reveal a sketch. Now you can open the 3 doorways by clicking on various parts of the dominoes blocking them:

  • Left Domino: Based on the numbers on the side, click the bottom dot, then the top dot
  • Middle Domino: Based on the floor sketch, click the top left dot, then top right, then bottom
  • Right Domino: Based on the marks on the side, click the top and bottom dots in the group of 3

Go through the right door into the kitchen.


Flip the light switch twice, then take the worm (1/5) from the shoe poking through the right window. Open the high cupboard on the far wall. Take out the cereal box, and move the salt and pepper so you can take a light bulb. Notice the symbols written on the inside of the cupboard doors - you need to press the temperature gauge on the refrigerator in the order indicated:

  1. Right 2 times
  2. Left 3 times
  3. Right 3 times
  4. Left 2 times
  5. Right
  6. Left

Once the refrigerator opens, click on the slice of cake 3 times to eat it Piece of Cake. Also pick up the black rooster statue (1/3) and milk carton. Click on the monster in here to see that it wants 3 scarabs. Look in the sink and click on the spider to see that it wants 5 worms.

Pull the stopper out of the port bottle on the table, and you will see a sequence of dots and crosses. Press the pig's eyes in the same pattern:

  1. Circle
  2. Cross
  3. Circle 3 times
  4. Cross 2 times
  5. Circle

Take the triangle key out of the pig's nose. Next look in the coffee cup on the table. Take the knife out of the clown's head. Continue down twice and click on the nearest creature here. After the creatures swap hats, click on the one where you can see a tooth in its open mouth, then take the happy tooth (1/12). Continue down further and grab the eye, then return all the way out of the coffee cup.

Use the knife on the meat to the right, then take the meat slice. Put your eye into the pig's head. Now press the pig's eyes in the order indicated on the large pipe to the left:

  1. Cross 5 times
  2. Circle 2 times
  3. Oval 9 times

Take the Ludere statue from the bird's mouth. Next examine the stove and see that the 4 burners are of different sizes. You need to press the 4 dots on the domino in order from smallest hotplate to largest (bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right, top-left). You can now take the happy tooth (2/12) out of the oven.

Click on the ballerina music box, and make a note of the musical symbols that appear briefly. Now head right.

Guard Dog

Go right to see a large dog. Notice the grid of 9 symbols on the wall here.

Move the skull from its bowl and take the scarab (1/3). Take the black fish and gray fish from the wall. Click 3 times on the small shark's eye Nice Catch!. Feed the 2 fish and the meat slice to the dog, then flip the switch that is revealed and go up.


Take the three-line house from the left. Now you need to move the 2 white characters around by using the domino. Switch the hat to the rain cloud by using the bottom, then move the rain cloud over the mushroom to make it grow. Switch the hat to the white ghost, and move it to the mushroom so that it also grows. Now move the white ghost over the black ghost (avoiding the spikes along the way) to get rid of it, and continue to stop on the triangle at the top left. A code will now be displayed across the bottom of the scene. You need to press the buttons on the worm's hat according to this code and the symbols on the worm itself:

  1. Triangle 2 times
  2. Square 3 times
  3. Triangle
  4. Diamond
  5. Triangle 5 times
  6. Diamond 2 times
  7. Square

Go through the new doorway.


Click on the monkey twice to have it appear in the toilet. Press the tail of the snake over the toilet. Move the strange-shaped block next to the toilet. Grab the worm (2/5) from behind the snake over the toilet. Flip the switches here and up in the sky to relieve the pipe blockages. Take the happy tooth (3/12) that appears from the shower head.

Based on the hint that you see here, press the buttons on the domino cabinet in the correct order. Take 2 band-aids from the medicine cabinet. Use one of these on the clown's wrist, then take the Vita statue. Now click on the 3 buttons on the opened domino cabinet that aren't marked with stars (top, bottom, middle) Clown Cabinet.

Return all the way to the entry hall.

Entry Hall

Now head through the left door into the living room.

Living Room

Notice the 3 spiders hanging on the right - you need to get them to cast shadows at the same level. The easiest way is just to click the middle spider twice Three Little Spiders.

Put your light bulb into the lamp on the left, then press the button to turn it on - notice a sequence of triangles and squares that appear around it. Use your cereal box on the fish bowl, then take the one-line house.

Grab the candle from the bookshelf on the right. Open the low cupboard in the other bookshelf and take out the white rooster statue (1/3). Notice the lines written on the inside of the left cupboard door - you need to press the dots on the domino in the order indicated:

  1. Zig-zag across the 5 dots at the top
  2. Left to right across the 3 dots at the bottom

This will reveal a switch at the bottom of the stairs. Now press the button on the safe inside the low cupboard - there will be five small buttons that appear from the armchair and the bear rug. You need to use these to reproduce the music you saw from the ballerina music box:

  1. Top-left armchair
  2. Top-right armchair
  3. Bottom-right armchair
  4. Bottom-left armchair
  5. Bottom-right armchair
  6. Bear rug
  7. Bottom-right armchair

Take the white rooster statue (2/3) and the scarab (2/3) from inside the safe. Now notice the mask on the wall near the stairs. You need to press its ears according to the dots on the books in the top shelf:

  1. Left
  2. Right 3 times
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Left 5 times
  6. Right
  7. Left 2 times

Take the pipe from the mask, then go through the door at the bottom left.

Work Room

Pick up the black rooster statue (2/3) from the desk. Open the desk drawer and take the winding key and worm (3/5). Also click on the small butterfly Fly Away, Butterfly. Now you need to rotate the 6 moths so they face the directions indicated by the pattern on the largest moth. Take the ellipse key.

Back out and use your triangle key on the briefcase. Take the white rooster statue (3/3) from inside, and note the switch positions on the piece of paper left behind. Notice the safe on the floor here, which you need to open based on the grid of 9 symbols from near the guard dog:

  1. Top-left
  2. Bottom-right
  3. Top-right
  4. Bottom-right
  5. Top-left
  6. Bottom-right
  7. Bottom-left
  8. Top-left
  9. Top-left

Take out the Mortem statue. Next notice the cups on the bench and press the domino dots in the order indicated to reveal some stairs going down. Move the strange block against the wall to reveal a pattern of circles and triangles. Use your pipe on the poster on the wall here. Now you can click on the buttons on this poster based on the pattern near the floor:

  1. Right 2 times
  2. Left 3 times
  3. Right 2 times
  4. Left 4 times
  5. Right 2 times
  6. Left

A constellation pattern will be revealed. Now head left.


Use your milk carton on the cat's bowl, then take the happy tooth (4/12). Click on the small bird statue in the window 3 times to break it Broken Bird Syndrome. Flip the light switch 3 times, then turn the switch in the right window to the up position. Move the small koala head on the left and pick up another worm (4/5). Return right twice to the living room.

Living Room

Turn the switch at the base of the stairs to the down position. Head up the stairs into a new area.


Take the half-circle key from under the right side of the rug. Move the plush toy at the foot of the bed so you can also take a vinyl record. Press the button on the small cat container on the right, and you will see a glowing message about 17 birds. Click on the bag of Hariboo candies on the left and take out the sad tooth.

Notice the sideways face on the smoking elephant, and turn the 3 faces on the bed so they point the same way. After the elephant stops smoking, look into the hole at the top left. Press the button above the word "BEHIND" and take the matches that appear. Click on the spider and you will now have access to 3 padlocks. Use your half-circle key on the top-right padlock, and your ellipse key on the bottom-right padlock. Use your winding key on the toy mouse at the bottom right, then grab the next happy tooth (5/12).

Back out again and place your candle on the small altar to the left. Light the candle with your matches to reveal a message on the poster above. Flip the switch near the ceiling on the right. to better see the stars outside. Now click on them in the order you saw back in the work room:


Take the moon skull from the broken cabinet. Return to the right, then left to the work room.

Work Room

Go down the stairs to a new area.


Click on the bird at the bottom right 17 times, then take the trapeze key. Next click on the 8 smiley face symbols around the room, in order from smallest to largest. Continue to the left.

Control Building

Pick up the screwdriver on the left. Turn the switch here to the right position. Grab the worm (5/5) from under the mushroom on the left. You need to press parts of the mask on the left based on the sketch to the right:

  1. Left eye
  2. Nose
  3. Right eye

Lift up the loose block on the ground here, then take the triangle. Click on the weather-vane on the house and watch where it points, then touch the dots on the domino in the appropriate order (top, bottom, middle). Back out for now and go all the way back to the entry corridor.

Entry Hall

Use your vinyl record on the gramophone here, then take the happy tooth (6/12). Give your triangle to the man in the left window and he will hold out a Jack-in-the-box. Now head into the room at the end of the hall.


Pick up the crank from the left. Look into the hole on the right and click on the spider, then on the monkey's eyes (and watch where they look). Now press the 4 buttons in order (right, left, bottom, top). Take the game cartridge that appears. Also grab the black rooster statue (3/3). Back out from the hole.

Press the button on the clown to the right, and 5 bubbles will appear, each showing an ordered pattern. You need to press buttons on the snake matching these 5 bubbles:

  • White, black, black, white
  • Black, half, black, black
  • Half, black, black, black
  • Black, white, half, white
  • White, white, black, half

The snake will move aside, revealing a triangular button. Now you need to press the triangle and square buttons based on the pattern around the lamp in the living room:

  1. Square
  2. Triangle
  3. Square
  4. Triangle 3 times
  5. Square 4 times
  6. Triangle
  7. Square
  8. Triangle
  9. Square 2 times
  10. Triangle 2 times
  11. Square

Take out the scarab (3/3) and notice the pattern imprinted on the mummy inside the sarcophagus, as well as the names of the 3 statues you have collected. You need to press buttons on the domino matching this pattern:

  1. Top-left 3 times
  2. Bottom-right
  3. Top-right
  4. Bottom-left 2 times
  5. Bottom-right
  6. Top-left
  7. Bottom-right
  8. Top-right
  9. Bottom-right
  10. Middle
  11. Top-left
  12. Bottom-left
  13. Top-right
  14. Bottom-right
  15. Top-left

Go through the doorway ahead.


Based on the symbols from the mummy, place the Ludere statue on the square symbol at the back, the Vita statue on the triangle symbol at the left, and the Mortem statue on the cross symbol at the right. Grab the next happy tooth (7/12).

Grab the screaming mask from the poster on the left, and move it to the poster at the back right. Notice the long set of triangle symbols and press the same directions on the controls near the ceiling - this will stop the axe from swinging. Press the letter O on the dark poster on the right to open a brick panel on the left. Use your sad tooth on the other sad tooth, then collect 2 happy teeth (9/12).

Entry Hall

Use your crank on the Jack-in-the-box, then grab the pinwheel hat and the sun skull.


Give your 3 scarabs to the monster in the fridge, then grab the two-line house. Look in the sink and give your 5 worms to the spider, then take the happy tooth (10/12).


Give the pinwheel cap to the monkey in the toilet. Click on the ring on the large hand that appears to see the time 5:40.

Entry Hall

Set the time on the clock to 5:40, then note the 4 symbols that appear on the wall here.

Living Room

Look in the vase on top of the bookshelf. Place your 3 houses on the 3 snails, matching the lines on the houses with the lines on the snails. Take another happy tooth (11/12). Back out and put your game cartridge in the console, then click on the TV screen. Play a memory game where you need to click on matching pairs of teeth. Once you win, grab the happy tooth (12/12).


Look into the hole near the ceiling again. Use your trapeze key on the last padlock, then take the heart.

Control Building

Look inside the small building. Use your screwdriver on the panel to get it open. Turn the dials as you saw near the clock in the entry hall:

  • Top-Left Dial: Pointing towards 7 o'clock
  • Top-Right Dial: Pointing towards 12 o 'clock
  • Bottom-Left Dial: Pointing towards 5 o'clock
  • Bottom-Right Dial: Pointing towards 9 o'clock

Now place your 3 black rooster statues and 3 white rooster statues on the matching platforms. Pull down on the lever to the left. Notice the display of white and black smiley faces that appears here.


Use your band-aid to repair the tube on the right. Place the sun skull in the left hand and the moon skull in the right hand. Insert the heart in the opening at the top. Press the smiley faces on the robot corresponding to the black ones you just saw, in ascending size order:


Give your 12 happy teeth to the face, then take the soul child.


Use the soul child on the axe, then click on it. Now drag the soul child to the middle of the screen, avoiding the snakes Domino Escape.