The DigThe Dig

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/15/2007

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Dig is a science fiction point-and-click graphical adventure from LucasArts, using the SCUMM video game engine. You lead a team of 3 astronauts (a NASA veteran, an archaeologist and a journalist) sent to intercept an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The game was scripted by science fiction author Orson Scott Card.

Attila the Asteroid

Outside the shuttle, examine the tool chest (the Flying Pig). Use your communication device, the Pen Ultimate, to talk to Miles about the pig - she will release it. Use the pig to get on to the asteroid, then open it and grab everything from inside. Communicate with Borden and ask him where to put the nuclear bombs.

Go to quadrant 2 and locate a target surface. Use the zero-G digger to smooth out the surface, then put bomb alpha down. Use the arming key to activate the bomb. Head back out to the big view of the asteroid. Now talk to Borden again and following his instructions, head to quadrant 3. Use the shovel to move the boulder out of the way, then place the bomb and arm it. Head back to the shuttle, then talk to everyone and the bombs will explode.

You will go back to the asteroid, down into a tunnel. Push the metal plate on the right, then use the digger on each odd projection and push the plates you reveal. Head down the dark tunnel that is exposed to get inside the asteroid. Pick up the plates from the pedestal and put them in the indentations.


Head to the clearing, where you will see three question marks. At the left one, collect a spherical device from a chest, a hanging wire and an engraved rod (left by a ghost). At the top one, take the tusk, then dig up the grave to reveal a jawbone. From the right area, use the spherical device, then dig at the area indicated to find a bracelet. Return to the dais and another ghost will appear - Brink will die.

You are now in the middle of the alien complex, surrounded by doors leading off to various spires. Pick up the plate at your feet and use it in the alcove to your right. Head right and notice a dark tunnel, then go down a ramp and look over the edge to see a fallen lens. Now have a look at the control panel - the buttons allow you to program a robot, with each color having the following effects:

  • Blue: Move up
  • Purple: Move left
  • Green: Move right
  • Yellow: Move down
  • Red: Use manipulator

Write a program with 4 purple, 2 yellow and 1 red, then leave the control panel and push the triangular button. Now wirte a program with 5 purple, 4 blue and 1 red (erase the program first using the lower left button). Push the triangular button and the lens will be put in its right place. Now move the loose plate and take the blue crystal before heading back up to the nexus. Head left to find a glowing column. Prize off the door panel to the right using the tusk, then connect the panel to the sparks using your piece of wire.

Pick up and examine the purple rod - note the sequence of four colors and shapes it identifies. Now go to the door one more to the right (immediately left of the dark tunnel) and zoom in on the panel. Click on the 4 objects until they match the purple rod.

Museum Spire

Follow the passages until you are outside, and a ghost will fly around a strange device. Use this device to activate a light bridge, with the following series of steps (stop when the bridge actually forms):

Lightbridge Instructions

  1. Hold down the pentagonal button and wait for a line to be drawn on the screen.

  2. If nothing happens, try adjusting the lens (1 or 2 times) just below the device, then push the button again.

  3. Open the control panel, then zoom in for a closer look. Rotate the middle prism until the white line points at the lower left prism. Rotate this to point at the upper left, then the upper left to point at the green crystal. Rotate the orange line towards the orange crystal, and the blue line to the blue crystal. Retry the device, with the lens in each position.

Once the light bridges have been activated, they are the fastest way between the spires. Go through the triangular door into the museum. Take the plate, red rod and glowing life crystals. Look at each of the displays on the walls to get more information about the aliens that used to live here. Go through the left door into the library to find Maggie.

After your chat, return to Brink via the underwater tram. Use a life crystal to revive him, then get him to follow you through the tram to the museum spire. With his help, pry open the weakened door at the base of the museum spire, and go through to get more life crystals and a canister. Exit the room and follow the passage then have a look at the fossil. Walk right to the water, where you will see a small creature eaten by a larger one, then zoom in on the turtle bones, and rearrange them to match the fossil you just saw. When you are done, use the canister on the bones, them a life crystal to revive the creature. Now swim underwater into a cave, which you can explore to find another plate and an orange rod. Return to the nexus again. Now look at the orange rod, and use its pattern to open the door to the right of the dark tunnel. Go through and use the tram to reach the next spire.

Planetarium Spire

Follow the path up through the mountains. When you reach a gap, time your click with the tumbling of the water and you will cross the gap safely - if you don't, just walk up and try again. Use the shovel to push the boulder over the gap so subsequent crossings are safe. On the next screen, activate another lightbridge. Cross the bridge in front of the waterfall to enter a crevice, where you should take the blue rod. Return outside and enter the plateau at the back of the clearing. You will see a rat-like creature steal something you need.

Take the dowel, rod, plate and rib cage. Put the dowel into the hole in the wheel, then attach the long pole to the dowel. Use the rib cage with the hook on the end of the pole, then use the rod with the rib cage. Now search each of the holes in the back wall of the cave to scare the animal out, then try to herd it into the trap - if it stops between the wheels, walk around the area via the front of the screen and back it into the trap. Put the bracelet around the critter's neck, then free it from the trap. You can leave the ribcage behind, but take the rod. Dig around the cave entrance so you can fit through, then enter the cave. Use the tracking device to locate the correct spot, the dig to retrieve the machine part.

Exit the cave and use the part and the cover to fix the panel. Now use the panel to open the door and enter the planetarium. Pick up the green rod, the plate and the scepters. Use either scepter on the faint light on the ceiling to activate a map. Use the gold scepter at a 2 o'clock position relative to the planet to move the large moon, then use the silver scepter at 7 o'clock to move the small moon. If you have it right, a cutscene will follow and the critter will trap you in the room. Just push the button to get out. Return to the museum spire via the light bridges, then back to the nexus using the tram. Look at the green rod, and use its combination to open the door to the right of the energy column. Go through and use the tram.

Map Spire

Head out to the ledge, then down and over the bridge in the foreground. Go into a cave and look at the red engraved rod, entering its code on the panel in the map room. You will see a map of a crypt and a passage beneath it. Walk out through the opening and activate another light bridge. Go over the bridge to the museum spire, and back to the nexus via the tram.

Back in the nexus, head down the dark tunnel. Click on the green button to open the airlock door and go inside. Press the button here twice, then go through to the command center. Look at the glowing panel, and insert your blue rod into one of the 3 holes on the right. Click on the dark crystal on the far left. Start with all blue rods fully down, slowly drag each up until the left crystal reaches maximum brightness. When it looks like the others, the Tomb Spire tram has been activated.

Go back through the airlock to the nexus. Use the combination from the red engraved rod to open the door left of the energy column. Go through the door, call the tram and get in to reach the next spire.

Tomb Spire

Follow the path past the plateau edge, until you find a light bridge to activate as before. You will see an engraving on the wall that indicates the correct moon placements from the planetarium. Return to the plateau edge and use the shovel to move the stone plate, then enter the hole you make. Light the tomb using the blue crystal in the hole in the wall. Now stand on the floor tile in the foreground that is marked with two crescent moons - note an overhead shutter opening. Use the rod with the loose stone to keep the shutter open. Leave the tomb and clear away the dirt covering the lens in the ceiling of the tomb. Go back inside and click on the alien statue to make it disappear. Use the platform to descend into the crypt.

Head west and try to open the triangular door - a guard-dog will come to life. Use a life crystal on the other set of bones and watch the creatures attack each other. Use the first engraved rod you found (with the 5 shapes) to open the door and go inside to find a pyramid. Open this with the same rod, and reanimate the alien with another life crystal. Try talking with it, but you can't understand. About this point, Maggie will be abducted, and you are going to need Brink's help.

Leave the tomb, then follow the path past the light bridge, and you will find another cave. Use your flashlight on the bats on the ceiling to scare Brink out of his cave. Move foward to where he was working, and steal his crystals - he will then bargain with you and agree to help find Maggie. Go back to the map spire using the light bridges.


Head through the map room and the pit into the chamber, then go west into the nest. Talk to Brink and get him to distract the monster, allowing you to read east to the water fall source. Push the boulder to block the water, then go back to the nest. Talk to Brink about the grate, and he and Maggie will kill the monster. After Brink takes the crystals, go back past the waterfall to the beach. Look at the strange light, then give the tablet to Maggie and an island will appear. Go there to get the last plate.

Now Brink needs your help - head to the planetarium spire via the light bridges, and over the bridge to the crevice. Use the jaw bone on Brink, then you will automatically go to the nexus. Put the remaining plates into the alcove, and walk through the newly-opened door.

Descend to a tram stop and call and board a tram. Head into the alien lab and look at the console - note the gap in the machinery then talk to Maggie about it. Exit the lab at the top of the spiral walkway and head west. Remove the nest from the lens, and activate the light bridge. Go across the bridges to the museum spire and get some life crystals from the small room near the tram station. Now use the light bridges to get to the tomb spire, and take Maggie to the alien's pyramid. Talk to the alien about everything, including the alien device 4 times and the eye part twice. Take the creator's engraved rod.

Go to the map room in the map spire (via the lightbridges). Enter the code from the new rod you were just given, and you will see how to find the missing part. Head down through the pit and nest, past the waterfall to the beach. Get the eye part. Now head back to the lab in the cathedral spire. Brink will appear and steal your crystals. Go back to his plateau in the tomb spire. Show Brink the eye part, then use it in the slot in his relic. After 2 crystals have formed, take the eye part back and Brink will die.

Go back to the alien lab in the cathedral spire. Insert the eye part and the 2 life crystals into the console. Go back up the spiral walkway and talk to Robbins about the device.

The End

After Maggie dies, go up the walkway and exit the lab at the top. Try to walk across the light bridge and a guard dog will appear - immediately use the switch in the strange device to turn off the light bridge and the dog will fall. Turn it back on and walk to the eye. Touch the portal into spacetime 6.

Note: For a slightly different ending, try resurrecting Maggie with a life crystal before leaving the alien lab.