Diamon JonesDiamon Jones

Amulet of the World

Year:  2009

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World is the first of a series of adventure games starring Diamon Jones. In this game, the major setting is Egypt but you will also travel to Tibet to explore mountains and jungles. First you must find the Amulet, then you have to destroy a magical gate to save the world. The series continues with Diamon Jones 2: Eye of the Dragon.



Head left and talk to John - he will tell you about some treasure if you give him wine. Return right and talk to Ahmed, then give him your coin in exchange for a bottle of olive oil. Pour the oil on the floor by using it on yourself. While Ahmed is distracted, take the large bottle of wine from the shelves, then go and give it to John. Leave the pub, but on the way out you will agree to retrieve a parchment for Samuel.


Head right to the main street and talk to the craftsman, who has lost his tools. Return to the front of the bar, and find the hammer in the melon cart, and the chisel in the barrel on the right. Go and give these to the craftsman, and he will reward you with a ruby. Look in the box near him and you will find a rope to take. Head up the street to the museum entrance.


Go inside and look at the case on the far left with the rope and stones - you will be kicked out of the museum. Search in the bush on the left and take the crowbar, then use this on the cracking masonry to the left of the museum door to get some rocks.


Go back to the craftsman's stall and look closely at it. Take the hammer and chisel. Put your rocks in the tray, then use the hammer and chisel on them. Pick up the rocks and combine them with your rope.


Head left from the main entrance, and use your rope on the pole above the open window. Complete the mini-game to climb the rope and get inside.

Look in the rubbish bin and piece together the torn note to see a combination 6>4<9>7<3>2<. Look at the painting on the right wall, then open it to reveal a safe. Look at the safe and open it by following the directions from the combination (right-click 6 times, left-click 4 times, etc). Press the space bar to open the safe. Take the key and the map, then head left to the storeroom. Pick up the hammer and go back to the office. Use the hammer to smash the small lock on the desk drawer, and take the gun from inside. Go back to the storeroom and use your key to unlock the back door.


Now you are playing as Billy. After the conversation, leave the bar and head to the museum.


Talk to Andy, and you will end up in a firefight with Diamon, then you will switch back to playing as Diamon. Look at the watermelon cart, then at the small rock near its wheel. Shoot the rock and Billy will be knocked out. Now look at the open window, then use the crate - move it under the window and climb inside. Talk to Fatima, then pick up the hairpin from the table and use it to pick the lock - the correct combination numbering from the left is 13254.


Try to talk to Fuffy, but he is asleep. Head to the back of the hangar and take the coffee cup, then search all the drawers. Go back to the front of the hangar. Put the coffee and sugar in the cup, then empty the cup into the coffee pot. Put the coffee pot on the burner (on the ground here), then light the burner with your matches. Pour the hot coffee in your inventory into the cup, then give it to Fuffy. It doesn't work and you end up flying the plane yourself. Just follow the instructions and you will parachute out safely.



Take the clay tablets from the backpack. Also pick up the metal rod on the right, and the flask, kerosene, screwdriver and lighter from the left. Look at the suitcase and open the lock, then take the rope and 2 emeralds. Place the emeralds into the clay tablets. Now head left.

Tomb Entrance

Put the metal rod in the hole on the left, then pull it to reveal a stone mat in the ground. When you look at it, two tablets are missing. Look at the sphinx's eyes several times, then use your screwdriver to remove them. Place the sapphires into your clay tablets. Finally, insert your ruby into one of the tablets. Now put your clay tablets in the mat and look at it closely - solve the jigsaw puzzle by placing the corners and edges first, then head through the open doorway.


Talk to Mary Ocean when you get inside, then look at the guard statue. Look at the torches on the wall, then pull the far right torch, near left torch and finally near right torch. Pick up the ruby from the floor, then head down into the next room. Run past the swinging pendulums, then look at the bird statue and click on its eye to stop the swinging. Tie your rope to the collapsed statue on the other side of the bridge and climb down. Take the sapphire from the wall, then look at the symbol: this means "water". Collect some of the spring water in your flask. Climb back up the rope and enter the throne room on the left.

Look at the controls to see some levers are missing. Pull the left torch on the wall, then head back to the entrance room. Take the levers from the guard statues, then go back to the throne room. Use the levers on the controls, then complete the mini-game: numbering the buttons 1-7 from bottom left around to top right, left-click 453, right-click 22642 and left-click 2. Pick up the topaz and cross the bridge to the next room.

Put the topaz in the left pedestal, the ruby in the middle pedestal, and the sapphire in the right pedestal. Now pour water from your flask on the sapphire. Pour kerosene on the ruby and light it with your lighter. Look at the topaz - something is missing. Go back to the first room and head outside to pick up some sand. Go all the way back to the topaz and put the sand on it. Take the floating Amulet of the World.



Playing as Billy again, pick up the dice from the bar. Talk to the Sea Dog at the table. Save your game, then play dice with him to win some money (if you lose everything you own, load your game and try again). Leave the bar and talk to the constable outside. Give him the money and you will find out that Diamon is in the hotel down the street. Talk to Andy Rain while you are here, then head down the street.


Try to enter the hotel, but the door is locked. You will now switch back to playing as Diamon, in his hotel room. Go into the living room and talk to Mary. Pick up the note from the desk on the right. Return to the bedroom and you will look out the window to see Billy approaching. Go back through the living room to the entrance corridor. Look at the door to see that Mary has taken the key. Take the candelabra from the table in the living room and use it to hold the door closed. Back in the bedroom, look at your chest, then move all the artefacts off the top (standard Towers of Hanoi puzzle) so that you can take your gun.

Try to go out the window, but you are too high. Take the bedsheets from the bed, and the tablecloth from the table in the living room. Combine these two items in your inventory to make a rope. Tie the rope to the bed, then climb out the window. Look at the grate nearby and pull the screws out to open it (the order changes with each game, but just keep perservering and you will get the right order). Go through the grate, then out to the main street.

Talk to Mary, who missed the boat, then head into the bar.


Talk to Fuffy, then to the Sea Dog. Play his shooting game (win 5 rounds in a row) - he will agree to sail with you but first you must go to the port. Head outside and go up the street to the port.


Talk to the gentleman, who has lost his wallet. Head towards the boat and talk to the sailor, but he is drunk and wants to be left alone. Look at the stack of boxes in the foreground and you will see a wallet stuck between them. Go back to the gentleman and look under the tarpaulin of the small boat. Take the boat hook and use this to retrieve the wallet from between the boxes. Pick up the wallet and give it to the gentleman, who rewards you with a razor.

Now pick up the bucket from next to the warehouse and combine it with your boat hook. Use this to collect some seawater, then go and use it on the drunken sailor. He now wants some drinks for the other sailors. Head into the warehouse and use the boat hook on the crates, then play a sliding puzzle game to get the rum to the front right corner. Pick up the rum and give it to the sailor. Now use your razor on the rope holding the schooner to the dock. Talk to the sailor, who says they are now ready to sail. Leave the port.


Talk to the Sea Dog and tell him the boat is ready to sail. Head back outside and talk to Mary.



Talk to the guide, then enter the girl's room and talk to her. Pick up the rusty scissors then go outside and further into the village, to a side street. Talk to the old man then give him your scissors and he will sharpen them. Take the broomstick from the left, and use your scissors to cut some flowers from next to the small building.

Head up the street to the Merchant's shop. Talk to him about the suit, which is not for sale. Head back to the side street and talk to the young boy, who will steal the suit for you. Go and talk to the Merchant, while the boy steals the suit. Back at the side street again, talk to the boy who gives the suit to you.

Return to the guide and look on the roof to see a bird. Look again to see it has a gold ring. Pick up the small bag of grain on the ground over on the left. Use it on yourself and you will pour some out for the bird. Use your broomstick on the bird's nest, and it will fly out. Pick up the ring. Now give the ring, suit and flowers to the guide. Talk to him and he will agree to help you.


Talk to the guide, who refuses to go any further. Pick up the hammer resting against the mine entrance. Take some dynamite from the box. Light it with your lighter, then quickly throw it into the big stack of boulders to form a bridge. Head over the bridge and around the corner.

Pick up the heavy log and use it on the large unstable rock on the left. Take the wedge-like branch from the front of the tree and use this on the unstable rock as well. Hit the wedge with your hammer and the tree will be knocked over. Walk over the tree to cross the precipice.

Look in the vase and take the lever, then use this in the box. Form the bridge correctly, then take the lever again. Look at the skeleton here, then cross the bridge and pick up the axe. Head across into the jungle.


Look at the sand and pick up the palm frond on the left. Use this to clear the sand and pick up the heavy tiles. Throw these on the path in front of you to trigger the 5 booby traps, then continue along the path. Look at the catapult. Pick up the knife and the note, then try to read the note. Head all the way back to Mary.


Give the note to Mary, who translates it for you. Go to the precipice and try to take the log. Use the axe on the log to get it free and carve it. Go back over the precipice and use your razor to get some rope from the skeleton.


Put the carved spoon into the catapult, and also attach the lever and the rope. Now go and pick up the brick on the ground near the gate and use it on one of the catapult's wheels. Use the rocks next to the catapult, and keep firing until all 4 door hinges are broken, then aim for the middle of the doors.

Monastery Gardens

Talk to the monk, who will tell you about the broken mechanism and give you a banana. Pick up the small stone and throw it at the monkey, then pick up the water cup. Head over the bridge and pick up a larger cup and a wooden gutter. Place the gutter in the metal stands, and put the smallest cup at the top of the rocks. Go back to the monk and look at the 3rd cup in the water. Take a twig from the bush on the left and use it to get this cup. Return over the bridge. Put the middle-sized cup in the middle of the rocks, and the largest at the bottom. Climb the stairs to the monastery.


Pick up the meat from the ground. Look at the sleeping cat and you will automatically kick it. Look at the gear in the red pillar on the left, but you cannot turn it. Try giving the meat to the dog, but it won't move. Pick up the horn and use it on the dog to no effect. Use the horn on the cat and the dog will chase it. Now head through the gates into the yard.

Pick up the crank from the left and the large hammer from the right. Go up to the main door and talk to Mary, who will translate for you. Head to the right to the temple premises, and pick up the ritual knife from the ground. Use this on the two gears in the columns, then return to the gates and use it on the first gear you saw.

Back near the main door, look in the small hut to the left. Insert your three gears and crank into the device, then turn the crank to hear a musical sequence. Leave the hut and walk over to look at the large gong. Use the hammer to hit the gong to recreate the sequence you just heard. When you get it right, go out to the gates and take the key from the base of the Buddha statue. Go up to the main doors and head inside.


You need to go through a maze of 25 rooms, collecting 4 map pieces and 10 pieces of gold. Once you have the 4 map pieces this will help guide you. Once you have everything, go to the top right room. Use one of your gold pieces on the tile pattern on the wall. Now in this puzzle you must assemble a dragon shape in the space on the left of the maze.

Try to step on the tiles and the floor will collapse. Talk to Mary, then pick up the gold bowl and use it on the snakes. Step on the highlighted tile, then gradually make your way across - there is only one correct path.

You are now hanging upside down in a well. Talk to Mary, then try to use your belt to reach the branch on the left - it is not long enough. Talk to Mary and ask for her belt, then combine the two and use them on the branch. Look at the rat up on the beam, and use your meat on your rope - you will then climb down. At the bottom, pick up your bag and use your razor to cut through the rope around your legs. Pick up the wood, log and stick, and combine all three. Use the combination on the pile of sticks to make a fire.

Look at the back wall and play the matching symbol game until all the bricks are matched. Pull the lever to lower Mary, then use your razor to cut through her ropes. Look into the blackness, then pick up the torch from the ground and light it in the fire. Head into the dark maze. Go to the left and just before reaching the bottom left corner of the first screen, head up. Follow this passage to find a skeleton, and take the golden snake it was clutching. Return back to original path and continue left to the next screen. Take the first available path up and continue to the top left of the maze to find the treasure room.

Look at the skeleton and take the bag next to it. Read the journal. Pick up the bird hour hand from near the grey chest and put both this and your snake minute hand on the clock, then set the time to 6 o'clock. Mary will join you and head through the door.

Jump across the stones in the lava (keep trying until you find the correct path) then untie the monks with your razor and they will give you part of a scroll. Continue into the next room. Pick up the small chest and use the coins on Andy. While he is distracted, hit him with the chest. Search Andy to take his gun, then head to the final room.

Dodge Samuel's fireballs. Each time one gets into a vase on the floor, shoot it with your gun. Repeat this until you find the second half of the scroll and you will complete the game.