The Original Sin

Game Details:  Adventure, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/3/2014

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Diabolik is a combination stealth and adventure game starring an Italian comic book character of the same name. You are forced into a story of intrigue and deception as your girlfriend Eva Cant is held hostage.

Chapter 0: 72 Hours

Walk left past the door, then examine the beam. Use the nail, then use the splinters to free your hands. Walk to the bed and examine it, then take the wire. Use the wire on the prison door.

Chapter 1: Dead-End Railway Track

Walk along the platform and play the action sequence to carefully sneak close to him. Try to use your grappling hook on the lower part of the train here, then go under and you will escape to the other side of the train. Look at the train box to the left and take the pincers from inside. Use this on the grating to the right, then climb down. Survive the action sequence (move your mouse in the indicated direction), then head left and use your sleeping gas mine on the guard. Climb through the window into the train.

Use the mask from your inventory on the agent to change clothes, and you will also end up with a small key. Use your laser pointer on the compartment to seal it shut. Now walk up along the corridor and around the corner to see a box on the wall. Use your small key to unlock it and you will get a walkie-talkie. Head to the other end of the corridor and into the bathroom. Examine the sink and take the hair clip. Leave the bathroom and continue to the second wagon. Try to open the first cabin door, then use your hair clip on it and pick the lock to get inside. Examine the desk and take the train map. Look at the locker on the wall - you need to come back here later. Leave this cabin and head to the restaurant wagon. Try to enter the restaurant, but you will realize there are too many guards. Open the map in your inventory to see some radio codes, then use your walkie-talkie and tune it to frequency 845.9 and code 10. Use it to call the guards, then enter the restaurant and talk to the guard until you get the option to "act quickly".

5:00 Timer

Use the guard, then search him to find a bathroom key. Use this on the bathroom door and you will drag the guard inside and get changed again. Run along the restaurant car and look at the sleeping man, then take the magnetic card from his pocket. Run back along the car until you see an electrical box on the wall. Use the magnetic card in this and you will enter the kitchen. Look at the work bench at the back and take the small key. Go back out to the corridor and use this key to open the dressing room door. Look in the wooden box beneath the shelves and take the square-shaped key from inside. Next look at the shelf and take the suit to get a new disguise.

Head along the corridor and into the next restaurant wagon. Head towards the other end and use your blowpipe on the guard. Go through the door and use your knife on the electric panel, then look inside to see some thick cables. Try to cut them with your knife, but first you need to deactivate the system. Head back to the locker where you found the train map. Use your square-shaped key to open it. Look at your map again to get the door code, then look at the control panel and enter code D5A. Now run back to the electric panel after the second restaurant wagon and use your knife to cut the wires; you will automatically leave the train.

Head along the platform and use your grappling hook on the footbridge to swing across. Head towards the gate and press the button, then use your laser pointer to cut a hole in the gate. Go back and grab the picket from the ground and you will automatically reach through and press the other button. Now move the lever into the normal position to open the gate. Go around to the ladder, but you need to make it darker. Look at the nearby plate and use your lockpick on it, then try to use it; you need to turn off the power. Go back to the lever in the previous area and flip it to the off position. Head back to the box and try to use it again and you will get a close-up view. Use your laser pointer on the metal plate, then remove it. Use your knife on the yellow wires, then use the yellow wires to connect them to the green. Go back to the lever once more and move it to the high voltage position. Go and climb up the ladder back into the train.

Walk forward and use your blowpipe on the guard, then go over to search him, quickly taking out the next guard in an action sequence. Run through the next door and go to the end of the next long room, but the door here won't open. Take the block from the conveyor belt. Try to use the controls here, but they are deactivated for now. Go back to the two guards you just took out, and roll over the first one to see his security badge is S6. Go near the other end of this room and look in the briefcase, then turn to page S6 to see security code 149. Go to the next room and use the num-pad at the near end of the conveyor, entering code 149. Use the controls at the other end of the conveyor to move the crates, then go back to the other end and climb up the ladder. Complete the action sequence to make it to the next segment of the train.

Chapter 2: Eva's Last Breath

Walk down from your starting position and examine the desk. Open the drawer and look inside it, then use your knife on the false bottom and take the green card. Continue right into the next wagon. Move the crates along the wall to reveal a locker requiring a key to open. Continue along this wagon and examine the parcel that is wrapped differently to the rest. Take the metal wire from this. Return to the guard you knocked out when you entered this chapter. Look at the parcels next to him to see a small brass key, then use your metal wire to retrieve it. Go to the other wagon again and use the brass key on the locker you found earlier. Take the blue card from inside. Go to the far end of the first wagon and insert both the blue and green cards in the door, then head through.

Survive the action sequence, then run through this and the next wagon. In the third wagon look at the parcels tied up near the ceiling. Go to the end of this wagon and knock down some more crates high up behind a safe. Look at the grate and try to open it, but it is welded shut. Go back to the previous parcels and stand to their left side, then use your knife to untie them (you will end up with the rope). Use this rope on the grate to open it and climb inside. Survive the action sequence to get to the next area.

0:50 Timer

Run forward slightly then climb above the door behind you. Survive another action sequence to take out the guards.

Go through the door the guard came through. Look at the large free-standing cupboard and take the electronic card from the bottom drawer. Search the raincoats at the other end of the corridor to get an appointment book, then use this in your inventory to get information on the card index. Use your electronic card in the card reader half way along the corridor. Use the card index, then use the drawer you have opened. Try each of the cards, but make sure you read card 57, which shows "Original Sin" is at reference R2. Go back to the previous wagon and use the archives on one side (use the other side if this does nothing). Complete the action sequence to exit the train.

Chapter 3: Rain of Fire on the Lake

Head to the right and you will reach an electrified fence and gate. Head around to the right and look at the junction box on the wall of the building. Pick up a stone from the nearby pile and throw it at the junction box to open it. Go back to the train and search the pile of rubbish, then pick up the bottle. Go back further and use the bottle on the lake to collect some water. Head to the junction box again and throw your bottle of water at it. Now return to the gate and climb over it. Go forward again and try to open the main door, but it is locked. Explore to the right and take a wrench from the compartment on the side of the forklift, then use the wrench to open a nut on the tank on the forklift; oil will spill to the ground.

Go back out over the gate again and this time you can go further to the left. Head all the way to the flooded locomotive. Look at the back door, then at a window near the other end to suggest breaking it. Go back two screens to find a railway sign and take a piece of it. Head to the window and use this piece of the railway sign to break the window and drain the water from the train. Now you can approach the door and head inside. Run to the other end of the wagon and survive the action sequence with a cobra. Take the items from the small door near the dead cobra to find a memo and an ID badge; read the memo in your inventory. Look at the train controls and take the old photo. Go back out to the corridor and open the nearby door to find a very small room. Look in the jacket to find a crumpled note; also read this in your inventory. Go back out to the middle compartment of this wagon. Look at the curtains to see they are dirty. Look at the armchair on the right and you will find a book. Now open the curtains (if you haven't found the book you won't be able to do this). Look at the floor panel and take the rusty key. Leave the wagon and return to the oil on the ground next to the forklift. Use the rusty key in the oil, then use the oiled key on the main door and head inside the hydroelectric plant.

Turn right and look at the door, then open it and quickly survive an action sequence. Try to walk into the water, and try to pick up the cable hanging from the ceiling down into the water (you cannot do either). Leave this room and go straight across into the opposite one. Talk to the guard until you get an option to "get rid of him". Pick up the guardian's ID card and use it on the panel on the wall here, then pick up the guard to use his fingerprint on the scanner - it doesn't match. Head to the left and use the panel of buttons; turn off the switch for the Archive Room.

Go back outside and around to the forklift again. Use the electrical box on the wall here to turn off the power inside. Go back inside and through the door on the right into the flooded room again. Now look at the shelf and take a new ID card from the shelf. Leave this room to return to the central room with an old computer on a desk. Look at the guardian's ID card in your inventory to see a password. Now use the computer and create a new profile. Use your new ID card on the fingerprint reader on the right, then use the machine again to create your ID. Return to the room on the left and use your new ID on the panel. Go to the old computer room and head through the door.

5:30 Timer

Look at the documents on the right and the organisation chart on the back wall to learn the chief's name. Go back out to the old computer and use it to learn the security code of the chief. Go back into the other room and use the number-pad to enter code 27107. Exit the building and go around to the left and through the open gate. Use the controls on the wall to stop the flow of water. Now go through the door just to the left to head inside. Climb down the ladder and go around the corner.

Chapter 4: Diabolik's Secret Hide-Out

Take a medical kit from the drawer in the kitchen, then use the door in the other room and you will use the medical kit and get changed. Now look closely at the lowest portrait over the desk to see the code 058769. Use the computer, click on Base-G07 and enter this code. Now look at the red and white painting on the ground to see a code (the painting is upside-down, so the code is 4412). Use the left drawers of the large wardrobe and enter this code. Now use the wardrobe to head down to the base.

Use your pen drive with the central computer here to upload the GPS coordinates. Go over the bridge behind the computer to a small platform, then straight over the opposite bridge. Use the geographical archive to get a map, then go back and use this with the central computer. Go over the bridges again and next use your digital camera with the computer archive - you will end up with some helicopter data. Go back and use this with the central computer. Go through the door to return upstairs.

Look at the book above the TV to read about Denvon. Go back down to the base and head down to find the gym. Use the locker to get a syringe, then leave the gym. Run back past the computer to the top area and use the large metal gate. Survive the action sequence to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5: White Rose Petals

Head through the tunnel and along the road until you cannot go any further. Throw a walkie-talkie into the bush behind the guard. Go back through the tunnel and in your inventory use your tape on your other walkie-talkie, then use the taped walkie-talkie on the crows. Now sneak past the guards to reach the next area. Run down the path and on to the bridge.

Use the tool box to get some pliers, then use these on the locker and use the locker again to get a pry bar. Run right, past the intersection, and use the pry bar on the crates. Use the crates to crawl through the pipes. Head left and examine the tools to get a hook. Use the pole near the water's edge here to get a rope, then combine this with the hook. Go back to the other side of the bridge and use your rope and hook with the ring on the bridge; complete the action sequence to swing across. Use the broken table on the left to find a fisherman's knife. Head under the bridge and examine the roses, then use your knife on the brambles. After climbing the ladder, survive an action sequence and you will reach the kitchen. Walk forwards and talk to the chef.

6:40 Timer

Pick up the lubricant, scissors and plastic glove from the benches around the kitchen. Look at the meat grinder in the far corner, then use your scissors on it to get the cable. Use this cable on the large metal doors to keep them shut. Go and look at the wooden doors and try to open them to see a close-up view. Use the lubricant on the clasp, then use your glove on the clasp to escape.

Walk forward along the path and use your empty bottle with the tap. Use this on the drunk to wake him up. Ask him some questions, but he won't help you yet. Go back to the alley where you started this area and look in the crates to get some rum. Try giving this to the drunk but he doesn't want it. Use the boxes in the alley to get a label that you can stick on the rum bottle. Now give this to the drunk to get some vague directions. Follow the path around to the right of the church, then survive an action sequence to meet up with Diabolik.

Run around to the small far building and enter through the skylight in the ceiling. Use the desk and you will find a key for the hot-air balloon office. Use the adjacent shelf to get a card key for the propane warehouse. Use the card index in the filing cabinet to get some flight plans. Now use the office key to leave this building. Use the card key on the propane warehouse door to get a propane tank. Use the balloon and survive an action sequence to reach the castle. Go straight along the corridor until you see the guards, then go back and head right. Use the wardrobe to change clothes, then go to see the guards.

In the bedroom, walk down, then use a small tile on the floor in the very corner next to the wardrobe.

Chapter 6: Twin Truths

Go left and use the hangar to hang up your wet coat, then go through the doors to the restaurant. Tell the woman inside you are Julia Ormond. After you are seated, get the waiter's attention and you will end up in the back area. Look at the map on the wall, then enter the bathrooms. Walk to the toilet stalls and look at the map in your inventory, then use it. Open the toilet stall to the right of the one that is out of order, then look inside to note you can use this one to get to the one next door. Go back out and use the locker to get a cleaning pole. Use this on the bathroom you opened, and now you can use your EMP on the toilet, then get through an action sequence.

Use your lockpick on the wooden door and get through another action sequence. Go forward until you are stopped by the camera, then use the disguise in your inventory and head forward through the door. After your conversation, use your intrusion device on the main computer and survive another action sequence. Leave the room and use your image duplicator on the camera here. Pick the lock on the other door.

Go to the corner of the room and through to the back area again, then head around the corner and through another door to meet up with Diabolik. Now use the remote control in your inventory. Hit record and then stop during a segment of the feed where there is no interruption. In the next part, just press 156 to unlock the door, then walk forwards.

After automatically talking to a guard you will be back in the control room. Use the main computer.

3:20 Timer

Run through the lobby and go through the single door to the back corridor. Enter the control room and use the main computer again.

Now you must click on 5 parts of the painting in any order:

  • the dove at Eva's feet
  • the crack in the middle of the tree's bark
  • the apple shaped like a heart
  • the hilt of the sword
  • the round white object in the tree

Chapter 7: The True Face of Evil

Sneak around the front of the truck until you see a guard standing still near a door. Throw your smoke grenade at him. Survive the action sequence, then quickly use your knife on the approach guard with only a few seconds on the timer. Go through the monastery door for 2 conversations and another action sequence. Talk to Helena, then use the handkerchief in your inventory to see a lullaby. Head around to the door with the large seal and click on it in this order: stars, rose, stars, lake, stars, lake, lake, heart.