The Devil InsideThe Devil Inside

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2000

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/27/2008

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

The Devil Inside is an action/adventure game where you play as either Dave or Deva and are forced to take part in a strange reality television show set in a haunted house. You must make your way through the grounds of the house, down into the underworld and then out to freedom.

Act 1


Go through the gate and grab the medi-kit from under the mailbox. You can do a permanent save here as well. Head to the right and see an argument take place. Follow a man into a maze and take on 10 of the living dead. Get the ammo and medi-kit, and use the temporary save. Now head back to the start of the maze and you will see a shootout as a helicopter flies overhead. Get the ammo from the right of the tunnel entrance, then go into the tunnel and survive an ambush (2 zombies attack you and 2 attack your cameraman). Follow the path to the shed. Take the ammo and medi-kit, then enter the cabin. Grab the ammo, sander and gate key (from the ditch), then go outside and kill 4 more zombies. Retrace your steps, killing lots of undead on the way. A cutscene will show a group zombies attacking 3 cops near a lake - find the fight and join in. Search the shore-line to collect more ammo and another medi-kit. Now use the key to open the gate, climb the stairs and follow the path, getting ready to defend yourself again. Upon reaching the double staircase, head right and follow the path to the forest. Jump over the gate and kill some zombies before getting the key from the base of the statue. Get the cartridge box from the shed, and the ammo from between the bushes near the right of the house. Also make a permanent save in front of the gold prospector statue. Now use your new key to open the front door.

First Floor

Kill the zombie in the bathroom to the left, before using the temporary save. Look in the toilet to get the plumber's letter, then head back to the entrance. Activate the two tiles on either side of the fountain, taking the ammo from the left tile, and the elevator will open. Now head through the first door on the right to enter the kitchen. Get the poem from the fridge, then use the videophone to attract the electrocution victim into the dining room. Also get the paper and medi-kit from the gas stove, the paper, silencer and ammo from the oven, and the lounge key from the dumbwaiter. Go through the first door on the right and get the ammo from the top of the stairs. Head right back to the entrance and climb the stairs. Get the library key and the ammo, then look at the base of the fountain - there is a pentagram here that you can use to change between Dave and Deva (who is useful because she can regenerate after being burned).

Go back to the entrance and through a double door leading to a hallway of statues. Kill the burning hanged criminal, then use the trapdoor at the end of the hall. Destroy the statue on the left (to prevent zombies appearing in the dining room later), then get the letter from the chest held by another statue. Return to the hallway and take the last door on the right (the lounge). Go in and use the beer-dispensing lever at the bar. Watch out for zombies, then get the street blaster from the closet. Get the dining room key from the drawer of the coffee table. Now use the lever on the wall behind the counter. Head into the dining room and get the ammo from the back of the room, then use the permanent save. Climb out using the wooden planks, then follow the corridor to reach the library. At this point, change to Deva and inhale the souls, using the red pentacles to send the souls back to Lucifer.

A medi-kit and two ammunition boxes are in the room. A map of the attic is in the small writing desk at the entrance to the library, and there are various papers on the shelves. Cross the second part of the room and use the hand lever in the middle of the shelves - this will allow access to the elevator (which has another medi-kit). You should also find a "Who's Who" book in the shelves. Look at the desk opposite the lever and take the remote control from the drone. Open the closet and kill the burning zombie. Grab some ammo from the cabinet opposite the closet, and take the medi-kit from the sofa.

Climb the staircase and enter the projection room. Go to the projector and you will see an electrocution victim in the adjoining room - kill him if he enters. Get the ammo nearby, then use the lever above the film-editing table to raise the curtain. Search through the shelves for another book called "Ye Book of the Future". Walk through the armored door into the movie theatre and kill the three guys - look out for some falling from the ceiling. Use the temporary save station here. Shoot the jerrycan to set the screen on fire to reveal a lever that opens a secret passage hidden behind the painting. This leads you to the veranda, where you can find a pentacle in the pond. In the rear area, attack the guy on the chair and take the battery he leaves. Also grab the medi-kit and ammunition. Retrieve the lever in the middle of the marble columns and locate the crack in one of the columns. Put the rod in here to open the passage to the backyard. Head there and fight the Night Howler for the first time. Take the film reel he leaves, as well as the ammo. Return to the projection room and put the reel on the projector. Use the hand lever to reveal the staircase leading to the attic.


Break the mirror in front of you, and pull the lever behind it to access the attic. Follow the corridor and the cameraman will be kidnapped. Go through into the next room and let electrocution victims and Skinned criminals kill each other, then go through the door that was behind the electrocution victims. Angelina will come in and call upon Jack T Ripper (make sure you explore this whole area, smashing all the mirrors to reveal extra ammo and a permanent save). Keep going along the left wall and enter the back room to find where your cameraman is being held. Pick up the fuses next to the cameraman, along with the medi-kit and ammo. Leave the room and head left past the iron box - follow this corridor to find a meter box, where you should insert the fuses. The elevator should now be working.

Go back and head straight to view another cutscene, after which you should continue through the wooden door. Turn left immediately and kill a Skinned criminal to find a permanent save and an assault rifle, being guarded by more zombies. Use the control panel next to the elevator to operate it, taking it to the second floor.

Act 2

Second Floor

Use the temporary save opposite the elevator if you need to, then head to the end of the corridor destroying the power-points on the way. The chest at the end contains a newspaper and a shotgun for you to collect. Turn left to find the swimming pool, along with a permanent save, medi-kit and ammo. Behind the counter you will find the entrance to the bathroom, where you can get some pinball tokens from a wooden crate, and a sheet of paper from the shelves. Leave the room and use the intercom to alert the electrocution victims and minimise the size of the final fight for the level.

Go through the swimming pool rom, then through the door opposite the pentacle in the next room. Kill the hanged criminals here and get the key from behind the screen so you can leave the room again - you can get ammo from the drawers in this room. Back in the corridor, go through the opposite door into the pool room. Kill the zombies here and take the bedroom key from near the jukebox. Play pinball with your tokens to allow access to the next room. Go inside and get the billiard ball from the drawers, as well as a medi-kit and ammo. Play billiards on the table to reveal a crossbow behind the cues on the wall.

Now enter the gym, through the adjacent red room. Kill the zombies and grab the medi-kit on the way to the showers. Search through the skins hanging on the walls to find a key. Go back, then into the sauna and kill the zombie here to get rid of his ghost, which has been following you for a while now. Go through the gate to hell in the sauna. Return to the central part of the hall, where there is a hidden door in front of the elevator. Go inside and kill the zombie then search the drawers for another sheet of paper. There is also a medi-kit in the toilet. Back in the hall, another door should be revealed - go through using the bedroom key and kill the zombies and the fake Angelina. Find the key here and another medi-kit, then leave the room. Use the elevator to go back to the ground floor, then walk outside into the garden and open the trap door to your left, going down into the coal cellar.

Coal Cellar

Use the temporary save here, then head straight and turn left at the fork. The walls will close behind you as you continue down the corridor, and you will face three hanged criminals. Shoot the jerry can to make the wall explode, then use the lever hidden in the crack you just made in the wall to open the cellar door. Kill the gas victims in the next room, then get the sheet of paper from the wine rack and the items from the recess.

Leave this room and head left, killing some more zombies on the way back to the coal cellar entrance. Shoot the red bricks in the wall to reveal another secret area. Pull the lever to open a passage - follow this and head right at the end. Continue following the passage, killing more zombies, and use another lever to reveal a secret passage to the mines. Go to the gate of hell in the corridors left of this secret passage and send the souls back to get the power to fly (you need this before you enter the mines).


Enter the mines and use flight to cross the gaping holes. Go straight forward to the boxes, then turn right and continue until you reach a lantern. Kill the electrocution victims in the chairs, then turn left and head to the iron door. Kill 4 more electrocution victims, then go straight ahead past the television. Shoot at the image of a devil's head on the wall to the left to enter Necropolis.


Go straight ahead to find a permanent save, a medi-kit and heaps of ammo. Keep going to find a circular area that is the middle of the level. Kill the two zombies, then turn left at the gravestone and go through the doorway. The torturer shows you where to get the first talisman, so take it and head back to the gravestone. Go straight ahead and kill 2 more guys before reaching two doors. Take the arrows from the floor, then go through each of the 2 doors to find a talisman.

Back in the main room, go through the door near the three sarcophagi. Kill the zombie in the first room to the right and locate the gate to hell and a medi-kit. Leave and head left to find another permanent save, then you will find the fourth talisman and a wooden bridge. A cutscene shows you where to use the talismans. Go back to the gravestone, where the door to the torture chamber is now open, and Angelina is attached to a great wheel. Shoot the four stalactites on the ceiling while dodging attacks from the torturer. Free Angelina, and both the Night Howler and a zombie grandmother will arrive. Shoot the granny and Angelina will recover her weapon. Protect Angelina as you make your way to the wooden bridge and outside to the cemetery.

Act 3


Save at the first tomb, then head around the grave mound trying to open the tombs along the sides. In one of them you will get some mirrors and talismans, as well as a watch and a coin. Place these items in the appropriate tombs. As you place each item, fend off an advancing group of zombies, who attack both you and Angelina. Once you have placed all four items, the Night Howler appears again, running through the graves. Search the whole area to get lots of ammo and a few medi-kits, fighting zombies the whole time. Try to follow the Night Howler, and you will find a room containing 2 sheets of paper and a medi-kit. You will then automatically go up to the top of the grave mound.

Grave Mound

Continue exploring each of the tombs and fighting the zombies attacks. Enter the tomb of Hubert Chardot to get up to the next level, on which you should find the Tomb of Anger. Save then enter the tomb, and prepare for the last fight - survive this to complete the game.