Demons Never LieDemons Never Lie

Year:  2019

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Steam, Adventure Gamers

Demons Never Lie is a third-person point and click adventure game. You take the role of John, who after a life of misdeeds is approached by a demon and given the chance to live his life over again, in exchange for giving up his soul. There are 18 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Talk to Alba. Turn on the light switch, then look at your body to meet Ocaso. Sign his pact IT'S A DEAL.

Chapter 1


After getting out of bed, go to the bathroom and shower. Grab the razor from near to the sink, then use the shaving can (in the shelves) with the razor to shave. Go back out to your bedroom and use the wardrobe to get changed. Now leave your bedroom. Walk along the landing and you will answer a phone call from Jimmy. Enter the next room, which belongs to your mom. Search the purse to get her credit card. Walk left and search the bed to find the car keys. Leave the room and go downstairs.

Go through the door to the right of the front door to find the kitchen. Talk to Maria, then search the fridge to get a sandwich. Leave the kitchen and continue down the hall and into the office. Look at book on the table against the wall; you will remember your mom's birthday is December 12 (12-12). Leave the office, and go out through the front door of the house. Use the car, selecting the car keys in your inventory. After the vision, walk away from the house.

Use the ATM, inserting your mom's credit card. Enter the PIN as 1212, then look at the balance and withdraw some money MONEY IT'S ALL I WANT. Read the newspaper, then give your sandwich to the dog so you can enter the park. Talk to the lady on the right, then follow the path to the right. Look at the cartons on the bench to the left. Now talk to the hotdog vendor and give him some money. Choose one of these options:

  • Buy 1 hotdog
  • Buy 3 hotdogs GLUTTONY

Either way you will end up with some coins. Follow the path to the right to reach a playground. Search behind the slide here to find the little girl, who will give you a flower before returning to her mother. Go back to the left and talk to Lucia, giving her the flower. Head back towards the park entrance and talk to the lady and her daughter. Grab the packet of cigarettes from the park bench, then return home.

Talk to Jimmy, and you will end up back inside. Go upstairs, then up to Maria's room. Look at the teddy on her bed. After Maria enters her bathroom, examine the locked trunk and the snake. Now head back outside and walk towards the town.

Enter the pharmacy, which is now open. Look at the mouse and offer the kid your money to get the rat. Talk to the pharmacist, who can't give you medicine without a prescription. Put a coin in the donation box on the bench to receive a free pen. Head back outside and go home again. Go inside and enter the office. Use your pen on the prescription pad on the coffee table, and you will end up with a prescription. Take this back to the pharmacy and give it to the pharmacist to get some drops. Return home once more and go up to Maria's room. Look at the cup of tea next to her bed and use the drops on it (select either amount). After Maria falls asleep, examine her. Choose one of these options:

  • Take key carefully
  • Take key and touch Maria LUST

Give the mouse to the snake, and you will get a medallion. Use the key on the locked trunk and you will get a black light bulb. Go downstairs and enter the office. Examine the desk, and insert the black light bulb here. Look at the clocks on the wall to see the times are "03", "666-1616" and "09". Examine the floor rug and you will move it to reveal a trap door - you don't know the code to open it yet.

Leave the house and walk to the park. Use the telephone here, inserting a coin and dialing the number 666-1616. You will hear the message "15 Paris". Return home again.

Downstairs, enter the living room at the end of the hall. Talk to your mom and give her the packet of cigarettes so that she leaves the room. Grab a candle from the dining table, then light it using the fireplace. Now head back to the office. Examine the trap door and open it with the code based on the three numbers and 3 cities: 031509. Go down through the trapdoor (you can only do this if you have the lit candle).

As you walk along the dark passage, light the torches with your candle. Once you reach the door, open it using the medallion. In the next room, examine the book and you will take some poison.

Back in your mom's bedroom, talk to your mom. Go to her purse to get her pills. Go back to your mom and give her one of these items:

  • Pills
  • Poison GREED

You will now see several scenes. Once you are talking with Ocaso, choose either option and you will head upstairs. Walk right along the landing LIMBO. Talk to Alba, then talk to Ocaso.

Chapter 2


Pick up a CD from the stack on your chest of drawers, and also pick up the cardboard box from the corner of the room. Use the CD in the stereo to put on some music. Now talk to Ketchup and you will start dancing with him. Talk to Ketchup again, then leave your room.

Grab the knife from the kitchen bench, then use this on the cheese to get a piece of it. When the phone starts ringing, go and answer it. Next head down the corridor to the left, and through the open doorway into a bathroom. Pick up the small wooden stool from the right, and the rope from the left (currently used to hang clothes). Back out in the corridor, use the stool to be able to reach the chain to access the attic. Climb up the ladder.

In the attic, look at the loose slats in the barrel on the right, and join them together with your rope. Add the cardboard box to the trap, then add the cheese IT'S A TRAP.


Go through the open door on the left into a classroom, and pick up the pen from the floor. Go down to the other end of the hallway and enter the bathroom directly at the end. Take a bottle of detergent from the cleaning trolley. Back out of the bathroom and enter the classroom on the right. Talk to Peter to get his attention. Use the pen on the professor, then use the detergent on her coffee.


After the professor is poisoned, you will start talking to Amelia. Choose one of these options:

  • Help the professor
  • Talk with the girl SLOTH


Pick up the coffee cup from the floor. Go straight across to the kitchen and steal the keys from the professor's purse. Go back down the hall and enter the staff room, which is opposite the classroom where you found the pen. Use your coffee cup on the water machine to fill it with water. Continue to the end of the hall and use the keys to unlock the electrical box on the wall. Now throw water into it and the lights will go out.


Try to go across to the kitchen where the professor is trapped, but the door is locked. Go down the corridor and take the fire extinguisher from the wall. Use this on the locked door and you will get inside. With Amelia trying to help the professor, go down the corridor and into the staff room. Use the phone on the main desk here.

When you reach the park, the gates are closed. Go around the corner and enter the bar. Try to take the hammer from the table on the left. Talk to the DJ, who will give you a vinyl record. Talk to Nadine on the right, who will start singing. Now take the hammer and leave. Go to the park gates and use the hammer to get inside.

Follow the path to the right and talk to Amelia. When you reach the cemetery, walk left and talk to Amelia again. Inside the crypt, talk to Amelia again. Use your hammer to smash the ceramic pots in the corners of the room, and you will find an S rune. Go back out to the cemetery and find an A rune just to the right. Pick up the metal lever from the other side of the path here. Just to the right, look at the barred vault and use your lever to retrieve the C rune. Enter the crypt and use your lever to open the coffin, then take the O rune from inside. Now stand next to Amelia and use the runes on the stones to spell OCASO.

Go down the secret passage. Talk to Amelia again, then press the button on the far left wall. Talk to Amelia, and you will leave the crypt.

Go to the living room and find your mom on the floor.

In John's house, go downstairs to the kitchen and take the meat from the table. Go back to your room and give the meat to Ketchup. Go down to the living room and use the vinyl record on the gramophone to find a key THE KEY. Leave this room and see Ketchup standing outside the office door. Use the key to get inside. Head down through the trapdoor and along the passage, taking the book from the end.

Back at the crypt, talk to Amelia DARK RITUAL.

In the forest, follow the path and enter the church. Once you reach limbo, talk to Alba, then go down the stairs.

Chapter 3


Once you arrive near the police station, cross the road and you will almost be hit by John in his car - go over and talk to him, choosing one of these options:

  • Calm down
  • Confront ANGER

Now enter the police station. Talk to Lucia at the reception desk, then go down the corridor and use the elevator. Grab a donut from the box, then try to enter the office. Go to the right and talk to Jack, who will give you your badge and some advice. Return to the elevator again.

Grab a gun from the shelves, then talk to Patri at the shooting range. Give her your donut, then continue right and talk to Isma - he tells you the locker codes have changed to the police emergency number. Enter the locker room and find the only locker you can examine on the right. Enter the code 911 and you will take out your uniform. Use this on the change area to the left SHERIFF. Use the elevator again, then enter the office. Talk to Oliver, and you will head out of the station.

Pick up the bucket, then knock on the front door of the house. Go around the back and use the bucket in the well to get some water. Examine the van, but it is locked. Continue left and look at the small table outside the barn to find some keys. Go back and use these on the van - lightning will strike the van and the barn. Head towards the fire in the barn, but the doors will slam shut. Go around the far side of the barn and use your bucket of water on the flames here. Now shoot the lock on the back of the barn.

Back at home, talk to Lucia. Look at the cold food in the kitchen, then talk to Peter. Go to Peter's bedroom in the corridor, and take his favorite boat from the shelves. Go to the bathroom and fill the bathtub, then put the boat in the tub.

Once you are back at the police station, answer the phone. Go to the office and talk to Oliver. When he leaves, use his computer - you need a password. Note the birthday 03/03 on the note stuck to the computer screen. Leave the office and talk to Jack and Felix about the computer. Return to the office and use the telephone to call the IT department on 555-4567. Answer the question with "March 3" and you will receive the computer password. Log in to the computer with the password 3223. Click on the mail icon.

Follow the path and enter the church. Inside, read the book on the altar BIBLE. Now go through the door. Walk left and talk to Aurora. When you get back to the police station, you will talk to Oliver. Choose from these options:

  • No, I'm sorry, It's OK
  • Yes, I've caught OJO, It's not fair PRIDE

Back at home, go to the living room and answer the phone. Take some whiskey from the liquor cabinet, then pour it into the glass on the coffee table.

At the station again, answer the phone. Go to the office and talk to Felix. Enter the park and talk to the lady on the right. Sit on the park bench, and the dog will appear. Try to catch the dog, then follow the path to the right. Talk to the hotdog vendor and show your police badge to receive a hotdog. Use this on the dog to catch it.

Back at home, pull the attic ladder down, then climb up to the attic. Use the dog on anything here to leave the dog in the attic. Climb back down and go out to the kitchen. Grab a beer from the fridge, then look at the files on the coffee table. Go to Peter's room when you hear the loud music, then throw your beer at the stereo. Climb up to the attic, then pick up the cardboard box and collect the dog's remains in it (write anything in your letter to Felix).

Once you arrive at John's house, examine the car. Choose one of these options:

  • Better not
  • Scratch car ENVY

Interact with the front door, then talk to Alba so you can go inside. Once you reach the church, head inside. Look at the bookshelf to see some strange writing, and symbols of a skull, a potion and a gem. Grab the ladder from the floor on the left, and an axe and a potion from the table. Use the axe on the body hanging on the wall to remove its skull. Use the ladder on the gems in the ceiling to the right and you will get a gem. Put the skull, potion and gem into the bucket of blood beneath the kids BLACK MAGIC POTIONS. Try to shoot OJO when you have the chance.


Talk to Alba. Turn on the light switch, then look at your body to meet Ocaso. Look at Lucia, then at everyone else around the room. Talk to Alba, then you will see one of 2 endings:

  • Commited none or some of the 7 deadly sins in the game HAPPY ENDING
  • Committed all of the 7 deadly sins in the game SECRET ENDING