Déjà VuDéjà Vu

A Nightmare Comes True

Year:  1985

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Déjà Vu is a mystery adventure developed by ICOM Simulations. You play as Ace Harding, a retired boxer now working as a private eye in Chicago. You wake up near the scene of a murder and must work out what has happened and clear your name. The story continues in the sequel, Déjà Vu 2.

Joe's Bar


Take the overcoat and the gun. Open the overcoat to look in the pockets. Open the door and go through, then look in the mirror. Open the door here and go out to the hallway. Enter the women's bathroom on the left, and enter the toilet stall. Pick up the earring from the toilet, then leave the stall and the bathroom. Now open and head through the other door to the bar room. Head up the stairs on the left. Look at the pictures on the wall and you will recognise yourself as "Ace". Open the door and enter the office.


Open the desk to find an envelope; open this and examine the note inside to see a pharmacy bill, complete with an address. Now use the key from inside your wallet (inside the overcoat) to unlock the door. Open the door and head through. Examine the corpse, then take the keys. Open the desk here and take the pen and key. Open the window and climb through. Go up the fire escape. Open the window on the 3rd floor and go through. Open the wastebasket and take the syringe. Examine the 3 empty vials on the shelf. Hit the button next to the elevator, then go inside. Press the second button from the bottom, then leave the elevator to find the casino.


Put coins into the slow machine until you win the jackpot, then take all the coins from the machine. Go back into the elevator and press the bottom button. Exit into the basement.

Sewer and Alley

Save your game as you may get eaten by an alligator. Go forward, right, and up the ladder. Open the manhole and climb out. Head out to the main street. You will want to save your game quite regularly from now on; when the mugger arrives you can punch him, but only a total of 4 times.


Use the mercedes key on the front door of the car here. Open the front door and get inside. Open the glove box, and examine the photo, registration form and note. Leave the car (don't start the engine or you will blow up). Head right and punch the hooker, then open her purse and take her gun and 20 dollars. Return left twice to find a newspaper stand. Take a newspaper, then give a quarter to the newsboy. Continue left, where you may meet a bum - give him the 20 dollars in exchange for information. Keep going left past the weapons dealer to the taxi.

Taxi Cabs

Get in the taxi and talk to the driver, telling him to go to "1212 West End Street". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot, then get out of the cab.

Stanford Arms

Open the door and go inside. Use the access card from your wallet on the slot next to the elevator, then head in. Use the card on the slot here, then get out of the elevator when you reach the penthouse. Examine the photo on the fireplace to find another address. Go back downstairs, get in the cab and tell the driver to go to "520 South Kedzie". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot, then get out.


Try to open the door here, but it is locked. Shoot it with your gun, then go inside. Look at the note on the table to see a combination, and pick up the second earring to match the one you found at the beginning. Open the desk drawer, then take the diary and take the key. Go back outside and get in the tab. Tell the driver to go to "934 West Sherman". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot, then get out.

Office Building

Open the door and go inside. Go forward along the hallway to find the office of Doctor Brody. Use the key from the bungalow to unlock the door, then open it and go inside. Shoot the filing cabinet, then examine the first file - you will see the name bisodiumitis in the list of drugs ordered by Joey Siegel. Take this drug from the medicine cabinet, draw it up in your syringe, and use it on yourself. Now take some sodium pentathal from the cabinet and put this into the syringe. Back out of this office and go back to the lobby, then head upstairs. Unlock the door to Ace Harding's office (with the bungalow key again) but don't open it. Shoot the silhouette with your gun. Now open the door and go inside. Open the filing cabinet and read the files, then open your desk. Take the spent bullets from your gun and replace them with fresh ammo from the box here. Head outside and get in the cab. Tell the driver to go to "1060 South Peoria". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot, then get out.

Joe's Bar

Go right until you reach the bar. Use the bar key to unlock the front door and go inside. Head upstairs, through the secretaries office and left into the room with the corpse. Open the safe with combination "33-24-36". Open the folder and read the file. Open the box and take the key. Go back outside and use this new key to open the trunk of the car. Inject the woman with your sodium pentathal, then remove her gag to hear a new address. Head left to the taxi cab, and get inside. Tell the driver to go to "626 Auburn Road". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot, then get out.


Open the mailbox, then open the envelope and read the ransom note. Now approach the house. Use the knocker on the door, and punch the butler when he arrives. Head upstairs and into the first room on the left. Open the nightstand here and take the notepad. Use your pencil on the notepad, then examine it. Leave this room and enter the other upstairs room. Open the nightstand, then open the envelope and take the letter. Go outside and get back in the cab. Tell the driver to go to "1060 South Peoria". Put 3 quarters into the pay slot. Save your game then get out.

Joe's Bar

Head to the back alley of Joe's bar and go down into the sewer again. Climb down the ladder and head down to find a whirlpool. Put your gun in here. Climb back out of the sewer and head right from Joe's to find the police station. Go inside. As long as you have the diary, notepad and letter, you will clear your name.