Death GateDeath Gate

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1994

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Walkthrough Updated:  8/31/2007

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Death Gate is an adventure game by Legend Entertainment set in a world split into 5 realms by the evil Sartan. Playing as Haplo, you must travel through the Death Gate into these 5 realms to enable the world to be reconstructed, and eventually take on the Sartan. As well as traditional adventure elements, you have the ability to cast spells.


Talk to Xar and you will get the Arianus marker and two new spells. Take one of the glowlamps from behind him, then head west twice to enter your ship. Cast Rune Transfer on the marker, and transfer the rune on to the steering stone in your ship. Use the steering stone and you will arrive at Arianus.



Exit your ship to the northeast, and head northeast again. Talk to Jarre, then take the shirt, elbow pipe, marmalade and bread. Put lots of marmalade on the bread (3 times), then head east to meet Limbeck. Talk to him, then give him the bread with the marmalade. Take the parchment he discards - it is a map. Now head north and northwest to meet Grawple. Talk to him and you will get 1 pipe fitting - take another out of the box, but you still need 2 more. Head southeast then north to find a sleeping dwarf. Cast a heat spell on the sensor and the "god" will be distracted, so you can continue north. Go up and take the wine jug, then go down twice. Speak to Duke Andrews and he will give you a signet ring. Go back up, then all the way back to your ship. Head to King Stephen's Castle, which has appeared on your map of Arianus.

King Stephen's Castle

Head northeast and north from your ship, and speak with the guards. Show them your signet ring and they will let you in to see the King, who instructs you to get the Elven ship at Drevlin to take off. Now go west and take the shear - use it to lift the bar, so you can open the shutter and learn a new spell. Go through the shutter and take the candle holder and a book from the bookcase. Read the book. Create a Reality Pocket on the tapestry, then enter it and talk to another wizard. Give him the wine, then talk to him to learn 2 more spells, who will teach you 2 more spells and escape. Now go back to Drevlin.


Give the candle holder to Limbeck, who will give you a 3rd pipe. Take the cork from the ink bottle and dip the white shirt in the ink to turn it black. Head to the ship again (cast a spell on the sensor as before) and go up. Cast a Shroud of Darkness on the black shirt, then put it on the glowing statues. Go down and west to the storeroom, then open the box and activate the zinger. You will then talk to King Stephen - ask for information and you will be transported to Skurvash.


Go north and look at the doll, then follow it into the alley. When you are trapped in the net, cast Swap on the street rat. Free him, then go northwest to his hideout. Talk to him again, then look at the doll and take the prybar. Go back to your ship, then down and west. Break the lock on the strongbox using the prybar, then open the box and get another pipe and a bag of jewels. Go back to town and head east into the tavern. Talk to the barkeep and sell him the jewels, then you will talk to Hugh, who gives you a job. Leave the tavern and go west and northwest to meet with the street rat again. Give him your money, then wait for him to return with a lockpick, a parchment and some info. Leave and go to the merchant's house (go southeast, east, southeast).

Use the lockpick to get inside (the 3 sounds are clack, tick and thunk - for this location you must push, then jiggle, then turn). Get the poetry book and read the poem, then look at the clock. Move the hand of the clock so that it points to the left of Winetime, Toiltime and Darktime (as indicated by the poem). Take the journal that is revealed, and read it. Now cast a Reality Pocket on the painting and enter it. Talk to the merchant to get his amulet (say you have a message that his fiancee wants the amulet, then answer the questions using info from the journal). Go back to the tavern and give this to Hugh and you will enter the Tower.

Push the table and get on it, noting which continent is in the window, then go southeast. Use the lockpick on the door (shake, pull and tilt) to the northeast and go through. Cast Motion on the statue, then take the necklace. Go back to the southwest, then read the paper - note the word that is shown above the content that was visible through the window. Press the hands whose first letters spell out that word. Go north and put the necklace on the pedestal. Take the handbook, crystal globe and book of Pryan, then when Hugh enters take the necklace to make him vanish. Go south twice and you will arrive in Drevlin.


Walk south and northwest, then fix the gap in the pipes using your pieces of pipe. Put the cork in the remaining hole, then turn the master valve. Talk to the dwarf, then show him your map - he will give you some ore. Head southeast then east to the Kicksey Winsey. Open the compartment and put the ore inside, then head east to discover a room of glass coffins. Put the crystal globe in the statue's hands, then take the seal piece. Head back to your ship. Transfer the rune from the book of Pryan on to the steering stone. Return to the Nexus.

Talk to Xar and you will give him the first seal. Make sure you note the names and titles of the 6 devils - you need them later in the game.



Go north from your ship and take the pink flowers. Walk west to the citadel, then west again to take a nut and a shell. Return to your ship and go to the Tree City.

Tree City

Head northwest twice and take the clothes line. Head west into the tree and work for the cook. Give your doll to the girl and follow her east to the ledge. Save the prince with your rope, then follow him southeast to the meeting place. Wait until the fire starts and a glowing ember shoots out of it. Gather the ember in the shell, then keep waiting to see Zifnab and learn a new spell. Cast Transportation on the white disk to follow him. Talk to Zifnab, then take his black disk. Tie the rope around the large branch. Go down and take some yellow and blue flowers - crush the yellow ones. Now swing across the chasm using the rope. Go east and throw the black disk into the Maw, then go southeast and Transport on the white disk.

Put the ember on the hive, then throw the marmalade at the spider. Cut the pod using your shear so you can take the golden staff. Now push the corpse in the lower left of the screen to reveal some toodstools and a magic arrow to take. Transport back up using the black disk. Give the poetry book, blue flowers and golden staff to the prince. Now talk to the elf prince and the human princess and both will join you. Head back to the Citadel.


Go north, west and north twice to where a dwarf girl is tied up. Give the book of Pryan to the princess and ask her to play the melody on her flute. Cut the vines with your shear, then wait while the dwarf asks the elders for help. She will return and give you some herbs. Head south and east. Put the yellow petals in the nut, then give the nut to the animal - it will pull the meat of the nut out for you, so take it. Now give the meat, herbs, pink flower and toadstools to the princess to cure her cough. Now go back to where you rescued the girl.

Head north into the forest until you reach a central tree. Try to climb it, then ask the elf prince to climb it for you, and he will bring you the crystal. Go back south 4 times, pull on the branch and throw the crystal down the stump. Head south and the Citadel will be opened. You will get a stone from Zifnab, and the crystal as well. Take the seal piece then go back to your ship. Transfer the rune from the crystal to the steering stone.

Go back to the Nexus and talk to Xar, then head to the next world.



Exit your boat and go northeast. Talk to Jethro and get his bucket. Go north to get some rocks, then head south, east, north and up. Take the tea set, then go downstairs and give it to the butler. Talk to him and learn what time tea is served. Now go south and east to the clock tower. Put the rocks in the bucket, then attach it to the hook. Go up and turn the dial to just before the time tea is served. Turn the crank and wait for the bell to ring, then pull the release lever. Go down, west and north, then east into the open room. Take the book from the stand and read it to learn 2 new spells and a new location.

Kleitus' Palace

Head off the ship, then go northeast and you will beet Kleitus, who will poison you, but you will also learn the Hunger spell. Talk to Prince Edward in the dungeon, and learn about the bottles in the bar. Cast Hunger on the dog, then give it the steak and cast Possession on it. As the dog, get the key and give it to Haplo. Now head north and go upstairs. Look for the bottle that does not obscure any of the lines of the tablecloth, and take it. Go back down and south and give the bottle to Haplo, then touch him. Now as Haplo, pick up the wine and drink it, then hand it to the Edmund so he can drink. Now grab the key and unlock both your manacles and Edmund's. Talk to him and he will join you. Take the vise from the table. Ask Edmund to join you, then head north. Take Edmund's passage to the west, then board your ship and he will guide you to the next destination.

Secret Cave

Head east into the cave and talk to the gamblers to get 4 rune bones. Talk to Balthazar about everything. Possess the dog and look at the easy wall, then touch yourself to end the spell. Talk to Balthazar again and you will learn a new spell. Now head east through the new opening. Take the book and read it to learn the Resurrection spell. Take the robe and you will have a vision that teaches you yet another spell. Wear the robe, then head west and talk to Balthazar again. Now go back to Telestia.


Go to the top of the clock tower. Tighten the vise and use it with the scepter. Loosen the vise to pop the headpiece off, then grab it. Now go down and into the house, then upstairs. Talk to the nanny and take her book, then get her to join you. Go back down, south, west and north to the snake. Turn the book of rhymes to the page with Grab That Snake on it, then get the nanny to read it. Go south and get Jethro to join you, then go north and he will obey the nanny's commands. Now you can head north. To solve the arrows puzzle, turn each of the corners once, each of the sides twice, then the middle once. Talk to the dwarf and get him to join you, then head back to the palace.

Kleitus' Palace

Leave the ship and head east to meet up with Edmund again. Attempt to go north and the dwarf will run off without you. Grab the rag and go north, then show the rag to the dog. Follow his nose to reach the Colossus. Unravel the illusion of the rune, then fill the hole with the headpiece. You will be given Edmund's pendant. Take the seal piece and return to your ship. Transfer the rune from the pendant to the steering stone, then go to the Nexus.

Talk briefly with Xar, then go to Chelestra.


Leave your ship and get some water in your empty bottle, then head west. Cast Rune Transfer on the rune bone that changes the Ward spell to a Possession spell. A dragon will appear, and your only escape is to possess the dog and run west into the city. After the long conversations, transfer the runes from the pendant to the globe. Push the globe, then create a Reality Pocket on the rug. Take the rug and head east, east, southwest to Samah's ship. Put the rug on the beam, then enter it. Push the globe again, then exit the scene. Head northeast out of the ship. Cast Null Water on your bottle of water, then drink it before entering the cave to the north. Take the scales, then head south and west. Put the scales on the pile of rocks, then take the stone. Return east and southwest and use the globe to return to the Nexus. Head east and take the history book, then go northwest and north into the Labyrinth.


Throw the zinger at the vines, then cast Cold on them and take the zinger again. Head north and northeast, then return southwest and south. Cast Heat on the vines then Cold again. Head north and northeast, then take the skull and enter the cave to the east. Take the bone here, then go west and northwest. Put the skull on the zinger and then put it in the robe. Activate the zinger to scare off the tiger men. Use the healing salve on the tracker, then take the cord and convince the tracker to find Xar and Sang-Drax. Go north, then put the cord on the bone and shoot the Chaodin insect with the magic arrow. Drink some more null water then go north into the cave and crush the green stone. Talk to Zifnab.


Go north and cast the mirror image (horizontally) of Self Immolation, and your double will kill himself. Search the body, then make a complete set of shears from the two halves. Go north twice more, then cut each of the tentacles as it approaches. Go north again. After Xar is killed, put the water seal piece in the water spire. Cast Resurrection on Xar and talk to him - he mentions the heart. Put the stone seal piece in the earth spire (to kill the sea slug). Read the history book to identify which rune is highlighted on the page of the Devil of the Heart (Orseph). When the apparation appears, put the air seal piece in the air spire. Now move the focus so it is over the correct rune, and put the nexus seal piece in the focus.