Dead Synchronicity

Dead Synchronicity

Tomorrow Comes Today

Year:  2015

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Dead Synchronicity places you in the role of Michael, a man who has lost his identity and place in the world. The game is set after an apocalyptic event called the Great Wave, which involved a series fo natural disasters and an untreated pandemic leaving humans turned into the Dissolved.

Act 1 - A Camp Full of Rats

Look in the empty suitcase of your inventory, then feel around and use the oil lamp. After meeting Rod, open the oven and take the pot lid and notebook. Pull back the rumpled bedsheet to reveal a sharp protruding bedspring. Try to open the wardrobe but it is locked, so head outside. Talk to the homeless man, then try to search his trolley. Put your pot lid on the drum fire, then search the trolley to get a credit card. Head back into the trailer and use the credit card to open the wardrobe. Take the whiskey and pillow case from inside. Tear the pillowcase on the protruding bedspring, soak it in the whiskey and then use it on the shoes in the wardrobe.

Go outside and walk down to find a crossroads, then go right towards the huge rubbish pile. Talk to the girl in white, but you will need money to get inside to talk to her more. Return to the crossroads and head left. Talk to the solitary inhabitant, then enter the brick building and talk to the Hunter and the bartender. Pick up the empty beer cans from the bar before leaving. Go to the crossroads again and this time head up towards the gate. Talk to the sentries at the gate, who won't let you leave. Walk slightly left and enter the building up on the ledge. Talk to the woman inside, who turns about to be Misha. Look at the overturned drawer on the floor, then try to pick up the cigarettes.

Head out through the doorway to the left and speak to the boys. Use the cans on the boys and you will set them up above their target. Talk to the boys again, who agree to help you. Return inside to the right and steal the cigarettes from the floor. Go back to the crossroads, then left and into the Hunter's bar. Give the cigarettes and whiskey to the bartender and you will receive a food package. Go back to Misha and give her the food package in exchange for her bracelet. Go out to the gate and show the bracelet to the sentries, then go through the gate towards the city.

Act 2 - Doomsday City

Talk to the old man and the city dwellers. Enter the church and pick up the glass shards from the ground on the left. Try to push over the sculpture on the right, but it is too heavy. Leave the church again and take an exit towards the right. Try to lift the manhole cover, but you can't get an adequate grip. Look at the entrance to the medical center, then try to go inside through the barrier. Next look at the gate on the right and at the damp soil in front of it. Use your glass shards on the damp soil, but they aren't big enough to be useful. Take the sign from the nearby tree trunk and you will also get some nails.

Return to the inside of the church and use your plank on the sculpture to position it as a lever. Use the lever to topple the statue, then pick up the large jagged piece of glass (you will discard the smaller ones). Leave the church and go right, then use the large glass shard in the damp soil. Crawl beneath the gate and head right into the park. Pick up the crowbar and then the rope. Return left out of the park, then continue left. Use the crowbar to remove the subway sign from the wall. Head down out of the city.

Instead of returning through the gate, approach the tree on the left. Use the rope on the tree, then use the tree to climb down into the water. Search the hewn stones to get a carved stone. Climb back out and return through the gate to the crossroads. Go down and use your crowbar on the car door to pry it open. Remove the car seat cover and you will also get an elastic band. Go back to the crossroads, then head to the city.

Take the poster from the wall to the left of the old man, then use your seat cover on the window. Break the window using your crowbar. After the old man leaves, pick up the bolt cutters he leaves behind. Enter the church and give the carved stone to Reverend Blake. Pick up the cross-shaped stick he drops and combine it with your elastic band to make a slingshot. Head back to Misha's house up on the ledge, and go out the back to see her sons. Give them the slingshot, and they will distract the sentries. Go down to the barrier and search the saddlebag on the motorbike, then take the gloves from inside.

Go back to the city again and enter the park. Use the bolt cutters on the wall of trees and bushes. After the vision, go right to the electrified fence. Use your rubber gloves on the fence. Lift up the half-buried pipe, then climb down through the trapdoor. Look at the darkened room, then go through the other door to find the main hall. Look down at the room, then walk right and pick up the acid jug. Crawl through the ventilation grate. Pick up the black bag from the janitor's cart, then head right. Use your crowbar on the glass case and you will meet Uma. Take the morphine from the glass case, then search Uma's desk and you will find a tiny key. Return to the left and use the key to open the metal closet. Take the wooden crate from inside (you will also get a GPS, hospital ID and report on the cure).

Return to the city and talk to Reverend Blake's sister outside the church. Leave the city and talk to the sentry at the gate. Go to the tree on the left and climb down into the water again. Look at the dark bundle to see it is the body of the Reverend. Take the business card from his pocket and look at it in your inventory to see an address. Put your slingshot in his pocket, then use the acid jug and your jagged piece of glass on him. Climb out and talk to the gate sentry once more, and the kids will be free to go. Go up to Misha's house and give her the morphine in exchange for some money. Head outside to the left and talk to the kids, then go back through the house and return to the crossroads.

Go right and give your money to the thugs, then enter the van. Look at the dirty wrinkled page on the wall and look at the mirror. Open the toolbox and take the wire and hand drill from inside. Go back outside, then go to the crossroads, down and into Rod's trailer. Give the report to Rod, and you will end up back outside. Go to the crossroads, then go left, where you will find that the Hunter's bar is closed. Look at the GPS in your inventory to see that it is missing batteries. To get the attention of the men inside. use your hand drill on the line of drums to the left. Pick up the empty drum to stack it on top of the others, then you can use your bolt cutters on the electric cable above. Talk to the Hunter, then give him the ID and you will receive some batteries. Go outside and put the batteries into the GPS, then use the business card on your GPS.

Act 3 - Oracles and Ashes

Talk to the 2 soldiers in the back street, then pick up the small empty can from on top of the trash cans. Enter the building on the left to find an old bookstore. Take the wooden boards from the shelves on the right. Use your crowbar on the blocked door, then go through to end up on the outside of the building. Try to walk along the walkway, but the soldiers will see you. Go back towards the city square, then head right to the forest entrance. Use the empty tin to pick up the rotten fish through the gate. Go back to the back street with the 2 soldiers and put your tin with rotten fish on top of the trash cans. The soldiers will end up moving further back into the street. Examine the electrical panel next to where they used to be standing; turn the knobs so all lights are at their brightest, then flip the red switch at the bottom right, and all the lights will go out.

Head back into the bookstore, go through the door, and climb up to the roof of the building. Pick up the metal bucket, then go down through the door. Take the handwritten note, and look at the metal plaque next to the door - this is your apartment. Leave the building and try to leave this area, but you will be attacked before leaving. Pick up the flashlight, and search the pool of blood to get a tooth fragment. Go back towards the camp, then head left to the tree. Climb down into the water and use your bucket on it to fill it up. Go back to the crossroads and head down to Rod's trailer. Use your bucket of water on the bonfire to put it out, then pick up the doll from the ashes. Go to the Hunter's bar and take the electrical tape from the bar. Head next to the van to see Rose again. Combine the wooden boards and wooden crate (you will use the nails), then add the broken subway sign (you will use the electrical tape). Give the cradle and burnt doll to Rose, and she will give you a key.

Go back to your apartment and use the key to unlock it and head inside. Look around the room. Open the music box, then open the work closet and take the instant camera from inside. Search the file cabinet on the left; open the S-U drawer and take the newspaper from the right tab called "The New Truth". Go outside and combine the newspaper with your GPS.

Act 4 - Old and New Truths

After you finish talking to Chris, head outside and go around to the park entrance. Use your crowbar to lift up the manhole cover, then use your flashlight on the sewer entrance to head down. Go through the archway on the right. Search the waste heap, then use your crowbar on the pile of partially tangled waste. Look at Sarah's corpse, then take the flash drive from her hand. Go back to Chris and give him the flash drive, then tell him either option about Sarah. Search through the jumbled objects in the crate to get some camera film. Put the film in your camera, then hold it shut with your tooth fragment.

Head back to the park, through the fence and down the trapdoor. Use your flashlight on the dark room, then flip the switch on the control panel. Climb back up the ladder and walk to the left. Take a photo of the lighted fuel depot with your camera. Go back to the Hunter's bar and give the photo to the Hunter. Return outside and go back to Rod's trailer. Look through the window in the back of the trailer. Break the window pane with your crowbar and climb inside. Open the cookie box and take the revolver inside, then talk to Colin.

Go to the Hunter's bar again and talk to the Hunter. Go through the crossroads to the van and head inside to see Rose again. Give her the revolver. After the action, pick up the coins from the card table. Go to the city and enter your apartment. Try to use the photography backdrop, but it is stuck. Use the coins on the backdrop and you will successfully retrieve it. Go back to Rose again and use the generator on the right - this will trigger a flashback. Quickly use the black bodybag and the photography backdrop on the generator to protect it from the water (if you don't do it in time, wait for the flashback to happen again). Pick up the generator. Go and see Chris once more and give him the generator.