Game Details:  Mystery, 1982

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/8/2005

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Deadline is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as Chief of Detectives, and have 12 hours to solve the murder (or suicide) of Mr Marshall Robner.

Before the Will

Head north, then open the door and go north twice, east, and up twice. Now go west 4 times and north to find the library. Take the cup, pad, calendar and pencil. Rub the pencil on the pad, then turn the page of the calendar. Now examine the rug to see some mud spots. Open the balcony door and go north. Examine the railing for another clue.

Next head south twice, east 4 times, down twice, west and south to the foyer. Open the door and go south, then head east twice and southeast. Examine the ladder.

Next return upstairs by going north, south, north 3 times, east and up twice. Walk south twice to find Dunbar's bathroom. Open the cabinet and examine the LoBlo. Go back north twice, down twice, west and south twice, then wait here until 11:30 (at some point you will be given a envelope - just keep waiting). Now go east twice, northwest and west, then wait until you see McNabb. Go over to him, say hello, then ask what is wrong. Get him to show you the holes, and when he walks away, follow him. Examine the holes, then examine the ground and dig around the holes twice to find some porcelain. Analyse the fragments for LoBlo.

Walk north, west, south, north 3 times and west into the living room. Wait here for the will to be read.

After the Will

At some point you will be given the fragment and a lab report - drop the fragment as you don't need it.

Once the will has been read, show George the calendar. Follow him until you reach his room, then go north, west and north twice to the balcony. Wait here until George disappears and the bookcase swings shut, then wait another 5 minutes. Go south and examine the bookshelf, then press the button and go east. Take the will, then look in the safe, get the papers and read them.

Go back to the living room by walking west, south, east 4 times, down twice and west twice. Say hello to Baxter, then ask about Focus. Show the papers to him. Next show the lab report to Dunbar, then to Baxter. Accuse Dunbar.

Now go east, and wait for Dunbar. Follow her until she drops a ticket outside the house. Pick up the ticket and read it. Show it to Dunbar. Go east twice and southeast, then wait for Baxter. Show the ticket to Baxter, then arrest Baxter and Dunbar.