Game Details:  Action/RPG, 1999

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  3/15/2008

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Darkstone is an action RPG in a similar vein to Diablo, but with 3D graphics and a random element to the provided quests. You play as a pair of characters, one guided by the computer, and must save the land that is under constant threat of an evil dragon.


Item Quests

Villagers throughout the game will ask you to retrieve items for them, which will be found at random locations within the dungeon. If you find an item before it is asked for, you will need to try to give it to all the villagers you meet until one rewards you with gold. Here are the items you may be asked to find:

  • The Bard's Musical Scroll
  • Claw of Sargon
  • The Cursed Sword
  • The Royal Diadum
  • The Dragon Scale
  • The Holy Grail
  • The Celestial Harp
  • The Medallion of Melchoir
  • The Pathbook
  • The Sacred Scroll
  • The Shield of Light
  • The Soul Stone
  • The Unicorn's Horn
  • The Storm Flower
  • The Broken Vase
  • The Magic Anvil

Enemy Quests

Similarly, you will be given quests to kill specific enemies. Kill the bad guy, then return to the town where you were asked to claim your reward. Enemies to be slain include:

  • The Evil Garth
  • Nosferatu

Crystal Quests

The important quests in Darkstone are those which give you a crystal. In any game you play, you will only have to solve 1 out of the 3 possible quests for that "area", which spans 4 dungeon levels. Solutions for these quests are found in the next section.

Sundial Quest

You may have to complete this quest at any point during the game. On each of the first 3 levels of a dungeon section you will find two gems and a statue. Place the two gems into the statue's eyes, then pick up the statue and take it with you. Once you have collected all three, head down to the 4th level. Find the sundial and solve the riddles on the wall, then place the statues on numbers 3, 7 and 10.

The Land of Ardyl

The Sun Cross (1-4)

Drakus the antique dealer wants you to retrieve the sun cross. Head into the dungeon and search to find a corpse with a note that identifies a secret passage in the monastery (behind the huge doors you cannot yet enter). Continue until you find Gondoor, who will give you a medallion for later, and will tell you that you must find a key in the next room. Enter the room and kill everything, then find the key and use it on the next door to find a prisoner. Don't kill him - kill all the enemies instead and you will get another key. Enter the next room and Gondoor will be standing in front of three pedestals - select an item from one of the pedestals, then head back up to the monastery. Use your medallion to get inside. Ignore the sun cross for now; instead find the unlit torch, and pull it to reveal a secret door. Go inside and fight a skeleton to get the sun cross. Go back up and give the sun cross to Drakus. You will then have to fight him to claim the crystal.

Horn of Plenty (1-4)

You will come across a village that is suffering a famine due to the loss of the horn of plenty. Go down into the dungeon and you will meet the spirit of Riken, who failed in his attempt before you. Find and kill the fire golem and ice golem and give them to Riken, in exchange for the cloak of clouds. Wear this and you can walk through the walls of Zoram's lair to fight him. Now take the horn of plenty from the pedestal in the centre of the room. Head back up to the village and give the horn to the mayor. As you leave the village, you will be given the crystal by Riken. Tip: You can use the horn as an infinite supply of food. Simply right click on it and you will receive a chicken leg for each click!

Mika the Witch (1-4)

This quest begins with the discovery of a village whose female inhabitants have been turned to stone. Visit the witch's house to discover you need to restore her beauty. Enter the dungeon and find the mirror of truth. Give this mirror to Elas when you meet him, and he will give you the mirror of lies. Return to the witch and give this to her. She will remove the curse, so return to the village to claim your crystal.

The Antidote (5-8)

You will find a family camping in the woods. Genna has become ill, and a quick search of the camp area will reveal a letter from Ger the Sorceror inside a chest. Gutrick (Genna's brother) will accompany you to visit the Sorceror to get an antidote. When you get there, Ger will give you a cup and tell you to fill it from the fountain of light. Enter the dungeon, and take the 4 prisms from their pedestals throughout the 4 dungeon levels. Now locate the fountain of light. Place the 4 prisms on the pedestals around the fountain to shine light into it. Place the cup into the fountain to fill it up. Return to the camp and give the antidote to Genna. She will give you a crystal.

The Unicorn (5-8)

You will come across a trapped unicorn. Talk to the nearby fairy, who will accompany you to steal a key from an evil sorceror. Go down into the dungeon and explore. You will find you can't open some of the doors, but your fairy friend will fly through the bars and open them from the other side. You will eventually find a treasure room and then the sorceror's lair. Kill the sorceror, then free the fairy (who is imprisoned in a glass jar by the sorceror). She will give you the key, so head back and free the unicorn to get another crystal as a reward.

The Reeds (5-8)

Click on the pedestal in front of a small pond and a fairy will appear and play a tune for you. She will tell you that you need to find reeds and play them in order from smallest to largest, to play the song of the snakes. Go into the dungeon and find 5 different sized reeds, then go to the room that has 5 faces on the wall. Place the reeds into the faces, smallest on the left, largest on the right. The snakes will now be charmed for a short period of time, so quickly lower the bridge and kill them all before they start attacking. Take the crystal once the snakes are dead.

The Land of Marghor

The Eye of Ra (9-12)

A blind monk will ask you to find the Eye of Ra to cure his blindness. Go into the dungeon and find size ocular globes. Place the three pairs into the three statues you find around the dungeon, then find the "solar room", which containing a giant sundial. Read the riddles on the wall, and place the gold statue on 7, the silver on 10 and the bronze on 3. A door will open and you can claim the Eye of Ra. Head up out of the dungeon and give the Eye to the monk. He will give you a magnifying glass and tell you he has lost his faith. Remember this for later. Now find Gar, who is fishing nearby. Borrow some of his fish and give them to the carpenter, then lead him to the broken bridge near Gar and he will fix it for you. Cross the bridge and read the first sign. Use the magnifying glass to read the second sign. Now face the chest and move to the left. Follow the shore around so you are directly behind the chest, then head straight towards it and you should avoid all mines. Open the chest and get the bible, then leave the island the same way you arrived. Now find the Temple of Eras and place food on the two empty plates out the front. Eras will appear, so give him the bible and he will ask you to get a convert for him. Return to the monk from before and give him the bible. Go to the temple again and you will receive a crystal.

The Missing Baby (9-12)

You will enter a burned village that has just been attacked by a dragon. Lucy will ask you to find her baby and her husband. Find the entrance to the dungeon, and chop down the large tree to cross the water to reach the entrance. Talk to Josh, who is lying near the entrance and give him a health potion in exchange for a potion of invisibility. Enter the dungeon and work your way down to the last level, where you will find a lot of monks and a lot of lizard people. Click on a monk and the fight will begin. After the battle, get the baby and give it to Lucy back in the village, in exchange for a crystal.

The Giant Wasp (9-12)

There is a town here whose inhabitants are afraid of an old well. Go down the well into the dungeon and destroy all of the wasp nests. Continue and you will find some townspeople, who will thank you and tell you about the wasp queen below. Continue again and you will meet Rosso, who will give you the Sword of Elwon with which you can defeat the queen. Use this sword to hack through the webbing blocking a hallway on the bottom dungeon level. You will enter a large room with more nests and the queen. Take care of the nests first, then kill the queen, who will give up a crystal upon dying.

The Champions of the Shadow World (13-16)

Horgan (at his house in the woods) will ask you to recover his Crystal of Life from Korgun. Kill this chief of the orcs at a camp not far away and return the crystal to Horgun, who will tell you about the Gate of the Lonely and give you an amulet. Go to the gate and place a heavy object (eg. your weapon) on the centre of the teleport pad, wear the amulet and open the gate. Go down into the dungeon and kill two Champions on each of the first two levels and take their swords. Now find a room with a giant skull, and place the swords in the two smaller skulls on pedestals. Now kill the final Champion and take his sword and the crystal from in front of the giant skull.

The Pits of Poison (13-16)

Eraldus' wife Angelique has been kidnapped by a giant spider. Enter the dungeon and you will notice a prison on the first level of the dungeon, but it is currently locked. Continue down and find a room with two vials of poison. Take these and head down again to find two more vials. Also note two more important rooms, one with 3 weapons and another with 2 amulets. Don't take anything yet. Head down to the botom level and throw an antidote potion into each of the three venom pools surrounding the crystal (then take it). Now find 4 more venom pools (2 on the bottom level and 2 on the level above). Place a poison vial in each of them, and the master's room will open. Go inside and Draak will appear, then you will be attacked by the giant spider. Kill it and get some nice items and a key from the chests. Get the 2 amulets from earlier, and one of the 3 weapons, then unlock the prison with your key. Kill the spiders, then use the lever to open Angelique's cell. Give her a teleportation scroll and she will return to her husband. Now go there are demand a reward from Eraldus, He will attack you, so kill him and then his wife. Take the key and use it to gain access to a sword and some armour in the chest.

The Celestial Sword (13-16)

You will find a prisoner within the dungeon, who will give you the celestial symbol you need to get the celestial sword. Back out of the dungeon is a giant rock formation which has the symbol carved into it. Place the symbol into the carving and you will gain entry to a clearing. Take the sword from the stone, then go back into the dungeon. Find 6 lizard eggs in a room and attack them with the sword. Now exit the dungeon and visit Shadire to receive the celestial dagger. Go down once again and find a room with a giant snake head glanked by pedestals. Place the dagger on the empty pedestal and take the crystal from the other.

The Land of Omar

Princess Jasmine (17-20)

Prince Ramal and his aide Melchoir are looking for Princess Jasmine, who is being held in the dungeon below. Head down and locate the harem, which is guarded by magic traps. Dodge the magic missiles and get inside to find Jasmine - a spell has been cast to keep her there. Head further down into the dungeon to find Melchoir, now dying. He will give you a key so you can save the Prince. Continue and use the key to unlock the door to the mine. Kill the ratmen and find the Prince, who will give you the Diadem of Oblivion. Take this back to Jasmine and she will free herself, giving you the Horn of Roland before she leaves. Kill Kirgard, who will appear and attack you, then read the missive that he drops. Go back up to the graveyard and find Roland's tomb. Use the horn and Roland will appear and attack. Kill him and get the helmet, then head down to the bottom level of the dungeon. Wear the helmet in the room with three giant statues, and you will see mines scattered throughout the room. Avoid these and pull the three levers to get the crystal. The statues will come to life and are quite tough to beat, so either fight them or run away.

The Fountains of Immortality (17-20)

You will come across Argansa and Langolin the Sorceror at a house. Argansa's husband is being held captive by Draak's disciples. Don't let Langolin borrow your crystal - take on the adventure yourself! Head down and find the Fountain of Immortality - attack it to get an elixir of youth and an elixir of immortality. Attack the other 2 fountains to get more potions, then search the rest of the dungeon to find Argansa's husband. He is dead, so search his body for a note, telling you not to trust Langolin. Find the crystal room, and Langolin will appear and ask for it. When you refuse him, he will turn into a spectre and attack. Kill him, then use the Crystal of Wisdom on the new crystal to take it.

The Mysterious Spectre (17-20)

The entrance to the dungeon in this quest is blocked by a spectre named Kolos, who will give you some advice before letting you continue. You will meet him again in front of a room on the first level of the dungeon, and he will tell you of a powerful spellbook. Enter the room and kill the enemies, then take the spellbook (it's just a normal spellbook). You will find another room blocked by Kolos, who tells you that inside is a druid who will try to trick you. Go inside and offer Atenus a health potion when he asks for one. He will summon a fire golem and attack, so kill both of them then take the Vial of Spirits. Now continue further down and find two more rooms blocked by Kolos. Go inside each and kill the enemies, then take the elixirs (which you can drink at any time). You will eventually find a room with a final confrontation (according to Kolos). Go inside and kill everything, then try to take the crystal and Kolos will steal it from you. Continue further into the dungeon and find a room with 3 coffins. Use the Vial of Spirits on the middle coffin to summon Kolos, then kill him and take the crystal.

The Three Demons (21-24)

Gaetan tells you that his axe has been stole by Gober, a goblin leader. Find him and get the axe, then give it to Gaetan in exchange for the Shield of Demons. Enter the dungeon and you wil find a room with symbols on the floor. Quickly run across the floor and mines will explode behind you. Attack the demon statue to receive the Gem of Reason, then quickly kill the attacking snakes. Go down and race through the fire maze, dodging fireballs if you can. Attack the next demon statue to get the Fire Gem. Head down again, and kill the giant worm then attack the statue to get the Gem of Courage and kill some more snakes. Head down one more time and place the 3 gems on the 3 arches to open a door. Go through and get the Demons Helmet. Equip both this and the shield so you can take the crystal.

The Pyramids of Light (21-24)

This quest starts with the discovery of three circles of life, with a corpse next to one of them. Search it to find a note about making an offering of death. Now enter the dungeon and find 3 sets of teleport pads. Try them all to collect three shade flowers, then go back towards the entrance. Just above the entrance are three circles - place a flower on each of them and they will disappear (this is the offering). Go back to the circles of life and collect three flowers of life, then re-enter the dungeon. Go to the bottom level and find the pyramid room. Place a flower of life inside each smaller pyramid to open the large pyramid and reveal a crystal.

The Trial of the Damned (21-24)

The Guardian of the Damned waits outside the entrance to this dungeon. Kill him and get a key, then go into the dungeon. Use your key to open the locked door on the first floor, and take the Cross of Crime (after dodging the spikes on the floor of this room). On the next levels, collect the Cross of Penitence and the Cross of Pardon. On the bottom level, pull the lever to open the door. Talk to the spectre, then give him the crosses and kill him. Search his body to find another crystal.

The Land of Serkesh

The Vampire's Sceptre (25-28)

A miller has heard strange noises emanating from his mill, and his apprentice has gone missing. Enter the mill and the apprentice will tell you of a vampire (Luxorius) who is looking for something in the mill. He will then turn into a vampire and attack, so kill him. Continue further into the mill and kill the werewolves, then get the rock crushing hammer and leave the mill. Now find the mad rat's camp, and use the hammer to smash the boulder blocking the entrance. Kill the mad rat inside and get Luxorius' sceptre. Go back into the dungeon and find two coffins. Equip the sceptre then open them to find a vampire's ring and cloak, then quickly kill the enemies who begin attacking. Go to the bottom level of the dungeon and give the sceptre to the guard to be allowed through to Luxorius' lair. He will ask for his belongings. You can quickly give him all three belongings and he will leave, but if you are too slow he will attack. Kill him (or watch him leave) then take the crystal.

The Statues of Arkhang (25-28)

Ubus will meet you at the entrance to the dungeon and ask you to find his brother. Head into the dungeon and you will soon find Aeron, who will tell you of a clan of renegade druids. He will also give you a bow to destroy the statues of Arkhang. Note the room with the crystal, but you can't take it yet, so keep going. Use the bow to destroy the first two statues, and continue to the bottom level of the dungeon. Enter a room full of druids and destroy the final statue, then kill the druids. Head back up to the crystal room and take it from the pedestal.

The Holy Number (25-28)

A monk will give you a scroll with his vision on it. Read it, then head to Menthall's house and learn that he has gone missing. Head into the dungeon. Try to take the three crystals in the top levels, and you will receive random items and potions. Further on you will find Menthall's body with three notes, giving you the holy number (hint: the last number is 0). Find the demon statues with the dial in front of it, dial up the holy number and grab the crystal.

The Destruction of Draak (29-31)

Sebastian will greet you at the entrance to Draak's lair. Place your 7 crystals on the 7 pedestals surrounding him and Sebastian will create the Time Orb. Now go into the lair and continue to reach the final level. Use the teleport pads to make your way to the final confrontation (you can't use your automap here). Draak will turn into a dragon and attack. Knock him down to almost half of his hit points and then use the Time Orb (if he reaches exactly half before you use the orb, he will regenerate). Now kill him any way you can. Sebastian will appear again, giving you the Astral Hand and a key. Check the back wall of Draak's lair to find a locked gate. Use the key to enter the treasure room and get lots of money. Now go up to the town and place the Hand on the Darkstone to finish the game.