The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 1The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 1

Her Twisted Pleasures

Game Details:  Horror, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/19/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 1 is a psychological horror game comprising a series of disturbing scenes related to an imprisoned man who wakes up while being tortured. You have different ways of solving the provided puzzles, some more brutal and heartless than others. There are 17 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 2.

Episode 1

Broken Lines of a Killer

Look at the small trolley to the left. Press the red switch on it, then pull it closer. Now take the paperclip from the trolley, then use it on your handcuffs to free yourself. Pick up the black bottle of chloroform from the nearby trolley, and the green cloth and scalpel from closer to your bed. Combine the chloroform and cloth in your inventory. Save your game, then drug the nurse with the cloth Red Sins. Load your game, then kill the nurse with the scalpel Killer.

Search the nurse's pockets to get a badge, a key and a piece of paper. Head past the nurse and use the key on the locked metal door.

In the storeroom, use the switch just to the left of the door to turn on the lights. Move the bed so that it blocks the doorway. Head further into the room and take the mens' clothes to get changed; you will also end up with a lighter and a belt. Go back to the bed blocking the doorway. Use the chloroform and lighter on it. Walk further into the room and open the window so you can climb outside. Use your belt on the wire here to slide down it - make sure you drop down on to the next building to avoid being impaled at the end.

Open the red fire cupboard to get a fire extinguisher. Use this on the door, then head inside. Pick up the black leather bean bag on the floor to the left, then return outside. Throw the bean bag down to the ground, then jump onto it. Walk left and search between the blue barrels to find a crowbar. Use this on the metal door just to the right, then head inside. Grab the bulb from the wall light before going back outside.

Head left over near the digger to find a light that is missing its bulb. Put your bulb in it, then pick up the small key in the nearby grass. Climb into the digger and use the key on the ignition beneath the steering wheel. Turn on the lights using the controls beneath the steering wheel. Use the left of the two levers to the right of the steering wheel, then use the far left lever. You will automatically go through the hole in the fence. Cross the street and continue south, then follow the road to the east. Examine the couple.

After you awaken on the train, pick up the rope and hook from the right. Walk towards the far wall of the train car to get a different view. Take the piece of wood on the right, and use this with the chained saw on the left - you will end up with 2 wood pieces. Combine these with the rope and then with the hook. Walk down to the other part of the train car. Try to take the knife hanging on the right. Use your hook on the knife and then the trolley, and you will have the knife. Use this to stab the Nazi. Go back and hide behind the tall stack of boxes.

Episode 2

Auschwitz Death Camp

You will automatically get off the train when it stops Auschwitz. Head to the right, then continue down and left until you find a pile of bodies within an icy hole in the ground. Look at the man standing on the wooden platform in the background Executioner. Examine the metal bars just to the left to see that one is bent, then take it. Return to the right and use the metal bar in the hole to the right of the wooden door. Reach through the hole, then head inside.

Take the lighter from the table, and pick up the red teapot from the bench in the background. Fill the teapot with water from the sink. Take the keys, which are hanging just to the right of the wooden door here. Walk further to the right and put the teapot on the stove. Light the stove with your lighter, then use your flask on the teapot to fill it with hot water. While you are here, move the carpet on the floor and look at the hatch - it is locked with an iron bar. Leave the kitchen the same way you came in.

Go right to return to the train. Examine the large pile of corpses, and click on the woman that is facing you The Cold Death. Use your flask on the pistol, which is stuck in the ice at the bottom of the pile - you will end up getting it free.

Return to the left until you reach the area where you found the metal bar. Continue down to the left, and use your keys on the gate to make your way through. Go left until you reach a guard facing away from you. Save your game, then shoot the guard when there is silence The Last Breath. Try again, this time shooting the guard so you are timed with the other soldiers shooting in the background Wehrmacht.

Walk left and pick up the hammer from on top of the crate. Return to the kitchen and look at the hatch in the floor again. Use your hammer on it, then climb down. Use your hammer on the guard Hammer smashed face. Look at the eye scanner on the wall, then pick up the guard's eye from one of the pools of blood on the ground. Use the eye on the eye scanner, then go through the door.

Save your game, then use the lever next to the door to activate power in the room. Quickly use the controls on the right of the gas chamber, then talk to the woman you have saved Sacrificer. Pick up the ID card and metal bar from the left, then leave the room again. Go back upstairs and outside.

Return to where you shot the guard earlier, and continue further to the left. Look at the hole in the brick wall on the right. Use your metal bar in this hole. Pick up the dead body and put it on the hook on the end of the metal bar you just inserted. Pull the small lever next to the tree, then climb up the ladder to reach the roof.

Pick up the stones and the brick. Throw the stones down to hit the bell next to the door. Now throw the brick on to the head of the man that comes out to investigate. Climb down the ladder and examine the body Dr Mengele. Head through the open door. Use your ID card on the reader next to the door, then go through and save your game. Walk further into the room.

Episode 3

Hidden Lies

Use your crowbar to hit the man in the knee. Select "Get the fuck out of here!" Forgiver. Load your game, then when you reach the decision again, select "No, you gonna pay for this!" Punisher. Talk to Lena, and you will end up driving away.

Look back in the car and take the keys from the body. Approach number 30 and use the keys on the front door. Go inside and up the stairs.

Episode 4

Her Twisted Pleasure

Use the keys on the door to get inside the apartment. Use the light switch on the right wall, then go further inside. Open the drawer beneath the birdcage and pick up the ball of wool. A little further to the right, look at the broken plate on the floor, and pick up the knife between the broken pieces. Return left until you can see some clothes on hangers - use your knife on the broken hanger to get it. Now head to the right twice.

Try walking past the doorway, but the succubus will kill you. Combine the broken hanger and ball of wall, then use this on the table leg beneath the small mirror to the right of the succubus. Now you can safely continue right. Get rid of the roses, then take the vase of water. Also pick up the red table cloth to the right, and put this on the table where you found the vase. Continue to the end of the hall and talk to the girl through the door on the right.

Playing as Jane, look at a section of damaged wall to the right, then break it and crawl through. Climb up the stairs on the left, then pick up the screwdriver. Wait until the danger is gone. Return down the stairs and use the screwdriver on a small hole in the wall next to one of the beams Pain is my ecstasy. Leave this secret room and go back to the first room, then pass the screwdriver through the door.

Return to near the covered table and use your screwdriver on the fuse box on the wall here. Use your vase of water on the fuse box, then quickly hide beneath the table. Throw your ball of wool to the left, then crawl to the right to reach the bedroom Her Twisted Pleasures.

Grab the gas lamp from the left, a piece of cloth from the armchair to the right, and an iron bar from the corner of the bed. Combine these 3 items to make a torch, then use this on any of the candles to light it. Go further right and use your lit torch on the candles high on the wall. Pick up the machete from the ground here, then examine the bed. Use the machete on the body to get a hand (with a key attached).

Go to the left until you see the creature, then throw it the hand. Open the curtains to find Clementine Grief. Talk to her, then back out and approach the window. Use the machete on the window, then jump out to the branches Lord Astaroth. There is an extra achievement if you killed both the nurse and the rapist Sick Mind.