The Dark Eye: MemoriaThe Dark Eye: Memoria

AKA Memoria

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2013

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/2/2015

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Dark Eye: Memoria is the direct sequel to the previous game, The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. It is a traditional fantasy adventure game with 2 protagonists from different time periods; Geron from the present time and Sadja from 450 years ago. There are 31 Steam Achievements, all documented below.


Head right and go to the clearing. Open the chest and take the bottle from inside, then cast destroy on it. Put the glass shards beneath the broken stick fortress, then cast Repair on it. Save your game, then answer the questions; if you say you don't like riddles you will get an achievement Getting the job done. Load your game and answer yes instead to continue to the rest of the game.

Chapter 1

Head out to the hall, then right to the battle site. Pick up the dagger and use it to cut Harun's bag. Walk down the path and pick up the bandages, brush and alcohol. Return to the tomb entrance and give the horse brush to the magician. Collect some sticky glue from the right wall using your dagger, then give the dagger to the magician.

In the darkness, pick up the dusty silver platter from the ground. Use some alcohol on your bandages, then use the alcohol-soaked bandage on the silver platter. Hang the platter on the hook on the left (you will automatically get the incense bowl and incense stick). Pick up the dusty silver platter again, then use a bandage on the bloody hook. Use the incense stick on the golem's eyes, combine this with the incense bowl and bloody bandage, and use it on the hook.

Talk to the trapped creature, and cast Activate on the darkness. Pick up the heavy metal ball from the base of the pillar and put it through the ring, then pick it up and put it in the hole in the ground. Take the staff. Cast Activate on the remains, then click on the magician to take the mask and dagger. Cast Deactivate on one of the braziers, then use the sticky dagger on the sliver of light that is revealed. Look out through the hole. Cast Activate on the guardian and have him hit the rock face 3 times to knock a brazier down. Hit the rock face another 7 times Causing tremors. Have him pick up the brazier and throw it towards the colonnade, then break the spell (right mouse button) and return to your crypt.

Cast Activate on the darkness, then look through the hole in the door. Cast Activate on the brazier, then on the guardian. Have him pick up the arm from the ground and throw it at the beetle leg (shiny object). Now in your inventory combine the bandages and staff, and use this to get the beetle leg. Use your sticky dagger on the beetle leg, then attach it to the beetle on the door. Return to your crypt again.

Look in the hole to get the metal ball, and push it through the new hole in the door. Look through the first hole again. Cast Activate on the arm and have it grab the arch next to it, then hit the metal ball. Next cast Activate on the guardian and have him pull the metal ball. After this doesn't work, cast Activate on the guardian again and have him throw the ball into the hall. Cast Activate on the guardian in the hall and have him pull the metal ball. Finally cast Activate on the hand of the colossus and have him pull the guardian. Outside the room, select "Ruby".

After another conversation you will be back in Geron's room. Take the whirlweed from the pot and put it in the birdbath. Use your knife on the birdbath to grind it up. Next use your knife on the curtain to get a rag, then use this on the pot in the fireplace to make it greasy. Use the greasy rag in the birdbath, then use your salve on Nuri's wing Chapter One Complete.

Chapter 2

Choose any 3 dialog options, then walk to the campground. Use Nuri on the back left pillar, and select the options "Eleven to fifteen", "Crocus-colored brooch", "From the north-east" and "To the north-west". Walk around the outside of the clearing and use your knife on the barrier, then enter the tent. Take the exotic cucumbers from the table on the right. Now search the room until you find a key, then take it (this should be the 5th or 6th place that you search). Use your knife on the wall hanging on the right and exit through the gap.

Remove the wedge from beneath the cart. Walk to the chest on the left and unlock it with your key, then open it and take the chisel from inside. Go back around the clearing again and cast Destruct on the glass bottle in the chest, then quickly take the hammer from the bag while Owlric is distracted. Go back to the pillar behind the tent. Combine your hammer and chisel, and use these on the pillar to get the mask. Now try to leave and you will be stopped. Tell the truth on all 3 questions Honesty Is The Best Policy. Ask her some more questions before you leave.

Climb down the ladder, then go to the marketplace and then into the taproom. Talk to Jacomo, then turn the pork roast Crispy. Save your game, then talk to the group of heroes; ask them all the questions then accuse the Thorwalian of lying, saying "He isn't hung over" Nosebleed. Load your game and this time accuse the Thorwalian of lying, saying "He wasn't even here" Master Detective. Outside, talk to Bryda and you will get charcoal and parchment, a list and a new spell. Cast Odem Arcanum and click on the glowing area to get some glass shards. Return to Geron's house and go up to your room. Cast Odem Arcanum again and click on the glow to get some purple shards. Combine these with your earlier glass shards and cast Repair on them.

Go back to the taproom again and cast Destruct on the wine barrel, then use your glass box on it. Give your charcoal and parchment to Hilda to get a rough sketch. Head back outside and go right and through the gate to the academy courtyard. Say that you are here to talk to Owlric. Go up and through the door on the right into the library. Talk to the shadow, then give him your strange cucumbers. Show him your wine bowl and you will receive a fake ruby. Now leave this room and go along the corridor to the dormitory.

Save your game, then deliberately walk on the brittle floorboards 3 times Clumsy Oaf. Load your game and this time walk to the far left, back right along the next row, and cast Repair on the broken shards on the ground. Walk just to the right and cast Odem Arcanum, then click on the glow and you will take the power accumulator. Walk over toward the Novice and take the strange artifact, then leave the room the way you entered Masterful Sneaker.

Go back down the steps, out to the marketplace and over to the left. Go back towards Geron's house then through the gate into the forest. Search the bag the Owlric left behind to get a magic seashell. Use this on the stone pillar that was holding the mask, and you will end up with a good sketch. Now give Bryda the fake blue power accumulator (the one from next to the Novice) Baited. Next give her the fake ruby, the real power accumulator and the good sketch.

Pick up the wooden logs, pelt and rope from the camp. Walk down and take a dandelion and stick. Use the pelt on the flowery meadow to the bottom right. Use your dagger on your logs and use the wooden stakes on the pelt, then pick them up again. Use the rope on the pelt, then the stick with the pelt. Next put the dandelion on the flat stone to the left, pick up another one and put it in front of the rabbit's hole to the far left. Save your game, then use the bushes at the end of the rope 3 times to catch the rabbit Firun's Disciple. Take the closed trap, then take the flints from Rachwan. Put your wooden stakes in the fireplace and use the flints on them. After you awaken, head up the hill Chapter Two Complete.

Chapter 3

From the start of the maze, take the paths to the upper right, straight up, upper right, upper left and straight up. After finding the fox Phex Be With You, return to the beginning by taking the paths to the right, upper right, left and right twice.

Walk through a total of 50 screens within the forest The Journey's The Reward. To make it successfully through the maze, take the path to the left then up, where you will find a dagger. Continue to the upper right, then go up 4 times. Take the rope with the loop, then return to the left, right, left and right twice. Use your rope on the dagger then pick it up. Now travel to the upper right, then go up 5 times. Use your dagger with the thorn bush, then go left. Take some shrubs from just to the right and tie them with your rope. Add the flints and use your fire on the spider web. Take the staff Level Up.

Now leave the forest by heading up 4 times, then to the upper left. Go to the waterfall and talk to the Young Amazon. Take the stone from across the brook and use it on the small waterfall at the bottom. Go up and head over to the left, then use your dagger on the branch. Throw the branch into the large waterfall, then return back down. Take the branch with the necklace. Cast Send Vision on Rachwan's necklace (select Old Amazon, Rachwan, Campfire Painting). Now cast Send Vision on the piece of cloth in your inventory (select Amazon Shield, Rachwan, Fruit Painting). Use your dagger on Rachwan. Now talk with Fahi Chapter Three Complete.

Chapter 4

After finishing the conversation, try to go up into the academy. Get rid of the crows, then talk to Nuri and ask her to enter the house. In Owlric's office (as Nuri), take the ruler and put it under the books, then take the lockpicks. Back outside, open the door to Owlric's house with the lockpicks, then go inside. Touch the statue Doombringer, then take the honey, drawer and candle before going up to the attic. Pick up the broom then return downstairs.

Use the broom on the heap of dust, then use the drawer on it to add the ashes. Cast Repair on the heap of dust. Repeatedly cast Destruct and Repair on Owlric another 8 times Sadist. Use the candle on the key on Owlric's hand, and take the key with wax on it. In your inventory, combine the waxen mold and the honey. Go back outside and give the waxen mold with honey to the shadow on the left. Scratch the wax off the enchanted mold with your knife, then return to Owlric's house and head up to the attic. Open the lock with your key, then open the door and head into the office. Take the container from the desk, then move the drawing and examine the secret compartment. Try to take the petrified rat. Use your container with the heap of dust, then use this on the strange gleam in the floor. Cast Repair on the strange gleam and take the ruby.

At the mountain pass, talk with the staff to learn a new spell. Cast Petrify on the plant, then cast Depetrify on it. Cast Petrify on the thorn bush and put the branch from your inventory in the fireplace. Use your flints on it to make a fire. Cast Send Vision on Rachwan's necklace (select Icy Glitter, Icicle, Snow). Petrify the grass beneath Rachwan and put the mask on him, then repeat the 4 phrases correctly.

Back in the office, return to the attic. Listen to the riddles spoken by each head and select the correct answers (from left to right): Ice, Air, Fire, Water, Ore, Earth. Step closer to the demon and touch him Chapter Four Complete.

Chapter 5

Talk to Xerxes and give him the mask. Keep talking in the Dragon Hall, up on the roof, then in the prison. Save your game, then throw the mask, staff and dagger into the abyss Renegade. Load your game and this time give him the 3 items Being Kind. In the guestroom, try to go out to the main hall. Touch the plant and talk to the Air Spirit with these options:

  • Play with me!
  • Let's play hide and seek!
  • You hide me from the magicians!

Make sure you get this right the first time A Knack for Spirits. Select to go down to the ??? location at the bottom of the screen. In the council hall, talk to the Admiral about everything. Follow the river's course, then fly to the left window. Pick up the water kettle and put it on the stove, then quickly fly out through the window, and back in through the right window. Take the dagger, then head back outside and go up to the Observatory. Turn each of the 3 horns towards the sphere above it to eavesdrop Big Brother. Return outside and go back to the Admiral. Talk to the Admiral and then give him the dagger.

Head out to the main hall, then up the steps on the right to find the library. Enter the reading room on the left and talk to Ariarchos (you will get a drawing). Return to the main hall and head down the steps on the left into the ore laboratory. Talk to the Ore Adept, then pick up the goblet from the ground. Touch the staff, and you will temporarily be able to cast spells. Cast Send Vision on the goblet (select ???, Broom, Tablet). Cast Send Vision on the goblet again (select Mask, Tea Table, Ores). Talk to the Ore Adept again, then give him your ruby and pressure him.

Cast Activate on the magical contraption. Cast Send Vision on the goblet (select any 3 items). Finally cast Petrify on the Ore Adept to turn him into a crystal. Take the orb (???) and an Ore Spirit will join you. Go back to the main hall, then back to the dragon hall, then down the stairs to the council hall. Use your orb on the animated lantern to get a Fire Spirit. Touch the seal at the base of the right pillar to find a secret room. Sit down on the stool, cast Petrify on the plants around the room, then cast Activate on the seal that appears on the wall. Back in the council hall, look at the table to see 7 runes within a hexagonal pattern.

Return to the library and enter the reading room again. Use your orb on the bookshelf to get an Ice Spirit. Look at the runes on the arch above to learn the symbol for each of the 6 elements. Return to the main hall and go through the lower entrance on the right to find an underground lake. Use your orb on the lake to get a Water Spirit. Go back to the main hall, then to the dragon hall, to the observatory, and up the stairs to the roof. Use your orb on the garden beds to get an Earth Spirit Elementalist.

Look down through the hole in the floor and you will see an Air Spirit already on the wall. Working around in a clockwise manner insert the other spirits: Ice, Water, Ore, Earth and Fire. Touch the seal that appears in the middle to find another secret room. Sit down on the stool, then cast Activate on the seal that appears on the wall.

Make your way back to the dragon hall and click on the dark corner on the right to get darkness in your inventory. Combine this with your enchanted ruby. Go to the library and look at the stained glass window in the floor, then use your reversed darkness on it. Go down to the underground lake and use your drawing on the ornament, then touch it to find yet another secret room. Sit down on the stool, then cast Activate on the seal that appears on the wall.

Back in Owlric's study, talk to Bryda. Now at Satinav's pillar, click on the tiny rock in the left wall Seek and Ye Shall Find. Go back outside and walk towards the monolith, then touch the seal on the ground. Use your rope on the monolith and climb down. Sit on the stool, then move your mouse pointer over the moving leaves 3 times to escape. Talk to the woman Chapter Five Complete.

Chapter 6

Walk into the forest, then go back to the waterfall so Nuri returns. Talk to her and send her on a route: start at the river, go over the cliff and to the moor. When she returns, have her stay here. Return into the forest and now go to the bog. Cast Repair on the brittle rope, then go deeper into the bog. Talk to the Group Leader, then go back to the bog entrance. Cast Destruct on the fixed rope, then return into the forest.

Watch where the moving dot finishes and go there (if you miss it, go back to the bog and come into the forest again). Cast Odem Arcanum and click on the magic glow. Talk to the Messenger and send him into the moor. Go to the bog again. Pick up the scroll from the ground and return to the forest, then go into the woods near the right of the map to find a large tree. Talk to the Group Leader here and pass on the orders, then return to the forest again.

Go to the waterfall and talk to Nuri, getting her to distract the group. Go back into the forest and return to the woods with the big tree. Talk to the tree and you will end up at the clearing. Take the lamp from the front of the tent, then try to go inside. Use your knife on the back wall of the tent, then look at the tent wall. Use your lamp on the map and you will return to the waterfall. Talk to the man Chapter Six Complete.

Chapter 7

Try to open the weapons cabinet, then pick up the mace, vine, longsword (and scabbard) and shuriken. Combine the mace with the scabbard, and the longsword with the shuriken. Use the longsword and shuriken on the shield to the right, then pick it up. Use your extended mace on the place of impact (the break in the stairs). Add the longsword and then the shield, so you can climb up. Take the halberd from the wall, then climb back down again. Take the shield, then use the halberd on the rickety construction, put the shield back and climb up again. Now use your extended mace on the glass case, take the heavy sword and climb back down. Pick up all the weapons again. Now tie your vine to the weapons cabinet and then to the weapons rack. Put all of your weapons in the rack, then push it over the edge to the entrance. Take the staff from inside the weapons cabinet. Cast Activate on the floating crystal, then head outside.

Go upstairs, right, and into the flotation chamber. Pick up the stones from the ground and throw all 3 of them at the prince. Search the body of the Cleric of Efferd to get a belt. Talk to Ariarchos to get a tower key. Use this on the nearby door and enter Tower I.

Go upstairs and deactivate the crystal. Head out to the bridge and take the ornamental head, then go back inside and activate the crystal. Go out to the bridge once more, then across to Tower II.

Use the ornamental head on the crystal, then pick up the crystal splinter. Cast Deactivate on this in your inventory. Climb up the ladder, then deactivate the floating crystal to the left. Enter Tower I from here and deactivate the crystal, then go back out to the bridge. Use your belt on the floating crystal. Cast Activate on your sleeping splinter in your inventory, then throw it to the tentacle on the right. Cast Activate on the floating crystal with the belt, then head over into Tower II. Go straight out to the bridge and cut the left tentacle with your dagger, then continue into Tower III.

Go upstairs then out to the left on to the bridge. Deactivate the crystal just to the left, then return into the tower. Now you need to identify the correct items for each glowing area:

  • Left pillar: Torch bracket
  • Palm tree: Armor
  • Boy: Statue
  • Girl: Shield
  • Right pillar: Nothing

Deactivate the floating crystal on the wall, then go out through the right window. Use your dagger on the main tentacle, then cast Deactivate on the main crystal in the ceiling.

Click anywhere to wake up, then pick up the staff. Head right and use the staff on the shield. Use your bandage on the Young Amazon Chapter Seven Complete.

Chapter 8

Try to talk to Bryda, then cast Repair on the power accumulator next to her. Cast Repair on the mask, then cast Activate on the power accumulator. Cast Send Vision on Nuri's necklace (select Campfire, River, Mountain Top). Cast Send Vision on Nuri's necklace again (select Geron, Nuri, Power Accumulator). Now cast Depetrify on Geron, then head into the burial chamber. Talk to Bryda, then put your mask on the bust, then talk to Bryda again and play out the story until you get interrupted. Head back outside.

Talk to Fahi, then head back into the burial chamber. Pick up the ruby before leaving again. Give the ruby to Fahi and talk to him again, then go back into the burial chamber. Talk to the tomb and choose the options "... and despaired", and "She couldn't read". Now save your game. Choose to leave Nuri as she is A Gift Called Freedom. Load your game and choose to change her back Finish Line. Either way, you will complete the game Chapter Eight Complete.