Dangeresque: The Roomisode TriungulateDangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

Game Details:  Comedy, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/29/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate is a collection of 3 short point-and-click adventures starring Dangeresque, the world's greatest private eye/crooked cop. There are 32 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Roomisode 1


Look at the burger, talk to it, then pick it up. Use the burger on the filthy window Burger Wash.

Behind the Dangerdesque

Start by talking to these objects:

  • door (1/20)
  • rug (2/20)
  • filene cabinay (3/20)
  • safe (4/20)
  • takeout (5/20)
  • winda (6/20)
  • windasill (7/20)
  • lamp (8/20)
  • desque (9/20)
  • phone (10/20)
  • coffee (11/20)
  • ashtray (12/20)
  • chair (13/20)
  • lightswitch (14/20)
  • case file (15/20)

Use the lamp twice Lit Fedora. Talk to yourself 3 times Positive Selftalc. Use the lightswitch to turn off the lamp. Now pick up the coffee and use it on the lightswitch. Turn the lightswitch back on Switch Coffee Brands. Talk to the door 2 more times to go to jail (1/6). Use the door 3 times to go to jail (2/6). Use your coffee on the case file to go to jail (3/6). Look at the case file.

Use your coffee on the ashtray, then search the ashtray to get a l'il key. Use this key on the filene cabinay. Talk to the files (16/20), then look at the files. Look at all 4 of the files Hidden Mess. Next use the rug, then look at the exposed floor to see your safe combination. Open the safe. Talk to the camera (17/20), then pick it up.

Look at the takeout. Use the winda to open the blinds. Use your camera on the winda, then exit again. Try to get the takeout. Use the phone and dial 555-KUFU. Now you can pick up the takeout, then talk to the sweet n'sour sauce (18/20). Use your takeout on the case file to go to jail (4/6).

Use the winda to open the blinds again. Put your takeout on the windasill. Use your camera on the winda, then take a pic to go to jail (5/6) Did Ya5. Use the chair. Talk to the biz card (19/20), then use it to see another phone number. Use the phone and dial 555-KBUL. Select the Medical Channel. Now use your camera on the winda and take a pic.

Get the takeout again and eat it. Drink the coffee. Now use the chair again and you will end up with a barfbag. Use the desque to open a drawer. Talk to the UNsolved stamp (20/20) Stuff Talka Room 1, then pick it up. Put each of these objects on the windasill, and each time look at the winda with your camera Photo 5ubjects:

  • barfbag
  • takeout
  • photo
  • coffee
  • stamp

Use the photo and the barfbag on the case file. Try to use the stamp on the case file, but you have no ink. Use the stamp on the sweet n'sour sauce. Now use the stamp on the case file and stamp right in the middle to go to jail (6/6) Jailtime5. Finally, use the stamp on the case file and stamp on the left side so that the "un" part is not on the file Private Eye.

You should have a perfect score for this roomisode Chinese Stars.

Roomisode 2

The Intersection of Doom & Boom

Start by talking to these objects:

  • "cold ones" sign (1/24)
  • trashcan (2/24)
  • pressure plate (3/24)
  • hood (4/24)
  • streetlight (5/24)
  • street debris (6/24)
  • stop light (7/24)
  • drain (8/24)
  • finger sign (9/24)

Try to open the hood of the car. Following the hint from Renaldo, use the front hubcap, front bumper, back bumper and then back hubcap. Talk to the engine (10/24), then look at the engine. Search the trashcan to get a busted tape, then use it on the finger sign. Give the fixed tape to Renaldo. Look at Renaldo 10 times Nick Nameth. Use the stop light twice Head traffic.

Talk to Renaldo about "In the car...". Look at the ol' fast food, then pick it up. Open the ashtray and take the paperclip, then use this on the glovebox knob. Pick up the finest colognac. Press the yellow button in the glovebox. Use the radio to get the cassette back, then exit the view of the car interior.

Use the street debris to get an unscented air freshener. Use the pressure plate, then walk off it again. Now walk right into the street 5 times Stunt Dub. Put the fast food on the pressure plate. Talk to the tire iron (11/24) in the back of the car, then pick it up. Talk to the meltshake cup (12/24) on the pressure plate, then pick it up. Talk to the sewer cap (13/24), then remove it with the tire iron. Talk to the sewer hole (14/24), then go down.

Talk to the crackinwall (15/24), then use the tire iron on it. Talk to the chunk rock (16/24), then pick it up. Talk to the electrician twice, then use the tire iron on him. Talk to the sewer water (17/24) and the ladder (18/24), then climb back up the ladder.

Talk to the niiice ride (19/24) and the antenna (20/24). Give your fixed tape to the niiice ride in exchange for a party mix Fair trade. Go back and use your car's engine, then put the colognac into the A/C fluid intake. Back out, then use Renaldo to see inside the car again. Use the party mix on the radio, then use the radio 3 more times DJ Renaldo. Hang the unscented air freshener from the rearview, use the A/C control, then retrieve the smell tree. Exit the car again and give the scented air freshener to the niiice ride in exchange for the antenna.

Look at the guy in the bar, then talk to him, asking him to unplug. Talk to Renaldo about Rig Rug. Talk to the guy in the bar again about the secret combination. Use your tire iron on the "Cold ones" sign Smash Ones. Throw your chunk rock at the streetlight. Talk to the drain again. Climb down into the sewer hole again and talk to the electrician P4per work. Climb up and straight back down again.

Talk to the bricks (21/24), the toolbox (22/24) and the guide (23/24). Use your antenna on the guide to get it. Use the toolbox and look at the gunk smudge. Back out and fill your meltshake cup with sewer water. Now quickly use the toolbox again and use the meltshake cup on the gunk smudge - this will reveal the clue "brixx" Gunkiller. Back out and notice the number of bricks at each spot on the wall (5, 3, 4). Use the toolbox again and enter this code to get it open. Talk to the wire cutters (24/24) Stuff Talka Room 2. Pick up the wire cutters, then climb back up the ladder.

Use the quickstart guide on yourself. Use the engine and use the wire cutters on the red wire. Repeat this another 3 times Or Did I 5ee. Now use the engine once more. Use the wire cutters on the blue wire, red wire and then green wire. Back out, go down to the sewer and fill your meltshake cup with sewer water. Climb back up, use the engine, and use your meltshake cup on the bomb stuff Crooked Cop.

You should have a perfect score for this roomisode Length of Pipe.

Roomisode 3

Keep My Enemies, Loser

Start by talking to these objects:

  • photos (1/23)
  • wine casks (2/23)
  • TV (3/23)
  • StatueGuy (4/23)
  • shield (5/23)
  • rusty shield (6/23)
  • napkin (7/23)
  • check (8/23)
  • candle (9/23)
  • wine glass (10/23)
  • statue (11/23)
  • glass (12/23)
  • terminal (13/23)
  • cabinet (14/23)
  • kitchen door (15/23)
  • phone (16/23)

Look at Perducci 10 times All Alliterasche. Talk to Killingyouguy about everything. Open the cabinet, talk to the TV remote (17/23), then pick it up. Use your remote control on the TV. Give the remote control (1/9) on the statue. Talk to the statue hand (18/23). Now use the remote control on StatueGuy, Killingyouguy, Perducci and yourself Seen on TV.

Take the shield from StatueGuy, and pick up the napkin from the table. Give the napkin (2/9) and the shield (3/9) to the statue hand. Next use the napkin on the rusty shield, then move it. Give your shield to Perducci. Now you can open the kitchen door.

Talk to the dagger (19/23), then pick it up. Take the glass from next to the terminal. Give the glass (4/9) and dagger (5/9) to the statue hand. Use your glass on the candle, then talk to it again. Use your dagger on the candle. Give the candle (6/9) to the statue hand, then use the candle on the wine casks. Talk to Perducci and give the all clear.

Put your glass on the check to see the WaiterID. Use the terminal. Move Flatghetti to table 2, and Tallturkey to table 3, then submit the order.

Pick up the phone Sadellite. Use the cork in the cask to get a poison dart. Talk to the spaghetti (20/23), then use it to throw some on the floor. Talk to the cleaner (21/23), Use the spaghetti again, then pick up the cleaner. Use the statue to get the banana. Now give the poison dart (7/9), cleaner (8/9) and banana (9/9) to the statue hand All in H9nd. Use the banana on StatueGuy, Killingyouguy and Perducci Nana assault. Now use the banana on the phone. Give the cellphone to the statue. Talk to Perducci and give the all clear.

Talk to the satellite (22/23), then use it to get Satel Lite. Talk to the cocktail glass (23/23) Stuff Talka Room 3. Use the cleaner, poison dart and Satel Lite on the cocktail glass. Look at all 4 of the photos on the left wall. Talk to Perducci and say that the drink is ready, and its name is "Saint Pod Craunch" Secret Agent.

You should have a perfect score for this roomisode Nunchuk Gun.


This comes straight after finishing Roomisode 3, and can also be start by using the shades on the main menu after completing Roomisode 3.

Click on Homestar Runner at various points around the office to destroy the "Ended" text (1/4), the ashtray (2/4), the phone (3/4) and the chair (4/4) Breaker of Pipes. Leave via the door on the left.