Curse of EnchantiaCurse of Enchantia

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1992

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Walkthrough Updated:  6/1/2004

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Curse of Enchantia is a 3rd person adventure by Core Design. It contains no text, but rather symbols to represent the nature of any brief conversations. You play as Brad, a teenager summoned from Earth by an evil witch to the land of Enchantia. You must fight back against the witch to save the land and return home.



Start by shouring at the guard, who will come in, drop a key, and leave again. Get the key and unlock your chains, then walk behind the pillar in the bottom right of the screen. Look, then pick up the coin. Walk to the back wall and push it - part of it will cave in. Look again and take the paper clip. Walk over to the door and pick the lock with the paperclip, then go through the open door.

Go to the next door and look through the keyhole to see another guard in the next room. Walk to the goldfish bowl and take it. Walk down the corridor, stopping before each mace falls, then quickly walk past each one. Collect the 5 jewels, between each set of statues (the last one is behind a box at the bottom of the screen). Also get the coins from the table in the middle of the corridor. At the end of the corridor, exit through the door and you will fall into the water.


Quickly wear the goldfish bowl on your head. Look behind the behind at the bottom right of the screen and collect another coin. Now walk to the fish and pull it free from the gate. Walk left and pick up the oyster that is dropped by the fish. Look at the dark patch of ground, and pick up the worm you discover. Continue left and give the worm to the shop-owner in exchange for some oxygen from his tank. Left some more, and give the oyster to the turtle so he will carry you over the electric eels. Pick up the cattle prod, then go forward and attack the shark with the prod to drive it away. Left again, then jump over the clam when it shuts. Pry open the plug with your cattle prod and you will fall down into a cave.


Grab the seaweed from near the large boulder. Look at the wall between the boulder and the sealed passage, then press the button and go inside. Start collecting rocks over the next few screens - there are 18 in total to get. Walk through to the southeast end of the cavern and give them to Rock Basher. He will give you some string after you give him 12 rocks, but you keep getting points until you give him all 18.

Exit his room to the south, then head to the west end of this cavern and go north, then head east and turn south before the rockfall. Get the coin from just left of the entrance, then walk east and north into a small cave. Look in the hole in the wall, and a small blob will fall from a new hole. Look in that one, and the same happens. Repeat this until you see a branch, then take it and leave the cave. Go all the way to the west of the cavern and head south into another small cave. Pick up the computer monitor, then go look in the hole to see a coil of wire. Exit this cave and head northeast to the rockfall, then all the way west and north. Get the plank here, then attach it to the rock and throw the monitor - you will be shot up to a ledge. Take the magnet, then jump back down.

Return to where you saw the coil of wire. Attach your magnet to your string, and insert the magnet in the hole to get the wire. Walk back to the mud monster (near Rock Basher). Attach the wire to the two rings on the ground. Wait for the monster to pass by, then take the mud it leaves behind. Go slightly west then north, then east and north again to a wishing well. Throw your coin into the well and choose a hard hat when given the choice of 3 prizes. Return to the rockfall, wear the hat and walk through. Enter the room to the north.

Attach the mud to the seaweed, then the mixture to the branch. Jump into the bucket and wear the mask you have made - you will end up at the top of the well. Follow the path to the north. After the bandit tries to attack, pick up his sword and attack him with it. Take the bag of gold, then continue along the path to town.

The Edge of the World


Walk north to the crossroads, then go west. Enter Sally Seeall's and give her some money in exchange for information. Go back to the crossroads and head north and into the Mage's shop. Give him some money and he will transport you to the edge of the world.


Walk right until you reach a boulder. Push it, then jump over it. Walk carefully forward until a boulder just misses you from above, then keep going and pick up some rubber gloves. Look at the wall here to see 4 buttons. Push buttons 1, 2 and 4 (from the left) to make a bridge appear. Walk across and pick up some rope, then keep going until another rock fall misses you. Wear the rubber gloves to push the blue guy off the edge. Move back and wait for a big rock fall, then walk quickly into the niche. Pick up a small rock here. Wait for another fall, then go around into the next niche. After another rock fall, go to the next ravine. Wear the small rock on your head to get a bigger one, then throw this at the boulder to make it fall.

Walk to the next ravine and throw the rope across it. Jump to the rope to swing across, then continue to another boulder. Stop just before it, then it will fall (and just miss you). Keep gonig to the end of the ledge. Look at the writing, then say Open Sesame to enter a small cave. Say Hi to the bird, then you will turn into a frog and leap out through the roof.

Back in Town

You appear in the abandoned joke shop. Go outside, then head east to the crossroads and east again. Enter Benn's Costume shop and give him some money in exchange for a dress. Go into the back room and wear this, and the door will open. Go through to appear at the Ice Wastes.

Ice World

Ice Wastes

Start by picking up the snowball and hurling it at the snow monster - it will regurgitate the little green guy it just ate. Now walk north and take the aerosol can. Note the large ice cube here. Wear the aerosol can, then continue north twice and slightly west. Get the plank, then walk south. Use the plank to catch the fish, then pick it up and walk east to find an eskimo. Give him your fish in exchange for his rod. Now walk south then west to find the large ice cube again. Attack it with your rod, and you will melt it. Take the ashes from the fire, then walk east to find a walrus. Say Hi, and it will be bored. Now west as far as you can, then go north until you find the walrus again. Walk across it onto the island and shout Help. Crawl through the small hole.

Jump into the boat, but it will sink and you will swim back to shore. Throw the ashes into the water and a monster will give you a free ride across.

Ice Castle

After the 4 penguins cross the screen, pull the icicles in order from longest to shortest and the door will open. Go inside and take the broom and dice. Each time you throw the dice, a different door will open in the next corridor. Go through the doors and keep throwing the dice, until you have collected a jack, pistol, ice cube, magnifying glass, megaphone and icicle (you need to attack the shelf with the broom to get the gun, and attack the icicle with the broom to dislodge it). Put your gun in the holster in the main corridor, then go and take the prism and bottle of sunscreen lotion from the bowl. Walk to the far end of the corridor and get the whistle. Attach the whistle to the megaphone, then use this to attack the window. Jump through the window.

Walk to the hole in the ice at the bottom of the laser beam. Put the magnifying glass on the hole to deflect the laser beam. Now walk to the next hole and use the ice cube, the the icicle and prism to eventually destroy the laser. Now insert the jack under the door to open it and crawl through.

Go left, then stand just left of the rocks at the bottom of the screen. Now click on the centre of the base of the steps, and just as the witch is about to shoot you, jump up to dodge it. You will sit in the throne and be catapulted out of the room. When you move, a giant hand will grab you - wear the sunscreen lotion to slip out of its grasp. Proceed through a series of empty rooms until you reach one with 2 doors - take the right one. Pick up the box of matches, then continue until you see a green troll. Hide behind the pillar until it falls asleep, then go over and insert a match between its toes - if it wakes up, just go and hide again. Attack with the matchbox to get rid of the troll. Go and take the fire extinguisher and you will be transferred back to Benn's shop.

Back in Town

Exit the shop, then go west and north, and back into the Mage's shop. Give him some money for a disguise. Now leave this shop, and go south, west and straight past the guard.



Head west to a large mound of hair and take a tuft. Continue west past the post box, avoiding the fireballs from the volcano, and take the tray, then keep going off the cliff. Ignore the pile of remotes with the mouth sitting on top, and head north to the shipwreck. Go west slightly and pick up a cassette tape from the pile, then continue west. Take a sock from the pile. Insert your hair into the large nose, and it will sneeze, removing itself and the mouth.

Take a pen and stamp from the pile of pens, then go down the stairs to return to the pile of remotes. Take a remote, then go north again to the wreck. Head slightly east and fill the sock with gold, then go back and attack the robot sdfwith the full sock. Walk into the wreck. Pick up a plank and throw it at the water, then pick up the other, walk to the middle of the first plank, and throw again. Now walk over and get the foil. Exit the wreck.

Walk west until you see a guy with a ghetto-blaster, then head south to return to the band. Head west to a pile of letters, and take the letter that is to the right of the mound. Attach the stamp to the letter, then put it in the post box. Return east to the band. Insert the cassette into the console and press the remote control to make a recording - you will get the tape back. Walk south to the guy with the ghetto-blaster. Give him the tape, in exchange for a letter with a pass card. Enter the cave and shout Help, causing a rockslide. Take the canister of glue, then exit the cave. Walk south to return to the band again. Insert the card in the door to the right of the band, and walk through to appear on a cloud.

Click near the bag, and when you get near, you will slide back to the middle. Try again, and as you slide back, click on the left edge of the cloud, then when you start sliding right, click on the bag again and you should be close enough to pick up the bag. Once you have it, walk south off the cloud to appear next to the band. Walk south, and go through the door that appears.

Electric Prison

Throw your canister of glue against the back wall, the push the foil on to it to form a button. Press this button to raise the portcullis. Throw the bag of marbles across the electric grid on the floor, then throw the tray on top, and you will slide across safely. Pick up the fan, then use the paper clip to pick the lock on the door.

Back in Town

Head north into town, then go northwest to the crossroads, north and into the Mage's shop. Give him some more money and you will be transported again.

The Undead


Pick up a bone, and use it to attack the wall of the grave so you can get out. Once in the graveyard, immediately walk behind the pile of earth at the head of the grave, and the vampire will fall in as he rushes to attack. Now pick up the shovel, disc and cymbals, then walk east until the vampire reappears. Attack him with the shovel, then take the garlic and bread. Grab the crucifix from the top of the stairs. Walk over and push the gravestone on to the vampire's foot to make him run away again. Walk east until you meet him again, and eat the garlic bread.

Walk over and take the vacuum cleaner, then return to the vampire and attack him with the crucifix. Continue east until he appears behind you, then attack him this time with the cymbals. Walk east and follow the vampire out of the gate. Walk north to some gates, push them open and continue east and north into the castle.


Walk west and get the ring from the floor near the fireplace, then return east to the main hall, and east into the library. Go into the first alcove and push the book to open a door in the second alcove. Go through here to meet Enchantia.

Attack the ghost she conjures with your vacuum cleaner. When she readies a fireball spell, press your fire extinguisher, and then as she prepares an energy bolt, attack with the fan to aim it back at her. You will automatically walk over - attach the ring to the witch to destroy her.