Cursed RootsCursed Roots

Game Details:  Horror, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/26/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Cursed Roots is a first-person horror adventure game, with some timed elements. It begins with a trip to visit to your foster parents, but quickly turns into a nightmare in a haunted house of horrors. There are 22 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


After the introduction, go through the door on the right into the dining room. You will be drugged, then wake up in an upstairs bedroom. Pick up the file folder, then look at it to find the first note (1/15). Every time you pick up a new note, make sure you read it straight away.

If you are using the tutorial, try to open the door, but it is stuck. Search the bed to find an old cutter, and the drawers to find a bottle of body lotion. Combine these two items, then use the remaining body lotion on the door.

Open the bedroom door to leave the room. Search the drawers here to find some glue, then go downstairs. Take the matchbox from the fireplace, and you will end up with a single match. Go through the dining room door again, then touch Aunt Hillary - after she turns into a monster, quickly pick up the candle holder and use it on her. Now go out through the door, then knock over the coathanger to trap Aunt Hillary in the dining room That's not my aunt!.


You will automatically turn around to see the entry door, but it is locked. Search your suitcase to get some socks and a sewing kit. Examine the painting on the left, and search the umbrella stand on the right to find a note (2/15). Turn back around and examine the coat that fell from the stand, finding another note (3/15).

Head towards the living room, and pick up the radio and newspaper (4/15). Go right and a centipede monster will crawl out of the fireplace. Ignore this for now and search the armchair on the left to get a note (5/15). Turn around and examine the bookcase, then pull out 3 books based on the note from the armchair:

  • Middle row, "De re publica" (dark red book between books that include the words Dusk and Dawn
  • Top row, "Biography of Filipp' Van Damn" (first red book, painter of portrait at entrance)
  • Top row, "Gardening 101" (first green book, top row 4th column)

There is an achievement for getting this correct before touching 10 books Bookworm. Back out and look in the opened bookcase door to find a key. Back out of the living room and go upstairs, then head to the right. Use your key to unlock the door to the left, then go inside to find your uncle's study. Look in the books on the left side of the desk to get a note (6/15). Also pick up the letter opener from the desk, and the decorative bust from the shelves.

Leave the study and use the decorative bust to break the small wooden box, then search it to find another key. Go back into the study and use the key to unlock the desk drawer, taking out a small hammer and a screwdriver. Leave the study, go back to the top of the stairs, then enter the bedroom. Use the letter opener on the small drawer, then take out the small brush and blank paper. Leave the room and go right and into the study, then put the paper in the old typewriter. Wait until it finishes, then take the note (7/15).

Return downstairs and use your hammer on the closet door to remove the boards and nails. Put the boards and the paper in the fireplace, then start a fire using your match. After it burns out, search the fireplace to get some coal. Pull the torn wallpaper high up on the left wall here to reveal a protection glyph. Open the closet door and take the tin of white paint. Now back out and go upstairs again. Use your screwdriver on the bedroom door to remove the door handle. Go left and attach the door handle to the door. Try to open the door Hugs from grandma.

Continue the game, then combine your white paint and small brush. Use this on the painting at the end of the hallway. Now go through the door on the left. After the lights go out, you can move the light from your phone around the screen, but you need to be careful - if you go too far to the right the clown will kill you. Make sure you do this once I told you I hate clowns!.

Continue the game, going back into the room again. This time, pick up the cheese snacks from the bottom left, then scroll up and remove the poster from the wall to reveal some exposed wires. Now carefully look at the top of the dresser and go right until you can take some white gloves. Go back to the exposed wires and use your gloves on them. Swap the tiles around to complete the wire pattern. There is an achievement for doing this within 2 minutes Expert electrician.

Search under the bed to find a crumpled note (8/15). Open the top drawer in the middle of the room and take out a toy soldier. Look at the doll on the right and use your screwdriver on it to remove a suction cup. Also use your screwdriver on the radio to remove the batteries, and put them into the toy soldier. Leave the room and go back downstairs.

The dining room door is open, but don't go there yet. Head to the living room and go right. Use your hammer on the centipede monster The Unhuman centipede.

Continue the game, using the toy soldier on the centipede monster. While it is distracted, take the metal pipe from next to the fireplace. Back out of the living room and enter the closet again. Lift up the washing machine with your metal pipe. Take the drain cleaner and the broom. Back out and now enter the dining room.

If any monster appears at any stage from now on, run away and go upstairs to the bedroom, then click on the bed to hide Hiding place. You can alternatively go into the bathroom and lock the door behind you. Once the danger has passed, go back to where you were.

Pick up the paper ball (9/15), and take the honey and teacup from the table, then go down into the kitchen. Open the fridge and take the hairpiece from Uncle John's head. Back out and search the top drawer for a note (10/15). Open the cupboard and try to search the trash, but a rat will appear. Use the cheese snacks on the rat so you can take the small gold key. Leave the kitchen and dining room. Go back to the living room and pour the tea from the teacup into the plant. Leave here again. Head upstairs and go right, then use your new key on the door to the right and go inside. Examine the mirror to open a small cabinet. Take the floss Can't have any privacy in this house!.

Continue the game, going back into the bathroom. This time use the key to lock the door again. Open the small cabinet and take the floss, earbuds and toothpaste. Pull back the curtain from the shower. Unlock the door with the key and try to leave It came from the toilet.

Continue the game, going back into the bathroom once more. Lock the door with your key. Open the small cabinet and take the floss, earbuds and toothpaste. Use the drain cleaner in the bathtub. Combine your broom and suction cup, then use this on the bathtub Plumber. Use your teacup on the toilet bowl to get some water in the cup. Put glue on the human ear on the floor, then pick up the beetle (you will accidentally squash it). Open the toilet tank and search it to find a plastic bag. Open this in your inventory to find a magazine and a notebook. Search the drawer beneath the mirror to find a note (11/15).

Leave the bathroom again and use your coal on the notebook to reveal a note (12/15). The jumbled letters at the end are a series of numbers (8, 10, 4, 9, 8). Go back downstairs and enter the closet. Examine the trapdoor and open it with the code 810498 Should I really go down there?.

Go down through the trapdoor and use the light switch on the left to meet Hugo. Try to give him any 5 of your belongings Complicated family.

Continue the game, entering the code and going down through the trapdoor. Turn on the light, then search the jars on the right to get a note (13/15), and search the blue bowl to get some scissors. Leave here, then go back out of the closet. Use your scissors on the coat to remove the buttons. Head upstairs, left, and through the door on the left. Use your scissors on the teddy bear to get some stuffing, and also use the scissors on your socks and the hairpiece to cut them up. Use the sewing kit on the socks to create a sock monkey. Add the stuffing and buttons. Go back to the top of the stairs, and put the cut hair into the decorative bowl. Use glue on the sock monkey, then put it into the bowl Master of DIY.

Go back downstairs, into the closet, and through the trapdoor. Give the sock monkey to Hugo, then head along the corridor to the right to find a laboratory. Look at everything here, including the wall on the right that has a brick missing. Take the note (14/15) from the table on the left. Go back up to the living room. Examine the plant and it should come free, including its roots. Now head back down through the trapdoor and right to the laboratory. Now you must make the sedative potion based on the recipe you found earlier. Put the following 4 objects into the alchemy tools on the left side of the bench:

  • Beetle (bettle juice)
  • Toothpaste (peppermint)
  • Plant (roots)
  • Teacup (water)

Take the flash of sedative, and also take the pump from the apparatus. Go back up out of the basement, and go through the dining room to the kitchen. Open the fridge and take Uncle John's head. Now head back to the living room and go to the right. Combine the sedative with Uncle John's head, then give this to the centipede monster He is just sleeping.

Pick up the false teeth from the floor, then look at the clock face. Based on the riddle from the note, set the big hand to VI and the small hand to VII, then press the moon button. There is an achievement for getting this right in less than 10 tries Expert clockmaker.

Take the brick from the bottom of the clock. Leave the living room and go through the closet down to the laboratory. Put the brick in the hole in the wall on the right, then go through the secret passage and up into the garage. Grab the pliers, wrench, plastic bottle and duct tape from the shelves, and the jerry can from the floor. Open the car's hood and try to use the door to see a list of everything you need to get the car running. While you are here, use the wrench on the broken handle for the garage door to get it open Who is this good boy? Who is this goo-aAAaAaaAAah!!.

Continue the game, going back through the trapdoors, then through the dining room to the kitchen. Combine the false teeth with the earbuds, then add the plastic bag, duct tape, dental floss and cheese snacks. Click on the trap and you will end up with the rat in your inventory. Click on this multiple times Another one Bytes the dust.

Return back through the trapdoors to the garage, and send the rat into the drain hole. Now you need to guide the rat through the maze, following the golden path below (and killing 2 spiders along the way):

The rat will escape with the key. Go back through the trapdoors, then head to the kitchen. Take the car key from under the sink. Return upstairs again and go to the left. Use your pliers on the wall lamp to get an electrical wire. Go back, then right and through the left door into the study. Use your pliers on the desk lamp to get another electrical wire. Back out, then go through the right door into the bathroom. Use your scissors to cut the shower head hose (over the bath). While you are here, fill your teacup with water from the toilet again. Use your scissors to cut the plastic bottle, making a funnel. Leave the bathroom, go downstairs, and head through the trapdoors to the laboratory.


Continue right through the dark passage, then up to the garage. Use your nails on the trapdoor, then quickly put the toolbox on the trapdoor to hold it closed. Attach the wires to the generator, then attach the hose to the generator. Use the jerry can on the hose to fill it with gas. Pour water from your teacup into the engine. Use the pump on the flat tyre. Use the funnel in the gas tank in the back of the car, then use the jerry can on the funnel. Now use the wrench on the broken handle for the garage door to get it open. Enter the car and use the key on the ignition (twice) The end?.

New Game +

Start a new game from the menu, selecting this new option. This time you are not allowed to die at all. There is also an extra short scene at the beginning of the "Escape" section. Here you are trapped briefly, but afterwards can pick up the final note (15/15) Sleuth. Continue to the end of the game as normal Cursed Roots. Keep watching to the credits to see another extra scene The incident.

There is a final achievement for completing the game within 60 minutes Puzzles master.