The Cross FormulaThe Cross Formula

Year:  2012

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

The Cross Formula is a relatively straight-forward third person puzzle adventure. You wake up with amnesia and are warned by an alarm on your tablet telling you that the police are on their way. You must escape and survive until your memory returns.


Motel Room

Pick up the tablet on the desk. Look at the brochure on the fridge, then open all the drawers and take the coin from the bedside table. Open the door on the left and turn on the tap, then some numbers will appear on the mirror. Look at the suitcase, and open it with the numbers 7492. Now look at the bomb; drag the numbers around the clock face to their correct positions, then press the green button and you will get the dynamite. Also open the folder in the suitcase to get an invitation, and take the key here. Use the key on the door and leave the room.


Look at the cart and take the small key, then head back into room 13. Use the key to open the fridge and take the beef jerky from inside. Head back out of the room. Try to open the reception door and a dog will start barking. Give the jerky to the dog, then open the reception door and head inside.


Open the small door on the right side of the desk, then tilt the camera so it cannot record your actions. Take the fuse from the small bookshelf. Open the door behind the desk and look at the fuse box. Put your fuse in the empty space to restore power. Now click on the television and solve the vision puzzle. Now open the safe and take the car key. Head outside and get into the car.

Inside the Car

Drink the bottle of water. Take the GPS and cable, then put the GPS on its mount and attach the cable. Put the car key in the ignition, then look at the GPS and click Retrace path.


Road Diner

Talk to the gas attendant who will fill your car, but you don't have any money to pay him. Put your quarter in the vending machine and take the doll that you get as a prize. Head inside.

Inside the Diner

After talking to Rachel, take the plug from the counter and put it in the wall next to the jukebox. Open the jukebox and look inside. Put your doll in the empty place, then solve the music puzzle (just match the dancers with their silhouettes behind them). You will automatically get $200 from Rachel. Go back outside and give the money to the attendant. After the accident, talk to the attendant again. Try to open the hood of your car, then walk to the scrapyard.


Pick up the crowbar, jack, hose and wheel. Click on the box of fuses to get 6 of them. Now go back to your car and use the jack and wheel on the front driver's side. Use the crowbar on the hood, then look at the engine. Fix the broken hose with the one you found. Now pull out the broken fuses and insert yours (back row: red, green, yellow; front row: yellow, green, red). Pay the attendant again, then go inside and talk to Rachel once more. Look at her magazine and solve a differences puzzle, a vision puzzle, and 2 more differences puzzles. Talk to Rachel again, then go outside and get in your car.


Dolin's Place

Talk to Dolin, then pick up a gas container and the broken satellite dish from the roof. Get back in your car to return to the road diner. Talk to the gas attendant, then give him the gas container to fill up. Talk to him again, then show him the hub cap. Go to the scrapyard and pick up the newer hub cap, then return and give some money to the attendant. Get back in your car again. Back with Dolin, put the hub cap on the roof, then fill up the generator with gas from your container, and pull the cord at the bottom of the generator. Now head into the trailer.

Inside the Trailer

Get the memory card from the back desk, and the blueprints from the right desk. Now you need to find all 11 pieces to make the machine; they are scattered around the room, mostly inside drawers and cupboards. There are also some wires in a drawer on the right. Head back outside and put the blueprints on the table, then the pieces on the table. Construct the machine, then attach your wires to get a high speed camera. Put this on the tripod to the left of the trailer, then head back inside. After Dolin talks to you, go outside, then approach the camera.

Taking Pictures

Put the memory card in the slot on the machine, then take pictures of the UFOs when they appear in the sky, just by clicking on them. After you have enough pictures, go back in and give the memory card to Dolin. Click on the screen, then press the Play button. You need to adjust the sliders on the left to make a coherent picture for each image you captured. Once you have done this, talk to Dolin again and solve a vision puzzle. Get in your car again.


Arriving at the Base

Click anywhere to get some sleep. After you wake up, open the trunk of the car and take the lighter. Put your dynamite in the rocks on the right and light it. Look at the panel that comes up out of the ground. You need to collect all the arrows by only clicking on 3 spaces.

Inside the Base

Click anywhere and there will be a power outage. Click on the door and solve another puzzle; just turn the tiles so that yellow, blue or both colors can reach the appropriate lights. After this solve another vision puzzle. Look at the computer console on the right of the central area. Pull the top right lever, then adjust the 4 levers below the screen to match the picture on the wall (just put them all in their down positions). Now take the blade from the drawer on the bottom left, the paper from the trolley on the left, and the oil from the closed drawer nearest you. Put the blade in the cutter, then insert a piece of paper and use it to make a small blank card. Insert the card into the slot in the machine. Now look at the display on the right to see various punch card patterns. Copy the pattern for Elevator Access. Put some oil on the left lever and pull the lever to make your card. Get more paper, cut a blank card, insert the blank card, copy the pattern for Monorail Access and pull the lever to make another card. Back out and look at the access panel for the monorail, then use your monorail card and get onboard.

Monorail Stop

Pick up the strange key from the ground and use it on the panel on the right. Talk to Lara and you will get a code. Look at the panel on the left and insert code 25209, then go through the door.

Mental Experiments

Pick up the punch card from the floor, then press the red button. Look at each of the 3 screens and solve the tests on them (as well as another vision puzzle that will appear). Go back out and talk to Lara again, then use your new monorail card on the panel. Back at the main part of the base, use your elevator card on the elevator panel, and get in the elevator. Solve another arrow puzzle.

Los Angeles

Arriving to LA

Look at the mailboxes and solve a vision puzzle. Back out and move the wooden board on the left, then enter the shed.

The Tool Shed

Take the jack hammer, wooden boards, hammer, nails, and a light bulb. Go back outside and look at the mailboxes again. Use the hammer on your mailbox, then open it and take the pieces of paper. Solve the puzzle to put them back together. Now look at the small panel next to your car, and enter the number 1111111.

Studio Entrance

Take the key from the desk and use it on the chest. Take the key from the chest and use it on the janitor's closet. Take the ladder from the closet. Use the wooden boards, then the nails, then the hammer on the ladder to repair it. Click on the ladder to move it into position, then read the letter on the door. Take the magnetic card and go through the door.

Studio Hall

Use the magnetic card to turn off the alarm. Pick up the blue and yellow pieces from the ground, and the orange piece from a drawer beneath the aquarium. Also pick up an orange stick from the ground. Head to the room upstairs on the left.

Observation Room

Solve a vision puzzle. Get a key and an orange piece from the top drawer. Also get 2 more blue pieces, a yellow piece, a grey stick and a blue stick. Put your light bulb in the device on the desk, and solve another puzzle (just press the buttons in order so they result in 1, 2, 3 and 4 flashes). Take the pink key, then go back downstairs. Now enter the other room up on the landing.

The Film Lab

Take the yellow and green sticks, and another orange piece. Get a yellow piece from the drawer. Use your jackhammer on the treasure chest marked on the wall, and take the yellow key. Head back downstairs again.

Arrange the 5 sticks in the warrior head statue so the facial expression matches the picture in the observation room (from left to right they should be orange, grey, yellow, blue, green). Now take the violet key. Next place the 9 pieces in the large sculpture to match the cover of the book on the right (from top to bottom, left to right they should be orange, yellow, orange, blue, blue, orange, yellow, yellow, blue). Take the green key from the base of the sculpture. Use your small key on a locked drawer beneath the aquarium and take the food. Put food in the take and take the blue key. Look at the locked closet on the left. Insert your five keys, then turn them until the balls have all moved adjacent to their keys. Take the film reel, then head up to the film lab again.

Put the film reel in the device and look at the screen. Turn on the power, and you will see multiple animations playing at once. You need to synchronise all the actions, by stopping and starting the active animation to time with the others you have already controlled. Once you have achieved this, solve one more vision puzzle.