Crimson Room DecadeCrimson Room Decade

Game Details:  Mystery, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/28/2017

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Crimson Room Decade is the sequel to a free online game from 10 years earlier. It is a room-escape game, where you must escape the room 3 separate times, with the room orientated differently each time. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. One of these requires collecting 10 diary pages, and another requires random luck.

Orientation 1

Look at the calendar on the wall, and in particular the ship to comment that there is no smoke coming out of chimney #4. Click on the piece of paper behind the bottom of the calendar, then crouch down and pick up the diary page (9/10). Lift the pillow on the bed and take the waterproof pencil from under it, then use this on the calendar to mark day 1. Open the curtains and take the key from the window sill. Use this key on the bottom right dresser drawer, and take the record player from inside. While you are here, open the top right drawer and take a small doll, and open the top left drawer to find a diary page (8/10) and a painting of some scales.

Look under the drawer on the floor to find another diary page (3/10). Click on the bottles in the corner of the room 20 times Thisty?, then pick up the postcard from beneath them - click on the picture of the ship to again notice there is no smoke coming out of chimney #4. Go back to the calendar on the wall and notice that day 2 has also been marked off, and that there is a symbol of scales on day 21. Open and close the curtains, and each time another day will be marked off. Keep doing this until day 21 has been marked. Go and open the top left dresser drawer, and you should now find a pocket knife that you can take. Go back and open and close the curtains until you end up returning to day 1 on the calendar Endless March.

Pick up the pocket knife and click to activate the bottle opener, then use this on the doorknob Door to despair. Also use the bottle opener on the small compartment on the under-surface of the record player to get a battery. Examine the Imari plate on top of the dresser to find a dirty ring. Grab the pocket knife again, and use the dull knife component on the top of the red panel on the wall. After the panel falls to the floor, crouch down and pick up the diary page (4/10) next to it. Use the dull knife on the small bump near the foot end of the bed mattress to get a flashlight.

Grab your battery, then pick up the flashlight and open it, then put the battery inside. Close the flashlight again and twist it to turn it on. Now look in the dark space where the drawer is missing from the bottom of the dresser and with the help of the flashlight you will be able to find a red key. Go to where you removed the wall panel and use the red key in the red keyhole Power of the red key.

Orientation 2

Start by recollecting some of your items: the flashlight under the bed, the Imari plate on the pillow on the floor, and the postcard and pocket knife on the floor at the other end of the room. You can also find a diary page (1/10) behind the dresser. Use your flashlight to look in the dark recess in the front of the dresser to find another diary page (7/10).

Try turning the dials on the safe, but you can't read the numbers. If you open the safe you will find that it is empty, so close it again. Pick up the Imari plate and put it on the floor under where the water is dripping. Pick up the pocket knife and use the dull knife component on the fallen curtain to get a torn curtain edge. Put this into the Imari plate and wait for it to get wet. Pick the wet rag up and use it on the safe dials so you can now read the numbers.

Use your wet rag to touch the light bulb and you will see smoke and sparks. Repeat this 20 times Charged!. Look at the calendar on the floor when the lightning comes, and you will see a symbol highlighted on between 2 and 4 days. Use the digits indicated to work out the randomised code for the safe. Enter this code and turn the wheel to realize the safe is actually a microwave Microwaved. If you are extremely lucky, your code will be either "1111" or "2222" Thunder and dials.

Place the postcard in the microwave, close the door, and open it again to find a toy boat. Pick up the pocket knife and select the bottle opener, then use this on chimney #4 of the toy boat. Take the blue key from inside. Pick up the flashlight and look up to the slightly opened blue door in the ceiling. Look at the gap and back away until you see a red doll looking through the gap at you, then click on it Eyes in the dark. Now go and use your blue key in the blue keyhole Power of the blue key.

Orientation 3

Pick up the toy boat from the back of the microwave, and the flashlight and record player from the floor. Try to take the Imari plate from against the window and it will break Art Breaker. You can then find a diary page (6/10) behind it. Pick up the dirty ring from inside the hole where the light bulb is hanging. Lift up the pillow, and take the red record from beneath it, then use this on the record player. Find another diary page (2/10) down the left side of the dresser. Lift up the fallen dresser drawer and pick up a second dirty ring from beneath it. Pick up the red box down on the floor next to the microwave. The pocket knife can be collected from on top of one of the legs of the dresser.

Look up to the gap between the bed sheets and the mattress and collect the waterproof pencil. Walk around the door and look up at the bed again to find the wet rag.

Use both of the dirty rings on the red box, then use the waterproof pencil on the indentation in the box. The box will open and you can see one battery inside. Pick up your flashlight, open it, and take the battery from inside. Put this second battery into the red box Broken machine check. Take both batteries back out of the red box, and place them into the back of the record player. Use the record player needle to try to get it to play, but the record is too dirty. Take the record back off the record player and clean it with your wet rag. Put the record back on the record player and use the needle again to hear it Sad song.

Pick up the pocket knife and use the bottle opener component on the other door hinge so that the door falls off. Pick up the toy boat and place it in the water so that the water level goes down Ferrying. Now climb down the ladder.


Walk to the top of the door and pick up the small doll. Go all the way down behind the bottom of the door to find a diary page (10/10). Place the small doll on the front of the toy boat, and you will hear something fall down. Go to the top of the door again and pick up the pocket knife. Use its bottle opener attachment on the toy boat's chimney and take the final diary page (5/10) from inside. This should complete your diary page collection Dear Grandfather. Finally, use the corkscrew component of the pocket knife to uncork the closed bottle of wine near the top of the door Liberty.

To get the final achievement, start another game from the main menu Back to the room.