Creepy TaleCreepy Tale

Game Details:  Horror, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/8/2020

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Creepy Tale is a third person, side-scrolling story of danger and horror. While walking through the forest with your brother, he is kidnapped. You must now brave the forest alone, discovering its secrets and saving your brother. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Creepy Tale 2.

Chapter 1: Beautiful Butterfly

Episode 1

Walk around to disturb the leaves so you can pick up 4 mushrooms. Now follow after your brother as he chases the butterfly. After he enters the cabin, look through the window to see him being captured and taken away. Pick up a mushroom and place it on the tree stump to the left of the cabin. Knock on the door and quickly go to the right to stand near the window. After the monster goes for the mushroom, quickly enter the house.

Episode 2

Run over to the chest, open it and climb inside. Don't close the lid Naivety.

Run over to the chest again, open it, climb inside, and close the lid to avoid being captured. Once the monster is asleep, climb out of the chest and remove the bone that is bolting the door shut. Use the bone on the broken stool to the right, then drag the stool to the left so that it is aligned with the key on the wall. Jump up on to the stool, then jump and grab the key. Now open the lock and go through the back door.

Episode 3

Head right and pick up a button (1/3) from the ground just to the right of the signpost. Jump over the pile of leaves ahead. Push the log down into the hole, then drop down on to it. Notice the treasure hoard to the left. Pick up the first glowing mushroom, then continue right and jump over the others. Plant your mushroom at the base of the large plant. Walk into it, and the monster will awaken. Quickly jump up the leaves of the plant and escape to the surface. Once the monster falls, go back down to the cave and head all the way left to the treasure hoard, where the monster is hiding Dominance.

Climb up the plant on the right again and go left to drown in the swamp Incorrigible researcher.

Instead of going left to the swamp, head right to find a broken bridge. Stand on the second board and pick up the first, then place it in front of you. Repeat this to make your way to the right. Near the end, make sure you leave a gap, then jump to solid ground. Pick up the broken post here, then continue right to the next bridge. Insert your broken post into the hole in the bridge.

Go right until the small monster screams, then immediately run left and jump on to your platform on the broken bridge. When the monster starts to return, follow it closely but don't overtake it. Pull the lever on the second bridge and the monster will fall into the water. Jump in after it Dead together.

Repeat the sequence with the monster, but after it falls, pull the lever a second time. Now you can safely continue to the right.

Chapter 2: Obscure Side of the Forest

Episode 4

Go right and take the meat that is hanging near the fire. Jump down to the right and pick up a small mushroom. Continue right and break off a small branch from the tall tree stump next to the well. Continue slightly to the right and disturb the leaves so you can pick up another button (2/3). Return to the left, jump on the big mushroom to get up to the ledge above, and enter the cabin.

Pick up the bucket from the middle of the room, and plant the mushroom in the large pot to the left. Go back outside and use the bucket with the well to the right. Push the counterweight just to the left to fill the bucket with water, then collect the bucket once more. Jump up using the big mushroom again, then put out the fire using your bucket of water. Use your branch on the coals to disturb them, then pick one up. Get some more water from the well, then enter the cabin again.

Water the mushroom so that it grows. Drag the pot to the middle of the room, then jump on the mushroom and bounce up to the top floor. Grab a pin from the cushion, then return outside. Go to the far right, past the well, to find a large ritual stone. Use the coal, needle and meat, then go through the opening in the tree.

Episode 5

Inside the witch's house, run to the second room and hide in the cupboard. When she heads past to the left, exit the cupboard and go right. Grab the flint from the table and the pot of water from the floor, then head through the doorway to go downstairs. Light a fire in the fireplace using the flint, then put the pot of water in the fireplace. Jump on to the bed to the left, then take the key that was hidden beneath the pillow. Notice the picture of 3 mushrooms on the wall over the bed (paying close attention to the color and shape of each mushroom). Now go to the table of mushrooms. Keep picking up wrong mushrooms and putting them into the pot over the fire Crazy chef. Now select the correct 3 mushrooms from the picture and place them into the pot - the water should turn green.

Avoiding the witch, go back upstairs and into the cupboard. Run left when you can and open the curtain and the small cupboard (using the key). Take an empty flask from inside. Make sure you close the small cupboard again. Hide in the big cupboard so you can safely avoid the witch to return downstairs.

Collect some of the green potion from the pot in your empty flask. Wait for the witch to go to the far left, then go up and pour your flask into her cauldron. Hide downstairs until she has a drink Alchemist. Now go up and search her body to get another key. Use this on the padlock to the bottom right, then head through the door.

Episode 6

Back in the forest, head right and find the final button (3/3) Follow to the brother. Search the lower hollow in the tree and take the pipe from inside. Jump on the mushroom and up to the large branch. Search the upper hollow in the tree and take the glowing stone from inside. Jump down to the right and use the stone on the doorway.

Follow the monster back to the left and jump up to the branch using the mushroom. Play the pipe and you will be hit with a rock Fake tune. Return right into the tree. There are 5 dream-catchers hanging from the ceiling. If you use the bed with a dream-catcher above it, you will see a dream. You can use the lever on the back wall to move the dream-catchers. There are 4 dreams you need to watch:

  • The small hanging monster
  • The large monster chasing you
  • You waving at yourself
  • You playing the pipe

Now move the lever so that the dream-catchers keep going and lie down in the bed to get a mixed-up dream Idler. Go back out to the tree branch on the left and play the pipe again. This time the monster enjoys the tune. Search the lower hollow and take another glowing stone from inside. Go to each of the 2 small bushes here and play the pipe until a red fruit is present. Enter the right tree and open the other door with your new glowing stone. Go outside and play the pipe until a red fruit is present on the nearest bush. Now you can safely continue right past the tree. Keep going to the right. After the girl leaves, head further to the right.

Chapter 3: Little Evil

Episode 7

Cross the bridge and enter the first tower. Pick up a small rune stone from the shelves on the left, then go up to the second floor. Collect two more rune stones from the left, and a fishing rod from the right, then go back down and outside.

Cross the next bridge and enter the second tower. There are a series of 4 small platforms on the left. You need to step on one of them to move them all up slightly, then move to another to go up further, and continue this until you can pull the lever above. The order is randomized for each game, but there is an achievement for making it up with no more than 3 mistakes Intuition. Pull the lever, then go and stand on the far right platform and pull the lever here to get up. Pick up the bell, then pull the lever to go back down. Go back outside again and wait for the girl to pass.

Go to the first bridge to the left and use the fishing rod, then just wait True fisherman. Now head to the far right where you can see a fish in the water and use the fishing rod again.

Return to the first tower and go inside. Head up to the second floor and hang the bell on the rope. Go down and pull the rope on the far right, then quickly run upstairs and to the far left. While the librarian is distracted, go up to the third floor, and keep going all the way up to the fourth floor. Pick up the mask on the right, and another rune stone from the floor. Use the mask to scare the bird in the bird cage, then pick up the final rune stone. Use the mechanism to the left to lower the hook so you can reach it, then attach your fish to the hook. Lower this down so the librarian can see it, then raised it so it is level with the top shelf. Now he will be distracted trying to reach the fish.

Go down to the third floor and examine the rune board on the table. If the runes are numbered 1-6 from left to right, play them in this order: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2. Now take the key. Go down and leave the tower.

Enter the second tower again and go up on the right platform. Insert the key into the wall here, then jump on the new small platforms. When you reach the last one, use your fishing rod, then jump across to the left. Use your fishing rod again to lower the ladder, then climb up. Head out to the right, then jump down into the void - you will automatically enter the final tower.

Episode 8

Read the red book and notice two sequences of 5 circles, which will be important shortly. Go upstairs and take a butterfly in a jar from the shelves to the left. Now go over to the alchemy table and mix the yellow, green and red liquids (based on the first picture from the book), then turn the dial beneath the large flask and you will make a yellow liquid. Use your butterfly on the cauldron of liquid to the right, and it should turn blue. Turn the valve to the right of the cauldron to drain it. Use the blue butterfly on the monster in the room to the right, and its eyes will turn blue.

Go back downstairs and steal a carrot from the room on the right without being seen. Return upstairs to the alchemy table. Mix the orange, purple and green liquids (based on the second picture from the book), then turn the dial beneath the large flask and you will make a brown liquid. Dip the carrot in the cauldron of liquid to the right, then feed this to the monster to the right.

Controlling the monster, go downstairs and grab the other monster. Just hold it by the neck for at least 20 seconds before dropping it Sweet feeling. Now head right and grab the girl as well.

As the boy again, go down to the bottom right room and examine the puzzle on the wall. You need to slide the discs to the right in a specific order to light up the butterfly symbol above: top, top, top, bottom, top, top, bottom, top, top, top, top, bottom. Head down the stairs to the level below. Get the stairs from the right and drag them to the shelves just left of the doorway, then climb up to get a key. Use this key on the far left, then pull the lever to go down. Run to the far right and save your brother Happy end.