Game Details:  Mystery, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/12/2007

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Countdown is an adventure game by Access Software, using the same game engine as the earlier Tex Murphy games. You play as Mason Powers, a former CIA agent who awakens in a Turkish asylum with his memories erased.


Level 2

Look at your medical chart, then pick up the key from under your bed. Pick up the cup and use it on the bug on the wall. Talk to the window when the guard walks past, and offer him the bug, then talk to him to learn the doctor's name. Wait until food is delivered, and take the knife, then use the knife on the window. Go through the window to the ledge, then open the second window to the right and head into the other cell. Open the door here and go out to the corridor.

Go across to the other open door and into the closet. Take the blanket from the shelves on the back wall, and the scissors hanging up on the right. Go back out to the hallway and go east then all the way north. Open the door here and go in. Pick up the CPR dummy, then leave the room again. Walk around this floor in an anti-clockwise direction back to the cell you came out through. Climb outside through the window then back into your cell. Use the CPR dummy on your bed; now you have more time to explore.

Climb back outside, in through the other cell, and out to the corridor. Go east and open the door at the end. Look at the patient's file, then talk to the intercom. Offer your blanket to the man, then talk to him for more information. Leave this room and walk in an anti-clockwise direction to the corridor on the western side. Open the door in the middle of the western wall and go inside. Move the picture on the wall and read the two pieces of writing on the wall. Now move the pillow and take the key. Leave this room and go to the stairs in the northwest part of this floor, and head up.

Level 3

Open the door in the middle and go inside to the locker room. Move the towel on the bench and pick up another key. Use 2 of your keys to open the 3rd and 5th lockers, and take your boots and a bag of personal gear. Leave this room and go along the corridor to the south, entering the first door on the east wall. Take the crowbar from the drawers on the right and use it to open the box on the left, then take the hook from inside. Look at the magazine on the shelves on the back wall, then open it to read about a maze in the building. Go back to the stairwell and head down twice.

Level 1

Go south and then east to the far wall. Enter the first room here and open the box, then take the flashlight from inside. Go back out to the hall and head north, going through the northern door on the east wall. Take the scalpel from the dartboard. Go back out to the hall and go south, then west to the far wall. Enter the doctor's office here.

Move the painting on the wall and look at the writing behind it. Now move the books on the the second row from the top in the bookshelf, and open the safe. Take the money from inside the safe. Pick up the key-ring from the desk. Open the second drawer from the top in the left file cabinet and look inside. Look at the newspaper on the floor. Now use the scalpel on the sleeping doctor. Talk to the doctor until you learn about Fontaine, then ask him about Fontaine. Leave the office and return to the stairwell, then go down again.


Use the key you got from under the pillow to unlock the door here, then go through to the furnace room. Open the phone box on the wall and use your scissors on it to cut the wires. Now move the coal in the middle pile and take the pick. Use the pick on the hole to make it bigger, then go through to a maze.

Go south and take the first turn east, then go all the way east and all the way south. Continue east then take the north path to reach the first burial chamber. Go out the other side then go south all the way to the bottom of the maze and continue west. Keep following this path, ignoring the green moss, and go through the doorway at the end into a wine cellar.

Get the rag from the floor, then move the crate to the left of the wine rack. Use the rag on the top plaque, then look at both of them; the roman numerals make the number 1433, so move the 1st bottle in the top row, the 4th in the next row, then the 3rd in the bottom two rows. Now look at the body on the floor. Use your crowbar on the crate near its feet, then get the wine bottle before going through the secret doorway.


Walk straight back to the rock wall, then go to the wall to start climbing. Go up the rock face all the way to the top, then use your hook on the top to climb up. Look at the blue car, then use your keys on it and you will be shown a map of locations.



McBain's Apartment

Look at the glass on the floor, then get the key from among the glass fragments. Now move the light switch on the wall, and move the shield of the statue near the door. Look at the key box in the statue, then use your key on it. Look at the computer, then at the plastic explosive at its bottom right corner. Take the plastic explosive. Look at the red box in the bookshelf then take it. Now move the bookshelf to reveal a safe. Use the plastic explosive on the safe and stand back; it will explode after 15 seconds. Next look at the box in the safe, open it and take it. Also look at the notepad on the desk, then take it.

Mason's Apartment

Look at the photo on the floor, then at your desk. Now look at the work on the desk. Move the left pillow on the bed and take the key, then use the key on the bird cage. Pick up the cracker from the table and use it on the parrot, then pick up the key it drops. Open the top cupboard in the kitchen, second from the right. Look at the red toolbox inside, then take it. Move the plant on the refrigerator and look at the CAD, then take it. Use your key to open the top right drawer of the desk, and look at the folder in there to see a password.

Select the travel option and use the CAD system, entering the password DOLPHIN. Read the email, then analyse your note (zoom in and out until you can read it and make out the name at the top). Now you can travel again; you will want to use the plane for travel most of the time, otherwise you will run out of time and miss the train in Belgrade later on.


Rachel Akure

Offer Rachel the dossier, then ask her about everything, but particularly Fontaine, Stormbringer and Thunderbolt. Offer her $500 and she will give you a tranquilliser dart.



Wait where you are until Fontaine stops next to the trash bin and turns east. Now walk forward and use your dart on him. Talk to him about everything, but particularly Black December.


Black December HQ

Go and pick up the rock, then duck out of sight and wait for the guard to come and go again. Now pick up the catapult arm and use it on the catapult. Move the lever and use the rock on the catapult. Now wait for the guard to come back and stop walking, then move the lever to kill him. Go over and open the door and go through. Dodge the guard and make your way over to the monitors. You now need to use the explosives on the monitors, but time it so that it explodes when the guard is there. Once you have done this, go to the room at the bottom right and talk to the hostage. Talk to Michael about everything, but particularly Thunderbolt, Black December, Michael Kirkland and Jackal. Select the travel option and use the CAD system. Research Jackal to find out about Carlos.



Bluff Carlos twice then select the pleasant option twice, and offer him your bottle of wine. Ask about everything, but particularly Scorpio, Golden Desire and Jack Quinn. Offer him $500 and he will give you a lockpick.


Black December HQ

Go to the back area and then to the top right room. Use your lockpick on the safe, then look at the note and take it. Select the travel option and use the CAD system to analyse the message.


Golden Desire

Talk to the bartender. Offer him $500 and ask about Golden Desire and Scorpio. Now look at the newspaper on the bar, then at the tall bottle of alcohol, and taste the bottle. Go through the doorway on the right. Talk to Golden Desire about everything, but particularly Scorpio, Jack Quinn, Jackal and Company. Wait here for around 2 minutes and the bodyguard will leave. When he does, quickly go through the doorway. Take the key from above the door. Unlock the jewellery box on the desk with the key, then take another key from inside. Use this key to unlock the top right desk drawer. Take the stationery from the drawer. Select the travel option and use the CAD system. Analyse the stationery and research Buzz Brezhnev. Now return to the bar and talk to the bartender again about Buzz Brezhnev.

Buzz Brezhnev

Hassle Buzz twice then ask for help. Now ask about everything, but particularly Scorpio. Offer him $500 and he will give you some pills.


Ask Scorpio about everything. When you leave you will have an email. Use the CAD system and read the email.

Lisa Loomis

You will automatically meet Lisa and get an appointment with Jack Quinn.

Jack Quinn

Ask Jack about everything.


After falling to the ground, quickly head through the rear door into the pen on the right. Wait for the tiger to enter the pen via the front door, then quickly leave and move the lever on the wall to trap the tiger. Pick up the rope from the ground. Move the bones on the left and take the hook. Walk over to the left and use your rope on the window above to escape the pit. Look at the man here, then open the bag by the window and take it to get some of your belongings back. Move the sack next to the table and look at the postcard, then take it. Look at the blueprint and newspaper on the table, then take the blueprint. Move the stone on the back wall just to the left of the man's legs, then open the door and go through. Use the CAD system and read the email, then analyse the postcard. Zoom in and move around until you find the microdot and read the message.


Train Station

If you miss the train here you took too long and will need to go back to an earlier savegame and use more planes. Look at the newspaper, then walk right until you see a telegram on the floor next to one of the ashtrays. Look at the telegram, then pick it up. Head through the door on the right. Open the first cabin door and go through. Open the compartment at the top right to find a body. Look at the body, then open the wallet before leaving this cabin. Open the 3rd and 4th cabin doors, then go through the 4th one. Talk to the priest (bluff, hassle and help). After he leaves, quickly use your knockout capsules on his food, then leave this cabin and enter the 3rd one. Wait for 30 seconds or so, then go back to the 4th cabin to find him unconscious. Open the compartment at the top left and take the tool from inside. Open his attache case and look at it, then get the attache and get his clothes. Leave this cabin and go to the far right of the next one to find a casket. Use the tool to open the casket and take the plastic explosive.

Be pleasant to Gina, then offer her the attache. At the next scene, go through the left door, pick up the small gear, and go back to the right. Use the gear on the shaft in the middle of the device, the move the switch on the left. Go to the left again and the sewer will empty. Go down into it, then over to the left walkway, then up the ladder.

Use your explosive on the doorway on the right, then wait for it to explode and quickly go through the doorway. Move the elephant statue to the left, then move the stone behind where it used to be, and look at the bomb you discover. Use your screwdriver to turn the 4 grew screws on the corners of the panel. Now diffuse the bomb as indicated by the message earlier:

  • Turn the blue screw to 3 o'clock
  • Turn the green screw to 9 o'clock
  • Turn the red screw to 6 o'clock
  • Cut the bottom wire
  • Cut the top wire
  • Cut the middle wire