Conquests of the LongbowConquests of the Longbow

The Legend of Robin Hood

Game Details:  Adventure, 1991

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/5/2004

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Conquests of the Longbow is another adventure made by Sierra On-Line, as a follow-up to the earlier Conquests of Camelot. In this game, you take the role of Robin Hood and must rescue King Richard. Days in the game advance when you have completed (or failed) set tasks, rather than operating on an actual timer.

Day 1

From the outlaws camp, walk west 4 times to a hill overlooking Watling Street. Talk to Little John, then wait here until you see a man chasing a woman. Go down and stop them - shoot the man. At night, you will have a dream and get an emerald heart.

Day 2

From the Widow's place, walk south, south, west to where Marian is being attacked. Shoot the monk, and she will give you a slipper.

Day 3

Go to the overlook and wait until a beggar appears. Stop him, and give him some money in exchange for his clothes. Go to town in the beggar's disguise and visit the clobber. Give him the slipper in exchange for a silver comb.

Day 4

Go to the willow and talk to Marian - give her the silver comb and show her the emerald heart. Go to the overlook and shoot the guard escorting the man.

Day 5

Go to the overlook and stop the monk. Accept the challenge and kill him with the quarterstaff. Wear his clothes and take the whistle and pouch from inside them. Go to the swamp in the monk's disguise. Blow the whistle and board the boat. At the entrance, talk to the guard - give him the whistle and pouch. Answer the 3 riddles (using the manual), then go inside. Go to the refectory and talk to the Prior. Head to the northwest corner to see the prisoner. Talk to the Prior again, and when he leaves, release the rope and free the jester. Go to the southeast corner, and search the rack for the hand scroll. Get the goblet on the Prior's table, then mess up the table and the Prior will leave. Get the verse. Search the rack again for the hand scroll. Go to the prison and give the verse to the jester. Follow him to the boat. Press the bottom left, top right and top left gargoyles to open the gate.

Day 6

Go to the overlook and threaten the priest with your bow, to get his clothes. Wearing the priest's disguise, go to town and enter St Mary's. Get 3 sets of clothing from the laundry, then see the Abbot and get the wine cask. Go to the castle. Give the guard 1 penny to see the 3 brothers. Go to the pub and give the cask to the man in exchange for a new one. Look at the bucket that was lowered. Beat the man at 9 man morris and get the amethyst. Open the cellar door and open the empty barrel to enter a secret tunnel. Use the passage to reach St Mary's. Drink with the Abbot, and use the amethyst on the mug. When the Abbot is drunk, search his body for some money. Go to the Abbot's room and get the puzzle box from under his pillow.

Go to the tapestry and enter the tunnels again. Go to the peek hole outside the dungeon. Look inside, and when the guards have left, go inside and put 4 pennies on the table. Quickly get back to your hiding place and look through again - they will use the money to buy some wine. Go inside and open the trap door. Use the belts from the clothes to save the 3 brothers. Get out of the tunnels through the pub cellar. Walk outside and bless the sheriff. Bring the 3 brothers to the widow and get the golden net.

Day 7

Look at the verse, and note the initials of the people who said things. Press those letters on the puzzle box to open it and get the fire ring. Go to the Willow to see Marian and give her the hand scroll. Go into the forest and wait for a pixie to appear. Catch him with the golden net (throw it in front of him). Ask him to bring you to the green man. Save your game and try to answer the riddles (you must get 3 right).

Day 8

Go to the overlook, and stop the archer who appears. Give him money in exchange for his clothes. Using the archer's disguise, go to town and go to the fair. Talk to the scholar, and give him the hand scroll when the correct coat-of-arms is displayed (check the manual). Enter the contest and win 1st place (split your opponent's arrow) to collect the golden arrow.

Day 9

As you are being chased, go to the nearest grove you can find. Look at the grove, then click the hand icon on yourself. Use the hand code to enter the name of the grove, and you will turn into a tree and evade the enemies.

Go to the overlook, and stop the merchant. Search his body to find a jewel, then take his clothes. Use the jeweler's rouge to change your hair color. Go to the castle and see the sheriff. Give the booth to him, then leave the room. He will follow you to the forest - get all his belongings.

Day 10

Blow your horn to call your men, then listen to their plans. Use Little John's plan. Wear the fire ring now. Go to the pub and talk to the man until he lets you into the cellar. Use the secret passage to reach St Mary's. Take the passage to the north to enter the maze. Reach the exit as quickly as possible, then open the door (the horn should be blowing) and save Marian. At the willow, use the emerald heart to heal Marian and learn the password.

Day 11

Blow your horn, and use Tuck's plan to ambush the treasure train.

Day 12

Transform into a tree again to evade your enemies. Go to the overlook and go down to meet the knight. Show him the password, then talk to him. When he swings his sword, shoot him.

Day 13

Go to the swamp and wear the water ring. Talk to the water spirit, and a boat will arrive. Use it and follow the spirit through the fog. At the tower where the knight is held, get the ivy to leave the boat. Use the hand language to say GORT (ivy), then climb up to the window. Talk to the knight and show him the password. Climb down again, carefully avoiding falling stones. If you have done enough good deeds, you will complete the game successfully.