The Cinema RosaThe Cinema Rosa

Year:  2019

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Cinema Rosa is a first-person puzzle exploration game set in a run-down movie theater of the same name. You play a nameless protagonist, exploring the theatre and uncovering secrets of its past. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Cross the street towards the cinema, but look at the movie posters to the right. Slide the poster for "The Glass Key" to the right, then read the hospital tag that is revealed Patch Adams. Go back out to the street and read a newspaper (1/6) on the ground near the overturned trash can. Now go and unlock the gate, open the doors and head inside.


Go around behind the main counter. Slide open the tall cupboard to the far left, open the electrical panel and flip the switch to turn the power on. The phone will start ringing, so go and answer it, but there is nobody there. Use the computer here and read an email (1/2). Look on the left end of the counter to find the next newspaper (2/6) and look in the shelves on the wall behind the counter to find the first postcard (1/6). Head through the open door to the right from the entrance into a haunted hallway.

Haunted Hallway

Interact with the fake ghost repeatedly The Friendly Ghost. Now go to the far end of this hallway, turn left and open the doors to go through into a lounge.

Slide open the top of the cabinet in the back corner of the room to find another postcard (2/6). Pick up 3 torn posters from the ground and a 4th torn poster from a table in the lower part of the lounge. Read the music book here and note the code 5-7-9 (based on the length of the phrases). Go and put your posters up in the empty frames on either side of the fireplace. Head up to the piano and play 5-7-9. After the song plays, some doors will open in the back of the lounge. Go through and into the portal that appears.

Dream Sequence 1

Head to the end of the pier and pick up the film reel. Return back through the portal.

Leave the lounge and go back to the haunted hallway. Open the doors half way along the hallway to the right and go through. Read the newspaper (3/6) on the desk to the left. Slide open the bottom of the cabinet on the right to find the next postcard (3/6). Use the film projector in the middle of the room and you will automatically load the film feel and watch it. Go back out to the end of the hall. Pick up the diary and key from behind the painting that has swiveled open.

Now head back to the lobby. Use your key to unlock the door heading off the left side of the lobby, then go inside.

Store Room

Read the newspaper (4/6) on the floor. Pick up the large cup and popcorn bucket from the top shelf on the right. Head into the portal.

Dream Sequence 2

Walk towards the front of the central building and pick up the cinema ticket. Head right around the building and you will head past some massive roses Beauty and the Beast. Now you can return through the portal.

Go back to the lobby. Use the popcorn dispenser and the drink dispenser to fill your popcorn bucket and large cup - another door will open off to the right. Go there now.

Main Hallway

Enter the first bathroom on the right. Pick up a mirror piece from the ground and read the note on one of the basins - the 3rd number is 4. Leave here and enter the second bathroom on the right. Search the stalls to find another mirror piece and another postcard (4/6). Now use the broken mirror on the wall. When the scene changes, look at the tiles on the wall to the left and click on them to reveal this pattern:

Head through the opening and back around to the hallway. Continue through the new open door at the end to find the cinema itself. Sit in seat F14 and watch a short film. Go back to the hallway and into the office.

Find another postcard (5/6) on the desk. Use the computer here and read the email (2/2) You've got mail!. Look at the calendar to see 25 has been circled - this is the first 2 numbers of the safe combination. Open the safe with combination 254 Mission Impossible. You can now slide the picture to the right to reveal a necklace, but you can't pick it up. Slide open the top of the cabinet in the corner of the room and take the matchbook Cinema Paradiso.

Haunted Hallway

Return along the first hallway and into the lounge. Light the fire in the fireplace. Head along the hallway in the back of the lounge and through a new portal.

Dream Sequence 3

Read the 2 letters and the book, then set the code on the wall to 255-000-000. After the scene changes, wander until you find a balloon you can fly. Get out at the other end and follow the path to reach a hut. Take the key from inside, then return through the portal here.

Main Hallway

You will reappear in the cinema. Go through the Exit door to the right, then head upstairs and through the doors.


On the balcony, read a newspaper (5/6) on the floor in the corner. Continue through the next doors to a small lobby. Pick up the tomato juice from a table here, then continue through the doors on the right into a bar. In here, read the recipe on the piece of paper on the counter. Now pick up a lemon, Tabasco and a celery stick on the counter, as well as Worcestershire sauce and pepper from the shelves behind the counter. Use the glass on the counter to make a Virgin Bloody Mary.

Return out to the small lobby and through the open doors to the right, then enter the portal.

Dream Sequence 4

Head straight down the end of the corridor. Try to open the door, but it is locked. Read the note under the door, then go through and collect the key. Return to the corridor and you will fall through the portal.

Main Hallway

You will reappear at the bottom of the stairs. Head back upstairs again.


Head along the balcony (in slow motion), then enter the small lobby and open the double doors to the left to find another office. There are 5 black birds you need to turn in this room:

  • on the left pedestal
  • on the right pedestal
  • on the desk
  • in the bookshelf
  • in the left painting

Go into the secret office behind the bookshelves. Read the final newspaper (6/6) Rosebud. Look at the paper crane on the desk Replicant. Unlock the next door and follow the passage into another portal.

Dream Sequence 5

Head over the bridges, up the hills and over some more bridges so you can pick up the sunglasses. Go all the way back through the portal at the start.

Continue along the hallway and find a room on the left that contains 5 film reels. Pick up each of these, then head to the small cinema room. Use the projector here and you will see 5 film fragments, which you need to place in this order: 4, 2, 5, 3, 1. Enter the new portal that appears at the front of the room.

Dream Sequence 6

Here you must use the information in the 2 books to place the films in their correct chronological order:

  • 1888: Roundhay Garden Scene
  • 1902: A Trip to the Moon
  • 1906: The Story of the Kelly Gang
  • 1924 (left): Sherlock Junior
  • 1928 (right): The Circus
  • 1941 (left): Citizen Kane
  • 1942 (right): Casablanca
  • 1960 (right): Psycho
  • 1963 (left): The Birds

Now go and collect another key, then return through the portal.

Return through the room where you found the film reels, and open the green door at the end. Look in the low shelves to read the final postcard (6/6) P.S. I love you. Look at the spinning top on the wooden Inception. Look at the 4 pictures from dream sequences on the wall with numbers over them. You need to place these in order, then enter this code on the panel in the far wall: 8414.

Pick up the film reel for Rosa, which is in the back left corner. Play this on the main projector to display it on the big screen High Rise and Winner.