Game Details:  Comedy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/6/2019

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Chuchel is a comedy 3rd person puzzle game from Amanita Design. It is divided into 30 levels, which can be individually replayed at any time, featuring the titular Chuchel and his companion Kekel. There are 7 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Levels 1-5

Level 1

Start by clicking on random things a total of 7 times to attempt to wake the sleeping Chuchel Good Morning. Now click on the water-drinking creature at the top of the screen twice to finally wake Chuchel up.

Level 2

Walk towards the cherry, but a small creature will push it away from you. Keep walking to the right until you appear on the very left of the screen, then grab the cherry.

Level 3

Try pulling the tree, then run up the tree and you will successfully bring the whole thing down.

Level 4

Talk to the big yellow creature 3 times Blabber. Try pushing the sign sideways, then click on the small creature and get him to dig around the sign. Pull the sign upwards to get it free. Use the sign on the big yellow creature. Click on the small creature and use him to jump up, then jump down on to the sign to free the cherry again.

Level 5

Click on the green creature, then try to dive across to reach the cherry. Try getting the small creature to do both of his actions, then try to move the green creature and you will succeed for a while, but then the cherry will be stolen once more.

Levels 6-10

Level 6

Select any of the 3 birds to ride, then beat a series of screens where you press the mouse button to go up and release the mouse button to go down. You cannot die, and just bounce off most enemies. If you go off the top of the screen you start the screen again. There is only 1 tricky screen with a line of green enemies where you must get sucked in by the top one to succeed.

Level 7

Try to grab the cherry.

Level 8

Try to turn the crank on the left. Click on the snail shell, then click on the huge snail and select the smiley face. Now you must enter each of the 3 doorways and complete 3 minigames. After each one, click on the snail and select the smiley face again.

  • Space Invaders: Get hit by drops from one color of enemy to be able to jump up and destroy that enemy. After 2 normal waves you will meet the boss, where you again need to be hit by the appropriate colored drops before you can attack.

  • Pacman: Let the pacman enemies turn the cherry pits into cherries so that you can collect them. Collect the cherry juice bottles to temporarily make the enemies vulnerable and turn all cherry pits into cherries. Complete 3 levels to win.

  • Tetris: Avoid the blocks and then the bombs that drop from the top of the screen. Once the huge bomb appears, jump on it and then on the timer to reach the cherry at the top.

Click on the snail and select the strength pill as your reward, then turn the crank.

Level 9

Click on the cherry 3 times.

Level 10

Shake the orange tree, then go right. Shake the red, blue and green trees as well - there should now be 4 different colored fruits on the ground, and you can replenish their stocks by shaking the trees again. Try eating each of these fruits:

  • Red: Turn into a chicken
  • Green: Turn into a round blob
  • Orange: Turn into a 4-legged spider

In each of these different forms, also eat a blue fruit Blue Bean. Now shake the orange tree again. Pick up Kekel on the right screen and make him eat the orange fruit. Go left and place him on the creatures on the right. Shake the orange tree again and eat the orange fruit yourself. Return left and jump on the creatures on the left.

Levels 11-15

Level 11

Click on the jelly creature until it eats the cherry. Go to the far left to return on the right side of the screen, then enter the jelly monster to get to the cherry.

Level 12

Drag the spoon around to hit the egg. Keep doing this until it eventually fully breaks and you run to the right automatically.

Level 13

Click on the giant cherry 3 times.

Level 14

Click on the slingshot to load Kekel into it, then aim at the drum on the lower right. Next aim at the new drum on the ceiling. Now aim at the flying creature. Finally aim at the drum on the ceiling once more to collapse the main structure.

Level 15

Click on Chuchel 8 times to make him stop singing, then twice more to complete the level.

Levels 16-20

Level 16

Jump into the left robot. Move left and right using your keyboard (A and D keys) and punch by clicking on the robot's gloves. Knock down the enemy 4 times to win the battle.

Level 17

Click on the eye ball.

Level 18

Turn on the radio, change the music, and try to move it. Make sure that you turn the radio back off. Try to take the cherry, and try to move the stand on which it lies. Take the jester's hat from the mirror and the scene will change. Interact with the mushroom and the cactus in both ways (just keep clicking on Chuchel to escape from the mushroom-induced trip).

Next pick up the winter hat from the mirror and the scene will change again. Push the penguin ball to the left. Interact with the snowman and the icicle in both ways. Put your normal hat back on.

Have a shower on the right. Drink from the shower then quickly switch to the jester's hat. Pee on the mushroom to make it grow. Press the red button on the right 3 times Three Caps. Put your normal hat back on.

Turn on the radio, then wear the jester's hat once more. Wait here until the spiky cherry falls to the ground. Try to pick it up, then put your normal hat back on.

Level 19

Just repeatedly try to hit Kekel with the hammer.

Level 20

Interact with the blue alien in every possible way until it leaves. Do the same with the pink alien. When the cherry is caught in the UFO's beam, try everything to get it back.

Levels 21-25

Level 21

Shoot up into the sky (not directly at the balloon) 7 times, and the balloon will go up further into the clouds.

Shoot at the middle of each cloud where the balloon is hiding 5 times (you will therefore shoot each of the main 5 clouds). Now you need to shoot near the clouds to move them around. Merge the two at the top left, then shoot this one. Now make sure you separate the remaining two at the top, before merging the two at the bottom and shooting this one. Merge the two at the top and shoot this one Cloudbuster. Now merge the final two clouds and shoot it to force the balloon up into space.

Shoot the moon.

Level 22

Click on the lady bugs several times.

Level 23

Pick up the small green frog and place it on the right side of the large purple creature. Jump on the big green frog to make it stick its tongue out. Touch the big blue creature to make it change its shape, then pick up the small blue creature and place it on top. Now stand on the left side of the large purple creature and click on the big blue creature. Stand on the left side of the large purple creature once more and click on the big green frog.

Level 24

Sing the bird to sleep, then try to take the cherry.

Level 25

Take the lid off the toothpaste, then jump on it and the toothbrush will run away. Climb up the toothbrush, then climb into the water spout and you will end up removing the plug from the sink. Climb on to the soap dispenser, then jump up on it 3 times, and the soap should drip down to the top of the glass. Push the glass over, then quickly stand it up again while the jaws are outside the glass. Jump on the toothpaste, then climb up the toothbrush and down the soap into the glass.

Levels 26-30

Level 26

Keep pressing the light switch.

Level 27

In this level you have 2 beakers into which Chuchel and Kekel have been placed. You can transform them into a total of 4 different creatures each, by giving either a red or blue pill, then a dark blue or light blue drink. You can then make them happy or angry by choosing the pink or blue potion. Create all 8 creatures in total Creature Maker. Once you have made the dog and cat as instructed by the pictures in the background, make them both angry to finish the level.

Level 28

Click to jump over the various obstacles as you chase after the cherry.

Level 29

Climb over the teeth to reach the next screen, then use the A and D keys to punch left and right to take out the tooth fighters. Next you must spin the large creature around using the A and D keys so that Chuchel and Kekel make their way to the cherry.

Select the snail race option and win the race by selecting different faster modes of transport to beat your opponent Snail Racing Champion. Play all of the other minigames, then select the left arrow. Back inside the creature, take the right exit.

Level 30

Simply watch the action unfold.