Chewy: Esc from F5Chewy: Esc from F5

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/10/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Chewy: Esc from F5 is a comedy science fiction adventure. You take the role of Chewy, who along with your sidekick Clint manage to steal a powerful artifact from the evil Borx, but while escaping get trapped in a wormhole and end up on the planet Earth. You must explore this strange world and try to make your way home.


Pick up the pillow from the bed, and the slime from the floor. Take the monocle and book from the skeleton, and read the book in your inventory. When the probes enter the room, quickly use the slime on the first one, and the pillow on the second one.

Outside the cell, take the ID card from the slot next to the cell door, the spinach from the right, and the cable from the left. Head left and use the cable on the grating. Return right twice and use the ID card on the card slot. Use the buttons to select and activate the clean function (the broom icon on the left). Once you are airborne, use the spinach on your feet.

In the next area, insert your ID card into the card slot. Press the large red button, then retrieve the card and go through the open door. Try using the Boca Bola vending machine. Pick up the "Out of Order" sign, and use it on the vending machine. Grab the steel cable from in front of the near left door, then use your ID card on the slot next to the far left door. Head through.

Walk right and pick up the bucket, then attach the steel cable to the hook here. Press the bell and you will run away. Press the bell again and this time you can pick up the plot-dog from the floor. Press the bell once more, then open the door and go through. Press the button to stop the torture device. Talk to the Nemoyan, who wants a drink. Go back up the stairs and return to the vending machine. Use the vending machine, then take the cup.

Return down to the Nemoyan. Throw the bucket in his face, and you will end up with a plaster mask. Talk to him about everything. Pick up the pliers from the ground and use them to get a red hot coal from the bucket on the left. Next use the pliers on the loose stone in the floor just to the right of the bucket. Now go down through the secret passageway.

Use your pliers on the grating. Pick up the paint bucket, then continue right. Hold your plot-dog over the crack in the wall to catch the Surimy. Keep going right and use your paint bucket on the writing on the wall. Pick up the Bork after it is flattened. Go right once more. Insert your ID card into the card slot of the scanner, then use the Bork on the scanner. During the conversation, select "Change of priority", then "End communication". Retrieve your new ID card from the card slot, then use this on the card slot to the right before going through the door.

Pick up the good luck charm and place it in the right transformer tube. Once the Bork is inside the tube, use the transformer terminal. In your new skin, head back through the previous door, then through the top right door. Talk to the Garbage Bork so that he leaves. Now push the button until your red space glider is shown on the monitor above. Walk on to the conveyor belt.

Open your glider and climb inside. Take the translator from the right side, then leave again. Examine the scrap metal to find a Borkian weapon, and search the slime to find a fuse. Use the translator on the Hermit, then talk to him about everything. Now use the weapon on the old camp fire - you will receive the Fluxo-Flex. Return into your glider. Insert the Fluxo-Flex and the translator into their respective slots, then press the start button.

Open the grating behind your glider, then go through the opening. There are robot spiders in this area that will only temporarily stun you. There are 3 levers - start by flipping the middle one, then go and collect the rope from the bottom left. Now flip all 3 levers, then enter the room just above where you found the rope. Follow this darker area to the right and use the grating at the end. In this room, throw your Surimy at the Emperor. Back out and make your way to the very bottom of the area. Open the grating and you will climb through to a new room. Loop your rope over the railing above, then climb down the rope.

Collect some of the green fluid in your cup, then pour this over the lever. Now pull the lever. Walk over towards the door on the left and it will open, so you can go through. Use the Emperor's Cyber-Crown. Pull each of the levers to turn the Borx into crystals, then leave cyber space. Grab the cartridge from the console and press the button on the left to activate a display. Look at the star chart on display. Insert the cartridge into the cartridge slot here, then retrieve it again.

Leave this room and climb back up the rope. Return through the ventilation shafts to your glider. Climb inside, insert the cartridge into the slot, and press the start button.

Small Town

Enter the cellar on the left and collect the hose, funnel and fishing pole. Now head upstairs and walk down into the kitchen. Look inside the open drawer and take the knife that you find. Open the refrigerator and take the turkey leg, then back out again. Head right twice to leave the house.

Go around behind the house and attach your hose to the pump. Pick up the hose and use it on the cellar window. Go back around to the front of the house and head inside again.

Head down into the cellar and then go right to return to your glider. Use the hose to put out the fire, then climb into your glider. Take the translator, then return left and go upstairs. Pick up a milk bottle, then go left into the living room. Pick up the remote control and use it on the TV. Use the translator on the TV to learn English, then use the remote control on the TV again to get the recipe details. Now leave the living room and head upstairs. Go through the door on the right and use the translator on the tomcat. Talk to the tomcat, then give it your turkey leg. Collect the bone and the ghetto blaster (cassette player). Leave the room, then go downstairs and outside to the right.

Go around behind the house again to reach the backyard. Use your knife on the car seat, then jump on the spring to get over the fence.

Pick up some chicken feed from the ground. Combine the fishing pole and bone in your inventory, then use this on the glass to get the dog dentures. Use your translator on the rooster, then give him the dentures and you will end up stealing some eggs. Grab a pumpkin from the field, then use the chicken feed on the seesaw to return over the fence.

Return to the front of the house and go inside. Head down towards the kitchen and pick up the coffee. Put this into the kitchen appliance on the bench. Use your knife on your pumpkin, then put the pumpkin meat into the appliance as well. Now put the eggs and milk into the appliance. Pick up the mug, then leave the room. Go through the top door and use the funnel on Howard to wake him up. Leave the house and put on the pumpkin head, then walk along the road to the city.

Pick up the coin from the right side of the street, then enter the store on the left. Talk to Holly and Molly, then fix the vending machine. Talk to Holly again and buy some typing paper (select any options). Go back outside, then return left to the house.

Go inside and through the top door on the left into the study. Use your paper on the typewriter, then use the Cyber-Crown on it. Pick up the F5-manuscript, then leave the study and go left into the living room. Use the remote on the TV until the ghost show is shown. Use your cassette player on the TV. Now give the F5-manuscript to Howard. Talk to him about everything.

The next morning, pick up the Surimy from the floor on the left, then go outside. Use the Surimy on the car wreck to the left, then return inside and go down to the basement. Go right and use the milk bottle on the hose to fill it with water. Now head all the way up to the attic and close the trap door. Remove the dead plant from the pot and plant the pumpkin seeds. Use the milk bottle on the plant, then use the Surimy on it. Now open the trap door and go all the way outside. Use the pumpkin head on yourself, then head down the road to the city again.

Enter the store on the left and talk to Holly twice to receive a ticket. Leave the store and enter the railway station. Use Howard on the employee, and while they are talking, search the mailbag to get a stamp. Use the stamp on your F5-manuscript. Leave here and return to the store. Give the stamped envelope to Molly. Go outside again and talk to the Salesman, then use Howard on the salesman.

Back at the house, search the mail box, then wear the pumpkin head and go to the city once more.

Use Howard to distract the policeman, then open the telephone box on the left. After the policeman is gone, put the coin into Mr Pumpkin, then use your cassette player on him.

The next morning, give the bottle to the Mayor. Enter the train station to head to your next destination.

Big City


Talk to the paper boy, then give him money and you will get a magazine. Examine this in your inventory to find a poster. Enter the dark alley on the left. You will see reference to some numbers on the fence here (2x3, 2 much). Examine the combination lock, and open it with the combination 762. Back out and you will end up with a costume change. Return to the street, then use the ring on the taxi sign.

Publishing House

Talk to the salesman to get a hot dog. Use the taxi again.


Try to walk down the street, but the boy will stop you. Give him your poster. Now you can proceed to the left and into the costume shop. Talk to the costume rental man, then take a calling card from the counter and read it in your inventory. Go back outside then into the hotel next door. Pick up the cigarette butt from the ash tray on the table. Return outside and give the cigarette butt to the boy - you will end up with some chewing gum.

Enter the hotel again and use the chewing gum on the water pipe to fix the leak. After talking to the porter and receiving a key, head upstairs. Use the key on the middle right door twice, then pick up the captain's hat and the bottle of liquor. Now use the key on the far left door and go inside. Use the hot dog on the re-con cockroach. Go back out to the hallway and use the key on the middle left door. Go into the far left room again. Pick up the exterminator's tools and use them on the cockroach army. Look out the window here to see the harbor, then leave the hotel. Use the taxi sign to the right to leave.


Give the magazine to the porter, and you will receive an order form. Use the taxi to travel.


Go left and enter the costume shop, then give the order form to the costume rental man. Return outside and use the taxi sign.

Publishing House

Use the switch behind the salesman 3 times and the window-cleaner will leave. Now use his platform to rise up. Look at the secretary, then use the exterminator's tools on her. Back down at ground level, enter the office but you will be rejected again. Use your costume on the telephone booth, then you will automatically go inside - accept the job. Take the manuscripts from the pile on the left, then place your F5-manuscript there in its place. Now use the telephone on the desk. After the cutscene, use the taxi.


Pick up the chewing tobacco from the boardwalk. Go over to the right and talk to the sailor. Combine the chewing tobacco with your bottle of liquor, then give this to the sailor before leaving the area by using the taxi sign.


Give the invitation to the porter, then head inside. Take the ash tray, then leave the control room and go left to the next set. Give the watch to Nichelle, and the Nemoyan mask to the effects man on the right. Now use the ash tray on the back part of the stage. Back in the control room, search the handbag to find a small device.

Leave the control room again and use this device on Laura Letter. While you are being chased, quickly pull the lever that was behind the effects man earlier.



Open the crate on the right to get a video tape. Read the sign on the door, then open the door and head inside. Take the glass, records and artifact from the shelves on the left. Use your nose pliers on the artifact. Grab the parrot, then open the bureau and search it to find a dress. Return outside.

Talk to the trader, then give him your artifact in exchange for 3 chocolate statues. Now go left and enter the bar. Use your parrot on the Diva to the far left - you will receive a gift certificate for a drink. Give this to the barkeeper to receive a Bloody Mary. Combine this with the fishbowl in your inventory to create a Surprise Bloody Mary. Go back and give this to the Diva. Talk to the parrot until you get the song lyrics. Give the dress to Nichelle. Now talk to Indigo Brown, then give him the smallest (1 pound) chocolate statue. Once you get the map, go outside and enter the jungle on the left.


Cross the bridge, then go to the left and you will see a death skull. Go left once more and you will find some bushes you can search. Look at the note, then take the machete. Now continue up along the path and you will come to a fallen tree with a leopard. Grab the loop of vine just above the leopard to tie it around him. Now try to pull the free end. Use Howard on the free end, then use Nichelle on it and you will successfully lift the leopard into the air. Go left over the fallen tree. Read the sign to the right on the next screen, then use your machete on the rubber plant. Grab some rubber, then head up along the path and you will be caught.

After automatically failing a race against the big chief, give him the medium (3 pound) chocolate statue. Head to the right of the pot and take the corkscrew from the table. Continue right to reach the boats. Use the corkscrew on the left boat, and the rubber on the right boat. Return left and talk to the big chief to race him again - this time you will win. Return left and use your video tape in the home entertainment center to swap tapes. When offered a reward, take the VCR. After the boat ride, go through the cave to a new area.


Talk to the film diva, then talk to Nichelle and she will get the job. Enter the tent on the right and take both the sleeping pills and the gift certificate from the make-up table. Go back outside and talk to Jim in the hamburger stand. Give him the gift certificate to receive a burger. Leave this area for now.

Hermit's Hut

Combine your burger and sleeping pills, then throw this into the water to take care of the piranhas. Walk to the hut and you will automatically pick up a diary. Look at this in your inventory, then leave.


Walk left, where you will be stopped by men with guns. Leave by heading right.


Give the home entertainment center to the director. Talk to him, then climb the ladder on the left. Press the big red button.


Climb down the ladder again. Pick up both of the silver statues on the left, before heading along the path to the temple. Go inside and place the large (6 pound) chocolate statue on the pedestal, then go right. Put your 2 silver statues on 2 of the red markings, then use the third marking yourself. After the cutscene, climb the ladder and press the big red button. Go to the temple entrance and enter the Borx glider. Take the radio from the left, then open the cabinet above and take the blaster. Use the navigational computer. After you travel, use the transporter module.

Big City

Leave the alley and shoot to the right a few times until you automatically enter the hotel. Keep shooting in the corridor until you automatically escape to the street. Continue right and take the hub caps from the taxi. Further to the right, use your blaster to shoot the control unit. Use your Surimy on the wreck, then continue right. After another cutscene, go right and use your Surimy on the harbor bar.

Ghost Town

When you regain control, give the bottle of pumpkin liquor to the ghost. Take the wheels off the wagon to the far right, then head up along the street. Put the wheels on the mine wagon to the right, then use it to enter the mine.

Bork Ship

Use the Chewy merchandise on the door. Head inside and all the way to the left, then pull the toilet flush. Take the slime, then use your chocolate statue on the document scanner here. When you can, go left and press the switch. Go up the green stairs and press the small red button. Head through the open door to appear just to the left. Walk left and quickly throw slime on the probe (if you are too slow, walk left and try again). When you return with Nichelle to the right, press the large red start button.