Cat MuseumCat Museum

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/25/2023

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Cat Museum is a surreal side-scrolling puzzle adventure. You play as a boy who has become caretaker of a fantastical museum. You must explore the museum in order to make repairs, gradually uncovering the mystery behind its existence. There are 14 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Click repeatedly on the black object so that it expands, then click on it once more. Now click on the cat face symbol until it lights up, and you will fall through a portal.

Look at the wardrobe, then head right and look at the box and the sofa. You will automatically talk to the seer, and you must drag the 3 matching runes over the large ones on her crystal ball. On the next screen, take the needle, then touch the creature. Drag the purple cover upwards, then use your needle on all of the red spots, turning them into flowers. Continue right and look into the circus wagon. Head right up the stairs and into the courtyard Stranger.

Look at the cat statue to the right of the door, then put your special cat tickler in the pot next to it. A glowing cat will now appear. Look at the pattern on the ground next to it. Rearrange the moons to match the symbols beneath (full moon in the middle), then move your hands over the hand symbols. Now head through the opened doors.

The Museum

Herbarium Corridor

Walk right and the glowing cat will eventually join you. Continue right and pick up the yellow watering can. As you walk to the right, notice the 5 hands with different colored gems and different numbers of fingers showing. Examine the chest in the middle of the area, and open it by setting the numbers to match the fingers on the hands:


Take the seed from the chest, then plant it in the pot to the left. Use the watering can to make it grow, then take the blossoming rose. Give this to the floating head to the right Lover Boy. Enter the mouth. Pick up the fat bug from the left, then look at the bench. Put the fat bug into the device on the left, then use the handle and take the thick bug goo. Put this into the old lantern, then pick it up. Leave by going to the right. Now use the lantern in your inventory and you will have more light. Run to the right and go through the new opening. Walk further to the right past the candles.


Go right and the floating heads will talk to you. Continue right and use the elevator to head down to the Specimen Hall.

Specimen Hall

Just to the left of the elevator, notice a broken glass enclosure that you can climb inside. Go left; when the large monster appears, run back to the right and climb into this container to avoid it. Further to the left, there are 3 specimens that you can interact with, each showing a colored eye with a light reflection pointing in a specific direction. Further to the left there are 3 clocks, each looking like of of these colored eyes. Click on these clocks to stop them at the correct times:

  • Green: 10 o'clock
  • Blue: 2 o'clock
  • Red: 4 o'clock

Go through the opening below the clocks. Continue left to find a large creature, then examine it. Open the wound and click on 5 pairs of matching colors. Take the handcrafted cat comb, then drag the device to the right to close the wound again. Head back to the right and use the comb on the white cat. You need to move it around to keep the gauge in the middle and gradually please the cat. There is an achievement for doing this within 20 seconds Pro Groomer. Pick up the dried rat, then leave to the right. Return to the elevator again.


Head left and talk to the floating heads. Return to the elevator and use it to go down to the Statuary Hall.

Statuary Hall

Just to the left, click on the horned statue until it breaks and reveals the code 751. Enter this code on the gate to the left, then continue. Notice a group of statues with an empty platform where you can stand. Go left to talk to the thinking statue. Continue further left and examine the cat statue. Put the dried rat in its mouth, then pull the arm and take the stiff rat tail. Back out and look at the gramophone to the left. Attach the stiff rat tail as a replacement needle.

Return right and look at the thinking statue's head. Click on the small hands and you will climb inside. Piece together all of the broken pieces of the super egg carving in the space on the right. After talking to the thinking statue again, head to the right; when the large monster appears, keep running to the right and jump onto the empty statue platform to avoid it. Continue right to the elevator and use it to go further down to the painting gallery.

Painting Gallery

Go to the far right and look at the portrait, then drag your mouse over it to erase it completely. Return back to the left and notice the large paintings on either side of the locked doorway - in particular pay attention to the heads of the cats in the right painting. Now examine the left painting and change the hats to match the cats:

  • Left: Spotted
  • Middle: White
  • Right: Tan striped

After the cat near the doorway throws the key to the left, go and take it. Now run to the right and stand in front of the erased portrait to avoid the large monster. Go left and use your key on the locked doorway, then head through.

Go left until you find a painting of a woman holding a light globe. Look at this, and pull the cord in the painting to turn off the light. Now head left and take note of the 3 glowing red symbols. Return to the painting and pull the cord to turn the light back on. Go left to the locked gate and enter the code of the 3 glowing symbols you just saw (normal eye, triangle, angled eye). Continue to the left and you will be sent back to the lobby.


After talking to the cat owl, go left and talk to the floating heads. Go left and crawl into the hole. Now take these entrances:

  • First (bird feet)
  • Third (small feathers)
  • First (mushrooms)

You will now find a secret base Hide and Seek. Click on Owlet, then back out of here. Go right to return to the cat owl, then take the giant cat owl egg. Go right to the elevator and use it to reach the planetarium.


Go to the far right to see the large cat that looks unhappy. Just to the left, examine the 8 tubes and put the planets into them in the correct order from left to right:

  • Mercury: White
  • Venus: Orange
  • Earth: Blue/green
  • Mars: Red
  • Jupiter: Brown
  • Saturn: Yellow
  • Uranus: Light blue
  • Neptune: Dark blue

Head left and put your giant cat owl egg on the pedestal between the floating planets. Wait until it turns red, then pick up the fully cooked egg. After a change of scene, put the egg on the table. You will receive a coin and be sent back to the unhappy cat. Examine the cat's mouth. Now you need to quickly grab the 10 worms and place them in your other hand Dentist. There is an extra achievement for doing this within 20 seconds Exterminator.

Go to the right until you see the large monster. Return slightly to the left and examine the black cat near a box. Piece together the lid of the box (don't worry that the cat interrupts you part way through), then tape it shut. Climb under the box, then go right past the monster.

After you automatically get back out of the box, continue right and examine the music box. After removing the cover, shuffle the pieces around so that each of the 8 areas contains 8 dots. Now you can return left and take the super egg.

Fossil Hall

Go to the right to enter a hallway lined with bones. Continue right past an aquarium that is low in water, until you can examine a large pile of sand on the right. Dig with the scoop, then shake it completely 3 times Ailurophile. Do this one more time, then take the cork that you find. Return left and use this in the aquarium so that it fills up with water again. Pick up the fallen dinosaur bone to the left, then continue out of this hallway to the left.

Go to the far left until you reach the large dog (don't get too close or you will be eaten). Give the dinosaur bone to the dog, then continue to the next screen to the left. Walk slowly through the small tunnel to the left.

Talk to the blue game attendant, then give him your coin. Play the game and select the correct cup 3 times to get 3 red tokens. Use each of these 3 tokens on the machine to the left, then open the capsules that come out - the third one will contain a golden ticket. Click on the painting just to the right until it falls, then climb through the hole behind it. Use your handcrafted cat comb on the cat here, again keeping the gauge in the middle until the cat is satisfied. Break the rocks to the left, then head through the hole.


Go right and talk to the blue movie attendant. Go to the far right and click on the cannon to shoot it 10 times Fly! Mr. Sloths. While you are here, you can stick 10 knives into the barrel. Go left and use the popcorn machine. Move the hands so you pick up all 3 meatballs Gotta Catch 'Em All. Now keep filling up your container. Take the box of popcorn, then show your popcorn to the move attendant. Drag your golden ticket forward so it is punched.

Monster Show

Go through the first door and talk to the large creature inside. Examine the large vase. Place the ice-cream on the top, then press the yellow and red buttons (to attract the purple and blue bugs). Put some more ice-cream on top, then press the purple and blue buttons (to attract the yellow and red bugs). Put some more ice-cream on top, then press the red button (to attract the blue bugs). Put some more ice-cream on top, then press the blue and yellow buttons (to attract the red and purple bugs). Finally add some more ice-cream on top. Take your finished ice-cream and give it to the monster.

Go through the second door and talk to the small creature here. Give him the golden ticket, then look into the mine. Controlling the claw, make sure you catch 10 water bears Water Bear Killer, before filling up the meter at the bottom by collecting gold nuggets. Give all of your gold nuggets to the small creature, and he will carve them for you. Now put the four parts on the statue to the right (start with the body, then add the arms and head).

Go through the third door and examine the table. Move the skull candle over the 4 pictures and count the red dots on each of them. Now put the balls in this order from left to right: 2, 1, 4, 3. Talk to the large monster on the left. Click on the rose and then the red ball in the second picture, then give it to the monster.

Go through the fourth door and talk to the creature on the sofa. Look at the shelves, and move the items around so that the layout is symmetric on each shelf.

Go through the fifth door and open the box on the far left. Look up at the bird in the tree. Here you need to get the bird to eat each of the small creatures - they jump forward in line based on the number of antennae on their heads. Solve the puzzle twice, and the bird will lay an egg. Click on the egg to crack it open, then take the baby bird. Go and give this to the creature in the box.

Now head left and go through a new door.


Look around the room, then open the window shutters and the scene will change. Look around again, then search the rubble on the right and pick up the key. Examine the chest and open it, then take out the yellow bell. Click on the cat shadow in three different spots. Now examine the cat on the right, and attach the bell to its collar.

Go right until you can pick up the camera. Use this to take pictures of the baby, the blanket, the crib, the box on the floor, and the blank wall to the right of the chest. Now as the camera prints out the pictures, drag each of them upwards. You will now have to move the photos around so that you can do the following:

  • Move the crib to the right into the empty wall
  • Move the baby down into the crib
  • Move the blank down onto the baby

Now examine the box and try to open it. When you stick the cat teaser in, drag this down. Now you can open the box.


Go to the right and click on the orange flower pot Master Gardener. Talk to each of the creatures you helped recently, then talk to the floating heads.


Go right past the floating heads until you reach the cat on the large stack of pillows. Examine this cat. Click on the feather and carefully watch the movements of the cat's feet, then click on them in the same order. Repeat this twice more Party Time. Now head to the far right and use the elevator.

The Moon

Go left and examine all 3 parts of the purple closet. Open the closet doors and put your super egg inside, then close the doors again. Open all 5 drawers in the bottom of the closet. Break open the fortune cookies and read the fortunes inside them. Talk to each of the creatures again to gather some objects from them. Return to the drawers and place the objects as follows:

  • Top Left: Sewing kit
  • Top Right: Exquisite tea set
  • Middle Left: Silk scarf with rose fragrance
  • Middle Right: Toddler's booties
  • Bottom: Dirty baby sling

Now open the closet doors. After the scenes, examine the cat teaser on the floor. Choose any options to create a new cat teaser Keen Eye. Now just watch the credits to the end Museum Manager.