The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady

Year:  2012

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Cat Lady is a third-person side-scrolling adventure game that commences with the protagonist, Susan Ashworth, deciding to take her own life. What follows is a surreal journey where Susan is asked to rid humanity of 5 monsters known as the Parasites.

Chapter 1

House in the Woods

Walk all the way right to the ambulance, and try to open the door, but it is locked. Return to the left until you hear a noise, then go right to the ambulance again. Look at the body, then open the mouth to get a key. Return left to the shed and use your key to get inside. Look at the machine and the planks, but you can't do anything here yet, so return outside. Continue left until you see a hanging body; you need something to cut the rope.

Go back to the right until you see a crow. Follow the crow through several screens until you find a dead reindeer. Pull out the knife, then unbolt the door on the right and go through. Use the knife to cut the rope, then examine the body and take the key.

Go right until you reach a locked gate, then unlock it with your key and go through. Talk to the old woman and you will end up inside the house. Talk to her again here, then go right and talk yet again. Eventually you will be out in a corn field; follow the woman to the left. Pull out the crowbar, then talk to the woman again. Back in the house, blow out the first candle on the left, then head left to leave the house.

Outside, go right until you reach the shed, and head inside. Use your crowbar on the planks, then reach inside the hole. Go right but the door shuts on you, so go left to the machine until it starts, then return right through the open door. Keep going right to the exit.

Chapter 2

Second First Breath

After your conversations with the doctors and nurse, take a lot of gloves before leaving your room. Go left and try to get past the guards, but you need discharge papers. Go back to the desk and look at the discharge papers, then try to take them. Talk to the nurse at the desk but she won't help you.

Return to the right and talk to the patient, but she won't talk to you unless you know her mother's name. Keep going right and open the door to enter the toilet. Search through the bin to get a medication pot. Look at the mirror and take the shard of glass. Turn the hot water tap on in the sink, then wait until the letters EIL appear in the mirror. Ring the bell for assistance, and when the nurse arrives say "I'm feeling a bit woozy", then give your name and agree to take the drugs. After a while you will see a complete name in the mirrors. Head left to the reception, where you will see a large narcotic heart. Use your shard of glass on it, then catch some of the red narcotic with your medication pot. Return to your room and lie down.

Back out in the hallway, talk to the patient again, saying her mother's name is Sheila. Ask to swap name bands, then end the conversation and give her the red drug. Head right and into the toilet again. Go over to the toilet and open the lid, then put the gloves in the toilet and flush it. Ring the bell for assistance, then after the nurse arrives head left. Go to the reception desk and take the discharge papers, then continue left past the guards. Keep going left but you will be stopped by the doctor.

In the dream sequence, go right, then left, then left and along the corridor. Go to the far left and wait, then return right and go along another corridor when indicated. Press the button to call the elevator, then get inside. Talk to Liz on the roof.

After another talk with the doctor you will arrive at a stage. Walk left and pull the cord, then return to the right to see 2 doors and 2 dolls. Ask either doll "Which door would the other doll point me to?", then go through the other door. Take the flowers on the table, then continue right and go through the next door.

Blow out the second candle, then go right and open the body bag (twice). In the padded cell, take the iron bar from the body on the right. Open the door on the left and go through. Head left past the Mona Lisa and enter the next door to find a workroom. Take the bolt from the shelves and examine the workbench - you will need to assemble a weapon here. Go back out to the corridor and head to the far left to see Doctor X. Return right and open the locker, then take the wrench from inside. Go to the right until you find a chair; pick it up to get a chair leg. Go through the door to the right. Take the soap from the far right, then turn on the hot water tap and use the soap in the hot water to make it lather. Before leaving that the saw blade from the shelf. Outside this room, continue right. Take the doll's head from the painting, then go to the far right and let the body down to get another iron bar. Return left twice and look at the hand of the Venus statue. Use your soap on the hand to get the nut. Finally return right and into the workroom. Examine the bench and use your gathered items to form a mace and a spear. Head far left and use either weapon on Doctor X. Untie the girl.

Chapter 3


Open the bathroom door and go inside. Turn on the light, then try to take a shower but the electricity is turned off. Leave this room and go to the far left into the bedroom. Search your bag to get some change and cigarettes. Head to the far right to leave your apartment, then use your change in the electric meter outside. Go back inside and take the hat, then turn on the light. Enter the bathroom, turn on the light and take a shower.

Leave the bathroom and go into the kitchen just to the right. Turn on the light switch here. Open the cupboard and take the matches and tinned cat food. Open the fridge and take the cheeseburger, then examine it to see the cooking instructions. Use the cheeseburger in the microwave and set it for 60 seconds, then eat the burger. Leave the kitchen and go left, then turn on the light before heading out to the balcony. Pick up the mug and return to the kitchen. Fill up the kettle, turn it on and make coffee. Now open the cupboard and use the coffee whitener, then drink the coffee.

Leave the kitchen and go left, then enter the spare bedroom. Take the shirt and leave the room, then go left into your bedroom. Turn on the light, then open the closet door and you will take a volleyball. Go out to the balcony again, and use the shirt, volleyball and hat on the drying rack. Walk left to scare off the bird. Now smoke a cigarette. Back inside, play the piano to summon your cats. Head out to the balcony and use the cat food on the bowls. Go out to your front door and open it, then talk to your neighbour.

Chapter 4

Bullet for Susan

Head far right to leave your apartment and talk to Mitzi. Lead her into the spare bedroom.

As the cat, go to the left, then run to the right to knock the cage. Repeat this another 3 times to fall to the ground. Now head left into the next room and jump through the hole in the rear wall. Head right along the duct until you reach a new area. Go left and swallow the key, then return right into the duct when the man is looking down. Go left in the duct to return to Susan, and spit out the key at her.

In the darkness, move right and try to take the gun, but it falls to the ground. Continue right and search the floor to find the gun. Use the gun to shoot yourself.

Talk to Mitzi in your apartment, then go to the kitchen and take the corkscrew from the cupboard. Go back to the living room and take the wine glasses from the cabinet next to the piano. Return to the spare room and give Mitzi the corkscrew and the wine glasses - you will end up talking out on the balcony. In the memory sequence walk to the far left, then continue the conversation on the balcony.

Head right and take the cat grabber then go up the stairs to the foyer. Go left and enter the kitchen. Take a knife, then go right into the dining room and take the picture from the wall. Continue right into a storeroom and you will automatically take some bleach.

Back at the apartment, go down to the ground floor and head outside. Walk all the way to the left, then back to the right and you will be kidnapped.

In the storeroom again, take the cloth from the shelves, then go through the other door. Walk right a bit and look at the bathtub with the body in it. Examine the corpse and try to take the key, then use your cat grabber to get the key. Go all the way back to the foyer, then out through the main doors to the left. Use your key to unlock the van, then search it to get a gas mask. Look in the driver's front window to see a phone, but you can't get it. Use your knife on the loose bricks to the right of the house's front door to get a loose brick. Go back to the van's front window and use your brick to smash it so you can take the mobile phone. Go to the small window to the left of the front door and examine it, then use your picture to block the draft.

Go back inside and use your cloth on the two lamps in the foyer to remove their globes. Head right to a dark room and use your two globes on the two lamps here to generate some light. Examine the phone on the right to get this house's number. Try to use the phone to call Susan's flat, but you don't remember the number. Examine the books on the left to find a phonebook, then search for Susan's number to find it. Go back through the kitchen to the dining room and stand near the table. Use the mobile phone to call Susan's flat and ask Mitzi for the other ingredient, then use the mobile phone to call this house and quickly hide under the table. After the nurse walks past, head right, through the room with the baths and into the shed. Take the pesticide from the shelf. Return down to the cellar (if you run into the nurse you will end up there again anyway) and sneak into the room to the right. Wear the gas mask, then pour the bleach and pesticide into the bucket. Walk right and you will get a shotgun. Now head back into the shed and come back out again, and you will take care of the nurse.

Chapter 5

Some Flowers Never Bend Towards the Sun

Take a bath, then when you have control again sit down in the chair next to Mitzi. Talk to her to work out what you know about each apartment, then open the door when you hear knocking, before backing away as far as you can.

When you awaken, go left until you reach a wall, then return right to see a new wall has appeared. Examine this wall, then return left and yes another wall has appeared. Examine the mirror, then try to open it, but you need something sharp. Move the cloth on the table and you will get a knife - use this on the mirror. Pull the lever behind the mirror, then take the mace to the left. Use the mace on the wall to the left, then unlock the door with your key.

Blow out the third candle, and you will see a car rollover.

Back in the building, go right and use your mace on the right wall. Continue right and go through the first door. Walk over to the right, then turn around and stab the monster in the eye with your knife. Leave this room and go outside to the right. Walk along the pier and you will see the numbers 384 in the scenery. Go back inside and open the padlock with this combination, then go through the door. Go to the right and take the lever. Use the lever in the first panel on the left, then operate the panel. Use your mace in the second panel and operate it. Get the lever again and use it in the third panel, then operate it. Get the mace and use it in the fourth panel, then operate it. Finally take the lever and use it in the main panel on the right, then operate it. Leave this room and go outside, then go to the far right and activate the elevator.

Talk to Mitzi in the bath tub. In the memory sequence, walk left and answer the phone. After the conversation, pick up the lilies and head left and into Zoe's bedroom. Put the lilies on the shelf over on the left, then go back out towards the front door to meet Eric. Get the wine glasses from the cabinet, then return right and answer the phone.

After you are out of the bathtub, leave the bathroom and go left to the living room. Approach the man, who forces you backward, then play the piano. After the cats arrive, push the chair towards Mitzi, then pull her up.

Chapter 6

The Legend of Cat Widow

Examine the door to flat 3, then get Mitzi to try to pick the lock, but she cannot get inside. Next go to flat 1 and get Mitzi to pick the lock. Inside, take the spanner then continue right to see a hole in the ceiling, and right again to see the apartment is empty. Leave and go across to flat 2, and listen at the door to hear dogs. Go up to flat 5 and knock on the door. Talk to the old man until he leaves again. Pick up the rag, then walk left and use the spanner on the bicycle's crank to get it.

Head down to the ground floor and talk to the Dog Lady. Go left and examine the flowers, then smell them and the vase will break. Take some glass from the broken vase, then head back up to flat 1. Outside the flat, use your piece of glass on the sofa, then reach inside to get the Valerian extract. Walk left and put the rag on the radiator, then use the Valerian extract on it. Go downstairs and talk to the Dog Lady again, then go up to flat 2 and Mitzi will search it for you.

Go to the ground floor again. Pick up the broom, then have Mitzi pick the lock on the mailboxes. Push the closet, then go through the door down to the basement. Pick up the extension cable and dress. Use the crank on the coal chute to open it, then use the dress on it to turn it black. Hang the dress back on the dummy, then go up to flat 8. Read the two letters in your inventory. Knock on the door and you will end up inside. Go left and talk to Pauline again, then return to the front door and get rid of the real nanny. Go to the far left of the apartment and pick up the scissors, then return to the front door and get rid of the real nanny a second time. Go right and turn off the power with the electric meter. Cut the cable with your scissors, then return to flat 8. As Mitzi, go into the left room and use the laptop, then leave the flat.

Go back into flat 1 and use your broom with the hole in the ceiling - you will get a cat statue. Break this to get a key. Head up to flat 3 and use the key to get inside. Go right, then after Mitzi leaves go left and pick up the phone - it stops ringing first. Go left and try to open the front door, but the door handle will fall off. Go to the far right and use the door handle on the 666 door, then head inside. Go to the far right and pick up the power cord. Back away from the man and you will fall through the hole in the floor.

Open the four doors in this order: Devil, Came, Through, Here. Go through the open door. Look at the bloody handprints around the room to see a pattern. Walk over and talk to Joe, then continue left and talk to his wife. Come back to the first room and search the bookcase to find the book "Misery" then open it to get a screwdriver. Go back to the room on the left and use the screwdriver to open the panel. Now pull the levers in the panel in this order: Right, Right, Left, Right, Right. Use your power cord on the monster to kill it.

Go up to flat 7 and have Mitzi pick the lock. Inside, take the hockey mask. Go and use your extension cord with the socket on the wall, then go down to flat 1. Go to the far right and plug in the cable, then go back up into flat 7 again. Head right and Mitzi will use the laptop.

Head down to the ground floor and then down to the basement. Use your screwdriver to open the tin of paint, then pick up the paint. Use your scissors on the black dress (on the sewing dummy), then go through the options to scare Bryan.

Chapter 7

Don't Feed the Troll

Head right into the kitchen to talk to the old man, then take the box from him. Save your game so you can see the multiple possible endings. First you must choose whether to keep the mask or give it to Mitzi. Head right in the field to the old woman's house and next choose whether to blow out one of the candles or refuse. Finally in the flat go left and deal with the Eye of Adam.