Cat and Ghostly RoadCat and Ghostly Road

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/2/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Cat and Ghostly Road is a side-scrolling fantasy adventure. You play as Yang, a cat who is saved from a blizzard by a painter. After the painter's soul is stolen by a demon you must go on a dangerous quest to save him. There are 23 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Somewhere in the Mountains

Just walk to the left and you will collapse. The painter will come out and save you.

Three Months Passed

Talk to Yang, then head outside. Pick up the empty bamboo bucket and fill it with water from the spring. Now pick up the hoe and seedling that are near the entrance to your house. Use the hoe on the patch of dirt to the right, then plant the seedling and water it.

The Same Night

Now playing as Yang, lie down on your mat. After the ghost steals the painter's soul, climb the ladder on the right. Activate your special vision and talk to the spirit in the cushion. Just to the left, open the drawers and take a small red pouch from the left drawer. Open the doors above and take the ghost's earring.

Speak to the swinging heads, then give the earring to the right head Diplomat, then pick up the painter's seal Stamp of the master. Return past the spirit to the right, and take some dried herbs hanging from high up on the wall. Return down the ladder.

Use the herbs on the teapot, then use the painter's seal on the middle painting to create a portal.

The Spirit World

Inside the Picture

Talk to the large frog sitting on nits pile of coins. Grab the wasp nest from the tree, and look at the bird's skull against the base of the tree. Pick up some white clay from the sand near the pond. Talk to the small frog in the pond, and use your special vision to see the ghost of the crane walking around. Continue left and pick up the broken drum from in the reeds, then talk to the monk. Go further to the left.

On the Sea Coast

Pick up the clam shell and 2 gold coins. Take some pine resin from the branch above your head. Walk towards the water and speak to the fish. Return to the right.

Inside the Picture

Give your coins to the monk, then talk to him to get an oil lamp. In your inventory, put the pine resin in the clam shell, then melt it with the oil lamp. Put the wasps inside the broken drum, then seal it with the white clay. Return to the pond and use your special vision. Give the drum to the ghost of the crane.

Talk to the small frog, then talk to the large frog and pick up another gold coin. Give this to the monk, then talk to him to get a broken dragon talisman and a gourd. Use your liquid resin on the talisman to repair it, then go left again.

On the Sea Coast

Walk towards the water to make the fish appear again. Give the talisman to the fish, then play a minigame where you must guide the fish up the river, avoiding the debris Dragon. Talk to the dragon, and you will be given some pearls and taken across the sea.

On the Far Coast

Walk to the left and pick up the dead rat, then talk to the dragon. Use your pearls in the patch of grass between the 2 skulls. Use your gourd on the sea to collect water, then use it on the patch of grass to make a pearl tree grow. Climb up the tree.

High in the Sky

Walk along the branch to the left and talk to the man here Cloud Old Man. Go down to the left.

In the Forest

Fill your gourd from the small spring at the base of the red tree. Do not pick up the red feather near the boulder to the left, or the brown feather in the tree further to the left. Pick up 2 groups of white lilies, then move the small rocks and pick up the flint, steel and incense. Continue left and talk to the cat woman who is chained to the tree. Just beyond her to the left you will find a lamp. Combine your flint and steel to make a cap, then use this to light the lamp. Light your incense stick using the lamp.

Use your special vision to see a demon floating behind the cat woman. Use your burning incense in the incense altar in front of the cat woman, and you will put the demon to sleep. Go over and steal its key. Try to give this to the cat woman, but it is otherworldly and will not work. Open the jewelry box in front of her and use the key in the mirror to make it real. Now use the key on the lock around the cat woman's neck Savior. You will receive a special mask that changes you into a human form Mask of human cat.

Continue left to the next area.

At the Bridge

Talk to the woman on the bridge. Use your special vision and try to walk on to the bridge Fright. Throw the dead rat into the river. Cross the bridge. Do not pick up the black feather on the moss-covered rock. Still using the special vision, go left until you are greeted by a spirit. Talk to it, then deactivate your special vision and pick up the small mushroom-traveler.

Change into human form by using the mask. Grab the parasol from the tree, then continue left.

A Bamboo Forest

Talk to the monk statue. Pick up the tall bamboo stick just to the left. Combine this with your parasol and give it to the monk statue. Now talk to the spider that crawls out of the lamp to the right. Search the lamp to find a dirty feather Friendly.

Activate your special vision and talk to the mushroom princess further to the left. Give her your mushroom-traveler Heart combiner. Use your cap to light the lamp further to the left. Wet your feather in the clean water here, then return right.

At the Bridge

Go back over the bridge and continue right.

In the Forest

Use your wet feather on the lamp here and it will catch on fire Another Lamp. Now take it Phoenix Feather. Head to the stone pillars at the far right of this area. Plant your 2 groups of white lilies in the vases here, then pour water from your gourd into the bowl. You will be carried up by a cloud that forms.

High in the Sky

Give the phoenix feather to the man in the clouds.

The Soul Garden

Pick up the dried twig from the ground here, and a sharp fang from the tree above. Cross the bridge and find another dried twig in the bushes, and a third dried twig in the grass near the next lamp. Examine the tomb covered in ice. Combine your 3 dried twigs and place them on the ground in front of the tomb. Use your cap to set them on fire.

Search the hole in the tree on the right to find a dark seal. Use this on the front of the tomb Scary Stamp. Pick up the black heart and read the black scroll. Change into human form by using the mask, then take the black hand from the tree branches directly above the tomb. In your inventory, put the black heart in the black hand, then stab it with the sharp fang. Throw this into the well to the left.

The Garden of the Dead Soul

Walk over the bridge and talk to the demon, then a new minigame will appear:


You need to play this series of notes on the ocarina: 32161525213 Musician. After the demon is gone, continue to the far left.

A Cemetery of Forgotten Spirits

Pick up the tuft of grass waving in the wind Broom. Use this to clean the shrine to the left, then pick up the incense stick that falls down. Use your cap to light both hanging lanterns on the shrine, two stone lamps to the right, and two more stone lamps to the left. Light your incense stick from one of the lamps, then place this in the middle of the shrine.

Pick some red berries from the bush just to the left, and put them in the ink-pod in the shrine. Use the painter's seal in the ink-pod, then use it on the red lantern. Finally use the cap on the red lantern. Now follow this lantern to the far left.

A Cemetery of Ships

Pick up the fish bones, the thorn-bush and the 2 planks. Use the 2 planks in the water, then talk to the dragon ship. Climb up the rope when it is offered.

Open the vase on the far left and pick up the key that falls to the floor. Also collect the broken fragment of vase and the string from the Chinese lute. Use the key on the doors of the red cabinet, then open the doors and take the paintbrush and cauldron from inside. Use your cap on the 2 large red lanterns to scare away the bats.

Leave the ship and combine your wire and cauldron, then place this on the place for a campfire to the right. Collect some water in your gourd, then pour it into the cauldron. Add the fish bones to the cauldron, then use your cap to start a fire beneath it. After a little while, there will be fish glue in the cauldron. Use your paintbrush on this, then use the paintbrush on the broken fragment of vase.

Board the ship again and repair the vase with your broken fragment. Now open the black cabinet and put the thorn-bush prickles inside Ratcatcher. Talk to the dragon ship again.

The Sea of Oblivion

Talk to the dragon ship, then use the guiding lantern on it.

A Deserted Shore

Pick up some more prickles. Use your special vision and move the heap of stones, then pick up the ghost skull. Head along the path to the left.

A Ghost Market

Use your special vision. Talk to the floating beard man, then stop using your special vision. Head left and talk to the cat woman, then talk to the woman in the background. Use your special vision again and talk to the fox in the background Meeting a beautiful stranger, and finally the skeleton ghost to the left. Continue further to the left.

The Gatekeepers

Note the dying flower and the incense burner here. Go slightly to the left and pick up the bronze knife coin from the ground. Continue left again.

A Garden of Flowers

Take the handkerchief from the tree, then return to the right.

The Gatekeepers

Go to the right again.

A Ghost Market

Continue to the right.

A Deserted Shore

Use your bronze knife coin on the wooden box on the beach. Pick up the bag of gold coins, then talk to the Bogyman and it will come with you Bogyman. Head back along the path to the left.

A Ghost Market

Continue left.

The Gatekeepers

Use your special vision, then give some gold coins to the begging ghost to get some information. Return to the right.

A Ghost Market

Use your special vision and give some gold coins to the skeleton ghost on the left to receive some poison Poison. Use the prickles on the fox, then pick up the prickles covered with fur. Over to the right, use your handkerchief to clean the mirror on top of the drawers. Talk to the spirit that appears in the mirror, then give it the Bogyman. Open all the drawers and you will find a key. Further to the right, give some gold coins to the floating beard man in exchange for aromatic oils. Use your new key on the small box to the right and take the ghost skull from inside. Now head left again.

The Gatekeepers

Use your poison on the dying flower and you will end up killing it. Use your special vision and take the flower Flower of the dead. Now use the aromatic oil and prickles with fur on the incense burner. Use your cap to light the incense burner, then go over to it.

The Moth World

The Twilight City

Look at the four constellations in the sky, and find the matching symbols on the mountains. Now fly over to the temple on the far left. Click on the four appropriate symbols to make them light up (from the left, choose the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 12th symbols).

The Moth Palace

Click on the sliding panels to rearrange them into one matching picture (the thickest tree branch goes on the far right). Go and sit on the palm of the Moth Emperor. Return to the right.

The Twilight City

Go all the way to the far right.

The Spirit World

The Gatekeepers

You will return to your normal body Sign of Light and Darkness. Head left.

A Garden of Flowers

Go to the far left to find a large round doorway. Use your special vision, then put the two ghost skulls on the two ghosts. They will not let you pass. Return to the right and talk to the cat woman. You will automatically give her the flower of the dead in exchange for an invisibility potion. Use this potion in your inventory, then go left and through the doorway.

The Garden of Shadows

Walk left and use your poison on the biting flowers. Further to the left, use your Sign of Light and Darkness on the gates and go through Mistress Yin.

Mistress Yin

Talk to Mistress Yin, and she will give you a scroll then take you to the next destination.

The Demon Cave

Talk to the demon and he will challenge you to a series of 3 games. For the first game, memorize the locations of 4 animal cards out of 12 cards in total, and click on them when prompted. For the second game, memorize the locations of 4 flower cards out of 12 cards in total, and click on them when prompted. For the third game, ignore the actual contents of the cards. When prompted to flip them, use your special vision and click on the 4 cards that show the positions of the demons. When you win Win, the demon will send you away.



Use your scroll on the destroyed hut, then use the painter's seal on it Traveler between the worlds.


Enter the hut.