Year:  2016

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Candle is a side-scrolling adventure game with some infrequent action platforming elements. You play as Teku, on a dangerous quest to rescue your tribe's Shaman. Progress is saved by using special platforms scattered throughout the game.


Follow the tutorial's instructions on movement, then pick up the torch and enter the cabin. Since it is too dark to continue, go up to the fire on the right and use your torch on it - you will end up with a lit candle. Go and use your candle on the torch outside the cabin. Enter the cabin and talk to the old man. Go back outside and extinguish your candle, then push the Wakcha off the edge. Light your candle from the torch on the cabin, then go to the far right (beneath the flame symbol). Use a light burst and a doorway will open - head through.



Wake up, then swim up and climb out of the water. Walk right and push the box back to the left, then climb on it and jump up to the ledge above. Push the stone pillar to the right, then walk over it and pick up the empty jar. Make your way back down to the ground level and jump over the gap to the right. Don't get too close to the frog or you will be eaten; jump up to the level above and then up towards the house on the left. You can save your game using the round platform here. Climb up the ladder and pull the lever, then climb up some more.

Go beneath the first wooden platform and jump up to the right to knock down a blue stick. Now climb up on the first wooden platform, and jump on it twice to close it. Climb up to the top wooden platform and look at the large toad carving. Jump on this platform twice, then quickly drop down and hide right next to the first wooden platform to avoid being crushed. Climb back up to where the carving started and pick up a cutting rock. Go down and stand on the toad carving and jump up to pull a vine; this will disarm a trap. Climb up further and look at the same symbol that you saw earlier, then jump across so you are standing next to 2 levers, and can see a device with 3 spinning components up to the right. From the starting position pull right, left, right, right and left. Now stand beneath the turning structures and look to get a hint - you need to jump on to the pipe cover when it flips up, then quickly jump up to the ledge above. Climb down the ladder on the other side. Now run and jump across the gap to the right and save your game.


Light your candle from the fire here, then jump left over the gap and the frog will hide from your flame. Climb up and light the candle here to reveal two ladder openings below. Pick up the rope from where the frog was sitting before, then climb down the ladder. Go left and be careful to avoid the water falling as it will extinguish your candle (if it does, go and light it again from the fire or the nearby candle). At the very left, pick up the female shaman figurine. Climb up and then go left and back down the ladders. Jump right over the first frog and pick up a dart from on top of the sign, then continue right.

Stand on the platform to the right and look at it to learn about the teleporters. Go right and you will see one of your Shaman's bodyguards, who needs your help. Walk to the edge of the pink lake and you will get the option to automatically run up the hill. Search the bush on the left to meet a pink rabbit who wants some honey. Try to do something to release the rock from the right of the ledge, but you don't have the right object yet. Go back down the path and return to the left. Assuming you still have a flame, you can scare the frog at the bottom and continue right to a new area.

Light the candle here, then free the prisoner - she is the ferry lady and tells you to get a key to unlock her boat. Extinguish your candle, then climb up the ladder. Sneak past the sleeping Wakcha, being careful not to step on the green creatures here. Climb up and pull the lever to lower a cover over the sleeping Wakcha. Now quickly go left, down the ladder, and drop down to the left. Light your flame and sneak past the sleeping Wakcha and up again before the cover lifts up again. Enter the room at the top. Pick up the wooden bird, light the candle, and look at the screen. Use a light burst, then look at the picture that is revealed (you will need to know this picture shortly). Go out to the left and push the rock to trap the Wakcha. Go back down to where he was sleeping and pick up the boat key. Climb down and use it to unlock the boat. Talk to the prisoner again to find out she wants a silver coin and a copper coin.

Return left, up to the platform above, and right to return to the pink lake. Use the teleporter to reach a new area with a large pink toad. Swim beneath the toad and use your cutting rock to chop down the large toadstool.

Climb up 2 ladders and light a candle (this opens a path elsewhere). Push the rock on the left, then walk over it to see a previous area; return to the right. Extinguish your candle, then jump over the broken bridge to the right. Ignore the bee hive for now and climb down. Put your female shaman figurine on the shelf here - there is still one more to collect. Go back and teleport (you need to have a lit candle for this). Go left, down and right to return to the windmill. Climb up one ladder, then go right into a large shell. Save your game.


Walk to the right and you will notice a banner with a picture of a green leaf. Pick up some of the red, yellow and blue moss. Use the blue and yellow moss on the chimney covered with vines. Light this on fire and some green smoke will be generated - the stone column will lower and show you the symbol of rain. Now put some blue moss on the chimney and light it - the blue smoke will cause the stone column to lower and the symbol of fire will be shown. Mix your red and yellow moss on the chimney and light it, and the path will be cleared.

Go right through the roots of a large tree (where you will notice a bar that is too high to grab). Jump right several times, then up to the left. When you see the small tentacle, pause for a bit. Wait for a small flying bug to land on the leaf above, then jump up to disturb it. When the bug is caught by the tentacle, quickly jump past to the left. Keep going until you can jump on the crate and knock it to the ground. Push the crate to the right, then climb on it and jump up to the bar above. Now go and talk to the collector. Ask about the shaman figurine, then about the box. Solve the puzzle box as follows (after resetting the puzzle by pressing F if you need to):

  • Red Q, Yellow R, Blue Q, Grey S (warrior will advance)
  • Yellow Q, Grey S (warrior will get spear)
  • Red Q, Grey S (monster will die)

You will automatically receive a male shaman figurine. Now ask the collector about the silver coin, and he will ask you for a solitary red leaf. Return left through the tunnel, then left, up to the higher path and right. Use the teleporter to return to the large pink toad. Extinguish your candle, then go around to the shelf and place your male shaman figurine here. Now use the figurines and set them to the pattern of arms from the picture you saw earlier. From left to right, set the arm positions to up, middle, down, up, middle, down - the toad will jump away. Return to the teleporter, light your candle and use the teleporter to return to the pink lake.

Return left and climb up the tower, then go right, take the underground path through the water, and climb up again. Jump over the hanging platform to return to the fireplace. Wait until the Wakcha above you is heading to the left, then quickly climb up and use your dart on the crossbow on the right. Follow the Wakcha and push him into the water, then immediately run left with the other one chasing you; when you reach the purple panel on the floor the dart will be fired into the back of the chasing Wakcha. Go down to light your candle, then come back up and light the 3 torches here - they will rise up into the air. Run all the way to the right until the bees start to chase you, then run all the way to the left so the bees are attracted to the 3 lit torches. Return right and use your empty jar on the bee hive to get a jar full of honey.

Use the teleporter to return to the pink lake. Climb up the path and use your jar of honey on the rock on the ledge here. Go back down and jump on to the rock, then use your rope to save the bodyguard - you will receive a bone key. Jump to the left and use the teleporter again. Jump over to the island where the toad used to sit, and pick up the copper coin. Continue to the right to a new area (making sure you have a lit candle).

Enter the cave on the right, and examine the code panel; you need to select 4 characters so that none are the same in any row or column. Select fish at the top, then mountains, then spear and finally fire. Look at the open window, then use your wooden bird on it. Use a light burst to scare the Wakchas, then go and use your cutting rock to cut the rope on the left. Climb over the huge dead fish and light the candle, then save your game.


Jump over the gap and stand on the platform, but it will collapse and you will fall down into some water below. Climb up the ladder on the left and press the button to open a gateway back to the previous area. Ignore this for now and instead swim down and around to the left, then up through the bushes to get some air. Pull the lever here, then swim around and up to the surface on the right. Climb up to the left, then wait for the Wakcha to head right so you can climb up to the top and save your game.


Use your bone key on the panel here, then look at the puzzle that is revealed. You must move the blue and yellow pieces so they end up sitting on the blue and yellow tiles indicated in the background. Repeat this process 3 times, and 2 doors will open. You will automatically receive the Diwus mask. Go down through the other new doorway. Backtrack to light your candle, then come back and jump over the bridge below the Wakcha (avoiding the button in the middle of the bridge), to light the candle at the end. While he is distracted, go up and push him into the light. Pick the solitary red leaf from near the top wooden bridge.

Now make your way back to the collector (go to the docks, then through the tunnel). Give him the leaf and you will receive the silver coin. Go back through the tunnel and give the ferry lady your 2 coins. Talk to her again and you will sail to a new destination.



Look at the piece of bark here, then save your game. Jump over to the right. There is a candle within the tree stump that you cannot light yet. Ignore the lever here and continue right, then save your game.

Monkey Town

Jump up and pull the handle beneath the blue skull. Jump over the gap and jump to the right. Pull the vine and the right monkey will leave. Jump up and pull the box it was sitting on, then jump over it and push it down the hole. Keep jumping up to the left; wait until the left monkey jumps up, then quickly grab a yellow pepper and return right to avoid being squashed. Jump up to the right and talk to the mother monkey. Next head down through the hole in the floor and push the box against the left wall to block the draft. Climb up to the surface and pull the handle again to close the gap.

Return left and pull the lever to move the statue's hand down. Quickly jump up on to it; when it moves, quickly jump right over to the other hand; when this one moves, jump to the left. Climb up to the archway and push the stone off to the left. Jump on to the stone, the jump over on to the hand when it rises up, and quickly climb on to the ladder. Once you reach the platform above, the ladder will fall down. Look at the fruit, but it is not ripe. Try entering the hollow tree trunk to the right, but it is too dark to continue. Jump to the far left and light your candle, then enter the tree trunk again to find the baby monkey. You cannot get it to follow you yet. Come back outside and use a light burst near the fruit, then pick the gleaming fruit.

Light the lever with your candle, then pull the lever and drop down the hole. Light the lever at the bottom as well, and the 2 nearby candles will spring to life. Head left into the tree stump and relight your candle, then climb down. Light another candle here, then climb down and try to talk to the girl (she is too busy at the moment). Look at the damp earth on the ground to the left, then go and talk to the girl about both options - you need to find a mushroom with pink spots. Drop your gleaming fruit down the nearby well and you will see a basket at the bottom. Now use the well itself and you will end up getting a wicker basket.

Climb back up and pull the lever at the base of the large statue. Light your candle and enter the tree trunk on the right. Use the wicker basket to collect the baby monkey. Pull the lever to go back down, then head right to Monkey Town. Climb up to the mother monkey and return her baby. Now get her to carry you further up, and climb up the tree to the level above. Use the carriage to get up to the cave and save your game.

Tree Tops

Enter the cave and jump over the platforms, then try to talk to the blacksmith (you don't want to disturb him). Jump back to the entry platform and drop down. Use your cutting rock on the mushroom, then pick it up. Push the button on the wall, then jump across to the column and climb up. Leave the cave, go back over the gap in the carriage, and climb back down to the Monkey Town. Get the mother monkey to carry you down, then climb down to the ground level. Duck to the left and light your candle, then come back to the right. While you are still undercover on the left, and with the flying insect nearby, use a light burst and the insect will open its wings and cover you. Walk across and light the candle on the right to create a light source underground. Now pull the handle beneath the blue skull before dropping down through the hole again. Pull the lever to close the roof. Light your candle on the right, then light a flame in the bowl beneath the ice block. Pick up the fossilized seed. Pull the lever and climb outside again.

Go over to the tree stump and climb down to the girl digging in the dirt. Give her the mushroom, and she will start digging over on the left. Place your fossilized seed in the hole, and it will blossom into a huge flower. Light your candle up on the right, then run beneath the flower and into the cave on the left. Head over towards the left and save your game.


Talk to the painter, then jump over the platforms on the left (avoiding the geysers). Climb up and use your candle to light the small statue. Continue left, where you will find a Wakcha. Climb down and extinguish your candle. Walk over and press the button, then press it again when the slider is in line with the right red mark (if you miss, try again). Now wait until the Wakcha sees you, and step on the right button to get him to fall through the trapdoor. Follow the path to the left and pick up the ritual board and crystal vial. Climb up the vines here, then climb up the ladder and save your game.

Wakcha Camp

Leave the cave to the right and you will see the Shaman taken through the stone door. Look at the branch to the right, and the rope on the other side of the gap. Head back into the cave and climb down again. Go back to the painter. Light your candle, then enter the cave along the path downwards. Climb up to the device and take the broken lever. Now use the teleporter (the other platform will lower slightly). Make your way through the Monkey Town, and use the carriage to return to the blacksmith. Talk to him about the broken lever, but you need to start a fire for him. Go back down through Monkey Town to the base of the statue, then go left through the tree stump and over the gap. Pick up the piece of bark you saw at the beginning of this chapter.

Head down to the painter in the cave and talk to him about the mask - he will paint it for you. Climb back up to the Wakcha Camp. Put the painted bark on the branch. Climb down the vines on the left. Put the yellow pepper into the pot, and you will end up with a red pepper (the first ingredient for the ritual). Climb back up, then go back down to the cave. Get into the water around the base of the small statue and swim down. Get some air from the pink sponges on the wall, then go to the small cave at the bottom left and grab the pearl. Get some more air as you swim back up to the surface. Climb out of the water and jump to the right to return to the painter. Talk to him about the pearl, and he will grind it up for you (the second ingredient for the ritual). Go right to exit the cave, and jump up to the platform in the middle of the screen. Watch the udders here carefully and you will see them twitch in a certain order. Now use them and pull them in the same order: left, right, middle, right middle. Use your crystal vial on the udders, then pull the middle one and you will fill the vial with sap (the final ingredient for the ritual).

Go to the far left of the cave and put the 3 ingredients into the altar: the red pepper, pearl powder and sap. Now light your candle from the blue flame here - this will not be extinguished by rain or other water. Jump into the water at the base of the small statue and swim down. Get some air from the pink sponge on the right, then swim along a path to the right and get to the surface. Climb out and quickly use a light burst as soon as the monster opens its eye to get rid of it. Grab the golden mineral from the rock on the right, then swim back up to the surface.

Head to Monkey Town and go down the hole in the ground. Go all the way to the bottom right, and jump up to the small wooden shelf, then pull down to break it off. Pick up the wooden cover. Climb back out of the hole and then climb all the way up to the blacksmith. Climb down beneath the blacksmith and light the flame, then use the bellows to fire up the furnace. Climb back up and give the blacksmith the golden mineral, then get him to fix the broken lever. When he asks for water, go and use the pump to the right of the furnace - you will end up receiving a fixed lever.

Return to the cave and use your fixed lever on the machine (after taking the separate path near the painter). Use your candle on it and look around the mural displayed on the cave wall - in particular count the number of different colored hats. Use the teleporter here, then drop down to the floor and use the device on the wall. Set the pictures to show 3 feathers in purple, 2 feathers in blue, 5 feathers in yellow and 1 feather in red (matching the numbers of hats on the mural). Pick up the red crystal that falls to the floor. Climb up and teleport again. Get up on to the small platform just left of the painter and pick up the green crystal.

Go left and climb up to the Wakcha camp. Jump over to the stone door and insert the red and green crystals into the statues; a small platform will rise out of the ground. Look at this, then climb down to the ground level and put the wooden cover on the pot. Make sure you have extinguished your candle. Wait for the bottom Wakcha to go to the far right, then follow him and climb into the large pot. Wait until he is distracted by the covered pot, then climb out, pick up the blue pillow from the right, and climb back into the pot. Wait until the bottom Wakcha has gone to the far right again, then climb out of the pot and up the vines. Combine the blue pillow with the painted mask from earlier, then pick up your fake musician doll. Jump over to the right and wait until both Wakchas are on the ground, then use your fake musician doll on the rope to free the musician. Use the drum, then get the musician to hit the drum as soon as you see lightning in the sky (so the sound is hidden by the sound of thunder). Do this 3 times, then head through the stone door.



While the guard is in his room, grab the rope from the left (wait for it to be blown closer by the vent). Use the rope on your cell door, and you will end up passing a large stick up to the Shaman. Now bang on your cell door to get the guard's attention, and have the Shaman use his stick to get the gate key. Wait until the guard is in his room again, then use the gate key to get out of your cell. Climb on to your cell and use the cutting rock on the rope holding up the Shaman's cell while the guard is beneath it - the guard will be crushed. After the Shaman is captured again, follow him out to the right and you will see him be taken away.

Light your candle, then put your Diwus mask on the statue. Use a light burst near the statue to bring it to life, and you will mount it. Ride the Diwus, jumping over the gaps and avoiding the air blasts, until you reach another stone door. Fall down to the area just to the right, then jump and press the wall button; you will be lifted up and the stone door will be open. Keep following the path, avoiding a waterfall and then a rolling boulder. When you almost catch up, jump into a waterfall; you will pick up the Diwus mask and head through the next door.



Save your game, then climb up and you will see the bridge lower after the Shaman is taken into the temple. Jump over the left bridge and into a bath house. Talk to the owner, then climb up the ladder and take the carved stone and attic key from the shelves. Try to use the stone in the door here, but it doesn't fit. Climb up over the cupboard to the left, and push it over - a gong mallet will fall down into the bottom of the bath. Climb down and use the attic key in the trapdoor, and head down but you can't do anything here without a flame. Go back outside and talk to the stone mason, who is carving a large statue. Ask him about the carved stone, and he will help if you can retrieve the egg from the bird.

Climb up the curved path to the right, then climb up to the top of the tower. Use the controls here - the goal is to get a lit flame up to the top position. Move everything down and turn the basket over, then activate the flame/water. Keeping the basket upside down, move it up twice, activate the wind, then turn the basket over again. Now a new control to lock the shields will be available. Lock the right shield in the middle position, and move the basket down. Now you can light your candle from the flame. Enter the bath house and climb down to the basement area. Light the flame, then examine the cabinet and solve the sliding tile puzzle to connect the pipes correctly. Now the large client wants some soap. Go to the right side of the basement and pick up the dead branches.

Head outside and drop down to the bottom left of this area into the dark room. Jump and pull the handle, and the collector will appear again. Talk to him about the soap, and you will be given a curly walnut to try to open. Go up and around the curved path, then follow it to be beneath the large bird. Put down the dead branches here, then set them alight with your candle - 2 of the eggs in the nest will start jumping up and down. Go back up to the right tower to use the controls again. Move everything up, then activate the flame/water. Jump on to the basket and then over to the left tower, and use the controls here to lower some food for the bird. Now stand near the bird and while it turns to eat, duck in a grab the egg sculpture. Give this to the stone mason, then give him the carved stone, and he will modify it for you.

Return to the bath house and go up to the attic. Use your modified carved stone to get through the door. Out on the balcony, jump over to the bird's food and drop the curly walnut, then jump back to the balcony. Drop down and pick up the open curly walnut. Drop further down and visit the collector again, then give him the open curly walnut in exchange for a bar of soap. Enter the bath house and use the soap on the bath, then pick up the bag of jewels left by the large client. Jump into the bath to collect the gong mallet. Place the bag of jewels outside on the circular platform in front of the stone mason. Go back up to the balcony and use the gong mallet on the gong.

Back in the bath house, climb down the ladder and steal the purple robe. Outside, just follow the pattern of arm signals of the rest of the group, until the jewels start being thrown around. Press the button next to the door to flatten the others. Go and use the controls on the right tower to make a flame available again, then light your candle. Go right and enter the temple. Jump up to the platform above and light the candle here, the save your game.

Wooden Temple

Drop down through the hole in the floor. Wait for the robed figure to head right, then drop down to the floor. Pick up the long stick from the large pot, light the pipe of the prisoner in the middle cell, and quickly jump up again to avoid being spotted. Wait until he heads right again, then drop down to the floor. Extinguish your candle and hide in the large pot. After he heads left, light your candle from the prisoner's pipe, then light the candle to the far right, extinguish your candle, and hide in the large pot again. Wait until he heads right again, then climb out, light your candle from the prisoner's pipe, enter the cell on the left and light the flag on fire, then climb up again. When the guard enters the cell, drop down and pull the lever to lock him inside - you will end up with his canteen.

Climb back up from the hole, and climb all the way up to the top of this room, then go right until you see Tezca. Light the candle here, then drop down and climb up the ladder without being seen. Look at the altar to see that you need a sphere to insert into it. Leave the temple and go back to see the collector; ask him about the sphere. Beat the collector at his game and you will receive a pierced sphere. Go up to the controls in the right tower outside and turn on the flame/water. Fill your canteen up from the water fountains. Go all the way back to the altar at the top of the temple. Insert the pierced sphere, then use a light burst and note which stars shine brightly on the mural.

Go back to the left room and use your long stick to push the button at the top left - a crate will drop to the ground. Pull and then push it down to the wooden platform, then jump up and down on it until the platform breaks and the crate drops down to the floor below. Climb up and step on the floor button just right of where the platform was, then quickly drop down to the left - an arrow will become embedded in the pillow. Now go all the way to the top and pull the lever so that the pillow starts moving up and down. Extinguish your candle. Go down and bang on the door to get the guards' attention (do this just after the pillow has started moving down), then jump and grab on to the arrow to be lifted up. Drop down once the guard is to your left, then push him down the hole.

Climb up above the second room and use your canteen to douse the candle below. Go back to the left and drop to the ground level, then enter the darkened room. Once the door shuts, just sneak right past the guard and free the Shaman - he will take care of the guard for you. Drop down below the left room, and go and push the yellow button on the right to free the prisoners. After the conversation, climb up to the top level and follow the Shaman to the far right. Use your cutting rock on the rope. Now lock each of the 3 stone discs so that the large stars match up with the brightest stars you saw in the mural. Light the candle inside the throne.