Callahan's Crosstime SaloonCallahan's Crosstime Saloon

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1997

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Walkthrough Updated:  8/30/2003

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is a comedy sci-fi adventure by Legend Entertainment, based on a series of books by Spider Robinson. Starting from a bar in Long Island frequented by intergalactic beings, you help 6 of the regulars solve their respective unusual problems.

Riddle Night

Start off by looking at the blackboard and answering the 10 riddles, which are all names of bands/singers (you can get lots of clues by talking to everyone else in the room):

  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Supertramp
  • Aerosmith
  • Grateful Dead
  • Rolling Stones
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Righteous Brothers
  • Partridge Family
  • The Doors

You will now win back your $21. Start talking to the people here, and you will offered the chance to help on 6 quests.

Josie's Chocolate Tree

Talk to Josie about the chocolate problem in Brazil, and agree to help her.


Talk to everyone in the immediate surroundings, then go through the revolving doors into the office building. Talk to the secretary here about Mr Kiscolon - she will eventually admit that he is disturbed by long coffee breaks. Take the bamboo pole from beneath the tree, and use it to open the air vent, so that Kiscolon can overhear the people talking. When he comes out, talk to him. He will quickly go back into his office, but leave 2 tickets to Brazil with the secretary.

Now look at the yellow post-it note next to the coffee pot. Turn on the stove, then take the coffee and pour it on the tree. Put the coffee back on the stove, and keep looking at it until it burns and the secretary leaves. Now take the plane tickets. Head outside via the elevator and talk to the limo driver who pulls up. Tell him you need to go to the airport and you will show him the tickets, but you need passports. Go back up into the office and grab 2 applications from the box on the filing cabinet. Fill them out with the pencil, then go into the HR office to get your photos taken. Go back outside again. Buy a pretzel from the stand, then 2 passports from the shopkeeper. Now go back to the limo driver and head to the airport.


You will take off in a small plane piloted by Guzman. Once you are circling your destination, get the wrench and naval jelly from the open crate. Talk to Guzman, then press the call button to speak to him. Ask him to open the door for you. Now put the jelly on the handle near the door, and use the wrench to remove the nuts from it. Press the call button again and get Guzman to close the door. Hit his hand with the wrench, and Josie will land the plane.


Look at the plane's cockpit, and open the glove box. Take the medicine kit, and open it to find morphine, gauze and matches. Now leave the plane. You need to get that map in the shack. Put the pin in the morphine bottle, then insert it into the bamboo pole. Shoot Alaniz, then take the map and nutcracker. Look at the map, then walk into the jungle to the right of the shack.

Walk through the jungle until you find a temple. Move the vines away from the front to reveal a mural and a pedestal. Approach the pedestal to reach a puzzle. The numbers at the top and left show the number of each colored stone to place in their respective columns and rows. Start from the bottom left and work your work across and up to solve it. Once you are done, you will keep 2 golden stones - go inside.

Now you need to move that tree. Go back into the jungle and look for a monkey - there is a parachute pack hanging in the tree to its left. Reel in the pack and take the walkie-talkie, then return to the plane. Note the C5 written on the back of the jeep. Tune the walkie-talkie to C5, and the jeep will be brought closer. Search it to get a tire iron and jack. Return to the tree, and put the jack under it, then use the tire iron on the jack. Take the branches and you can go through.

Get a pod from one of the trees, then look at the brochure to find out how to make chocolate. Return to the plane and pry open the crates until you find some coax cable to take. On the way back through the jungle, take some sugar cane from the thicket. Back in the temple, turn to the right in the main room to see a large carving of a god. Put the stones in the eye sockets to discover the worship room. In here, take the cauldron and the bellows. Go through to the grove again. Now attach the coax to the cauldron and lower it into the well to get water. Guzman will show up and steal your map and walkie-talkie, then leave again.

Wash the beans in the water, then empty the dirty water. Go into the worship room and put the branches in the firepit. Light them with the matches. Now repair the bellows with the gauze, then use it on the fire. Hang the cauldron from the tripod to roast the beans, then crack them with the nutcracker. Leave the worship room and put the nibs on the marble slabs that form the door to the room. Remove the eyes and replace them again, then take the ground nibs. Add the sugar cane to the cauldron, then go in and hang it on the tripod again. Pour the chocolate into the medicine kit, then take out your finished chocolate bar. Leave the temple and give the chocolate to Kiscolon.

Squish's Satellite

Talk to Squish in the bar and he will give you his keyring.

Parking Lot

Go outside and use the keyring, then stand on the platform to enter the shuttle. Look at the control panel, then take off by pressing the red button in the top left of the left panel. Change to navigation mode by pressing the top left button on the right panel. Next select your destination by pressing the red U button on the right panel until a satellite is displayed beneath it. Increase your speed by hitting the upward arrow button on the left panel, until the star button on the right panel turns red, then press it to go to your destination. Now dock with the satellite by pressing the button beneath the take-off button (your shields need to be turned off for this to work - press the left button in the green row if you need to).


Take the air freshener from above the controls, then take the fake palm leaf from the sushi box near the garbage. Open the hatch and walk through, then try to walk through the airlock - it is contaminated with fumes. Go back to the cockpit and open the storage locker and cabinet to get an EVA suit, helmet and gloves. Search the suit to find a contact lens case and a tube of putty. Wear the suit, helmet and gloves, and go back through the hatch and airlock - you need 2 more gloves! Go back to the cockpit and put the gloves in the somethingorother (left of the hatch) and turn it on, then wear both pairs of gloves. Now open the hatch and go through the airlock. At the other end, remove your apparel and put it all on the conveyor belt, then press the bottom left button to send it back to Noah. He will join you.

Push off the left bumper from the hatch you just came through, to arrive at a door with 3 circles - this is the only other one you can open. Open it and you will meet the Maintenance Robot. Press the button on the keyring to try to identify yourself as Squish, but you don't look quite right. Open the putty tube and apply it to yourself, then wear the fake palm leaf, air freshener, suit, 2 sets of gloves, and contact lenses. Talk to Noah and he will hold the other 2 arms for you. Now press the button again to fool the robot.

In the control room, change all of the buttons in the middle control panel from red to green. Now look at the right control panel to see 2 sets of buttons. The 3 buttons on the left represent 3 functions - open/close hatch, remove air from room, and unlock/lock hatch. Press the bottom button in the left group, then press each of the 4 buttons on the right that have blue rectangles on them (locked doors) - this will unlock the hatches leading to 4 new areas.

Leave the control room and work you way around the central room to the opposite doorway (with the t symbol). Open the hatch and go through into the supply room. Open the 3 compartments to get the weapon/tool, boots and weapon-like object. Return to the central room and go through the hatch with the sound symbol on it, into the emitter room. Noah will take the boots and tool and get to work. Head back to the control room and use the right panel to open the hatch to the emitter room - the robot will go in to discover Noah. Head back into the emitter room and shoot your weapon at the bulkhead to the right of Noah.

You will appear back in the control room - look at the left panel. Hall the Muthaship by pressing the star button. Now head back to the cockpit, and Noah will meet you there. Try to undock by pressing the button right of the dock button. Turn on your shields to break the tractor beam (the button on the left in the second row). Set your destination to Callahan's by repeatedly pressing the red U button on the right panel. Increase your speed to maximum by hitting the upward arrow button on the left panel until it turns white, then press the star button.

Searching for Pyotr

Talk to Mike Callahan and he will ask you to go and find Pyotr. Go outside and get into your truck to drive to his house.

Pyotr's House

Knock on the door, but nobody is home. Talk to the mover, who is moving all of Pyotr's belongings to Transylvania. You need to get into the trunk and go along for the ride. To do this you need to distract the mover. Push up the ramp leading into the back of the van, and look at the bumper sticker. Also look at the van's license plate. Now look at the house and note the phone behind the window. Try to open the window 3 times and you will succeed, but you still can't reach the phone. Look at your truck, and take the antenna, and use this to pull the phone closer. Now use the phone and dial the number from the bumper sticker. Complain about the mover, then talk to him and he will be paged away. Remove the bolts from the trunk and get inside.


Talk to the butler, and look around the foyer. Take the headless box, the book of magic and the spirit slates. Also open the box on the right and take a handful of silver coins. Read the magic book (you need to thumb through it and flip through it). Now talk to the driver outside and head downtown.

Talk to everyone here including the beggars, who say you can sit next to the barrel if you want. Head into Starbucharest's. Talk to everyone here too, then take the chalk from the board, and the wolfbane from the counter. Sit down next to the barrel outside, and write on the slate with the chalk - "Help! I Have no head!". Wear the magic box, then open it and you will receive some bani.

Try to go into Casimir's, but you need a curse mark. If you keep talking to the Bouncer, he will tell you the Gypsy can give you one. Talk to the driver, and he will take you to the Gypsy. Talk to her about curse marks, and say you are a werewolf - you need to give her wolfbane and silver, and have a pentacle on your palm. Go back to town and into Wereworth's. Buy a tattoo of a pentacle from above the counter. Go into Starbucharest's and get the wolfbane from the counter. You already have the silver coins, so talk to the driver and head back to the Gypsy. Talk to her again and get your curse mark. Return to town and head into Casimir's.

Talk to everyone here, including Casimir and Pyotr, who will admit that the song "As Slime Goes By" used to be his and Sasha's song. Go and take the jukebox from its stand and place it in the dumbwaiter behind the bar. Once it is fixed, return it to its stand and play track B-17. Now lead Pyotr into Starbucharest's and talk to Sasha - you will end up back outside, and Pyotr will mention that Sasha has a new curse mark. Talk to the Gypsy (now in town) about this, but she needs to see the mark to be able to help. Go into Wereworth's and buy some wax lips. Go into Starbucharest's and buy some coffee from bin 2, then dip the lips in the coffee to heat them up. Wear the lips and kiss Sasha, then show the imprint to the Gypsy.

Go back to Wereworth's and buy some tea, then open the box to get a tea bag, and open the bag to get some tanna leaves. Next head into Casimir's and talk to the Fugato. Look at their drink - it is schnapps containing mako root. They will give you the drink if you solve tonight's riddles, so talk to them and say you have the answers (actors in horror movies, the names of which you can get by looking at the model kits in Wereworth's):

  • Bela Lugosi
  • Lon Chaney Jr
  • Boris Karloff
  • Christopher Lee
  • Charles Laughton
  • Elsa Lanchester
  • Peter Cushing
  • Peter Lorre
  • Vincent Price
  • Fay Raye

You will be given the mako root. Now go to the Gypsy woman and look at the ledger in her hands to get Sasha's address. Get the driver to take you there. Talk to Sasha and you will discover she is allergic to werewolf fur. Take the brush from her bathroom, then leave and her back to Casimir's. Rub the brush on the werewolf, then go back to Sasha's house. After she leaves, sit on the couch where she was, to find a small key. Use this to unlock the drawer on the wooden desk and take the vial of tears. Go back to the Gypsy and give her the 3 ingredients - she will make the anticursulant. Go back to Sasha's again and drink the anticursulant, then offer her some blood. Once Ziv and Pyotr start fighting, pick up the steak bone and give it to Sasha.

Al Phee's Psychic Powers

Talk to Al Phee several times and agree to help him. Talk to Mike Callahan about getting a Mickey Finn for Al. Give him the morphine (from the chocolate quest), then ask him again. After Al passes out, search him and look at the recipe. CIVIC will be circled. Go up the ladder to reach the roof. Turn on the time machine and sit on it, then adjust the numbers to read 0100151100 (CIVIC - roman numerals). Head to the year 2120.

Shady Hood

Talk to everyone here. Ratzass will offer to help find Dr Dupliscidus if you get his kidney, which was stolen by the Organisation. Enter the Underworld Building and talk to the secretary, saying you want to join the Organisation - she will give you a voucher, and tell you that you need a ponytail, sunglasses and tattoo, you need to harass someone and you need a sponsor. Take the rubber band from around the cards on the desk, then take a card as well. Look to the right and read the yellow list to get the names of people you can harass. Now leave the building.

Wear the rubber band to get your ponytail. Take the glasses from the statue in the park. Steal the glass cutter from the glazier's pocket, then sell it back to him and take some tinting from the ground. Now you can head into the tattoo shop and buy any tattoo from the wall (you will always end up with a barcode tattoo). Make sure you take the needle from the bin when the tattoo is finished. Back outside, talk to the Maitre'D of the cafe, then try to harass him - you need to wait until the cafe has cleared of customers. Talk to the punk in the park and he says he will sell you a stink bomb in exchange for an icecream. Pick the lock on the icecream wagon, and the owner will come running across, then talk to the owner to get an icecream. Give this to the punk and you will get a stink bomb. Throw this at the customers to clear the place, then harass the Maitre'D again.

Go back into the Underworld Building and show the secretary your harassment voucher, which should be acceptable. Go back outside and talk to the old lady on the bench - get her to sign your sponsor card. Now take the utility knife from next to the glazier and use it to cut your piece of tinting. Push the lenses out of the glasses. Apply the tinting to the lenses, and put them back in the glasses. Wear the sunglasses. Go back into the Underworld Building again and talk to the secretary. Now that you have the necessary items you will be given a 3rd class license.

Open the refrigerator in the bar here and you will see 2 kidneys. Shake them both. The right one rattles because it has kidney stones in it - this is the one you want, but you need a kidney to replace it, or the thug will notice its absence. Go back to the cafe and order a kidney from the Maitre'D (actually order skank and kidney pie, but all you get is a kidney in a jar). Go back and take the right kidney from the refrigerator and you will automatically swap it with the new one. Give the kidney to Ratzass back in the alley, and he will give you a code number. Back in the Underworld Building, press the keypad near the elevator and you will go up.

Talk to Cecil, but he will not let you open the door or access the control panel. Hypnotise him with Al Phee's beanie. Now access the control panel and press the second button from the left, then the first, third and fourth. The door will open and Dr Dupliscidus will emerge. Talk to him, but he will deny the existence of a neutraliser. Turn to your right and slide the left blackboard across, then read the revealed blackboard to see the formula for the neutralizer. Talk to the doctor again and agree to the procedure. Once you are strapped down, show him the photo from your wallet. You will eventually end up back at Callahan's and will give Al the neutraliser.

Ralph's Conspiracy

Talk to Joe about his dog Ralph, then go outside and drive your truck to the complex.

Catskill Mountains

Grab the knapsack from your truck and open it. Turn around and try to cut the fence with the wirecutters - it is electrified. Try to approach the guardhouse, but you will need to distract the guard - talk to Joe and ask him to do this. Now enter the guardhouse. If you just flip the switches, the guard will notice almost immediately. Use your pocket knife to remove the screws, so you can remove the panel. Switch the two rows of lights, rotate the row of switches and the two rows of lights, then replace the panel and the screws. Flip all the switches and exit. Now cut the fence with the wirecutters and go through.

Try to use the suction cups on the large metal wall - you can't do this because you would be spotted by the guards. Get the tarp from the scaffolding. Turn the winch to lower the clamps, then attach the tarp to the clamps and turn the winch again. Now climb with the suction cups. At the top, use the tire iron to pry open the vent and crawl through. Wear the night vision goggles once inside.

To find Ralph, blow the whistle and follow the direction indicated. Whenever you locate fans, turn them off so you can hear the barking more clearly. You will eventually reach 3 fans together - turn them all off and turn around to see down into Ralph's cell. If the guard is still there, you need to turn off some more fans and return until he gets hot and leaves. Remove the grille and descend with the grappling hook.

Now search the uniform on the door to find a key, then take and wear the uniform. Use the key to unlock the desk, then open it to discover a handwritten note with several words on it. Next jigger the lock with your license (from your wallet), then open the door and go through. There are 3 doors to the right of the main entrance. Sniff at each of these doors and you will locate the other dog at the last one you try. Walk into the scaffolding and tell Ralph and Tina to stay here.

Exit and use the phone to talk to the guard. You need 2 parts of a password to leave here. The note from earlier gave the example of ghoti and fish - each phonetic part of the first word can be used in other words to sound like each phonetic part of the second ("gh" in rough sounds like "f", "o" in women sounds like "i" and "ti" in action sounds like "sh"). Today's password is GMOUGN, and the second half is MOON. You will now escape the complex and return to Callahan's.

Parabolus' Final Quest

Parabolus will introduce himself and leave. Take the bottle from the bar and pour yourself (and everyone else) a glass from it. Exit the saloon and climb the stairs to find yourself in a corridor with 8 doors. Look at each of the doors, then knock on them. Talk to each of your companions to try to get some help - you will eventually be given the clue "My mother says to pick the very best one." Knock on the doors in this order - Mime Other Says Toothpick Theive Airy Best Won. Now go through the open door. Talk to Parabolus and look around his office, then go back outside and wait for him to take you to court.

In court, give the whistle to the board member as an example of friendship. Next give the chocolate as an example of altruism. Gingranich will say that humor is not unique to Raymond, and court will be adjourned. Go back into Parabolus' office. Open the briefcase and read the printouts to discover that Gingranich lied. Try to log on to the computer, but you don't have the correct password.

Head back to the courtroom and take Gingranich's notepad. Rub your pencil over it to be able to read the 2 passwords. Go back to Parabolus' office and log on to the computer with the password Schott. Sell the humor share from the Flutwig universe and change your password before logging off. Now log on with the password Glinda and buy humor for Raymond. Change your password and log off. Head back to court and tell the board member to check on the status of humor - Raymond will be reinstated.