Bud Tucker in Double TroubleBud Tucker in Double Trouble

Game Details:  Comedy, 1996

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/13/2019

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Bud Tucker in Double Trouble is a classic 3rd person point and click comedy adventure. You take the role of Bud Tucker, pizza delivery boy by day and lab assistant by night. After the Professor you work with disappears, you must foil the plans of the evil Dick Tate, who plans to use one of the Professor's inventions to clone a billion versions of himself to take over the world.

Part 1

Seedy Street

Open the drawer on the left and pick up the book from inside. Go over and pick up the soap and safety pin from the cupboard over the wash basin, as well as the band-aid on the wash basin itself. Try to open the window. Use the soap on the window, then open it and climb outside. Pick up the records and the blue thing, then head out to the street.

Go left and talk to the bouncer:

  • So, is this where the action takes place?
  • So, how do I become a member?
  • (any option)
  • (any option)

Now open the door to the bakery and go inside. Use your matches with the smoke alarm. Back out on the street, go right and talk to Shifty:

  • What ya doing out here?
  • I'm looking for a nice tie...
  • Would you consider a part-exchange?
  • (any option)

Walk to the alleyway, then into the kitchen on the left. Pick up the sticky bun, then leave the kitchen and go back out to the street. Give the sticky bun to Shifty and you will end up with a tie. Walk left and give the tie to the bouncer, who will now let you into the club. Talk to the bartender:

  • Nothing thanks. I've got no money.
  • What can you tell me about Lola?

Talk to Lola about everything.


Pick up the slop bucket and use it on the leaking pipe. After it is full, use it on Pansy and you will automatically start talking:

  • I'm Bud Tucker. I've been thrown in here on a bum rap.
  • What happened?
  • Can you get me out of this place?


Enter the information shop and talk to the large brain:

  • Can you tell me where the park is?

Go back outside and enter the 70's shop just to the right. Use the record player, then talk to Dr 7:

  • Do you buy old records?
  • Billy G's "Funky Sounds of the 70's"
  • How much will you give me for it?

You will end up receiving a coin. Head outside and into the Plugs store. Use the coin in the photo booth and take the photos. Go back out again and go right into the fish shop. Talk to The Captain:

  • I don't know. What yer got?
  • So you don't have a catalog?
  • Hey... I just want to know what you sell.
  • Cool! That's just what I need.
  • So how do I join?

You will get a net. Go out to the mall, then open the dentist office door to the right and go inside. Pick up the pliers before leaving. Go left into the burger joint. Use your net with the burger chute to get a hamburger. Go back outside and leave the mall (walk down the hall into the distance).

The Park

Pick up the waterproof t-bag from the base of the monument. Talk to Royston:

  • Whoa you shouldn't eat so much beef dude.
  • (any option)

Pick up the lobster pot and you will end up back out in the park. Pick up the newspaper and look at it to discover a new location.


Take the red string hanging beneath the newspaper, then go inside the museum. Pick up the roller skates, then walk over to the right and use them on the curator. Now you can take the raincoat from the right.


Enter the information shop and talk to the large brain:

  • Can you tell me where the docks are?

The Docks

Walk right and pick up the chainsaw fish. Now talk to Byron:

  • I was wondering, what's in the warehouse?

Climb down the ladder to a boat, and talk to Billy Dosser:

  • Do you have a warehouse security pass?
  • So could I get a job on your boat?

Climb back up the ladder and leave.

The Park

Use your band-aid with the hole in the hose to fix it. Now use your pliers on the stand pipe to start the sprinkler. Use your chainsaw fish on the branch coming off the side of the tree, then pick it up. Combine your string and safety pin, then add the branch to create a fishing rod. Talk to the worm that has popped out of the ground:

  • I need a favour. Can you help me?

Seedy Street

Go to the far left and talk to Dave the DIY man:

  • You, Dave! How about a favour?
  • I need a paint-job.
  • What colours have you got?

You will end up with a yellow raincoat.

The Docks

Climb down the ladder and talk to Billy Dosser again:

  • Hey Billy I've got the gear.

You will receive a security pass. Climb back up the ladder and talk to Byron

Part 2

Talk to the Professor:

  • Erm... Maybe we should try option 2.
  • I don't think it'll work, Prof.
  • Uh... No thanks, Prof. I kinda like the way my face is.
  • (any option)

Once you are in the air vent, crawl to the left. Leave by going to the right to emerge at some docks. Head to the far docks in the background. Use your magnetic watch with the shiny object in the water, then pick up the brass key. Use this on the cupboard just to the left, then open the cupboard. Pick up the pink ni object and the dancing dug. Return down to the main docks, then head right to find a strange door. Go through here and pick up the hot water bottle, then go back through the door. Go all the way left to return to the subway and climb back into the air vent.

This time crawl to the right. Go through the doorway to the left, then walk to the bottom of the corridor and left again into the kitchen. Pick up the radio from the bench behind the cook. Use your pink ni object on the painting on the left (just right of the dumb waiter). While the cook is distracted, quickly use your hot water bottle on his jug. You will automatically leave the kitchen, so head to the top of the corridor. Use your dancing dug on Beryl, then pick up the key she drops. Return left and back into the air vent.

Crawl left to head to the subway, then go right to docks. Walk all the way to the right into the command centre. Pick up the green cassette tape from the central console, then head left through the automatic door. Open the picture on the right wall and use your key on the safe. Take the false nose. Return left, then right, and to the left end of the docks. Use your empty hot water bottle on the green water bottle here to fill it up. Now use this on Tate's submarine to get over there.

Climb down the hatchway. Go left into the engine room. Use the button near the top left of the right part of the engine to turn it off. Now pick up the large clockwork key. Return right, then go through the office door. Pick up the cassette recorder from the desk, then look at the yellow post-it on the notice board here to see a password: "Big Yellow Pants". Return left, then go right into the control room. Use the computer console and type the password "Big Yellow Pants". Return left and up the ladder. Now you can walk over the walkway to leave the submarine.

Go right and head through the strange door. Open the radio in your inventory to get some batteries. Put the batteries into the cassette player, and add the cassette tape, then use this on the sleeping guard. Head left, then continue left to the subway and climb into the air vent.

Crawl right, then go left, down and left into the kitchen. Use your large clockwork key with the washing machine to end up with a small clockwork key. Go back into the air vent and crawl left to reach the subway. Use your small clockwork key with the clockwork driver and the subway train will move to the right. Pick up the security pass that is revealed. Return through the air vent and into the store room. Use the key on the door, then open the door.

Part 3

Pick up the deflated space hopper and the pizza box. Use your magnetic watch with the cellar door to unlock it, then open the cellar door and climb down. Pick up the pink gum from beneath the desk, the brown raincoat from the right, and the crank from the floor on the left. Combine the pink gum with the deflated hopper. Climb the stairs to return outside. Use the crank handle on the platform on the right to reach the roof. Use the inflated hopper with the skylight to jump down inside.

Pick up the newspaper. Head left into an antechamber, then go through the middle blue doorway to the helipad. Pick up the wrench and use it on the tail rotor. Pick up the washer that has fallen to the ground, and also pick up the oil can from the top of the steps. Return right and use the oil can on the fire axe, then pick it up.

Now head through the left green doorway. Pick up the mobile phone from above the left drawer. Head left into the waiting room and use the television. Use the switch at the top right, then select channel 3. When you get control back again, look at the newspaper in your inventory, then use your mobile phone with Grunt Spatula (the show host). Now pick up the cuckoo clock from the ground in front of the television.

Go right twice and up the stairs, then talk to the Professor:

  • Okay, Prof. What do we do now?
  • Okay!

Follow the Professor left into the waiting room, then talk to him again:

  • Okay, so what do we do?
  • Cool! What is it?

You will now receive a list of items that you need to collect. You already have one empty pizza box (1/13). From here, go right twice, up the stairs, and down to return to Seedy Street.

Seedy Street

Enter the bakery and talk to the baker:

  • Hey I need help to save the world.
  • I'm sure you've something.
  • Well I could probably use that.
  • Could I swap something for it?

Talk to the baker again:

  • Look Baker I need your frying pan.
  • (any insult)
  • (any insult)
  • Hey Baker your dough's all soggy.

Now pick up the frying pan, which is a tray or similar (2/13). Go back outside, then enter the strip joint to the left. Pick up the matches from the bar, which you can use for one match (3/13), and the chalk from the ground just to the right. Talk to Biff:

  • Why the hostility? Chill out dudes.
  • What happened?

Pick up the pool cue. Head back out to the street and leave by going to the right.


Head into the information shop and talk to the eye:

  • (any option)
  • (any option)
  • (any option)

Seedy Street

Head into the alleyway, down into the cellar, into the elevator and left to the waiting room. Talk to the Professor, then leave the room. Go back into the waiting room and talk to the Professor once more. Now go all the way back out to the map screen.


Go and talk to the eye in the information shop again. Pick up the solvent.


Use your axe on the museum door. Pick up the nail that is near the left side of where the door used to be; this counts as a sharp point (4/13). Go into the museum and walk to the right, then use your glue. Now pick up the skate (from the curator) and the hula girl outfits (5/13).


Enter the Plugs store. Use your washer with the candy machine to get a candy bar. Talk to Sparky:

  • Hey ear plugs! New sideline Sparky?
  • Tate Dollars! What about the greenback?

Quickly pick up the ear plugs while Sparky is distracted. Outside, enter the 70's shop just around the corner. Use the ear plugs, then talk to Des:

  • You look like my Grandpa Zeke.

In your inventory, combine the tail rotor and fan base to get a wind machine (6/13). Head outside and enter the That's Handy shop on the right. Use your raincoat, then take the gloves (7/13) before leaving again.

The Park

Give your candy bar to the little girl, then talk to her:

  • Look I need your balloon.

This counts as an inflated bladder (8/13).

The Docks

Open the cardboard box to get an appointment card. Use your pool cue on the shirt, then pick up both the shirt and the peg next to it. Combine the pool cue with the roller skate, then add the shirt to create a land sailboard (9/13).


Try to enter the dentist office at the far right and you will end up talking to Vera:

  • Can I see the dentist?
  • But I've got an appointment card.
  • (any option)

Now head inside and talk to the chicken:

  • Where's the dentist?
  • Why are you so nervous?

You will end up grabbing the chicken, which is one domestic fowl (10/13).

The Park

Use your chalk on the weight, then pick up the weight to find it is one bowling ball (11/13). You can now also pick up the bird and put it in your cuckoo clock to create something that can be used as a clockwork mechanism (12/13). Head left and talk to Royston:

  • How come you're running this place?

You will receive a smelly fish.

Seedy Street

Go to the left and use the smelly fish with the manhole. Now use the peg and you will climb down into the sewer. Pick up the traffic cone. Climb back up to the street.

The Park

Give the traffic cone to Royston to get a drain pipe, which you can use as a tube (13/13). This completes all the items you need to collect for the Professor.

Seedy Street

Return to the Professor and give him each of the items (or just keep talking to him to gradually hand them over).