Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Game Details:  Adventure, 2013

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/27/2024

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game where you simultaneously control a pair of young brothers (as a single player or cooperatively). Starting out in your small home village, you set out to find the Water of Life, in order to save the life of your dying father. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. A new version of the game has also been released, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake.


After the opening cutscene, the two brothers should work together to move the wheelbarrow along the path and onto a large wooden platform. Leave him here for now and go down the stone steps until you reach water. Follow the beach until you find a small pile of stones, then use them Take a Break.

Return up to your father. Have big brother move the large lever to transport the wooden platform across the gap. Move your father onto the next wooden platform. Both go over to the ladder, and have big brother hold out his hands so little brother can climb and jump up to the ladder. Little brother should then push the rope down, so big brother can climb up. Get both brothers to work the winch together to lift up the elevator. At the top, they need to work together to move the wheelbarrow towards the doctor's house.

Leave the house and go down the path to the bridge, but the boy here will not let you cross. Slide down towards the water, where you discover that little brother can't swim. Little brother must hold onto big brother as he swims along the river to the next small beach.

Climb up the vines, and the boy will block your path again. Go straight ahead and jump up the rock face using the small platforms. Run and jump up the grassy ledges, then jump up to the wall in front of you. Shimmy along to the left, then drop down into the village together.

Climb up over the grain silos, then up the rope netting and along some wooden platforms. Walk over the roofs and slide down to be trapped again by the boy. Have little brother sneak between the iron bars and use a winch to let a dog free, chasing the boy away. Go through the archway and turn left from where the boy is now trapped.

Go up the stairs and ahead to a bridge that is raised so you cannot cross it. Have little brother wake up the sleeping man, then have big brother show the map to him. Once the bridge is lowered, go across.

Chapter 1

Run forward along the path to see a girl playing with a basketball. Have little brother steal the ball, run back along the path and put it in the well Wishing Well.

Continue forward along the path. Push open a gate so you can continue over a bridge, then continue further until you reach a recently sown hay field. A vicious dog comes to guard the field. You need to have the brothers work together to get across the field - use one to distract the dog, then have the other quickly run and climb up to a ledge or hay bale. Repeat the process until you both reach the other side.

Slide down the rocky slope and cross a stream, then climb up the vines to reach a higher ledge. Run and jump over the platforms, then have big brother hold out his hands so little brother can climb and jump up to the ladder. Little brother should then push the rope down, so big brother can climb up. Jump up the rock face using the small platforms. Go up to the wooden platform and get little brother to free the bird from the cage.

Find a running wheel next to a raised bridge. Have little brother run constantly within the wheel and the bridge will lower. Big brother should now cross over, pick up a sheep, and bring it back towards the running wheel. Little brother can now get out of the wheel, so that big brother can put the sheep into the running wheel.

Have big brother go and pick up another sheep, then carry it over the bridge and down along the path to find a burnt-out campfire. Drop the sheep into the ashes Black Sheep. While you are here, have little brother pick up the white bunny and drop it into the ashes Bunny Buddies.

Now go back up and over the bridge. Follow the path beyond this, going around a narrow ledge to where you will meet a giant. Follow the giant and let him throw you up to a higher platform. Wait here so that the giant can lift you up to a ledge, then climb around the ledge and up to the next platform. When the giant forms a bridge for you, walk over him to the other side. Climb up a few times, then climb up the vines. Jump up, then shimmy left over the giant's arms.

Go forward to the edge of this platform, and the giant will throw you across the gap. Climb up the vines and around the ledge here, then climb up to stand on the ledge. Jump up, shimmy left and climb up again. Now go forward to the giant, who will jump down, carrying you with him.

Get big brother to swim across the water with little brother holding onto his back. Climb up the rocks and go through the narrow tunnel.

Chapter 2

Follow the path until you reach a gate. Send little brother through the bars of the gate to operate the crank, so that big brother can also come through to the other side. Follow the path until you reach a giant waterwheel. Grab onto this, then let go when you are over the stone platform below. Make your way over a series of stone platforms until you reach some large machinery.

Continue up the stairs to find a large rod. Pick this up, then gradually carry it back down the stairs so you can place it in the turning gear to block it. You can now cross over the water. Head down the next stairs to find a fork-shaped device. Push the bar to each of the 2 end points to extend the two halves of a bridge. Go around and cross this bridge, then continue along the path until you reach another giant waterwheel.

Have big brother hold out his hands so little brother can climb and jump up to the ladder. Little brother should then go up the next steps, then jump and hold onto the chain to stop the waterwheel. While it is stopped, big brother can climb up the waterwheel to rejoin little brother, who can safely drop from the chain.

Continue upwards, taking the path that leads over and away from the fountain and pool, and you will reach another bar that you need to push together. This will activate some moving suspended chains. Have each brother hold onto a chain to ride it to the next platform. Big brother can give little brother a boost up to climb the nearby ladder. Little brother then needs to turn the crank while big brother rides a chain to the next platform. Repeat this with a second crank and a second chain ride.

When big brother reaches the next platform, get little brother onto the ledge above him, and have him grab the high chain - now big brother can move the handle to swing up to the next ledge. Little brother then needs to turn one more crank while big brother rides another chain. At the next stop, big brother should move the handle to swing a chain so that little brother can catch it, then move the handle back so the brothers are reunited.

Climb up some stone ledges, then up some vines. Shimmy across and jump sideways over a gap, then drop down again. The door he is blocked, so climb up over it. Shimmy right and jump over the gap to reach the next ledge. Both grip onto the bars for a ride, then immediately run to the right as the bridge collapses. You will eventually reach a giant trapped in a cage.

The large lever doesn't work because there is a lock on the cage. Go over to the opposite gate, then have little brother slip between the bars. Sneak around the piles of bones and steal the key from the guard, then sneak back and use the key on the lock. Now big brother can pull the lever and the giant will escape. As soon as the guard arrives, have little brother squeeze through the bars into the cage, and have big brother return up to the lever. Pull the lever to open the door on the cage - when the guard gets inside, immediately release the lever and have little brother sneak out again, trapping the guard.

Climb up the chain provided by the giant. Follow her, then go down the stairs. Push the bar to the right forward position and wait for the giant to exit the platform. Now push the bar to the left forward position. Go up the next steps and over the platform, through the gate that is held open by the giant.

The guard will now return. Keep big brother next to the lever, and have little brother drop down and starting avoiding the guard. Lure the guard to run into each of the 3 chains that are holding the trapdoor shut. Now lure the guard over the trapdoor and have big brother pull the lever. Quickly get both brother down to step on the guard's hands to make him fall. Go over to the giant and he will lift you up so you can leave the cave. Head down the path.

Chapter 3

Make your way slowly forward along the path together - big brother must swing the torch to scare away the wolves. After you throw away the torch, have little brother interact with the statue to the right until you see a star shooting across the sky Falling star.

Make your way down the stairs and get big brother to ring the bell to summon an old man. Go over and show him your map, then go through the gate once he opens it for you. Go forward until you are chased by a wolf and end up jumping into the water. Quickly have little brother cling onto big brother, then swim with the current until you can climb up onto a large flat rock. Walk over the fallen tree, then follow the next path down and around towards the waterfall. Jump up and shimmy over the tree branch, and you will fall and become separated.

Have little brother jump up and hang on to the large branch. Now while big brother carries it to the right, have little brother move up and down to avoid the monsters. You will eventually both end up in the water below. Big brother must immediately swim down to the right and collect little brother, then swim back up to the surface.

Walk along the beach and climb onto the large hand. Have little brother interact with mother and then father.

Chapter 4

Follow the path until up two steps, then take the right path towards a large tree. Quickly have big brother grab the legs of the man and hold him. Now little brother must climb up the rope into the tree, walk along the branch, and untie the other rope to save the man.

Go around behind the tree and drop down to the ledge. Head along here and climb up to the burned house. Go out to the edge and pick up the music, then carry this back and give it to the man A sad tune.

Return to the main path and follow it until you reach 2 large windmills. Send little brother through the bars of the gate. Climb up onto the windmill and jump across to the other one, then head down and through the bars of the opposite gate. Have big brother use the crank on the left first to raise the left part of the bridge. Now have little brother use the crank on the right to extend the right part of the bridge - keep it here while big brother releases the other side, and they will latch together. Now big brother can cross over towards the right.

Continue along the path until you see some mountain goats. Go down and open the gate to their pen, then ride them up the mountain. An old inventor in the building ahead will throw a gear down to you. Pick it up and head to the broken bridge - throw it across to the other brother, Pick it up and repeat this with the next gap. Now pick up the gear and insert it between the other 2 in the machine. Both brothers can now use the crank here to raise the elevator.

Go over and have big brother talk to the inventor. Now go up to the very top platform, which you will see a series of pipes. Have little brother turn the crank while big brother slowly moves the large pipe over the various attachments. You will eventually reach a position where music starts and the inventor dances Windpipe. Head down towards the flying machine and use the telescope along the way. Look down to the right and zoom in on the bird to see it reunited with the bird you liberated from the cage back in Chapter 1 Love Birds.

Now head down and have both brothers use the flying machine. Move across the bars to guide it along your path. Once the machine is damaged, make sure you avoid the large stone pillar so you can crash land on the next large platform. You will now tie yourselves together.

Climb up the vines and jump to the hand holds. Now you need to gradually have one brother hold on, while the other swings to the side to reach the next hand hold or ledge. Keep doing this, making your way around to the left, until you can climb up the vines onto a large stone platform. Climb up the gate ahead, then shimmy around to the right. Repeat the holding and swinging move as you work your way right using the statues. Once you reach the final statue, you will both drop down to safety.

Approach the large wooden door, and make your way up it together using the hand holds. Head around to the left and keep climb up using some more hand holds between windows. Once you are inside, walk over the wooden platforms. When you are back together, head up the large steps and go outside again. Use the next hand holds to climb further - you will end up on a broken bridge and will untie yourselves.

Go inside through the large door, and you will see a trapped griffin in a cage. Climb up on the books so you can reach the bed, then make your way around to the cage. Little brother can keep climbing and go through the bars of a smaller cage. Climb up using the hand holds and drop down onto the handle, but you aren't heavy enough. Keep holding, and have big brother grab onto your legs to successfully lift the cage. Have big brother talk to the griffin and it will fly you to your next destination. Go forward over the bridge.

Chapter 5

Go forward to see a battlefield strewn with dead giants. Make your way along the path, using the arrow to push the giant arm out of the way. Keep going until you slide down into some water. Quickly have little brother grab onto big brother, then swim to the nearby sand bank and climb up. Have big brother hold out his hands to give little brother a boost up the ladder. Now have big brother stand beneath the end of the long tree branch, while little brother climbs out along it to bend it down. Both brothers can now shimmy right to reach the higher platform.

Climb up and have both brothers jump onto the next arrow, and the giant will fall off the ledge, clearing a new path. Follow this through some bloody water, then climb out on the right side. Climb up and around the rocky ledges until you reach another arrow. Push this to clear another path below. Go forward and cross over a fallen tree. You will see a large crossbow up to the left - ignore this for now and take the right path. Have big brother blow into the giant horn Call of the giants.

Return to the large crossbow. Have both brothers pull back on the handle, then have big brother use the lever at the back to shoot the bolt. Go forward along the new path and you will pass beneath a bloody waterfall. Go through the cave and up onto a high platform overlooking some sort of ritual where a girl is trapped.

Walk over the large stone archway and done to the bottom level. Make sure both brothers are covered in blood, then both use the carvings so little brother is on top of big brother. Keeping this position, go all the way up to the girl and free her. Now quickly run after her and through the gate.

Chapter 6

Follow the girl down to the jetty and get into the canoe. Paddle forwards until you see a bloody waterfall on the right, then enter the small cave just past this Behind the Curtain.

Paddle back out to the main waterway and watch the large creature jump into the air. Paddle forwards through 2 lake areas, avoiding the large creatures, and park the canoe in the large skeleton straight ahead. After getting out of the canoe, follow the girl over the ice and up a path until you see a large turtle on the left. Take the small path to the right. Find 3 baby turtles here and pick them up, returning them to their mother by dropping them in the slide that leads back to the water Turtle Soup.

Now return to the path where you can follow the girl. After going over the narrow ledge, climb up the rocks. Keep following until she stops. Now go further up the slope, past the saw stuck in the tree, until you find a bench. Have both brothers sit here and wait until you see the large creatures jump into the air Whale Song.

Return to the saw stuck in the tree and have both brothers work together to chop down the tree. Carry the saw down to where the girl is waiting, and use the saw to also chop down the tree here. Cross over the tree, then keep following the girl until you reach a castle with the drawbridge raised.

Go up the slope to the right to find a large catapult. Have the brothers work together to push this down the slope. Big brother can now pull and hold the lever while the girl gets into the catapult, then release it to shoot her up onto the left rampart. Pull and hold the lever again while little brother gets into the catapult, then release it to shoot him up onto the right rampart. Little brother can now use the crank here to lower the drawbridge so that big brother can come across; meanwhile little brother should go through the bars.

Have both brothers run forward along their paths. When you reach the end, big brother should climb up, shimmy across the wooden railing, and jump to the right. Go through the gate and quickly hide behind the frozen people so the invisible monster doesn't see you. Go forward along the street and wait on the wooden platform - when the beam comes nearby, grab onto it and hold on until it stops moving, then drop down. Run forward and hide behind some more frozen people, then follow the girl up the stairs and into the building.

As soon as the monster destroys the building, run after the girl. Go over the bridge, which will collapse under the monster's weight.

Chapter 7

Follow the girl to the left and into the tunnel, then keep going left. Once you are stuck in the web ball, have both brothers swing left and right until it breaks free - little brother will be in the ball, but big brother will be free to run around.

Have little brother roll the ball into the spider to knock it over, then have big brother rip off a leg. Big brother should run around and dodge the spider when it falls, then little brother can knock it off and big brother can rip off another leg. Repeat this until she is defeated.


Little brother must support big brother walking forward, until you both end up sliding down to find the tree. Little brother then leaves big brother at the base of the tree - head up along the root and into the tree. Keep following the path, climb up a hanging branch to reach the inside of a nest. Follow this branch to the middle of the tree, where you can collect some of the sap in your bottle. Jump down the nearby hole to return to big brother.

After you automatically dig the grave, drag the body into it. Push the 4 piles of dirt into the grave. The griffin you freed from the cage will come back to fly you home.

Make your way over the rocks and around to a small beach, which you will have a vision of your mother. Walk into the water but you won't be willing to swim. Use big brother's action key and you will make it across the water to the opposite beach. Head up the path to the moving platform and use big brother's action key to pull the lever and get across. Use big brother's action key to get up to the top of the ladder, then run into the house.

The next day, head up the path and over the bridge to be with your father.