The Bradwell ConspiracyThe Bradwell Conspiracy

Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

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Walkthrough Updated:  1/26/2020

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

The Bradwell Conspiracy is a first-person adventure game set in the underground complex of a prestigious corporation, Bradwell Electronics. After an explosion rocks the launch of a technological breakthrough being unveiled at the company's offices, you find yourself trapped and must find a way to safety with the help of another survivor. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: Museum

Museum Visitor

Follow the instructions to get up, walk around, run, crouch, then go straight ahead to the museum lobby. Turn left and head down the stairs towards the main entrance. The entrance is closed, so you are directed towards the north wing stairwell. Turn around and crouch to head over to the left. Continue to the left and under the archway towards the north wing.

Make your way around to the left, then up over the fallen platform and through a doorway towards the east stairs. Go down the stairs until you find that the doors here cannot be opened either. Crawl further down the stairs here, and they will collapse behind you. Exit the stairway and go all the way across the exhibition hall floor to a large set of doors heading to the south wing - you will now be contacted by Dr Amber Randall.

Take a photo of the door controls and you will send it to Amber. Return towards the middle of the hall and turn left, going through a small doorway towards maintenance. In the maintenance room, open the 3 covers, and take a photo of the left panel with the red lights. Press the 3 buttons to turn them all green. Return up to the large door and take another photo of the door controls. Now you need to press the button that is not lit up on either your display or Amber's display. Press the green buttons below:

The floor will now collapse Welcome to the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum.

Chapter 2: Induction

Museum Visitor

Head around the pond and up the stairs. Take a photo of the Train Station entrance to communicate that it is closed. Enter the Transport Office and take a photo of the last active screen on the right to see that the Medical Evac System is online. Take a photo of the screen to the left to see that the lifts are in lockdown. Go down the stairs outside and into the Induction Reception Office below. Take a photo of the red sign in here, then look at the calendar on the desk with 2 monitors and take a photo of that as well. Go and take the guide from the vending machine.

Dr Alex Segher

Open the door after it turns green, and enter the Employee Induction Room. After sitting down and watching the presentation, go through the other door. Press the button, then pick up the SMP. Reclaim the giant key, then print it into the lock and go through to the Cats or Dogs room. Reclaim the 2 substance bricks, the lock, Shelley and Troy. Now print a series of cats or dogs on the platforms ahead. Start by printing 5 cats and 1 dog Cat Lover. Immediately quit the game, then continue your game and repeat this room, printing 5 dogs and 1 cat Dog Lover.

Go through the door on the right. Reclaim the 3 substance bricks, and install the puzzle piece blueprint. Print 3 copioes of the puzzle piece into the pattern on the left, rotating the pieces to match the pattern on the right. In the next room, take a photo of door D14, and Amber will open it for you. Go down the stairs in the next room and through another doorway. Reclaim the 2 traversal blocks. Print these and reclaim them several times, rotating as necessary, to get across to the opposite ledge. Make sure you reclaim the 2 traversal blocks at the end, then open the door and go through.

In this room, reclaim everything you can, so you should have at least 8 units. Now print straight line and corner tiles on the floor so that you link to the various developments in chronological order: TV, computer, R&D, Foundation, Brick. Open the final door. Reclaim the statue and brick here, then go up the ramp. Print 2 traversal blocks to get over the gap, then follow the walkway.

Take another photo of door D14, and Amber will close it for you again, so you can head across. Enter the room to the left and search the desks to find a book (1/20). Go back out and take a photo of D13, then go across it. Enter the room on the right and search the desks to find another book (2/20). Go back out and past D13, entering the next office to find yet another book (3/20). Go out through the opposite door, then turn right and crawl into the vents. Print a traversal block to get over the gap, reclaiming it afterwards, then continue into the next vent. Reclaim the vent damper, then get back out to the atrium.

Use 2 traversal blocks to get across the gap straight ahead, then search the benches to the right to find the next book (4/20). Turn right and use 2 traversal blocks to get across into the security office through the broken windows. Search here to find another book (5/20). Go to the back of the office, down the stairs, through some glass doors and into the lift. Use the substance reclamation system and the lift will be activated Code name: Substance.

Chapter 3: Clean Water and Energy Research

Dr Alex Segher

Exit the lift and look at the low table on the left to find the next book (6/20). Go through the glass doors and along a long corridor, then through some more glass doors into a large atrium. Look on a low table to the left here to find another book (7/20). Go over to the raised area behind the pond and look on the corner sofa to find yet another book (8/20). While you are here, reclaim the surfboard. Head through the glass doors towards Office Section A.

Look at the sofas in here for another book (9/20). Enter the nearest office, which is for Dr Meera Chaudhri. Reclaim the quarter circle from the ornate desk along the far wall. Search the desk drawer near the computer to find the next book (10/20). Read the 2 letters in the room, and look at the ornament, then leave the office.

Go upstairs and around into Dr Alex Segher's office. Reclaim the substance brick in the box on the desk. Use the computer to access 2 emails (2/44), a voice memo (1/10) and a blueprint for a rubbish bin. Return downstairs and into the meeting room below. Reclaim the Project PBR building model, so you should now have 4 substance units. Return to Dr Meera Chaudhri's office. You need to rotate and print 4 of the quarter circles in the ornate desk so that you recreate the ornament on the opposite side of the room. The desk will open, and you can now reclaim another substance brick and pick up Dr Meera Chaudhri's guide.

Dr Meera Chaudhri

Use the computer in here to read 4 emails (6/44), then use the tablet to read another 2 emails (8/44) and listen to a voice memo (2/10).

Leave the office and go back through the atrium and through the opposite door to the Laboratories. Head down the stairs on the left towards Maintenance, then through the only accessible door into the Photobioreactor room. Look on the rear bench to find a book (11/20), then press the button on the control panel to try to start up the reactor. Take photos of the error messages to send to Amber. Go into the right half of the room and open the cupboard so you can reclaim 2 substance bricks. Look on the floor back in the first part of the room to pick up a new guide.

Dr Ken Giller

Use the tablet on the control panel to read 4 emails (12/44) and listen to a voice memo (3/10). Leave here and enter Dr Ken Giller's office to the right. Read the 4 emails (16/44) on his computer, then reclaim the substance brick next to it. Find another book (12/20) to read, and collect the algae pod blueprint.

Leave this office and turn right to enter Maintenance. Follow the corridors around to the water treatment area. Head around and try to enter the office, but you don't have the required clearance. When Amber starts turning one of the walkways, take a photo of it for her. Head back to where you entered this room, and take photos of the numbers around the walkways to gradually make your way across the room. You will need to use walkways 3, 6, 5, 8 and 9. The final walkway will not stop for you, so print a copy of the Project PBR building model on the ledge to stop the walkway in line with where you are waiting. Get on the walkway and reclaim it again. Print another to stop the walkway so you can get off, and reclaim it once more.

Enter Pump Room 3, then go into the side office and pick up your next guide.

Mr Michael Boyd

Use the tablet to read another 4 emails (20/44) and listen to a voice memo (4/10). Leave this office and climb down the ladder - the SMP will not work in water. Climb back up and head around to the right, reclaiming the wooden plank. Now print several of these so you are hovering out above the pipes in the water. Reclaim a pipe, and the water will drain away. Drop down and reclaim all the pipes, as well as all the wooden planks - you will need at least 7 substance units (but should have 9 at this point). You now need to print a whole lot of pipes to connect up the two ends of the yellow pipes. Start from the bottom, and for the final two segments you will need to stand on the pipes nearest the top segment (by getting across with some wooden planks).

Return out to the water treatment area, entering the office via the door on this side. Read the book (13/20) in here, then continue out through the other side. Make your way back to the laboratories, then go upstairs and head to the left. Near the balcony edge, you will see an open vent. Print a wooden plank so that you can enter the vent. Turn around and reclaim the plank, then reclaim the 2 vent dampers ahead. Look down through the grating ahead and print your 3 algae pods on the 3 circular platforms.

Return out of the vents and drop down to the ground below, then head into the Photobioreactor room just to the left. Press the button on the control panel again. When the pipe breaks, reclaim it from the floor to the right and print a new one above. Leave this room and go right and through the doors towards Maintenance, then enter the service elevator just to the left Full of energy.

Chapter 4: Medical

Mr Michael Boyd

Leave the elevator and go straight ahead towards the Medical Wing. Look at the round table ahead to find the next book (14/20). Go straight ahead and then turn left into Evac Station 4. Wait until Amber asks you to send her a photo, then take a photo of your Evac Pod 034.

Leave this room and go down the ramp and into the Infirmary. Enter the only accessible patient care room and search the drawers, reclaiming 2 substance bricks. Pick up a guide from the table next to the patient bed.

Mr Mark Paine

Use the tablet on the low table to read 2 emails (22/44). Enter the bathroom here and click on the toilet and the hand basin, then leave the room again Feeling flush. Leave the infirmary and go up both sets of ramps outside. Enter Examination Room 1 on the left and read another 2 emails (24/44) on the computer. Leave here and enter Examination Room 2, reclaiming the trophy and 2 substance bricks. Also read the book (15/20) on the desk here.

Go back out to Evac Station 4, and climb down the ladder that is now accessible to get into Tunnel C below. Staying dry for now, head through the passage to the left and reclaim the straight evac track from in the water, and 2 more from the ceiling. Now backtrack and enter the water, following the branch to the left to find Tunnel D. Turn around once you exit the water and look at the ceiling to see where there are pieces of track missing. Print a straight evac track here. Now go straight ahead into some more water and around to the right until you reach a point where you can print another straight evac track next to the first one to complete this section. You can also reclaim a substance brick on the ground to the right.

Go back along Tunnel D and turn right to find Tunnel A. Jump into the water and go straight to the end, then reclaim another straight evac track from the ceiling. Come back to the other end and climb out of the water using the ladder. Print a straight evac track hanging over the edge towards the dinghy in the water. Turn on the generator, then change the direction so it is pointing to the right. Quickly run into the boat before it starts moving. As the boat is travelling forwards, print 3 straight evac tracks into the gaps in the ceiling ahead. At the far end, push the ladder down into the water and reclaim the substance brick and the blueprint for the curved evac track. Now pick up another guide.

Dr Nick Poletti

Get back into the water and return to the generator. Reclaim the straight evac track hanging over the water, then reclaim the straight evac track that is blocking where you should subsequently print a curved evac track into the gap in the ceiling - this will complete your repairs. Return to Tunnel C and climb the ladder back up to Evac Station 4.

Leave here and enter the Research Wing to the left. Pick up a book (16/20) from one of the benches on the right. Now enter Research Lab 1, and go through the side door and next door into a room filled with computers. Read another book (17/20), then use the computer next to it to read 5 emails (29/44) and listen to 5 voice memos (9/10). Continue through the elevator doors and you will end up in Research Lab 2 - Project A.

Walk over to the node and listen to Amber talking about it. Reclaim the straight evac track, then take photos of the letters to get Amber to move the cooling tanks into slots A, B, D, F and H. Take a photo of the reset position on the ground, then print a straight evac track on top of it. Stand on this, then take photos to move the arm to E and G, printing diagnostic modules into the slots. Reclaim the straight evac track, take a photo of A followed by the reset position. Finally, print diagnostic modules into slots A and C.

Go and stand near the core of the node, and reclaim it when Amber tells you to. Now you can enter the next open office. Read the book (18/20) on the desk, then pick up another guide.

Dr Kevin Malcolmson

Head back through the elevator and Research Lab 1, then back out to the Atrium. Go up the ramps and into the Private Wing on the far left. Continue along the corridor, then through to an indoor mansion. Find a book (19/20) on the small round table, and read a letter on the dining table. Reclaim Shelley from the side table and Troy from the floor on the private study 2 rooms away. In the study, print Shelley on to the left wall shelf, and Troy on to the right wall shelf - the bookcases should move, revealing a secret passage.

Go through and up the stairs. Using the photo Amber sent earlier, input the code 2007 to access the spiral staircase. Head all the way to the top, and enter John Bradwell's office. Grab the guide from the desk.

Mr John Bradwell

Use the computer to read 4 emails (33/44). Head through to the meeting room and read the various notes on the desk, then continue into Melissa Bradwell's office. Use the computer in here to read 5 emails (38/44) and listen to the final voice memo (10/10) Audiophile. You will also collect an evac control unit blueprint from the final email. Turn left and use the itneractive display to read another 3 emails (41/44).

Leave the private wing and return to Evac Station 4. Print the evac control unit near the top of your pod, then print the evac pod lid on its front. Use the evacuation pod Plans, plots and honeypots.

Chapter 5: Aequus

Mr John Bradwell

After the ride stops, reclaim the evac pod lid and evac control unit. Try to go back along the tunnel, but the gates will shut. Try to go forward and the same will occur, but you can enter a large excavation area on the left. Reclaim the substance brick near the ramp here. Continue up the ramp to return to a ledge looking back at your evac pod. Print 2 evac pod lids to create a bridge across, and run over, then reclaim them both again. Go through to reach Tunnel I.

Head along the tunnel to the right, and crawl through the ventilation system to the left. You will progress through a more open red area, then through more narrow ducts, eventually falling down into a more modern part of Tunnel I. Head up to the left raised platform and print another bridge across to the opposite ledge with 3 evac pod lids. Reclaim them both again, then enter the access tunnel.

Go into a maintenance office to the right to find the final book (20/20) Bibliophile. Use the computer here to read the final 3 emails (44/44) Inbox Zeroed. Leave this room and continue through the access tunnel to reach Tunnel M. Head left down the tunnel to the next platform, then follow the side tunnel and climb a long orange ladder. Follow the narrow access tunnels until you eventually fall into a much larger open area: Aequus.

Head along the platforms towards the central console (with the rotating logo) and press the button A map of the world.

When instructed by Amber, climb down the nearby ladder to get to the lower platform. Reclaim the Aequus mirror from this central platform and print it into the middle so that it becomes active. Head towards Tower 1 and reclaim 2 control blades. Open the cabinet to the left of the computer screen and print 2 control blades into slots A and C. Take a photo of the computer screen for Amber. Now quickly climb the yellow ladder here and reclaim the active core.

Climb back down to the lower level using the ladder. Go over to Tower 2, open the cabinet to the left of the computer screen and print 2 control blades into slots B and D. Take a photo of the computer screen for Amber. Now quickly head over to the elevator and press the button. Get into the elevator and wait for it to go up, then quickly run around and reclaim the active core.

Stay on the upper level and head over to Tower 3. Open the fuse box and press the button next to the red light so Amber can finish moving the crane. Wait here, then take a photo of node 3. When Amber opens the node, reclaim the core.

Head back down to the lower level using the ladder in the central platform, then go past Tower 1 to Tower A and reclaim 4 hydrogen fuel cells. Take a photo of the computer screen, which currently says it is inactive. Print 8 hydrogen fuel cells into the 4 racks around the edge. Press the button, then quickly climb the ladder and reclaim the core above.

Make your way back to the central console. After the video stream finishes, head through the active doors off the walkway from Tower 2. Continue up the stairs, then through a series of doors in Employee Security out to find a Refinery. Go to the raised platform on the opposite side, then out to the top of the truck. Print 3 evac pod lids to bridge the gap to the rear of the truck, then reclaim them before heading along the chute into the caverns beyond.

Chapter 6: Caves

Mr John Bradwell

Make your way around the Processing Cave until you reach the Bradwellium Origin Cave. Head towards the substance chamber and go around to the left, reclaiming 2 hydrogen fuel cells, a substance brick and a mining mirror. Go over to the blue laser and print an Aequus mirror so that it redirects the laser to fuel cell 1. Take a photo of the fuel cell for Amber, then go and stand in the green rings of the safety zone and she will blow it up.

Reclaim your Aequus mirror, then print another one here to redirect the blue laser in the other direction, to the right of the 2 big pipes - it must hit a fixed mirror in the distance that sends the beam straight upwards. Go over and climb the platform around that fixed mirror and reclaim to wooden planks. Print a mining mirror so that the lasers beam is directly horizontally, further around the pit. Now go near the far end of the laser and print another Aequus mirror, diverting the beam towards another fixed mirror in the distance. Go and print one laser Aequus mirror to hit fuel cell 2. Take a photo of the fuel cell for Amber, then go and stand in the green rings of the safety zone and she will blow it up.

Go and reclaim the last mirror you printed, then print one closer to the last fixed mirror, directing it the other way. Print one more Aequus mirror, guiding the laser to a fixed mirror near the base of the tall scaffolding. Climb to the top of the scaffolding, and print a mining mirror to direct the laser back over the edge of the pit, through a narrow gap in the distance - if it is correct, the laser will be directed straight upwards again in the distance. Head over there now. Once you reach the laser near fuel cell 3, you need to make a platform across to the laser using 3 wooden platforms, then you can print an Aequus mirror to hit fuel cell 3. Take a photo of the fuel cell for Amber, then go and stand in the green rings of the safety zone and she will blow it up.

Head up to where you just destroyed fuel cell 3, and crawl through the green pipe into the building at the top. Make your way through to the Control Room, where you can reclaim a substance brick, then find the crane control. Press the button, then go back outside through the broken glass. Print an Aequus mirror on the crane's platform when it is close enough. Get back inside and press the mining laser button A team of TWO.