Game Details:  Fantasy, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/27/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Boxville is a third person adventure set in a city of cardboard boxes, populated with old cans. You play as Blue Can, who has just lost his best friend in a series of unexplained earthquakes. You must set off on a journey to uncover the mystery behind the earthquakes. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Stand the stool upright, then pick up the mop handle on the left. Open the kitchen cupboard and you will take out a mop head. Combine this with the mop handle, then use it on the spilled liquid on the floor to the right. Try to coax Rusty from under the table, then head outside.

Pick up the yellow ball from the armchair, then go back inside. Use the ball on your dog, then follow it outside. Try to pick up the yellow ball again.

Upper Level

Try to wake up the old man. Head left and talk to the man on the ledge, who wants a broom. Pick up the empty pots near the pot plants, then continue left and talk to the gardener - his hose doesn't work any more. Return right plug the hose into the wall, then turn the valve, but nothing happens. Go right again and use your pots on the dripping water to make flowers appear. Head left and put these flowers in the shelves with the others.

Look at the combination lock on the door - the solution relates to the flowers in the shelves - 451. Now that you are inside, go right and push the large metal cabinet over the edge. Return left, down and right, and take the scissors from the opened part of the cabinet. Head through the doorway on the right.

Pick up the coil of string. Talk to the fisherman, who has lost his bait. Return left twice, inside and right. Use your scissors to cut the washing line, then go back down and tie the end of the line to the dry plant. Now push the plant off the edge Express home delivery. Grab the #5 button and the 4 pebbles from the ground. Now examine the other half of the metal cabinet. Add your #5 button, then move them into these positions (so they add up to 9 in each direction):


Look at the alarm clock inside, which is set to the time 12:15. Head left twice and throw one of your pebbles over on the left side of greenhouse. While the gardener is distracted, use your scissors to cut some straw. Use your string on this to make a broom. Go right and give this to the man on the seat Dust fighter. You will automatically receive a key, and can also pick up a pencil. Put this in the large sundial to see the current time is 9:30.

Head right twice and watch the fisherman, then pick up the winding key. Return left and use this on the alarm clock, then change its time to 9:30. After the cabinet leaves, you can use your key on the door next to the dripping pipe. Go downstairs and talk to the engineer, then examine the blueprints. You need to complete the pipe layout; one solution is as follows:

The engineer will fix the pipes based on your layout Engineer. Go outside and pick up the peg and the fishing lure. Head left and put your peg on the hose pipe that you attached to the wall previously. Now turn the valve. Go left to see the gardener back at work Florist. Use the small trowel to get a worm. Walk right 3 times and give the worm to the fisherman Fisher. Now give him the fishing lure.

Middle Level

Talk to the rusty cans, who will tell you about a thug that beat them up, and talk specifically to the right can about the fish that fell from the sky. Shake the middle metal pole twice, then pick up the crowbar. Use this to lift up the metal grate to the right, then head right into the cardboard box.

Talk to the salesman, then search through the rubbish to find a fuse. Open the fuse box and insert your fuse, then move the 3 fuses to these positions to complete the circuit:

Pull the lever on the side of the fuse box to turn off the power. Head back outside and reconnect the wires that were electrifying the water, then continue left. Try to pick up the broom, and you will end up with just the broom handle. Talk to the guy on the left, then use your broom handle to try to reach the floating thimble. Knock on the door on the left, but you won't be l et in because there is no electricity.

Enter the other room here, which is a laundry, and pull the right washing machine. Climb up onto this, then grab the tape from the poster on the right. Go back outside and head right. Use the tape on the wires you fixed to hold them together properly. Continue right again and use the lever on the fuse box to restore power. Now head back outside and left twice into a casino.

Talk to the girl on the left who has lost a 4-leaf clover. Talk to the man on the right and play his game - get 6 in a row to win Tower builder. Pick up the heavy weight. Head back outside, then into the laundry. Put the heavy weight in the slightly raised washing machine and it will fall down. Climb up onto it so you can kick down the basket, then get back down and pick it up. Combine this with your broom handle. Go back outside and use this to get the thimble from the pond Samaritan. Take the red token.

Enter the laundry again, and put the red token into the left washing machine. Inside the machine, move you hand in these directions:

  1. Right
  2. Down
  3. Down (get the coin)
  4. Right
  5. Up
  6. Right
  7. Down (get the coin)
  8. Up

Leave the laundry and go right twice. Give the coin to the salesman in exchange for a 4-leaf clover. Go back to the casino and give this to the girl; you will end up winning 2 coins Game changer. Return to the salesman and exchange your 2 coins for a fish. Go back outside and give this to the rusty cans Street food.

Lower Level

Pick up the wire and tie it around the screw to free yourself. Examine the safe on the left - you need to get the 3 dials to all point straight up. From the starting position:

  • Turn the yellow dial 6 times
  • Turn the orange dial 18 times
  • Turn the green dial 6 times

You will take out a yellow disc from inside the safe. Move the can's legs and pick up a red button, then put the broken workman back together Fixer. Talk to the workman to see what happened. Attach the red button to the controls, then press it. Pick up the nut. After you are lowered again, knock the red disc out of the pipe on the right, then pick it up. Walk down to the right.

Talk to the thug, then head left. Pick up a suction cup from the ground, and you will end up with both of them and a piece of string. Combine the string and nut in your inventory. Talk to the guy with the pitchfork and you will receive a picture. Return right and use your suction cups to get the red disc from the top right. Now enter the building on the right.

Search the trash can to find a crumpled note that mentions the colored discs - you will put it on the wall here. Open the metal cabinet. Add your discs, then line them up so that all discs (including the silver ones) are spinning. From top-left to bottom-right they need to be in this order:

  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Silver

Press the elevator controls and you will go up in the elevator Troubleshooter. Try to go through the right door, but the sleeping guard won't let you through. Head back down in the elevator, then go left twice and enter the shop. Talk to the shopkeeper to receive some earmuffs. Click on the yellow ball, then solve a series of 9 riddles posed by the shopkeeper (these are random each time), and you will get the ball.

Return right twice and go up in the elevator. Give the ear muffs to the sleeping guard Dreamkeeper. Open the right door and go through. Knock on the manhole cover to talk to the man hiding there. Talk to the painter, then try to dip you nut in the yellow paint. Wait for the man beneath the manhole cover to shoot a balloon, then while the painter is gone, quickly dip your nut in the yellow paint.

Head left, down in the elevator and left again. Use your yellow nut on the thug and you will end up trapping him Justice. Pick up the two coins. Go down to the right, then through the new doorway. Talk to the trapped pair, then pick up the pebbles and the extension cord.

Leave this room, then go right, up in the elevator, and out to the left. Use your extension cord on the power socket here, then return to the right. Examine the machine on the left - you need to slide the blocks around to get the blue block to the bottom (3 times). Now you can take the teddy bear. Go out to the right and give the teddy bear to the man beneath the manhole cover Peacemaker. Pick up the slingshot.

Return left, down in the elevator, left and through the doorway. Combine your slingshot and pebbles, then shoot the bottle on the left. Repeat this twice more, then watch what happens Liberator.

Climb the ladder and open the small metal box on the wall. You need to get all of the red balls on the left side. Go outside to see a leg sitting on the ledge to the left. Put your picture in the yellow postbox here and the leg will fall down. Pick this up, then go left and give it to the guy with the pitchfork Repair. You will receive another coin.

Head right twice, up in the elevator, right and into the circus tent. Talk to the ringmaster, then give him your 3 coins Rusty.

Back Home

There is an extra achievement if you got the yellow ball from the shop in the lower level Best friends forever.